Ottawa CFL Team will be the RedBlacks; Logos Here

Written By:  •  Thursday, May 30, 2013

The new Ottawa CFL team set to begin play in next year’s 2014 season will be known as the Ottawa RedBlacks according to recent trademark filings made by the ownership group.

Registered publicly with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office on May 21, 2013 the filings not only reveal the name the team will be using but also show the new logos the club will use in their inaugural CFL season.  The logos appearing in the registration are in greyscale, we’ve colourized them based on the obviously obvious colour scheme:

Ottawa RedBlacks English Logo

The main feature of the new logo, like the original Ottawa Rough Riders is a bold white ‘R’, the R is featured inside what’s described in the trademark filing as a circular saw blade – perhaps a nod to the history of logging in the Ottawa Valley during the 19th century.  Below the circular saw blade is the team name, the “Red” part in red, the “Blacks” part in black.

A french logo was also created, the logo remains the same but with the team name shown as Rouge et Noir instead:

Logo pour les Rouge et Noir d’Ottawa en français

Two wordmark logos were also registered:

Wordmark logos in both French and English for the Ottawa RedBlacks

The Ottawa CFL team plans on announcing their new name officially on June 8th.  The names they had been considering were Nationals, RedBlacks, Rush, Voyageurs, and Raftsmen.

Act surprised, I guess.

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  • John JT Tyler

    o.O o.O o.O o.O o.O o.O o.O o.O o.O o.O

    • vondoogie

      I wonder if Jeff Hunt realizes that at the first game and maybe many more the Southsiders will be cheering GO RIDERS GO and northside sucks HAHA

  • Well… least their colors must have been easy to choose…

  • I actually like it. I’d like it better if it were the Ottawa Red and Black, but whatevs.

  • Marc Foster


    • SparkyDoodle

      No, RedBlacks

  • Bryan Smalley

    Go Ottawa Whites! Oh wait….

  • Shane DüArte

    So does the make then the browns of the cfl?

    • Kevin

      This is such a brutal name and logo. What kind of name is the RedBlacks? And it doesn’t make them CFL’s Browns. Seeing as how the team was named after Paul Brown and not the colour. I’m sure the powers that be could have came up with a better name than after the teams colours…very creative. And the emphasis of the saw blade is almost as dumb as the name. Out out of the suggested names they had, the Nationals would have been a better option. I wonder how long they will stay in the league? I’ll bet, not very.

  • Shane DüArte

    So does that make them the browns of the CFL**

    • Kevin

      You were right the first time…


  • So, is “Feed Me More” still a slogan of theirs, or do they only do “RedBlacks Rule” now?

    I know the smarks will still be shouting “GOOOOLDBEEERG…”

  • Greg McCulloch

    R name and wanted to honour the logging heritage… RumberJacks… lol

  • Brian McGratty

    At least the Browns were named after a person (Paul Brown, their 1st coach).

  • bob loblaw

    What a totally ridiculous name. Ridiculous.

  • Al Larese

    Ughh. Is this supposed to be some type of soccer/rugby-like name? This is football, dammit.

  • I don’t know why they didn’t go with “Voyageurs” instead. That would’ve saved some money on having to translate the name.

  • 54321

    Go Blacks! Hope those Blacks play well this week. Damn those damned Blacks. Srsly, these idiots brought all of this upon themselves. Rivermen would’ve been better.

    • SparkyDoodle

      But the name is RedBlacks…why would they be referred to as Blacks?

      • COLOSSAL

        Go Reds!

      • oneblankspace

        Riders, Esks, Stamps, Bombers, Als, Argos, Cats, BC, and you wonder why the name will be shortened?

        • Simon

          The RB’s? (Arby’s)

          • 54321

            I’m thinkin’ touchdown & curly fries.

  • Mike Allen

    Just when everyone is in up in arms in Washington over the Redskins name, Ottawa does this??

    • David Burgess

      Must be a capital cities thing. Governments are pretty dumb sometimes. Perhaps this has spread to team owners in those cities.

    • Dan

      There’s a uproar about Washington’s name because Redskins has a derogatory connection to First Nations peoples. There’s an uproar in Ottawa because “…it’s a stupid name…”

      • Phil den Hollander

        There was an uproar in Ottawa because of the NBL franchise Ottawa Tomahawks, and that had to be changed.

