Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil New Uniforms

Written By:  •  Tuesday, April 23, 2013

“This is the next generation”

These are the words of Nike Football Creative Designer Todd Van Horne as he introduced the new home, road, and teal alternate uniforms of the Jacksonville Jaguars. These words are likely terrifying to uniform traditionalists everywhere while at the same time welcomed by those always looking for something new in sports design.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2013 New Uniform Unveil

Justin Blackmon and Todd Van Horne introduce the new home uniform

The new uniforms feature several elements not previously seen in the NFL including a two-tone gradient helmet, and different fabric types used together to create subtle designs.

“The Jaguar is now on the hunt” and “it’s coming out of the shadows” were lines used frequently by Van Horne as he unveiled the uniforms to the media at Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. The whole idea of the all-black look with the hints of gold were meant to represent a jaguar creeping through the darkness.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2013 New Helmet

Check out that helmet!

Instantly noticeable is the new helmet, it starts off as a matte black at the front and transitions into a shiny gold using a gradient of both colour and paint type.

“I like the gold and black helmet, it makes the emblem poke right out at you” said Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon before adding he “wasn’t really much of a uniform guy”.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2013 New Helmet

The claw-marks on the shoulders and helmet gradiant

The jerseys themselves have a “sheen, shadow, and claw-inspired” design on the shoulders, the use of multiple fabrics on the shoulder create a design visible despite being entirely in black. Down the shoulders onto the sleeves is one of the rare uses of teal, originally the primary colour in the Jaguars identity. A shield patch with the popular fan nickname for the team “JAGS” is placed on the left side of the jersey “over the heart” as a salute to the fans of the team.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2013 New Uniform Back

New font is “angular, sharp, modern”

“The uniform is an amazing storytelling vehicle for us, I think we’re most proud of this. It tells the journey of the culture, the pioneer spirit of the Jaguars ownership, with a nod to the fanbase and what a jaguar is all about” – Todd Van Horne, Nike’s Creative Director for Football

Jacksonville Jaguars 2013 New

Pant stripe detail, “forward motion to inspire athletes”

The design of the three uniforms appear to be  identical with only the colours being swapped appropriately, white pants are scheduled to be paired with the road white jersey while both the home black and alternate teal jerseys will feature black pants, once again creating the head-to-toe black look at home the team used last season.

Jacksonville’s 2012 home uniform

More photos from the unveiling below:

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  • Michael Metros

    I think the Jags change every year now. Too bad they sold out to those whores at Nike.

  • You gonna post the Vikes and Phins too?

  • Jay

    Nike did the right thing by bringing the gold back, the prior uniforms looked empty without it. In fact, I think these uniforms are an upgrade (except for the helmet).

  • Zoltan Lasak

    That two-tone helmet is awful. Rest of the uniform is “meh”.

  • Trying to out-due Seattle from what it looks like

  • Robert Tivari

    I think those are pretty bad ass actually

  • Michael Taylor


  • Horrendous!!!

  • Jack McLaughlin

    Late april fools?


  • jason rohloff

    I think they look like an arena team (Arizona Rattlers anyone?)

    • Jack

      Shreveport Bossier Battle Wings used an silver back transitioning to a black front. They played in the Af2. it looks kinda similar. Also, Gold helmet looks great on black uni, teal-not so much.

  • I’m embrassed for their fans…

  • Mike

    It’s official. The Jacksonville Jaguars now looks like a custom team from a video game.

    • Damon Selman

      I like the jersey, even the teal one. I not so sure about the helmet.

      PS. I can make a pretty good custom team jersey on Madden.

    • D

      Exactly! Just a terrible design on all aspects.

  • Joe

    and now, I’m officially back to scared for Miami’s uniform reveal.

  • 54321

    Too busy + reliant on black is lazy. Seahawks still the champs of the upgrades. One of the few franchises who should use teal & they’re backing down… lame.

  • Andy

    I could deal with this if it wasn’t for the gradient helmet. That just pushes it over the edge.

  • Uniforms are not too bad! Helmet’s a downgrade (I like that they’re using gold, but the old uniform with the black and green was outstanding), and, of course, the logo has no reason to exist, but I’m pleased that they didn’t banish teal from their color scheme, as some of us feared they would do.

  • Phil

    Too much teal, not enough gold, and the fading black to gold is disgusting. Good job Jacksonville, while it is an improvement over your previous jerseys, they still match your team performance. They suck.

  • The jerseys aren’t horrible, but those helmets….oh man.

  • ..I’m quite impressed, hopefully Miami will do something radical too.

  • That helmet would have been great if they had just picked between the shining gold or the matte black.

    The two together is a nightmare.

  • Ben

    Lame. If they’re “telling a story” it’s written for folks with ADD.

    Slashes, claws, sublimation, 2-tone, front patch, shoulder colors, spikey numbers, neck roll… suffers from the same issues as the Seahawks; some good/creative ideas but way too much going on.

