UConn Combat Public Opinion of Bland Logo with Goofy Helmets

Written By:  •  Thursday, April 18, 2013

UConn announced last week that they had a new logo. Today, they showed the unified uniform themes across all sports. Pretty consistent all the way around. Navy or white, with the bold UConn mark across the chest, standardized number font, UConn colors. Johnathan doesn’t appear too much, only sublimated on the soccer goalie’s chest and one other place…

helmet detail - UConn University of Connecticut new logo uniforms

Peek a boo, my blue doesn’t match! Thanks to @JohnFSilver for all photos

The football team now has two helmets, one white, one flat navy. They both have a giant stripe over the top, starting very wide at the front, narrowing to a point at the back, and featuring the peering eyes of their primary logo, Jonathan.

helmets both - UConn University of Connecticut new logo uniforms

The blue doesn’t match between the navy helmet shell, the decal color, and the white helmet’s blue facemask. Which is a terrible execution. There is no logo on the side of the helmet at all. The center stripe/logo thing stops before it gets all the way to the back, where the team’s UConn wordmark is presented huge and bold.

Already, the worst reasoning of all time is being thrown out as an excuse for this strange design; The players like it. At this rate, games will be shown only on instagram and game tape will be watched in Harlem Shake format. The point is, things that 18-22 year olds like is mercurial at best, and stupid as worst. What an awful arbiter of what your institute of higher learning should wear when playing sports.

At least the rest of the teams for the school seem tastefully designed. Even the remainder of the football design (jerseys and pants) seem to be fairly reasonable, disregarding the randomly starting and stopping piping that abounds. Remember when odd piping was the biggest travesties we covered?

white football - UConn University of Connecticut new logo uniforms

If only they would swap the pants and helmets between these two sets to create contrast, at least they wouldn’t look like ballerinas or molded army men.

Navy football - UConn University of Connecticut new logo uniforms


The logos used to me many and now have been significantly narrowed down. Apparently the baseball team gets to keep their C

Many - UConn University of Connecticut new logo uniforms

From many to one…. err, two.

The inspiration behind the new husky logo was also shown and it really makes perfect sense.

Husky - UConn University of Connecticut new logo uniforms

The photo designers worked from to render the new Jonathan

So, now UConn has released their new logo, uniforms across sports, and their crazy football helmet design. At least the uniforms looks good.

Unless we just haven’t yet seen the little dog tail on the back of the pants.

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  • Mitchell

    If they can adjust the helmet colors so they match the husky’s color, I’ll be a fan.

    • beastly man joe

      Dude these uniforms are great

  • Joe

    I’m afraid this is not the worst we will see…I imagine some college football helmets will go the way of some iconic hockey goalie masks (Brian Hayward, Felix Potvin, Curtis Joseph), and make the whole helmet a 3d logo.

  • thom

    the football helmets look awful. i get trying to be different but this looks awful and that’s before the blue fiasco. they could have gone ‘classic’ with the ‘new C’ logo and it might be okay. but those ‘husky’ helmets are just awful.

    • Jay Boyle

      According to the Helmet Database at nationalchamps.net, the Connecticut Huskies had an unusual helmet for the 1965 season. The 1965 Connecticut helmet was one of the more unique designs in the history of the sport. Half of the shell was white and the other half navy blue, with the same logo on each side, but with the colors inverted. I believe that it was the left half of this helmet that was white and the right side blue, so the right side of the helmet would resemble the 1964 helmet shown here. This strange design was used for just one season.

  • wolfgangII

    What an odd place to put the logo. They could use Jonathan as main helmet logo, it’s not the best but hey they used to have a “C” on it. I’m afraid this is gonna start a new trend

  • ingmar66

    Hahaha, ridiculous helmets! I must say that seeing the original Huskie picture the new Jonathan does make sense. But the football helmet and uniforms are very, very ugly. Good thing the classic C is retained foor the baseball team, now make sure it is put on the helmets as well. You know what: small Jonathan on the sides, classic C up front, like the monogram on a baseball hat. Now that would look unique and classy.

  • ClutchCityColtsFan

    once you get past the bizzarness of the helmet design its a pretty good uniform.

    • beastly man joe

      dang those uniforms are horrible, mate

  • ingmar66

    And who do I see on the background in the gym? It is my favourite, droopy looking, somewhat depressed Huskie mascot! He looks like that unforgettable earliest version of Jonathan. I love this mascot! Not artificially upbeat or cartoonishly aggressive, but as melancholic as a 85 year old Portugese fisherman. Saudade!

  • Rob S.

    New Primary Husky Logo and word mark are good,but that’s about it.Those helmets are atrocious! Get rid of the awful piping on the pants and jersey also.Another crappy jersey overall. If I was a player I would transfer out immidiately, rather than wear that helmet/

  • Steve

    Those helmets are an absolute joke. What’s wrong with people!?!

  • Long island

    I think it’s looks cool. It’s not terrible.

  • Kennedy

    The helmet stripe/decal is terrible. As a football traditionalist, I am appauled. Great logo, but doesn’t need to go on the front/top. OHN!!!

  • Bill A

    Don’t fret anyone. There will come a day when some team will release their latest togs and make you look upon the UConn kit as relics of a simpler time.

  • Jenson P

    I think the helmets are kinda cool and unique, the blues not matching kills it though…

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    This is why Nike should not make uniforms

  • Ben Larsen

    The unis don’t look to bad. Hockey is a bit boring, and would be a better sweater with the husky head logo on the front. The soccer Kits are brilliant love them.

