Dallas Stars New Logos Leaked

Written By:  •  Friday, May 24, 2013

Overnight the new logos for the Dallas Stars have been leaked courtesy the team’s official iPhone app.

According to our amazing and always accurate sources, SportsLogos.Net can confirm that the new logos, which appear in the screenshots, are 100% accurate and will be used by the team in the 2013-14 NHL season.  The leak was spotted and tweeted to us by @DamnOldNylon

Screenshot from the Stars official iPhone app, quickly removed this morning, shows two new Dallas Stars logos

The new look eliminates gold from the colour scheme, a colour which has been a part of the franchise identity (in various shades of yellow or gold) since their first game as the Minnesota North Stars way back in 1967.  The colour followed the club from Minnesota to Texas in 1993.  Silver (or gray) replaces the gold — totally expecting the club to say something lame like “the silver of the Stanley Cup is our gold medal” — while green and black are retained.

According to our sources the logo above is the primary and the roundel below (oh boy, another roundel logo) is the alternate:

No word on the new team uniforms, aside from the logo above reportedly being worn on the shoulders, but looking at the screenshot they do use a special font for the player name and numbers, could it be a preview of what they’ll end up using on the jerseys?

Name and number font from leaked screenshot, maybe what will be used on new uniforms?

And I know this may be a stretch, but my genuine first thought after seeing that number colour and font in the photo above was the ever-so-briefly used name font which the Minnesota North Stars went with for the first few games during the 1991-92 season:

The quickly-scrapped player name font used by the Minnesota North Stars in 1991

Stay tuned for more updates as they come in, the new look will officially be unveiled on June 4th at 6pm CT.

Revised logo history of the Stars franchise, the differences from 1993-2013 are colour shades being tweaked.

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  • John Sher

    Not a fan. The old stuff looks much better.

    • Kurt

      Complete rip off of Brooklyn Brewery logo.

      Green Center filled in with letter, check!
      Black outer ring with letters top and bottom, check!
      Two little dots separating said words, check!

      • Ted

        Just because this appears to look somewhat similar to the Brooklyn Brewery logo doesn’t mean the designer ripped it off. It is very possible for someone to have an idea that looks like something already out there. As a designer, I encounter this everyday. Creating something only to find that the idea has already been done. It is really not that uncommon. And besides, the “circle in a circle” logo is not a unique concept, even prior to the Brooklyn one. Now, if Pepsi made a drink and then had a wordmark logo using a script font with scimitar swords for tail-sweeps and called the soda Boca-Bola, then we might have an issue, but this case is not cause for alarm in my book.

        Also, this is a definite improvement from a design standpoint. I do like their previous identity, but this takes that idea and simplifies it even more. It is memorable, easy to interpret, and will most likely stand the test of time because of that.

    • tridog

      Obviously, they want to get away from their former Minnesota identity, which led to those awful jerseys of the last few years. The new look is an improvement, although it says “Meh” more than anything else.

  • I like the scoop…did logo designers just give up?

  • Chris McCabe

    Thumbs down.

  • Marty Fox

    It’s an upgrade. Not as big an improvement as it could have been, but it is one.

  • Nice! I know winning brings in fans, but a slight facelift in the appearance helps.

  • Al Larese

    Quite hideous.

  • I hate it

  • Aaron

    The logo looks nice if this is in fact true. But maybe add gold to the colour scheme.

    • Mark

      Agreed 100%. as much as Dallas would love to remove itself from its roots, a gold accent would really improve this look.

  • Dom

    I think they could have put more emphasis on either the D or star with a different colour, but otherwise not a terrible logo.

  • Paul McCluskey

    woof…that franchise logo history keeps getting progressively worse

  • Chris Oglesby

    The lack of gold is going to take time to get used to. The Stars has had a shade of gold for the better part of their existence going back to Minnesota. In fact this logo is going to take time to get used to, I’ve grown up with the logo they had since relocating to Dallas. Personally, I think it’s a little on the generic side.

  • Lindsay Resnick

    So boring!!!

  • William Coley

    Another roundel logo…how original!

  • Lame. I miss the North Stars.

  • Don’t these franchises realize they can make more money by having a unique, stylish logo? Then again, I guess they can make even more money by changing a logo and uniforms every few years.

    • Fillmont

      The Dallas Stars haven’t changed their logo every few years though – this is the first major logo change since 1991, back in their final years in Minnesota. (There were slight tweaks to the color). In the franchise history, this will be the 3rd major logo.

      Whether this logo is unique or stylish is a subjective thing, but the idea that the Stars have been changing their logo every few years is simply untrue.

      You may have more of a point with the uniforms, but even then, the last major change was in 2007 when the whole league got Reebok’d.

