Dolphins, Vikings New Uniforms Leaked

Written By:  •  Tuesday, April 23, 2013

As Nike was busy officially unveiling the new Jacksonville Jaguars look for 2013 it appears they didn’t notice they had set up both the new uniforms for the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings amongst the other 29 teams not making a change for the upcoming season.

Both Miami and Minnesota are planning on officially unveiling their new uniforms on NFL Draft Day which is this Thursday.

Miami Dolphins New 2013 Uniforms

The leaked Dolphins uniform confirm at least one rumour we’d been hearing, white facemasks, a first for the Dolphins.  I had also been hearing the wordmark was rather disappointing, it would certainly appear so as seen underneath the collar of the new jersey:

Miami’s new wordmark logo found under the jersey collar

Helmet striping is dark teal, teal, dark teal (and there might a thin orange and white stripe on the outer edge that’s hard to see in this pic); while the pants include orange for sure on their stripe with a pattern of orange, dark teal, teal, dark teal, teal.

For the Minnesota Vikings the biggest change to the jersey looks to be no more than the number font, which is a nice upgrade – certainly customized to the team identity.

Again, hard to tell on these lower resolution photos, but that helmet looks to be matte paint – which is what the Jacksonville Jaguars are doing with the front of their new helmets unveiled earlier today.

While I’m not entirely sure who the original source of the images we were alerted to them courtesy a tweet by Paul Lukas about an hour ago.

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  • J. Reynolds

    Wow, there is rarely any orange in the Dolphins jerseys…

    • Tom

      Agree. It should almost be in the uniform the way Seattle has the green.

  • Tim

    Wow those Jags uniforms are atrocious… Nike please kill yourself

  • Elvis77

    The Vikings unis look great

  • Dolphins are disappointing, I was expecting something more drastic

  • Hasheem

    im just going to go into a hole and cry. these new identities have no identity. all these new uniforms could be swapped out with eachother and marketed as ‘inspired by said mascot’. no personality, just a show of new technology


      Well said. I agree 100%

  • Michael Taylor

    Downgrade for the Dolphins, ok for the Vikings, Jaguars a joke as always. Wish someone would fix the Eagles jerseys


    What is the deal with that bland streamlined pepsi-cola wave dolphin ?

    It’s as if a high school art department project was submitted and approved.

    I think that by the end of the year, the public will demand the return of the helmet wearing fish…

    • Jeriat

      That logo is all but bland…. and you’re kinda late on this.

      • Walle

        How is not bland? It looks like it belongs on a Levitra Commercial. Not a sports team logo.

  • F19

    The Dolphins are horrible! No trim anywhere on the top? No sleeve stripes? No collar coloring? Nothing? So boring.

    All of them are pretty bad. Jags is a hot mess all around, Vikes is ok but those ridiculous “stripes” on the “sleeves” are stupid. Bring back a proper jersey cut and get Nike out of here!

  • Not liking the direction the fins are going with the logo and new unis. Would have liked a modified logo and maybe colored helmets.

    • whatever

      Direction? It looks like they’ve already arrived at their destination homeboy

  • Miami and Minny both go back to the 90s. Not bad, not a fan of Miami’s helmet…but loving the Vikings matte purple.

    Kinda wish they’d done three stripes instead of two though. All in all not bad.

  • The Fins took a major nosedive on this one. Both their uniforms as well as the Jags look like something you’d create on Madden, not actually use in the NFL. The Vikings ones are pretty nice, however.

    • MJofLakeland1

      Jaguars look like UFL uniforms.

  • That helmet gradient for the Jags is terrible! They should have just stuck with that black/teal color changing helmet.

    And the Vikings current unis were better than this in my opinion, these would be nice secondarys, but primary jerseys? Not a fan.

  • Travis Gagnon

    The Vikings need more gold, the dolphins need more orange and the jaguars need less gold. I hate all three teams, and now, their uniforms are worse than before!! This is horrible!!

  • Troy Griggsby

    It’s disappointing that teams are putting so much intellectual and design trust in Nike. I see a dearth of heart and character in all three.

  • jason rohloff

    Nike is destroying the NFL, from a uniform standpoint

  • Dylan

    The Jags Uni is horrid. Oh god, I feel sorry for any player who wears that.

    The Dolphins uni, while its better than I expected, is still not very good.

    I really like the Vikings one. Modern spin on a classic, which is what all teams need to do.
    I’m glad they finally went to something close to their original jerseys. Not a big fan of the number lettering, though.

  • Aaron

    The Vikings look way better with the darker purple. Way to go Vikes. I like how the Dolphins polished off their original uniforms although I wish the face masks were teal. The logo? Should’ve just polished off their recentvone likecthe Vikings did. The Jaguars? Uniforms look fine, but a two tone gradient helmet? Enh? Should’ve stuck with the black teal combo. The logo does look cleaner.

  • Ivano

    I don’t like them….no orange on Dolphins ones?Ivano from Italy.