    • D

      That’s right. I’m not sure where to look. It’s just a mess.

  • Brian

    Why would you do a complete redesign for a team that will be playing in LA in a couple of years anyways?

  • Frank

    Not bad… Highly disappointed all my teams are moving away from teal though (Marlins, Jaguars)

  • Craig Michaels

    Helmet is a HUGE #FAIL.

  • AlMaFI

    The lighter gold logo looks awkward against the darker gold half-helmet. Surprised they pushed the concept through.

  • Douglas Snazel

    Awful…there is no other adjective to describe it. Nike is making a real mess of the NFL.

  • Douglas Snazel

    Awful…there is no other adjective to describe it. Nike is making a real mess of the NFL.

  • Troy Griggsby

    According to Van Horne’s (of Nike) statement, the Jaguar is coming out of the shadows. By the looks of the helmet, the Jaguar is going into darkness, perhaps a better indication of the status of the terrible uniforms, their play and the franchise.

  • Alex Giobbi

    Welp, looks like Pro combat came to the NFL. And ho boy does it look turrible. The jersey first of all, woof! The helmet, Woof! The teal alternate, Woof!. Basically Nike forgot they were doing the NFL and just went willy nilly.

  • Is it REALLY a gradient, though?

  • The Jags look like Jags.

  • Nathan English

    Unis are okay. The helmets look like an alternate helmet style. They should have just stuck with black.

  • Damon

    Too much Panthers to be a Saints jersey and too much Saints to be a Panthers jersey = Jag jersey. ‘Jaguars’ would look better spelled out on the actual jersey. Helmet is mostly gold with a mostly gold logo on it. with that burnt front fade look. They tried and hopefully Jag fans like it, but my opinion is they fell short on reinventing their new look.

  • Riley

    I was actually hoping the helmet would have spots, like a leopards coat…would have still been as equally hideous…

    I still can’t figure out what was wrong with the original jaguar head logo…

    Change the teal to red and it’s an XFL uniform…

  • Travis Gagnon

    Agreed, by far the worst NFL helmets!

    • vap19

      Yeah, there too XFL looking. Personally I would have kept the dark greenish black from last years

      • Aaron

        Well, the dark greenish teal would set itself apart from the Dolphins more.

  • Travis Gagnon

    Even Justin Blackmon has a disgusted face at the look of his new helmet

  • Austin W

    Reminds me a lot of the Arizona Rattlers scheme especially with the gold helmets. [or 1/2 gold]

  • Aaron

    The uniforms are cool. The helmets, nice idea, but making a black teal combo on the helmet with an already gold jaguar would’ve looked better. Any more gold on the helmet and you’d accidentally call them the Jacksonville Saints or the New Orleans Jaguars.

    • Blake

      Back in the early ’90s, if Jacksonville wasn’t granted an expansion team, the Saints would’ve moved there instead. I guess these new uniforms can be the closest thing that never was.

  • Yawn.

  • Luke Dzikiy

    Those jerseys are amazing and those helmets are really cool, I like how they use the shield logo on the jerseys!

  • Shane Kittelson

    I am dismayed that this was designed by professionals. The helmet is horrid.

  • Better than the dolphins

  • Hideous

  • Aaron

    Just pair their white jerseys with a white helmet and you’d see the Miami Dolphins part deux.

  • Tommy Coblentz

    Why is everyone hating on these uniforms? I think that they are pretty awesome and so does everyone that I have showed this to.

  • Mike

    Like the Panthers (both,) Raptors and Marlins, the Jags are a team doomed by an awful ’90s aesthetic by which they’ve clung to and, as such, it’s limited in its appeal. They’re trying, I guess.

  • Brock

    For a team with no history and no significant accomplishments, at least they have their own identity. I’m not as opposed to it as I would normally be.

    • Aaron

      Good point. I’m not opposed to this either considering they’ve only been in the league since 1995. Apparently their Jags badge on their jersey also pays homage to the rich military history in Jacksonville. That idea is way better than wearing camoflauge jerseys. San Diego Padres, take note.

  • John Madrid

    Choc Hurd I can’t say I like em

  • Patrick McReary

    They’re badass actually. Perhaps they might have better results with these too.

    And this probably isn’t the last of them. Remember the weird phase sports uniforms went through in the 90s? The NBA? The Patriots? This is Part II, but not nearly as god awful.

  • Choc Hurd

    John Madrid me either

  • I’m not ready to judge

  • Nivrag

    I think they’ll win a lot games with the new unis, the other teams will be too distracted by that god awful design to play any football !

  • ingmar66

    Clearly designed by people who are more into catwalks than into sports. What a travesty. The uniforms are not that bad (but those claw marks? Really, this is no kindergarten dress up party but a professional foorball team) but the helmets are designed by people (male and/or female) who would love to carry a similar clutch or man’s purse in gradient matt black/ shiny gold to go (and check out that pantherleopard thing! Oh? It’s a jaguar? Whatever…) with their latest outfit for a red carpet occasion. I pity the Jaguar fans.

