Montana State Unleashes New Bobcat Primary Logo

Written By:  •  Monday, April 22, 2013

featured  - Montana State bobcats

In Bozeman Montana, the Bobcats have received a makeover, presenting an enhanced identify package for Montana State.

Not exactly a full re-imaging, rather a fully designed cleaning up of their existing concept. Think Atlanta Falcons, Arizona Cardinals rather than UConn Huskys.

banner - Montana State bobcats

The new, massaged logo was handled by Torch Creative and is one of the rare logo changes that we can unequivocally say is a clear and substantial improvement.  Their old logo was almost an amorphous blob in comparison.

In speaking with Torch about their work, they told; “In updating MSU’s existing bobcat logo, Torch aimed to provide a mark which was faithful to the classic MSU bobcat but had features which were more reflective of an actual bobcat. Not wanting to stray too far from the existing mark, the overall proportions were kept similar to the original logo, but shape of the head was adjusted, slightly, as were the jaw, muzzle and nose.

 Special attention was paid to the eye and brow of the logo, as many felt the original logo’s eye resembled that of a ‘laughing cat,’ and the slight curvature in the neck was brought back from an earlier incarnation of the MSU bobcat logo in order to reinforce the more lifelike representation. “

Bobcat 1997-2013

This version itself was simply an outlined version of their previous, which was almost progressive and modern in its simplicity.

Replaced with two-color version after 1996


In addition the the bobcat, Torch also presented MSU with an entirely new and proprietary “M” logo which would help MSU stand out from a sea of M logos in the collegiate marketplace.
The goal was to give MSU an M which was similar to the proportions of the existing block-M, but one which was entirely unique to Montana State, and as such, the M was originally derived from a bobcat’s ears
Block M Montana State bobcats

New Block M Logo

This gold and blue M will take the place of the M they had been using in the past, an outlined standard M that bore a striking resemblance to the Michigan logo.

Torch was very kind to speak to us about their process. Their goal was to set Montana State apart, “More important than the genesis of the concept, Torch feels that the resulting M is a truly distinctive letterform which, in addition to the new bobcat, will hopefully represent Montana State University for many years to come.”

As of press time, the Bobcats store ( was not yet selling merchandise with the new logo, though one would imagine that transition will take place quite shortly.

How do you like it? DOes it bring a big school look to one you may possibly not before known much about? Is this gear you’d rock?

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  • ingmar66

    I would rock gear with these logos anytime, especially a fitted hat with the M up front and the Bobcat on the back, size 7 5/8. Fine and rare example of an identity upgrade, both the Bobcat (which looks better than the too minimalistic previous version) and the sturdy, yet playful block M. And the new, darker shades of navy and gold are nice as well. Good job, Torch Creative!

    • BETTY

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  • Nathan English

    Really nice logo! Definetley an improvement

  • Luke Dzikiy

    They made minor changes, but the logo is better, and so is the wordmarks.

  • Rob S.

    The logo is an improvement and the M is not bad,maybe not as good as previous M, but as suggested will set it apart from other M’ will be distinctive.I wish I could be this positive more often.I am really starting to worry about the new Arizona jerseys that should be displayed soon.

  • J. Reynolds

    Wow, what an upgrade! (Seriously)

  • Still a bit cliche with the shape of the logo, particularly with the triangular neck shape; but a definite improvement.

  • Taylor J. Seidlitz

    Museo Slab with a modified E

  • Yes, I’d rock that gear. But then, I went to Montana State and I love my Bobcats. Overall, a huge upgrade for our identity. The unique “M” will no longer see our fans taken for Michigan fans.

  • Montana Guy

    Upgrade? You betcha! I like it. The “M” is ok, while that Cat is cool!

  • Brother Wolf

    The “M” is much better. I like the old bobcat better.