  • Dolphins F, Jags B, Vikes A

  • Aaron

    I believe the number outlines on the Dolphins uniforms are orange.wait until we get a better look once they’re unveiled.

  • SFforlife

    The Dolphins look pretty boring for a Nike design. They’re like anti-Nike which is kinda weird. I lke that they’re not all crazy, like most Nike garbage, but they’re too plain. Not enough orange! Where are the stripes? The wordmark is…okay. Though the old one was fine too. And ditch the navy, it looks like crap. The logo sucks too. C-

    The Jaguars look like a mess. The helmet is laughably bad. The alt uni is a wreck. The dumb sleeve stripes look too jumbled. The pants design, despite what Paul Lukas says, sucks. The only good thing I’ve seen, and of course which won’t be worn normally, is the white pants-black top look. Not bad. I agree with Lukas that the white jerseys numbers look cool. That’s about it. D

    The Vikes actually look okay for a change. Upgrade from their last atrocious look. The matte helmets I feel are getting too overused, but whatever. As long as my Niners keep their shiny helmets, I don’t really care if other teams choose matte. Really my only problem is the stupid horns on the numbers. Kinda dumb. Overall, not bad, certainly an upgrade. B+

    On Thursday I’m sure we’ll all have a better chance at checking out and rating Miami and Minnesota’s new uni’s.

    • Aaron

      Actually the horns albeit subtle are a nice touch to the numbers. The numbers on the Manitoba Moose uniforms were creative with the antlers, but way cartoonish. Yeah, a splash of navy would’ve made the Dolphins unis pop, but they didn’t have it on their originals. Just an orange outline is enough.

    • ElGuapo

      Actually I’m not reading those as horns on the numbers. I think they allude to the bowed sail of a viking ship.

  • I can’t stand these new football uniforms. The best ones will always be the classics like the Chiefs, Giants, Colts, Packers, Bears, Redskins, etc. I hate this new space age crap

    • Jack

      The Redskins are next…or maybe after that

  • Jonathan Kim

    I think the Jags uniforms look awesome! I like the colors for the shoulder sleeves. The Vikes have pretty cool ones too. Modern take on a classic design

  • Luke Dzikiy

    The Jaguars uniforms are the best

  • Matt

    All three absolutely suck. Who’s making this stuff, Stevie Wonder?

  • Craig Michaels

    more #fail for the juicebox generation.

  • BILL

    I have just seen 3 more reasons why I hope Nike will NEVER be hired by the NHL to design uniforms. nike ruins every team identity it “rebrands”. those Dolphins, Jaguars and Vikings uniforms are horrible. Nike needs to just go away. Reebok did a much better job with NFL uniforms. NIKE=overpriced crap.

  • I need to get on a plane and get to both the NFL headquarters on
    Park Avenue in NYC as well as the Nike Campus in Beaverton and save the NFL Brand before they start messing with the Bears, Packers and other perfect identities. I am 1000% serious, and not picking on anyone or any entity but my designer and I could do sooooooo much to salvage all the mistakes being made to the NFL identities. My goodness the Dolphins? Just look at the 1972 perfect season Dolphins or the Dan Marino era Miami club and you got it!!! The Vikings? Oh my God, the purple people eaters and Jumpin’ joe Kapp era or maybe the Tommy Kramer and Chuck Foreman teams? Gorgeous! Well I can’t look back on the Jaguars and point to something better? That’s NOT a compliment on the new identity folks… That new poorly drawn Jaguar is not up to a HS teams mark. And the black gold and teal have never been more poorly mis-matched. Goodness what a brand abortion!!!

    These atrocities again signals the need for experienced trained sports branding designers to take the lead in creating some sanity back into team identity.

  • New dolphins unis are just horrible

  • Glenn

    The Dolphins jerseys look like the Jags’ previous jerseys…minus the accents down the side. Looks like Nike got lazy on that design.

  • Glenn

    Can’t wait to see what they do with the Browns in two years.

  • 54321

    Miami seems to have taken the bold route & killed their iconic brand with this. Bravo. Jaguars helmet is at least a talking point, I think it could set a new standard, at least for some college teams anyways. Vikings new font looks tighter & more personalized, matte helmets might look weird for a couple seasons. So far everyone is trying to be the Seahawks & none are fully succeeding.

  • 54321

    Just occurred to me that those Dolphins whites look 100x better than those lame teal & that we should all at least take solace that the Dolphins, like the Cowboys, play vast majority of their games in whites.

  • Phil

    Nike, wat r u doin? Nike, STAHP!

    Need more orange for the Dolphins, less teal for the Jags and Single, toned helmets for the Jags and Vikes.

  • Patrick McReary

    I thought the Jaguars one was pretty badass. It’s somewhat better than the 90s look they had. I don’t like the colored sleeves though.

    The Fins, meh. I don’t hate it, but where’s the orange? It actually looks bland without orange. The font is all right at best.