  • It’ll grow I suppose. Hope this franchise succeeds.

  • Aaron

    I really like the logo. The Red Blacks name? Hmmm! Not sure! Renegades or Rush with this logo would’ve been fine. Red Blacks will take some getting used to. Let’s see how they do.

  • Aaron

    Or even Rebels would’ve been nice.

  • Jay Kilby

    bold name. It will grow on people. logos not there but good start.

  • Jess

    Literally the second worst team name ever (first being the Windsor Swastikas, and to be fair THEY picked the name before Hitler made it un-cool)

  • Lenny

    Everything about this is awful; from the name right down to the poorly designed logo. What are they, a company that sells power tools?

    • Daniel L

      The Ottawa Lumberjacks lol

  • TJ Longacre

    Terrible name! Thanks for playing!

  • Aaron

    I wonder if the Fort Wayne Komets had a hand in this.

    • mike

      I am suuuurrre they did…it is soooo obvious….huh?

  • Stephen Trinder

    RedBlacks? Did they even try to name this team?

  • Michael Kersey

    They may as well fold now, like their predecessors!

  • Zoltan Lasak

    Horrible name and logo. Seems they can’t do anything right in Ottawa.

    • vondoogie

      The people screwing up in Parliament are not from Ottawa. Probably from your hometown

  • Travis Gagnon

    nope, just, no.

  • Tony O’Neill

    What a stupid name!! Why couldn’t they just be called the Rough Riders again? Trademark problems? I hope the rest of the CFL doesn’t follow suit with this…The Edmonton Yellow-Greens?

    • JeffB

      They couldn’t call themselves the Rough Riders. It was in their agreement with the CFL, at the insistence of Saskatchewan.

  • gueman

    Well it could be worse….I don’t know how…but I am sure it could be.

  • Ty

    A- for the logo. Simple and clean.

    C- for the name. Although I suspect it will grow on everyone.

  • warrior48

    The name has NO backstory on it

    • JeffB

      Red and Black are the traditional sports colours of Ottawa. Senators, 67’s, Riders, Renegades, Carleton U. Even the Lynx and the Rebel used them for a time.

  • Chad

    Ottawa Rivermen! If it’s not too late..

    • Lee

      It’s too late.

  • Daniel L

    I’m actually upset with this name. Surveys have shown over 85% of people are not in agreement with the name, yet this is what they choose? What a way to get fan support and show us fans they really care! **HUGE SARCASM**

  • Luke Dzikiy

    Awful name, bad logo just a disaster! It should of been the Raftsmen or the Voyagers.

    • Daniel L

      Raftsmen absolutely!! Voyageurs too french of a name for an Ontario team

  • Phil d

    Awful … just awful

  • I rather like the name.

  • Reincarnation of Einstein

    It’s not racist. But it is.

  • Cu Jo

    Raiders would fit the R logo and the prevailing opinion among Canadians of their MPs job in Ottawa.

    RedBlacks is just plain dumb.

    Better to stick with Rough Riders than this odd choice. Voyageurs or Rush were better choices, especially Voyageurs as it’s a bilingual name in a bilingual town and rings of our early post-European Canadian history.

    • Aaron

      Uh, There’s a reason why the Baltimore team wasn’t called the Colts. Mind you, you have the BC Lions and Detroit hasn’t said anything. Raiders likely not. But I can somehow see Rebels. The name of Ottawa’s former lacrosse team. As much as I’d like to say bring back the Rough Riders, we all know it’s wishful thinking. Mind you the AHL has two teams named the Admirals in Norfolk and Milwaukee.

      • Scott

        “Baltimore Colts” was not OK because the NFL owns the trademark for that exact phrase. “B.C. Lions” and “British Columbia Lions” are OK because the NFL does not own that phrase in addition to B.C. being founded long before trademarks were that aggressively protected.

        “Ottawa Raiders” *might* have gotten an OK after some negotiation had such a thing been considered. Hey, there are two teams called the “Admirals” in the AHL and both the NFL and NHL have teams called “Panthers” and “Jets.”

      • anon sports fan

        Well, dam*-it, at least Ottawa got a football team again. Better a major Canadian city with a team with a sucky nick name than a major market American city withOUT a football team (or 2) OR nick name for nearly 20 years. Yes, I am looking at YOU, Ciudad de Los Angeles…PENDOJOS! Makes me mad enough to flaunt my pi**-poor Spanish!!

