Pics: Brewers/Cardinals Go Back to 1913

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The Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals turned the clocks back one-hundred years, all the way back to 1913 in their game this afternoon at Milwaukee’s Miller Park.

Milwaukee honoured the American Association Double-A Minor League Brewers who were winners of the American Association pennant during that 1913 season, their first of two titles in a row.  These Brewers played in Milwaukee from 1902 through 1952 with stints in all three levels of minor league ball, the final seven at Triple-A.  Following the 1952 season the National League’s Boston Braves relocated to Milwaukee forcing the minor league club to relocate and rebrand as the Toledo Sox.

1913 Milwaukee Brewers Team Photo

1913 Milwaukee Brewers Team Photo

The St Louis Cardinals simply wore their uniforms largely based off of their Major League team uniforms from that same season.  The 1913 Cardinals went 51-99, finishing dead last by a wide margin in the National League.

1913 St Louis Cardinals

1913 St Louis Cardinals

There were some inaccuracies with the uniforms, most notably with the caps, both teams added logos to the 2013 versions of the caps when both teams originally went with blank lids.  Both uniforms had no names or MLB logos on the back of the jerseys, a Majestic logo was on the sleeve for both teams. The MLB logo was present on the back of each team cap.  Milwaukee wore blank helmets (nice touch) while St. Louis went with their current helmets.

Some photos from the game below:

Milwaukee Brewers St Louis Cardinals 1913 Throwback Uniforms

Milwaukee Brewers 1913 Throwback Uniforms

St Louis Cardinals 1913 Throwback Uniforms

Milwaukee Brewers 1913 Throwback Uniforms

St Louis Cardinals 1913 Throwback Uniforms

Milwaukee Brewers St Louis Cardinals 1913 Throwback Uniforms

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  • Aaron

    The Brewers should use those uniforms as a Sunday home jersey. The Cardinals ones shown on the road Sundays.

    • 11in ’11

      No Cardinal uniforms (outside of a one-day exception like today) should ever leave out the birds-on-the-bat. Best uniforms in baseball, hands-down.

  • Scott Jones

    Very nice – it’s really something that baseball heritage goes so far back. I just hope the players recognize the importance of the shirts they wear.

  • Manuel Hernandez

    & they will… 😀 So will we.

  • Jerrold Gustafson

    The Cardinals just don’t look “right” to me without the iconic “two birds on the bat.”

  • rafterman

    it looks dumb when players wear the long, baggy britches on TBTC days

  • agege

    Brewers should’ve done 1901 in tribute to the original Brewers who became the Orioles.

    • Chris Creamer

      2013 is the 100th anniversary of this back-to-back championship Brewers club, it was an acceptable team to pay tribute to.

  • Jack

    Like the classy high socks

  • MattyTeaks

    No comment on the four button tops the Cardinals had?
    The high red and grey socks?
    Also, neither team had names on the back.

    Glad we were most concerned with pointing out they had Majestic and MLB logos….

    • Chris Creamer

      You’re a winner Matt Knowles! Your brazen observational skills must have missed that we mentioned that both teams were wearing no names on the back, remarkable considering it was in the very same sentence that contained what we were *most* concerned with, the MLB and Majestic logos! After all, that’s why we mentioned it down in the fourth paragraph after histories of the two teams being honoured, photos of the original uniforms, and details about the caps being inaccurate. Matt Knowles, you’re a superstar!

      • MattyTeaks

        Christ, don’t take it so seriously.

        Thought the four button tops were the most interesting part of the throwbacks.

  • Mike

    Obviously Matty was distracted by the pretty photos….

  • ingmar66

    The one thing that I do not like at TBTC games is the huge contrast between the retro uniforms and the glitzy 21st century commercialism in which these games take place. Why not, only for one night, replace them with, in this case, 1913 style billboards, even if the companies from back in the days are not around anymore? I will settle for modern LED technology helping us out on this one. Just take it a little bit further than merely outfitting the teams in retro uniforms. Also, adjust the music and other audio signals with sounds from the appropriate era. Adjust the concession fare and pricing to the long gone era being depicted. Ask the crowd to dress up properly and give away prizes for the best efforts for both sexes (and youngsters). For those who do not wish to dress up, distribute fake waxed moustaches, sponsored straw hats (or boaters) and bonnets free of charge at the entrance. Make it a yearly tradition for all teams: 4th of July is Centennial Day in Major League Baseball. All the other 161 games can be played in 2013 gear in a 2013 setting.

  • Luke Dzikiy

    Milwaukee’s jersey is too bland and St. Louis’s jersey are just bad to begin with, they should NEVER wear them again.

    • ingmar66

      These all too basic uniforms remind us of the times when purchasing a replica or authentic jersey or hat of your favourite team simply was not possible or in fashion. When I look at pictures of crowds at baseball games before the 1960’s all you see is the occasional homemade banner, giveaway paper hats for the kids (and the young at heart) and a precious few (relatively expensive) felt pennants. There was never a need to sell these jerseys, so they were kept very generic and basic from a modern aesthetic point of view, I guess. The technological possibilities for embroidery on wool or flannel were maybe also not as advanced back in those days. Keep it simple, keep it cheap must have been the modus operandi in uniform design for most team owners as well.

      • MattyTeaks

        Very true, and opposite to that… the reason we see a logo on each team’s hat here, even when there historically was none is so they can sell the hats. I guess they wouldn’t sell very many without a block M or StL on the front.

        I’m still perplexed as to why StL wore a 4-button pullover. Such an odd detail to be historically inaccurate with.

  • GeorgeTheWaffle

    The Cardinals unis just don’t look right. However, I love the Brewers uniforms, they look very nice and clean.