Dallas Stars Set to Unveil New Look on June 4th

Written By:  •  Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Dallas Stars yesterday announced via email they will be holding a “special event” on Tuesday, June 4th, and while the words “new uniforms” were nowhere to be found a photo showing a row of jerseys hanging in a locker room was prominently featured.

It’s no secret that the Stars will be unveiling a new look for the 2013-14 season, the club had been making it known since as early as January that they were looking to rebrand.

After early rumours swirled that ownership was considering a switch to red, white, and blue from the familiar green, black, and gold used since the franchise’s first day in Texas we’ve since heard the uniforms will be predominantly green.  Phew.

While it’s entirely possible the photo from the announcement used blank jerseys, it’s also entirely possible it’s a sneak peek of the new look.  Unfortunately it’s in black and white so not a great sense of colour but here’s the photo (along with a black-and-white photo at the top of their actual 2013 road jersey to compare):

Compare: At top, the 2013 Stars road jersey; at bottom the photo from the club’s announcement yesterday. There are some subtle differences between the two.

As you can see there are some subtle differences between the two photos – on the “preview” at the bottom there’s no arm striping or shoulder patches (that we can tell), the stripe along the hem is missing the lighter (gold) above the dark (green) and the collar striping is now also a solid dark instead of the gold and green of the 2013 look.

Is this a sign of the new look?  Probably, but honestly we can’t say for sure.  Looks like we’ll  just have to all wait one more month!


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  • The “sneak peak” photo on the bottom are practice jerseys.

  • I expect the dark jersey to see the most change since it won’t have a black base anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Stars changed their shade of green.

  • Jimmy Kemp

    Are they changing the logo? I hope not. I remember when the Minnesota North Stars unveiled this logo in 1991-92, I loved it. Plus they won a Stanley Cup with this logo, that should mean something.

  • I guess you’re hoping against hope because I strongly believe a new logo is on the way.

  • John JT Tyler

    You can never have enough Mooterus…

  • Chris Oglesby

    The logo was fine. It was the uniforms that need changing. I just hope it looks good.

  • SouthstanderRSM

    Shouldn’t the word sweater be used in place of jersey since we are taking about hockey?

    • Chris Creamer

      Sure, if they still made them out of wool

    • PensFaceo00

      Seriously? They’re called sweaters because they used to be made of wool, but have been jersey material for over 50 years now. Second, to comment on the actual post, glad green is coming back as primary. Really hope there is a proper crest instead of arched DALLAS. Wouldn’t mind if there was no black whatsoever.

      • PensFaceo00

        First part of comment directed at SouthstanderRSM, not Chris Creamer

  • 1434

    I hope they abandon green and gold, the familiar (north)STARS logo and all connection to the team having once played in Minnesota.

    Then, the Wild can swoop in, pick up all the goodies, and rebrand themselves. Bring the green and yellow back to the North Star State and finally, mercifully stop skating around in those godawful red and green “Christmas Creature” costumes they’ve been wearing.

    A boy can dream…

  • Ryan

    The Stars should ditch black altogether and change to the color scheme used by the Oakland Athletics.

    • Aaron

      Agreed. Although they could keep their current logo but westernize it. Make the star look like a badge and Stars in sort of a western font.

      • Jeriat

        No… No…. no, no, no, no, HELL NO!!!

  • JustinF

    I’d like to see them go all green, just like the Red Wings are all red and the Lighting and Maple Leafs are all blue.

    • Aaron

      For this team, regardless of location, green and gold is the way to go. If they wanted to, they could restructure the N star logo in the shape of a D.

  • Hotrod2001

    If any team out there is in need of new jerseys it’s Minnesota. They need to go back to a green version of their away jerseys like they used to have.

    • Aaron

      Actually, what the Wild need to do is use a white version of either their current home jersey or third wordmark jersey. If they go with the current home jersey design (their Quebec Rempart inspired one), make it green with red and wheat trim. If they go with their current road jersey design like they did with their original home jerseys, simplify it. If they go with the wordmark design for both main jerseys, which seems cleaner, all they have to do is put the main logo on the shoulders.

    • Aaron

      I meant use the green version of their current QC Rempart inspired jerseys at home and for the road either white or off white.

  • Kai

    Why would the Wild want to re-brand as the North Stars? I know retro is in favor currently, but they have a classy scheme and reverting to an N* would be regression from what they have. This isn’t Charlotte where they need to be the Hornets again (and ditch the awful Bobcats name, related colors)…the Wild’s current colors and logo are beautifully implemented…especially the latter which is complex, though at the same time simple.

  • Mike

    I always thought that when the Minnesota NORTH Stars moved they should have called them the Dallas LONE Stars…..

  • Dan

    That is not a sneak preview of the new jerseys, how dumb can you be to think that it “probably” is? They’re generic, white jerseys with the same number font as the current jerseys. They only put them there to reveal the date the new jerseys would be unveiled. Stop spreading false information you idiot.

    • Chris Creamer

      Another winner! Taken right from the article: “While it’s entirely possible the photo from the announcement used blank jerseys, it’s also entirely possible it’s a sneak peek of the new look.” See, what I did is looked at multiple possibilities instead of assuming something and presenting it as fact. I said “probably”, that’s hardly the same as saying “THIS IS THE NEW UNIFORM!”, you know? Which actually would be spreading false information… you idiot.

  • Jake Tucker

    Interested to hear what people (especially from Dallas) would think at least a third jersey to try with the exact colors of the Dallas Cowboys. Dark Blue, Silver and white. With the fan base as strong (the Penguins did the same thing with the Steelers), I’m wondering if they would not only create more of a local connection with hometown fans, but lose the Minnesota colors as mentioned once and for all. If it’s Dallas, then close ranks with Dallas. I’m a long time Pittsburgh fan, but I have to admit the Cowboys away all dark blue with silver/white trim could look pretty cool if done right to complement. Just a thought…

    • ingmar66

      Completely agree with this post. Keep the name (Dallas Stars), ditch the green and gold (leave the green to the Wild up north) and get with the Cowboys (and in a way Mavericks) colour scheme of navy, royal blue, silver and white. Plenty of nice designing opportunities.

      • Aaron

        Not all teams in the same city have to match each other. That would be boring. Yes it works for Pittsburgh, Washington, New York (to an extent) but come on, too many teams wear blue already. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great colour as is the classic red, white and blue combo, however, I think teams who have a rich history with a certain colour scheme should never change it. Unless you change the name completely when they relocate. But teams like the SF Giants, Dodgers, Raiders, Braves never changed their colours when they relocated.

        • ingmar66

          Good point. But in the case of Dallas it could still work and look very cool.

          • Aaron

            That’s true. When you put your own spin on it.

  • Todd Oliver

    Well the email that was sent out had the #’s 6 4 13 numbers to symbolize the date of the reveal I don’t think however these are the jerseys. Can’t wait to see the new logo and jersey.

  • Max

    Current Stars sweaters are worst in sports. it’s a solid color with a word on it.

    • Aaron

      Wordmarks on jerseys are okay if used properly. Teams like the Oshawa Generals, New York Rangers can pull it off. The only way the Stars do it well is with the main logo, not their current ones that say Dallas.

  • I think the word “jersey” should be applied to the top garment worn by any teams in the Big 4 sports. “Sweater” is dated and refers to the time when hockey jerseys were made of itchy and heavy materials such as wool and acrylic.