  • Their helmet is better than that 2-tone helmet that Notre Dame used for that Miami (Fla.) game last season.

  • Chris Oglesby

    This pretty much sums up how I feel about the jags set… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2-pHvqq_BQ

  • Jeff

    Man, when they showed the 2012 Jags’ black uni’s I breathed a sigh of relief. The old ones look pretty good compared to these…

  • Dave

    Here’s a quirky thing I noticed about the helmet – the vent behind the Jaguar’s ear looks like it’s the outline of the back of his neck and the gradient looks like the outline to the opposite side. That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if a Jaguar’s neck connected to the head at the bottom, like a human’s, but a Jaguar’s connects at the back, so the head looks like it is lifted in a way that would be pretty unusual/awkward. I’m going way way back, but it reminds me slightly of the USFL’s Michigan Panthers logo in that way.

    As for the other design aspects of the helmet, I’m not against trying a gradient, but the position seems entirely arbitrary and the colors aren’t quite matches for the yellow and black in the logo or the other parts of the uniform, so why introduce those elements there? Make them match one way or the other and it will be a step in the right direction.

    I like the yellow stripe around the collar, but hate the shiny pattern on the shoulders. The pants stripes are interesting, but far too wide, they’re going to look silly on the O-linemen.

    I dunno, it seems like a jumble of potentially cool elements, but they’re just dressing on a shaky design concept.

  • Redmond Farley

    These are bad…very bad. The sleeve is just a lazy, hack design. The mixed textures on the shoulders looks like a bad fashion statement from the 90’s. The helmet is an atrocity. The matte, two tone finish is a gimmick that will not last. I would be pissed as a Jaguars fan because they just got new uniforms, now they have to get this one and in a few years they will have to get another one. These scream XFL and AFL. They certainly don’t look fierce like the design team described. They researched actual Jaguars…give me a break. At least they are not alone, those fins jerseys are bad as well on a different level. Even the Vikings fumbled a little. I was getting excited about all the preview shots, but the matte helmet and gimmicky number font are a major concern. I can see why do teams buy into these clown suits? Can you see Jim Brown or Ditka running around in these silly uniforms? Nike is really disappointing, and for the love of god get rid of the two tone disco collars. That is all.

  • Bill A

    Oh God, I hope Jeff Lurie doesn’t get any ideas…..

  • Mike

    If it was all gold, it would be awesome. If it was all black, that’d be cool too. Both together, awful.

  • Jon

    Uniforms are good, helmets are awful.

  • Lee Herold

    “On the hunt”?! The new jaguar is so soft-edged, rounded, and feminine. It looks like a cuddly mommy jaguar.

  • Al Wofford

    They look almost exactly like the old AFL Arizona Rattlers jerseys.

  • Al Wofford

    What happened to using transition paint on helmets? That would “fix” the awkward helmet color design.

  • D

    Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. and that helmet! YIKES! Ugliest uniforms in the NFL hands down.

  • Aviator6

    Absolutely hideous. I thought their last unis were hella nice. I go for the clean look. And, the helmets look like someone puked on them from behind.

  • Elgy

    Matte Helmets are the future of all nfl teams. It’s cleaner and better than the normal ones. But that teal jersey has to go. Thank god it is just an alternate. I bet it will be gone by next year.

  • WAY too much going on here. The teal jerseys are mildly interesting, but I still hate the all-black look and those helmets remind me of the gradient that San Diego State abandoned eight years ago. I agree that they look more like Arena League jerseys than NFL jerseys. It’s too cluttered, too busy, too “let’s use every idea we have all at once.”

  • Steve Cramsie

    I can’t wait to see the $39.95 bottom-tier versions of these that will be available at Target and Wal-Mart. Forget the different materials and gradients. Can you say “black polyester jersey with the numbers screened on the front”?

  • Steve

    I think they should have gone with a solid gold helmet.
    That would look much better, and the NFL needs more gold helmets anyway.

  • Michael

    They’re bringing back the XFL?

  • These Uniforms Are Ugly, Even Worse Than The Seahawks. I Dont know What Nike Is Doing To These Uniforms But I Hope My Green Bay Packers Dont Switch To These.

  • These Uniforms Are Ugly, Even Worse Than The Seahawks. I Dont know What Nike Is Doing To These Uniforms But I Hope My Green Bay Packers Dont Switch To These.

    • Aaron

      Well compared to the Seahawks uniforms, these look cleaner.

  • vap19

    Actually, I kind of like them… except for the gradient helmets. That’s not doin’ it for me.

  • Michael

    Someone needs to let the Jags know that those helmets are an abomination….seriously, it’s bad enough that the team isn’t any good, but now they have to embarass themselves further by looking like a bunch of clowns in those ridiculous helmets ?

  • kushisaac

    they play like a college team and now they look like one.