    • Steve D

      Thats why I dont buy any of this crap! 1. It sucks 2. No tradition of ANY kind with some of these teams! Teams that dont go changing their logos every other year…Detroit,Chicago,Montreal,Boston, (would say Rangers but do they really have a logo?) Philadelphia,Colorado,St.Louis(even tho they had BLUES script above logo for a few years) 3 teams that went back to their original logos after fans protests-Islanders,Sabres and Penguins.

  • Craig Michaels

    Nothing stellar (haha!), but it might have had seemed less two-dimensional if the ‘D’ was in gold.

  • It’s an upgrade but not by much. Looks more like a baseball logo.

  • Well done. Finally looks like Dallas instead of a generic Stars team.

  • Greg McCulloch

    guess im the only one who likes the simplicity of it… we’ll see how it looks on the sweater. But yes the roundel fad can end anytime soon.

  • Caz Williams

    They’re not terrible, but I’m just not a fan of roundel logos and beveling.

  • It’s Texas, therefore there’s Beveling.

    This is boring. The primary is a secondary at best.


    NO GOAL!

  • Ken Nadeau

    Looks like a stylized butt hole.

  • Gabriel Serrano

    They should have stayed in Minnesota.

  • Toucan Sam

    Wow, I like it. Better than the original. I miss the North Stars too, but they are gone forever.

  • Travis Gagnon

    Better than the previous ones… I hope it sees the ice

  • Mike2025

    How dare the Dallas Stars organization insult my vision like this. What a horrible logo. Looks like a minor hockey league logo.

  • I like them, but for some reason they remind me of Pro Bull Riding. The contrast is a little troublesome. I would have liked to have seen the green altered a bit to something almost camo/olive if they’re going to eliminate the gold.

  • Nathan English

    It’s alright I guess

  • Andy Lefkowitz

    Like it.

  • Timothy Evan


  • Sam Krepps

    It will never be the same as the North Stars’ awesome logo, so I don’t care

  • I can understand that some people don’t appreciate it, but its not worse than what they had. I actually kinda like it.

  • Marc

    I like the logo, but I agree that it not anything fancy. However, many NHL logos are not too fancy either, and we love them! Would you concur that the Leafs, Canadians and Red Wings have simple, but classic, logos on their sweaters. Hopefully, the uniforms will make a few people rethink their decision on the new Stars’ logo.

  • Looks a little ‘D-league’, but I am glad they are keeping the green.

  • Nice Upgrade

  • Jim Pericotti

    I like it. It’s a strong simple logo that will make a great crest. Not a fan of the contrived roundel, though. Surprised there’s no Texas-themed secondary, at least for now.

  • It looks like they set a fifth grader lose with CorelDraw and some clipart. Weak…

  • We know how much Chris likes the round logos a la MLB logos.

  • Joe R.

    Is it just me or does the green look more teal? …Not a big fan of the change

  • John Quincy King

    I like it. Massive upgrade. Would have kept the gold, but that’s my only beef with this logo set.

  • Wheres the yellow?

  • Delayed Penalty

    I still want to know when we started calling circles “roundels”…

  • KDub

    It’s easily the best logo they’ve had since moving to Dallas, but not as good as the old North Stars logo.

  • gold wouldve helped alittle

  • Sal Canete

    Looks more like spikes than a star.

  • Dave

    I thought the designers wanted a classic look. That look isn’t very classic looking.

  • Douglas

    Would look excellent if Gold was still part of the look, as it is it looks drab, the roundel looks cheap, hopefully they go with the Star by itself for the jersey logo.

  • Paul H Armstead

    I really don’t what everyone stupid problem about this logo I like it

  • Doug Brady

    I’m a huge Stars fan and after seeing the logo for the first time this morning I was ok with it, but now I just can’t get past ditching the gold. It was a staple color for the franchise.

  • How about they forget that they were the Minnesota NORTH Stars and pick a new name?

    • Jonas

      You do realized that Texas is the “lone star state” the name is more fitting than Minnesota. This logo is garbage however.

      • Andre

        Dallas could have gone with “Texans” or “Bullseyes” with a bull logo more similar to the Chicago Bulls than the ‘Mooterus’ 3rd jersey logo. Green, silver, and black for the Texans and green, white, and gold for the North Stars 2.0.

        • Aaron

          For a team called the Texans, red, white and blue seem appropriate. Frankly, if Houston received an NHL team before the NFL’s Texans came around or at the same time, the football Oilers could’ve made a slight return to the NFL and the Houston Texans would be in the NHL.

    • ibsouper

      Actually, they dropped the North part of their name in the ’93 move to Dallas.

  • Steve

    This is pretty bland, and yes it looks like a AA baseball logo.
    They could have done a complete re-branding with a new Texas style name, and possibly a blue/silver color scheme to match the other Dallas sports clubs.

