Minnesota Vikings Simplify Look with New Nike Uniform

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For those who thought Nike couldn’t do anything but radical and futuristic, behold the new uniforms for your 2013 Minnesota Vikings.

Fresh off their unveiling of the new “next-generation” Jacksonville Jaguars uniform design earlier in the week, the new and more traditional uniforms of the Minnesota Vikings were shown to the press on the heels on tonight’s NFL Draft.

New 2013 Minnesota Vikings Home Uniform

The Vikings new uniforms clean up what was previously an unnecessarily cluttered look, one the team had been using since 2006. Thankfully gone is that mess that used to run up either side of the jersey, up the back and down around the sleeves. What we’re left with in the latest look for the club is basically a modernization of their design prior to that ’06-’12 mess – I like to think the team has gone back and righted the course of their uniform ship putting it back on a more appropriate path.  Well done boys.

New name and number font – notice the new angled edges of the number 2 and letters P and T

New is the number font, a customized design to more closely resemble the Vikings brand (which you can only really see on the 2 in the photos we received).

Also new is the jersey sleeve striping, a gold and white stripe near each cuff, the gold staying straight while the white angles itself up near the back as seen in the photo below:

A look at the sleeve and pant leg striping

Pant striping has also been updated, in another modernized nod to the past the club has kept it simple with a straight no non-sense design.  Very much in contrast to last years “wave design” which had been intended to mimic the horn logo worn on the helmet.

Speaking of the helmet, just like last year it’s a matte-purple with a black facemask.

Striping is as follows, thin purple, thick yellow, gigantic purple – what appears to be thin, darker purple lines on either side of the stripes is merely a change in fabric to affix the striping material to the pant leg:

Detail of new Vikings uniform pant striping

“The fine details make this uniform special, the threading in the collar, just the subtle little things that are going to make people say, ‘That’s our Vikings uniform as we know it.’ To the fan who is really a Minnesota Vikings fan true to its core, they’re going to love this uniform.” – Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway

The new road uniform is a simple inverse of the home design, what was purple is now white and vise-versa:

New Vikings road uniform for 2013

You’ll notice the white pants are shown with both the home and road uniforms — there is a purple set of pants also available should the club want to go head-to-toe purple (just, please don’t do this too often guys):

The all-purple option

“These uniforms embrace the strong tradition of the Vikings but add a contemporary feel that speaks to the future of this organization… We believe Vikings fans will be extremely proud of the new uniforms.” – Vikings Owner/President Mark Wilf.

Back of the home and road uniforms, showing both pants options

Here’s a look at last year’s design…

2012 Minnesota Vikings home uniform

…and it’s painfully clear to me that this new look for 2013 is an overwhelming improvement over this.

What do you think, reader? Is this a great upgrade or the greatest upgrade of this NFL uniform off-season?

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  • ..great improvement with the matte helmet and the spiked numbers.

  • Kyle

    Love them, minus the numbers. The first numeral has the “tails” but the second doesn’t. Looks very weird on a number with the same digits, such as Harrison Smith’s #22.

    • Chris Creamer

      Tails are on both first and second digits, it’s just that the #8 does not have them – you can see in the the photo of Greenway up there it’s on both the 5 and 2

      • Kory

        No, here’s a link to the Viking’s store. Check out Harrison Smith’s awful looking jersey… http://www.vikingsfanshop.com/cart.php?m=product_list&c=578

        • wolfgangII

          I see, but in the photo above, Green Way #52 has tails in both numbers. I think is the page mistake

        • Hopefully that is some sort of misrepresented mockup, because that looks horrible!

      • Jason Greening

        Chris, took a look at a video of #42 Jerome Felton showing off the white uni (like Greenway) at the draft party, and his “2” was un-serif’d on front, back and TV numbers. Also, from the pic that showed Mia/Jax/Min from a few days ago, the “2” on the greenway mockup was un-serif’d.

        I think they screwed them up on Greenway’s physical jersey here.

  • stets5150

    i think the facemask is still purple. it might look black in the photos here, but why would they only have black on the facemask and nowhere else? doesn’t make sense to me. also i had heard this on a local morning radio show here in minnesota, but the number points are to represent the sails on a ship.