    The Vikings are actually an upgrade. Thank god we’ve got darker purple! Kick ass!

  • SoulPatch

    These are not upgrades. These are downgrades. The Vikings uni looks best of the three, but that isn’t saying much. The matte helmets are a trendy look that ties these unis to a specific period in time. In other words, it is going to look dated very soon. The horned number font is just silly. The dolphins uni looks way too bland. They had one of the best unis in the NFL, and now they have one of the worst. The Jaguars uni looks like something from one of those obscure leagues. The helmet is simply awful. Blackmon can’t even hide his disgust in those photos. Thanks Nike for destroying the NFL.

  • Rob S.

    Every fan of every team should be worried if your team ever mentions that they will be getting a new uniform There is no telling what the hell kind of jersey you may end up with.I am seriously starting to get a little soured on College and Pro Football, all because of rule changes and Nike…..that Van Horne guy at Nike is a creative idiot!!

  • Trent

    It looks like the horns are going to be more upward like they are in the logo

  • Upgrade for all 3. Not perfect, but upgrades nonetheless. Vikings get a ‘B’. Dolphins get an ‘A-‘. Jaguars get a ‘C’.

  • David

    the Jags helmets look like they just ran out of paint. Don’t like the two coloured helmets idea.

  • Rob S.

    The Vikings uni is better than last season’s jersey.but that isn’t saying much. I was hoping they would go with their throwback jersey at least.We still do not have a clear view of the Vikings logo on the helmet Hope it is the same. The Dolphins, not as bad as it could of been,but is looks a bit Silly, to what they had before.!.The Jaguars,I am not even going to comment.

  • Dan

    It looks like the Vikings helmet is matte…

  • Dean Franzone

    The Jags uniforms remind me of the Philadelphia Soul of the Arena Football League
    The Vikings ones didnt change that much. But I hate the Dolphins changes. There is something to keeping with tradition.

  • ingmar66

    Once again, these design people at Nike are not interested in sports. They are interested in fashion, glamour, celebrity, gossip and the short attention spans of their main target group. Which is clearly not ardent sports fans (these people are sooo boorish, crude and, like, TRADITIONAL, OMG!) but hysterical teenagers (and wanna be teenagers who are already significantly older) who are only into hypes and highlights and do not have the patience to watch an entire game, in person or on TV. Gazing 24/7 at their iPhones and tablets, looking for the latest stuff. And moving on, what’s next? Oh, the latest NFL gear by Nike. How many likes? How many followers? Wow, a lot! Gotta have one of those. Order and pay. OK, what’s next? OMG, look at those ostrich feather sandals by Prada. And available in men’s sizes as well! To go with my latest Jags or Fins jersey, OMG! Is that cool or what? Next…

  • The Vikings’ and Dolphins’ new digs look awesome. The Jags’? I’m not so sure.

    • Dante

      Oh my…

      Well, the Vikings uniforms look pretty decent. I didn’t have a problem with their previous uniforms, save for that terrible collar Nike introduced to last year. (That thing only fits with the Broncos, so everyone else should avoid it.) In this picture, the striping on the uniform looks rather awkward, and similar to the update the Chiefs received last year. The matte paint here is a perfect fit for Minnesota.

      The Dolphins…er…yeah…The teal jerseys look like (expletive.) There was no need for that black – or is that “dark teal” ? – outline in the numbers. That wordmark is awful. The helmets look all right, though – I like the white facemasks. The white ones looks a lot better, but that’s not saying much. I would have used either just the teal or the dark teal for the numbers on the whites. The leg stripe is…all right, I guess.

      Jacksonville. Hmm. The thing is, these aren’t terrible, but they definitely could go for some tweaks. That horrendous Nike collar needs to be replaced by a *thin* gold one, not thick like Houston. The gray outline on the teal jersey’s numbers is unnecessary. The arm/side stripe is a rip from the Bengals, and though theirs is more of a mess, Jacksonville’s could do a lot better. I am kind of intrigued by the helmets, although I think a solid one would be better, and a jaguar gold jersey could match well with a gold helmet and black pants. I definitely have not been a fan of any jersey with random stripe going around the back, so it’s nice to see that gone.

      Overall, the Dolphins: 3.5 (that’s mostly the helmet,) the Jaguars: 4.4, and the Vikings: 7.

  • cm62198

    Proud Vikings fan right here Minnesota football knows how to rock matte helmets first the gophers now the Vikings will follow.

  • Jeason Gagnon

    Best uniform they ever had was the ones from last season

  • MJofLakeland1

    I’m never buying Nike gear ever if they even think about changing the Ravens uniforms from simply BLACK & PURPLE!

    What is with this 2010s style of “tacky expression” with skinny, bright, multi-color and queer-ish style?… I’m 19 y/o and I can’t understand this generation’s style. I never seen gangsters look so harmless in my life.

  • Chris

    Does anyone else find it odd that the dolphins Primary logo is the same as their helmet logo?