    Personally I would like to see the “North Stars” name returned to Minnesota.

  • We didn’t need yet another roundel in the sports world, but I like the primary logo, though. Why was gold dumped for silver?

  • We know how Chris likes the round logos, but it’s not bad.

  • We know how Chris feels about the circle logos, but I like the star and D logo.

  • AdventureShorts

    I don’t think this is legitimate. There are a few things that about this logo that make me doubt the authenticity.

    1. The top point of the star looks like it was poorly erased in photoshop, leaving some notches at the tip.

    2. The “D” looks like it was cut and pasted over the center of the star.

    3. The gaps that the point on the right and the two on the bottom have between them and the “D” are pretty sloppy.

  • Rob S

    Okay, I will try yet again..People keep talking about an upgrade?? Upgrade from what?? The Current Lettering spelled out or the Dallas Stars primary logo? There is a difference. This may be an upgrade from the Current Lettering logo, but not an upgrade of the actual Stars logo which I have always been very fond of.
    I do like the colors and the shoulder patch looks good also. Maybe I will have to let the primary logo settle in a bit. It looks ok within the shoulder patch. I am starting to think that overall the jersey may be nice.

  • ffcbluecrew

    Needs more gold. Other than that, I think they’ve greatly improved on that “Star as a faux letter ‘A'” mess from the 90’s.

  • Kevin Olson

    This logo looks run of the mill to me. I am sure this question has been asked, but why don’t they just call themselves the “Dallas Lone Stars”?

    • Mike

      Yeah, I never understood why they didn’t call themselves the Lone Stars. For a state that is so obsessed with itself, it’s history, being “Texas” blah blah blah I can’t believe they didn’t call themselves the Lone Stars. Every other professional team in that state has a TEXAS name.

      • Rob S

        I agree with both of you, When they moved to Dallas in 1993, that’s the first name I thought of also. Fans could of still refered to them as the Stars for short, but would of been a unique name.

  • casey krakowski

    excuse me while i do not believe you saying this is the new leaked logo. did you guys not say you had a leaked logo for the stars and it turned out to be an April fools joke.

  • Matthew Schilling

    I like what they did here! It looks like they might start putting more of an emphasis on green again. I wish they still kept some form of the state of Texas logo. But I think the real good thing about this is that those stupid generic looking “basketball” jerseys of theirs are more than likely on the way out.

  • Luke Dzikiy

    Barely an upgrade, should of used yellow and the North Star logo idea.

  • Luke Dzikiy

    Too bland

  • Mark

    Meh. Could’ve been a lot worse. The white blocked D reminds me of a mint Lifesaver candy. I know it is a simple design yet it still looks busy- my eye keeps getting drawn out to the bottom left, the most pronounced star arm(?!?) from the square cornered D.

  • Brian Dennis

    Oh no! Tell me this is another April fools joke. I think I like Chris’ Green Cowboys logo better. Hopefully the Uni’s are mostly green, but I doubt it.

  • Chris

    How dull … 😐

  • madpanda

    Ugh. A “create-a-team” primary logo AND a(mother) generic roundel. Were they jealous over the Astros’ “letter superimposed over star” logo? Or is Sal Canate right, and those are spikes? No gold. No style. No good.

  • Blake

    Make the star gold and you’ll have a classic logo. The “D” would really stand out.

  • Ben

    Hopefully this means we FINALLY have an NHL team using green as its home jersey color.

  • 1434

    Ha ha ha! Just when I thought the dallas stars couldn’t get any dumber looking, they go ahead a kick the bar even lower. Good god that D star looks bad. I do like that they ditched the yellow. It further separates them from their Minnesota roots. Now if the Wild would just swoop in and grab the gold to add to their green, we’d really be on to something…

  • 1434

    Actually, it looks like an uglier version of the Astros logo/roundel. Yeesh…

  • Alex Giobbi

    I’ll admit that I liked the old stars logo, but this is awesome. Beveling, silver, sleek, yeah, definitely does not scream “This is a hand me down from Minnesota”

  • AlMaFI

    Don’t get the italicized star at all. Surprised that it was retained.

  • Jason

    I think this a great upgrade. the gold was always a good symbol, but i like the silver better. I like the lighter green as well.

  • PricelessDude

    Looks like a logo for one of those teenage kids clothing brands.

  • Nick

    Wow, that is just….not good. Wonder if they hired the company that did OKC Thuder’s logo.

    I liked your April fools day logo/uniforms better Chris

  • Paul

    The Seattle Mariners should sue the Stars for “borrowing from” (i.e. stealing) their logo. Lacks any imagination whatsoever….another computer generated bit of boringness.

