Tennessee Titans Announce 15th Season Patch

Written By:  •  Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Tennessee Titans yesterday announced the winner of their 15th season patch fan vote, one the club said was by far the most popular choice amongst voters.

“We want to thank our fans for voting who were instrumental in selecting our official 15th season logo and look forward to integrating it throughout the season for Titans fans… We were happy to include fans in this important part of our team’s history.” – Ralph Ockenfels, Titans VP of Marketing

Tennessee Titans 15th Season Anniversary Logo 2013

The new logo will be featured as a patch on the team uniforms throughout the upcoming 2013 season, it will also appear on merchandise and other team marketing materials.

While the team has called Tennessee home for 17 seasons, this logo celebrates the 15th season since they were re-named Tennessee Titans after two seasons playing as the Tennessee Oilers following a relocation from Houston.


The other options, along with the eventual winner, that were presented to fans in the vote are shown below:

Did the fans make the right choice?


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  • ..it’s the most balanced design of the 4.

  • John Pat Sher

    The Oilers name/logo was cooler!


    From a design standpoint, using roman numerals doesn’t conflict with the actual uniform numbers. That being said, I still dig #4 — loved how the logo fit into the number 5.

    • jDee

      same goes for logo #1

  • William Stohl

    Ohhhhhh, it’s a patch to commemorate their existence. I thought it was counting how many years since they’ve been relevant.

  • Aaron

    Great choice! And appropriate considering the theme.

  • Agreed. That was the best choice. Most balanced, and the sharpness of the serif matches the style of the sword well.

  • JD

    I feel it was the better looking logo, it’s balanced all around. #1 wasn’t bad I think if this one didn’t win then #1 would have been the choice, it’s the same as #4 but the font is better.

  • Luke Dzikiy

    Good choice to pick this one or design number 1. It has the Tennessee T and a nice simple design. So does number one.

  • Doug

    They’ve been in Tennessee since 1997 … they don’t count those years?

    • Chris Creamer

      15th season as the TITANS, they weren’t the Titans in those first seasons in Tennessee.