Twins, Brewers go Reverse Jersey for 1948 Throwbacks

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The Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers unveiled their Turn Back the Clock uniforms for their game at Target Field in Minneapolis on May 30th.

Both teams are paying tribute to the American Association (Triple-A level) teams that called their regions home 65 years ago during the 1948 season.

Backs of the 1948 Brewers and Twins throwback uniforms

Despite being the home team for the May 30th throwback game, the Twins will be wearing the road uniforms of the 1948 St. Paul Saints.  This marks the second time this season that teams have done grey at home, white on the road for a game – the previous being a 1993 throwback game between the Colorado Rockies and New York Mets on April 16.

Full shot of the front of both uniforms, Brewers in white and Twins in grey despite Twins home game

The 1948 St. Paul Saints were the Triple-A affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers and had a young up-and-comer on the roster by the name of Roy Campanella. They finished the season in third place with a record of 86-68, three games behind the second place…

Milwaukee Brewers who finished 89-65.  The Brewers were the Triple-A affiliate of the Boston Braves during that ’48 season, a mere 5 seasons before the Braves relocated to Milwaukee themselves knocking the Brewers out of town.  The Brewers previously honoured their American Association namesakes earlier this season wearing the 1913 Brewers uniforms on May 5th.

While the Minnesota Twins look pretty spot-on with their Saints reproduction (except for that Nike logo on the undershirt!)…

1948 St Paul Saints uniform on the left, 2013 Twins reproduction on right

The Milwaukee Brewers did make a few small errors – I won’t blame them for not going with the zipper-style jersey originally worn by the team but the piping could have been placed as if it were a zippered jersey instead of the current button-up style.  Plus the cap being worn looks to be more like the Milwaukee Braves MLB cap from the ’50s than the thinner look of the ’48 AA Milwaukee Brewers:

Comparing the cap and jersey of the 1948 Brewers (right) with their 2013 reproduction (left)

Regardless of those relatively minor inconsistencies mentioned above, the script logo across the front of the Brewers jersey looks exactly the same as the original, well done with that one Milwaukee!

This 1948 American Association throwback game will take place in two weeks, Thursday May 30th at Target Field in Minnesota.

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  • Nick Wollen

    This is going to be a great game aesthetically. Love the Brewers stirrups. These look like ballplayers. One question that I have had that has never been answered; in some of these MLB throwback games, all players wear their pants high to create the traditional look (Negro league games and games portraying older teams usually), yet, in others, the players are allowed to give a slovenly modern pajama look to a uniform that traditinally had a high cuff. Why the difference? Is it the manufacturer who decides how long to make the uniform? Does the players’ union have any say?

    • Chris Creamer

      I’ve asked a few teams about things similar to this (not your exact question) and was told it has to do with the preference of the players — ultimately the team wants the players to be as comfortable as possible, a win is more important than 100% uniform accuracy.

  • Aaron

    These uniforms are cool. However, I still find it weird wearing gray road uniforms at home and home whites on the road. Otherwise, great way to pay tribute to the old Triple A teams. Let’s hope they get the batting helmets to match.

  • This reminds me a bit of when the Brewers played the Braves in throwback Milwaukee jerseys. It was strange to see Braves vs. Braves. Also, that was a game where Ben Sheets blew out his shoulder.

  • Craig

    I like both uniforms kind of strange to see twins in grey and brewers in white lol

  • Andrew

    If I couldn’t tell what was on these uniforms, I’d say this was a Braves vs Dodgers game. Go Brewers.

  • Aaron

    I was just about to say the same thing. Good thing the Twins aren’t playing the Dodgers that weekend. LOL

  • Marcus

    I’ll be there, and conflicted, because I’m a Twins and Brewers fan.