  • Harrison Carnaby

    the 1991/92-1992/93 logo looks the best. why get rid of the golden yellow?.. this new logo is just bland

  • michael

    Looks like a baseball team logo. Well, I guess it’s better than the basketball-styled sweater with the word “Dallas” on it.

    Do NHL owners in non-traditional hockey markets think hockey fans and even casual fans can like something that actually LOOKS like a hockey logo or sweater?

    Are they trying to design with the familiarity that fans have of baseball and basketball because they feel that’s all they’ll understand?

    The other impression I get from this logo is that it is for a power drink.

    Best to leave this one as a shoulder patch only.

  • michael

    If they want to look like the Dallas Cowboys logo why not just go all the way and change the green to blue now?

  • Kyle Zamzow

    I feel the logo is too over-stroked. It could have been nicer if they placed the letter over a green star, á la Astros. Instead it feels like the mark gets overpowered by the thick outlines, and almost completely lost when inside the green field and surrounded by the black of the shield.

  • Tim

    It’s definitely an improvement

  • Ben

    Reminds me of when you forget to turn off the italics…

  • Johnny the Juice
  • As a season ticket holder I think the changes they are making are positive. Was hoping that they would go with the Red, White and Blue Texas colors to completely change things up. The Allen Americans of the CHL which is outside of Dallas use those colors and have a cool logo.

    • Aaron

      And make every team red, white and blue? Please let the Stars have their own identity.

  • Andre

    I LOVE the new leaked logos. The colours definitely say “Dallas”. Mavericks green and Cowboys silver combined to form Dallas’s NHL brand. Green and gold belong in Minnesota.
    I still believe there can be two “Stars” teams in the league. Dallas Stars in green, silver, and black and Minnesota North Stars in green, white, and gold with slight alternations to the star on top of the N.

    • Aaron

      Creating the NHL’s version of the battle of the Sox. Cool idea. Quick question, I wonder why the Dallas Mavericks never thought of this idea only with a blue accent? Maybe if the rumours about the Mavs rebranding in a couple years are true, they’ll do so.

  • Aaron

    In fact, if the Minnesota team was called the Saints instead of the Wild, the Stars would’ve had this green, black and silver scheme sooner and the Saints would’ve likely used green and gold.

  • Dante

    They could’ve done *far* better. However. It is an upgrade to the previous logo, and I am so happy those god-awful jerseys of the last few years will be gone.

  • JB

    I’m not feeling this logo at all. Looks boaring, don’t like the subtraction of Gold and not a fan of the rounded (like many others) generic look as well. Hopefully they’ll pull out an all green jersey with a design so classy it’ll make us accept the new logo lol.

    • Aaron

      I’m pretty sure they will.

  • Aaron

    As far as the logo goes, I like the fact it looks like a combination of a spur and a badge. I wish they’d put the state of Texas as the shoulder patches though.

  • Tim Muir

    I think it’s awful.

  • Donny Wills Marcus Blondon

  • Michael


  • N3fer
  • Hotrod2001

    Stars management are going to be getting a letter from Brooklyn Brewing Company over this one…

    Other than that, it’d look good I they lost the grey beveling, it’s used too much and is very minor league.

    • agent_x

      I went to check out this Brooklyn Brewing logo and you people are off your rockers. There’s not even the slightest bit of similarity.

      • Aaron

        Just googled Brooklyn Brewery as well. I see a bit of a similarity, but the green seems slightly darker here. And I don’t see much silver on the other one. Maybe if they either used a lighter fond instead of silver and scrap black altogether, maybe the Brooklyn Brewery would have no reason to file a lawsuit. This logo is still a cool upgrade.

  • agent_x

    Total upgrade. Silver/Green, total UND Fightin Sioux loveliness.

    The gold was so done.

  • agent_x

    Also, the older logo was barely a logo, just a typeface crobbled together from bad clipart.

    Good riddance. Even the beveling can’t ruin the new logo!

    • Aaron

      Sometimes wordmark logos especially if there’s an image in place of a letter, turn out to be some of the best. I can’t wait to see if the Texas Stars (AHL) follow suit.

  • Tor

    Your logo history is missing a logo. And it’s one you keep forgeting to put on this sight. The logo lasted between 2007/08 to the recent season. It’s essentially the same old Dallas Stars logo, but instead of gold, there’s yellow. When the hell will that logo appear on this site!?
    Also, I think this leaked logo looks cool.

  • The_Letter_J

    I absolutely love the Stars new design and color scheme. Very slick. The Kelly Green, I mean Victory Green will look vibrant in contrast with the ice. No more gold, hooray! I have never been so excited for an upcoming pro hockey season. I’m surprised how many people seem to hate it. Of course, the mainstream has no taste anyway when it comes to art and music.