Crystal Palace FC Hold Logo Vote; Announce New Logo and Kits

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featured - Crystal Palace FC new badge new logo new uniforms new kits

About a year ago, Crystal Palace FC put up 6 new logo designs up for public vote. They said they would take the winning design and make it their primary crest. For a year, fans voted between the six options below.

vote - Crystal Palace FC new badge new logo new uniforms new kits

Vote now!


Which is your favorite? Each has their own draw, some more than others. After careful consideration and taking many, many months to deeply debate each designs’ merit, we here at sportslogos headquarters placed our votes.

Finally, the winner as been announced! Which do you think won? D? B? No matter which you guess, you are wrong.

badge - Crystal Palace FC new badge new logo new uniforms new kits

The new Crystal Palace FC logo for 2013

So, wait. Which one was that? Its relatively like the eagle from E, but with their older logo at the bottom… so, after voting, we got… a different design?

Apparently unable to actually commit to their word, Crystal Palace had a new, heretofore unseen logo. It is a bit of a combination of their last two logos, moreso the logo before last, but with a bolder look. And not exactly the eagle from the vote, several changes that seem to make the eagle look a touch more “aggressive.”

old logo - Crystal Palace FC new badge new logo new uniforms new kits

CPFC Crest, 1994-2013

Not a lot of their 1994 logo seen in the new, however…

Badge for 1987-1994

Their 1987 logo seems to almost be their sole inspiration. Almost just a freshening and cleaner version.Adding grey and cleaning up the lines essentially.

This makes for the 9th logo in the team’s 108 years.

Also announced were new kits.

kits - Crystal Palace FC new badge new logo new uniforms new kits

New kits for CPFC 2013

The badge in embroidery form loses a bit of its cleanliness.

Embroidered patch

Did Crystal Palace upgrade by bring the past modern? Or in bringing back their “phoenix-looking” eagle back did they downgrade?



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  • Jesse Feltner

    I think it is a perfect “modernization” of their original logo. Of the choices it was, by far, the best and obvious winner.

    • Chris Creamer

      But it wasn’t one of the choices…

      • Jesse Feltner

        Oh, okay, I saw the same eagle in voting option E and didn’t scroll back up to verify it was the same logo. My bad.

  • HWG

    Apparently Chuck Norris Voted Option G

  • David

    I’d understand if fans felt ignored or annoyed by the decision, but I like what they went with. I didn’t really think any of the 6 options should have been ultimately used either.

  • jason rohloff

    If I were a fan I’d feel a little angry that our votes meant nothing. But overall the logo is pretty solid, not crazy about the kits but its soccer so they can do whatever they want.

  • Eric

    The winning logo is much better than any of the fan choices.

  • Paul

    Well, “A” looks like the logo from American Airlines, and “F” looks like a Nazi symbol, so this could have ended worse.

  • Travis Gagnon

    I like E

  • Mike

    The new logo isn’t bad, but looks terrible in the embroidered form. I think “B” would have looked a lot better on the uniforms.

  • ingmar66

    Too bad for the fans but the club’s option is by far the best of the lot. I like the vintage football a la FC Barcelona, the date of foundation, the club name on a scroll and the sadly missed building which gave the team its name in fading grey. All in all a great improvement for the pride of South London. As for the kits, they are OK (check out the Barcelona influence in the yellow of the collar and sleeves), but I prefer an all white away kit with the red/blue sash. And traditional collars.

  • Luke Dzikiy

    I like E and B the best but this one does it as well. Nice upgrade.