    • Chris Creamer

      They’re black, that bit of information comes straight from the Vikings

      • wolfgangII

        Nooooooo, black facemasks? Doesn’t have any sense, unless they use it beacuse the black outlines in the horn and ragnar logo (which is very lame excuse). Also not a big fan of the mate helmet.

        • Joe

          I think a white facemask would have been the better choice and would pop with the white horns on the helmet.

  • Christian

    I like the numbers! I think the old jerseys looked cheap and uninspired.

  • Bob

    These are gorgeous. One of my new favorite NFL uniforms. I’m not a huge fan of the white jersey/purple pants combo, I hope they go white/white most of the time but I really like both the purple/white and purple/purple home uniforms.

  • bcfan94

    I like the numbers, I think it is over-simple for an NFL team.

  • cm62198

    I love the new uniforms too bad I got a new Harvin jersey last year. Again a proud Vikings fan.

  • Jimmy Kemp

    I like em, look cleaner and more traditional.


    Hmmm, interesting how the numbers “5” and “2” when placed together seem to make the negative space look like an upside sword.

  • John Quincy King

    A great contemporary/traditional look. Bravo.

  • Jim Pericotti

    Great, except for the unnecessary (and inconsistent) serifs on the numbers and letters. Fonts can be modern without spikes.

  • Going the way of BIG BLUE. This GIANTS fan likes them

  • I’m very impressed. The number font is goofy, but it’s still way better than the outgoing uniforms overall. The black facemask does seem strange, though, and I’ll still never like the all-solid-color look. Still happy to see a step forward.

  • This is a HUGE improvement! This uniform isn’t as busy. I like the striping! That number font makes sense for the Vikings. I’d change only 2 things: purple facemasks instead of black and outlining the numbers with gold.

  • As a Patriots fan, I also like the Vikings. The new uniforms are pretty good and, I’m glad they didn’t change the logo on the helmet. I always thought their helmets were a classic design. I also like the matte finish.

  • Pod

    Much much much better than before!

  • Mike

    I had to look at those ugly former uniforms twice per year (being a Lions fan), so I like them a lot better than the old ones. However, I wish they brought back the UCLA stripes they used to have on the white jerseys.

    • kushisaac

      yes , agreed, those UCLA stripes on the white jerseys were nice!!

  • I’m a diehard Vikings fan, and I don’t like the numbers font. It’s like they’re trying to overdo it. And I agree, the facemasks should be purple and the numbers should be outlined with gold.

  • Aaron

    Way to bring back the darker purple Vikings. The face masks should also purple, but that’s pretty minor.

  • Aaron

    I also like the fact it’s less cluttered than the last one. The numbers could be outlined in gold especially with the horns on them.

  • Patrick McReary

    Nike does it right. Thankfully, they got rid of the cluttered uniform from 2006-12. This looks MUCH better. A HUGE improvement.

  • J. Reynolds

    It looks like their main colors now are purple, black, and gold. (Don’t know if it is, but it looks that way)

  • Chris Oglesby

    When I saw the stripe flare up in the back in the picture in the Vikings thread, I was worried this might look bad. But honestly, after seeing it, I like it. It’s unique with out being silly. This look is a huge improvement over the crap they had the last few years.

  • Steve Cramsie

    Hopefully other messy and needlessly busy teams like the Bengals will follow suit.

  • Major improvement. Still can’t stand the Vikings but this was needed.

  • Andrew

    Fantastic! These uniforms look great!

  • Tom

    Huge improvement over those Arena Football jerseys they had last!

  • Eric

    Why can’t we just have normal numbers? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!?!

    • Aaron

      I like the number design. Even with the horns, they still look clean.

  • Steve

    Yeah! these are very well done. I really like the pants stripes. The number font is silly yes, but this proved Nike can be coerced into design a decent looking uniform set. Not perfect but well done.

  • Aaron

    In fact, why don’t the Calgary Stampeders follow suit by eliminating the black entirely or just limit it to an outline colour.

