Logos Unveiled for New Brampton Basketball, Hockey Clubs

Written By:  •  Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The city of Brampton, Ontario had both their new CeHL and their new NBL-C team unveil their inaugural team logos over the weekend.  Yes, it’ll be an interesting fall for sports fans in Brampton as they quickly go from being excited about their two new clubs to reading a footnote in the paper about them ceasing to exist within a few short months of those ceremonial first faceoffs and tipoffs…  Sports!

First up, it’s the “Brampton Beast“, Canada’s first entry in the Double-A (or Single-A, depends on who you ask) Central Hockey League, brought into town after the OHL’s Brampton Battalion retreated up to North Bay earlier this month.

The logo is in black, silver, and white – perhaps the latest “hot” colours in sports thanks to those pesky Brooklyn Nets.  The logo was designed by Indonesian artist Andreans Endhi (some examples of his other work here).  And, how surprisingly refreshing, the logo lacks the customary token maple leaf slapped on to remind everyone what country the team is from (although as the first Canadian team in this league it wouldn’t be that objectionable for it to be in there)… Wait, what’s that? “A red maple leaf will be on the uniform shoulder”? says team owner Gregg Rosen.  I’m sure that’ll fit right into that colour scheme… sigh.

At the time of this posting, the Beast’s logo had a fan rating of 6.2 out of 10 on SportsLogos.Net – be sure to give it a rating yourself here.

Moving onto the hardcourt and the National Basketball League of Canada, it’s the Brampton Eh’s!… sorry… Brampton A’s, who also unveiled their inaugural season logo and… yeah, it’s clearly not of the same level of quality as the Beast’s design.

There’s three different fonts (“BRAM_PTON”, “A”, and “‘s”), some sort of half-maple leaf (really, in an all-Canadian league!)/half-basketball thing going on at the bottom, not to mention the head-scratcher of a design for the “A’s” bit of the logo… honestly if I didn’t already know the name of the team I’d have thought they were the Brampton 4’s, Brampton 7’s, or Brampton T’s (With Mr. T as a mascot, now we’re talking).

The A’s become the first team in the NBL-C to use a maple leaf in their primary branding, they also become one of the few teams to NOT use a lightning bolt, so kudos for that.  You can check out all the other NBL-C team logos here.


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  • Bryan Smalley

    The “A” in the basketball logo looks like a cross or a scythe.

  • Zoltan Lasak

    The logo for the “A’s” is horrible. What a mess. The “Beast” logo is quite nice.

  • Stumack

    Brampton *

    * suspended operations

  • Mark Guilherme

    That A is literally one of the worst sports logos I’ve ever seen.

  • Aaron

    The A’s logo is pretty straight forward. The Beast logo rocks.

  • Aaron

    @ Chris,
    Black, white and silver made popular by the Brooklyn Nets? I think you’re forgetting teams like the San Antonio Spurs, LA Kings, Oakland/LA Raiders and to a degree the Chicago White Sox who have popularized the simple colour scheme before any of the above mentioned teams.

    • Chris Creamer

      Yes, they popularized it looooong ago but in no way are they responsible for the latest “fad” or era of it’s popularity, that honour clearly belongs to the Nets. That’d be like crediting the Miami Dolphins for the teal fad of the early ’90s.

  • ingmar66

    I could come up with a better logo for the A’s (Athletics? Avatars? Aardvarks? Anonymous?) and I am crap at designing logos… The Beast is allright, there is even a tinge of Canada (the tongue is red) instead of the ubiquitous Maple Leaf.

  • KDub

    I can live with the Beast logo. While not extremely imaginative, it’s clean. I’m not sure what the “beast” is supposed to be, a wolf, maybe?

    The other thing is a hot damn mess. It looks like something maybe the owners kid made up and said, Daddy, look what I made for your team.” All I can say is WTF were they thinking??

  • A

    The A’s logo is based off the ACTS logo


    • John Burlie

      I’m sure they were allowed to copy the logo, if not, I smell legal business a-brewin’… The logo kinda works for a fitness club and I see where the “A” and the “T” work together, but the “T” part on the Brampton one looks stupid. I can kinda see it if it said “Bramp__on” using the “T” part into the city name, but this has to go. I can’t imagine it on a jersey, at this rate, the script will probably look worse than something off of a stock MS Word font…. if that’s even possible.

    • DP

      If that is the case, why not follow other international teams and be called the ACT Brampton Whatevers. Because the way the logo is placed, its looks like Brampton has an additional T after the m.

  • John Burlie

    looking at Andreans Endhi’s work, his logos for Silverback, Dog in Britain and The Blue Lion Foundation are pretty well done. I like his use of fusing the letters into a shape relative to the name of the company. I dont mind the Beast logo but I think on the jersey should just be the Head of it. I hope for the shoulder patches, he can use his ability to fuse the letters together as a shape and/or use a logo similar to the Blue Lion (possibly a soldier inside of the “beast” head to nod to the old Battalion name?)

  • madpanda

    The Beast (singular–hurl!) is serviceable for a minor league team. The “At’s”, or whatever, is a car-crash of a logo. Tried to force-feed a corporate logo where it didn’t belong. If they were that desperate, they could have just went with the “A” design, modify the crossbar so it looks less like a “t” and drop the rest. It would have been close enough to the ACTS logo to be recognizable, yet be completely unique. They could’ve even put the “A’s” in front of the leaf/ball with Brampton curved above or below it.

  • Mike

    Looks more like the Brampton 4’s

    • Aaron

      Kind of does doesn’t it? If that’s what they really want, just rename them the 407’s.