  • KevinH

    OK So the football helmets I thought they would take a page from Boise St. Mizzou or any good idea for a helmet instead UCONN drops the ball yet again on ugly ass football uniforms … clowns

  • Jeriat


  • They should at the very least put player numbers on the side of the helmet. Maybe they’re leaving room for sponsors in the future? :/

  • Andrew

    In the last line, the writer mentions that at least the designers didn’t put a husky tail on the back of the pants. I am half afraid that some one from UConn will see this post, get to that line and say “That’s a great idea, lets do it!!!”

  • i like the dark helmet 🙂 mix it with the white jersey and dark pants and the look is nice

  • Stephen Peters

    Absolutely hate the helmet, like many others. The blues not matching is the first big no-no. However, I cannot get over the matte finish with a glossy sticker/decal for the stripe. You would think, if they’re going to go with that design, they could incorporate the stripe into the matte finish.

    Secondly, many have said they like the C remaining for the baseball team, however with the font on the front of the jersey, they do not complement each other at all. One is too classic-looking while the other is too modernized. They should have just kept the style of the third C on the page but with the updated red outline.

    I agree with you Chris, the notion of doing what ‘kids like’ is asinine, at best.

    • Stephen Peters

      Sorry, not Chris, but JR. My mistake.

  • Delayed Penalty

    Brian Gundell’s original renderings (look on Dribbble) are much better than the finished project. They botched a neat idea with terrible execution.

  • Chris Oglesby

    Love those helmets. Uniforms are anus but I dig the new logos and helmet

  • Dante

    I like the concept of Johnathan’s eyes being on the front in the stripe, but it would be so much better if the “UCONN” were far, far smaller so the point could reach the hypothetically tinier “O.”

    The piping is a little odd, I agree. I also wish they had decided either to have just Johnathan or just “UCONN” on the top of the numbers. Both makes it too busy. Or they could create a secondary logo with Johnathan inside of the (new) “C.”

  • Greg Benson

    The new logo is ace; the helmets are a deuce (and you can guess what kind I’m talking about).

  • Sav

    First, the mismatching shades of blue should be corrected. Next, I think Johnathan would have been more effective if it was flat paint that matched the stripe color, creating an almost “ghost” effect. Add the new “C” to the side and then old is mixed with new, hopefully making most fans happy.

  • Jim

    An utter embarrassment. Nice to see the picture that was used for the new logo. Very good likeness. Too bad that for the past 75 years every live husky, Jonathan II threw the current Jonathan XIII, has been all white. So they used some other husky as the model. I guess Jonathan XIII must have been unavailable.

  • Coolest. Helmet. Ever.

  • Michael Kersey

    If I had to wear that helmet, I think I would be looking to transfer!

  • I love the tail comment in the article. Nice job 🙂

  • J.B.

    1. New huskie helmet stripes are goofy, but at least original. Should have matte finish, too, not glossy mis-matched blues.

    2. Add the new “C” to the sides of the helmets and shrink “UConn” on the backs. That would improve the look tremendously.

    3. The old school, baseball “C” doesn’t match the new jerseys at all. Use the new “C” or change the font on the jerseys to match. Design 101

    4. UConn should commission a profile design of Jonathan, too.

  • I like the white helmet. The blue not so much.

  • Fiedman

    The Hockey Uniforms looks like the American international jerseys

  • I like the new way better than the old. Though I live in UGA Bulldog country, I love husky dogs Plus, it is different. As good, or better, than the slew od Oregon Duck uniform combinations.

  • Matt

    Totally agree that the new husky logo should be on the front of the hockey jersey, the use of the wordmark on the front makes it look a little too plain. I’d be okay with the football uniforms if it were a worn once for a bowl game or something, but those helmets should not be worn every weekend.

  • There’s a lot wrong with the UCONN identity, little of which can be blamed on the designer. First, the term UCONN sounds like a corporation specializing in “do-it-yourself” Internet scamming. They are the University of Conneticut? The Huskie rendering is solid. Reminds me of the Nordiques rebrand idea from years ago. But the application to the football helmet is horrible and could be a prelude to even more garbage!

  • richard

    I feel like this could have been a salvageable helmet if they would have gone with something on the sides. Perhaps the C at least, or the UCONN from the back on the side. The fact that the colors, as previously stated, are not matched is terrible. The placement of the logos seem to be in an effort to hide them as effectively as possible from the cameras. I also don’t understand the choice of going matte on the sides and not matte in the stripe. I feel this is especially a travesty because it means that under the lights the reflection will wash out the husky anyway.

  • Pod

    It’s fun. I don’t mind the Jonathan stripe, but I agree with what everyone says about the color. The UCONN on the back is fugly. I’d like to see how it looks on a field before making a full decision. Imagine how that would look on TV, a bunch of linemen with wolf eyes peeping from the helmet.

  • Tom O’Grady
  • Blake

    I think I’m the only one who likes the helmet, yes it is very different and it’s not everyone cup of tea. But think of how cool it’s gonna look great its gonna look when they come out the huddle and line up have those wolves looking back at you. now it doesn’t help if the team is 2-5 and not intimidating but it will be cool to look at.

  • Brother Wolf

    Nice dog. Color adjustment needed on the darker uniforms.