  • SFforlife

    Definitely the best of the 3 recent unveilings, but I’m not too impressed, seeing as the “design” was pretty much something they’d worn before, minus the small details. It was like the 49ers 2009 new uniforms, which were essentially the same as their old ones. I don’t really care for the font numbers (what’s up with Nike and number fonts?) but everythign else fine. Kinda dig the sleeve stripes. The helmet is cool, black facemasks look nice. Matte helmets seem overused but it’s okay. The only other thing is the pant stripes…they’re a little asymmetrical. Especially the white pants. Seems odd, but I’ll have to see them during game time. Overall, not bad, the font is the worst aspect, but Nike could’ve done much worse to them. A-

  • Harry Flores

    Very nice!

  • ingmar66

    Noy bad but I miss the Viking head, either on the sleeves or the pants. And change the numbers outline and the facemask to gold.

  • ThisGuy

    “For those who thought Nike couldn’t do anything but radical and futuristic”

    Why does everyone think nike dictates what these team’s uniforms will look like? Each of the 32 teams own their logos and control what their uniforms design NOT NIKE!!! If a team decides they no longer like their uniforms and want to re brand; they solicit Nike to bring them designs. If nike brings the team a look they do not like or goes against their tradition or the direction they wish to take THEIR team; guess what? They’ll send nike back to the drawing board.

    post script: these look great. Well done Vikings (from a non-Vikings fan).

    • You are not a Vikings fan, quit acting like they are good uniforms! You know they are dorky looking. Who is your team so I can comment on there dorkiest items and say wow they look nice. Thanks Dork

  • dex1lsp

    Nice! It has some good distinctive character to it without being over the top. Great upgrade.

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    Clean classic look. The only thing that kinda bothers me is the color panel above the gold strip. It goes from a strip to something weird looking.

  • I was looking forward to buying a home and away jersey but once I got a look at them I was sickened! How did someone get paid to make the jerseys? The numbers are about the dorkiest things I have seen! Way to go Idiots, ruin the jerseys! The New uniforms that came out before these god awefull ones where not bad but these new ones WOW! You need to put your heads together and redeem yourselves with something better and not so Tacky! For Shame!!!!!!!

  • A step towards the future and an impressive modernization of what was already a good-looking uniform. Good job, Vikes.

  • kushisaac

    I always like the old Viking pant stripe, Yellow in the middle bordered by the purple. The yellow stripe here is not centered, and is smaller than the old one. I thought the bold yellow (or gold) stripe made it look cool. But I like this version better than last years hideous uni’s, and the white jersey and purple pant looks pretty nice too, i like the large white border striping, just wish the yellow was centered and larger.

  • ron

    Awful……..go back to your original uniforms. …wanna know why the Bears uni was voted #1 ? ……cause its still pretty much the original. ……..hate when some of the long time franchises change their uinforms. ..terrible!

  • Mike

    There will never be a uniform that every fan likes which is why as fans it’s none of our business. You don’t like ’em? Don’t buy one. The Vikings designed the uniforms, not Nike! They had an idea as to what they wanted and went with it. Someone said they are too plain for the NFL. Stop and look at the rest of the NFL…especially the NFC North and you will see that clean and traditional is the norm. Viking fans…which I’ve been one for 40+ yrs now.. are starting to be a bunch that bitches and moans about most things. Complaining and crying over numbers? C’mon. Do you bitch at everyone in your life that dares wear or do something you don’t like? Or are you just getting it out of your system? Be a fan and support the team, they have to read and listen to enough crap spewed by those who hate them…don’t be like them! You may as well be happy and supportive cuz they aren’t changing anything just because you bitch about it! Or, you can continue to be a miserable lot! SKOL!

  • Anthony

    I love the Vikings new uniforms and I can’t wait to buy one! I love how they went back to the darker purple and that its more of a traditional look. Love everything about them from the Matte helmets with the black facemask, the strips on the shoulders, the numbers, the pants and that they brought back the purple pants with white jerseys. Great job Nike and Vikings organization. Skol Minnesota Vikings!!!!