  • Ian Cochrane

    I think they should be called The Ottawa, Capital Punishment!

  • At first glance, it looked like “Redbacks”, which is an awesome name. Then I noticed the L and it all went to ‘L.

  • SparkyDoodle

    Terrific name! Love it!!!

  • BL.

    I am sorry but that’s just a boring lazy team name.

  • G.G.

    THEY CAN’T CALL THEM THE REDBLACKS! they just can’t! The Rivermen! Now thats a good name! Anything but the Redblacks! For Pete’s sake don’t call this new team in Ottawa the Redblacks! Don’t be the Joke of the CFL, Cause this is where it will lead to!

  • T.T.


  • bleuet

    Redblacks: colors of the Roughriders, logo R “à la” Roughriders.

    I still think Rideaux would have been fine with this sort of logo. Like the logo, name, mmmmm

  • John

    Hey Chris, your front page screenshot was used by TSN when breaking the story. You give them permission?

  • vondoogie

    In French the name means Red and Blacks, In English it is the RedBlacks WHY
    Both ways I still don’t care for

  • Sam Doucette

    While I’m glad to see CFL football back in Ottawa, what the heck is a RedBlack? Is that some PC way of trying to dance around an Indian name? Pathetic!

    • vondoogie

      “Is that some PC way of trying to dance around an Indian name? Pathetic!”

      You’re pathetic. The name is based on the team colours, Ottawa colours

  • DTR

    What I don’t understand about the name is why would Hunt willingly choose a name that conjures up comparisons with the All Blacks? It’s going to be incredibly difficult for this team to create an identity of its own when its name reminds people of another team in another sport.

    • mike

      Never once did I think of the All Blacks…..anyone else?

      • Arnold

        My first thought was stupid name. Second wass the comparison to All Blacks. Third, hard to find a name starting with R meaningful in French and English, just so they can reuse their old helmets.

  • ottawa

    sports logos gets on tsn keep it up chris

  • Mr. Fab

    Ottawa Rude Blokes?!?

  • How about Reddenblacks?

  • Brian Beattie

    Ok…. when English and French are on the same page why is it French has to be at the top? Demography speaking there are more English in Ottawa than French.
    So… Why?

    • Brian Beattie

      BTW – The name is lame!!!! Why not recognize Ottawa’s vast history – Bytown, Lumber Jacks, Rapids, etc. etc. There are hundreds of names that we could have used. RED BLACKS – I really hope someone wasn’t paid to suggest that name. I can’t believe how lame this name actually is. Ottawa’s Red Blacks, almost as bad as Toronto Maple Leafs or Toronto Argonaut’s.

      • mike

        You fail at sarcasm

    • Chris Creamer

      Sorry I didn’t factor the demographics of Ottawa while assembling the image. I’ll be sure to thoroughly research the population patterns of every city I’m doing an article on before publishing in the future.

  • Ken

    How about the Raiding-Raving-Roaming-Rebellious-Rushing-River-Rafting-RedBlacks?? lol
    Don’t like the name because the beer is generally flowing when the game is on at any stadium and/or bar and it will conjure up some racist tendencies/slurs by drunken, angry fans and/or opponents!! Because we all know someone stupid enough to do it!!
    Lets just get a dictionary and flip through the letter R! I’m sure we could come up with something better??
    How about the Ottawa Native And African-Americans?? lol
    Seriously though, Rouge et Noir is also extremely close to the Rouge et Or of Laval. I wonder if they will think its a copyright thing??

    And the logo is extremely over simplified! Lets just take it all the way and have their mascot be a giant R too!!

    Sorry but ROFLMAO!!

    • Ken

      How about the Ottawa Roughies?
      Or the Roughnecks?
      Or just the Riders?
      River Riders?
      Rushing Riders?
      Rebelious Riders?
      Raiding Riders?
      Need I go on?????

      • JeffB

        Ken – Saskatchewan ownership probably would have blocked anything with “Rough” or “Riders” in it.

        • 54321

          Yep they have.

  • Bill A

    Not as asinine a name as the AAA Reading Phillies changing to Fightin’ Phils and a chicken for a logo, but RedBlacks is in the neighborhood. If I’m an Ottawan, I’d switch my allegiance to the Argos. RedBlacks? Boy, I bet that took a lot of imagination. Dumb, just…..dumb.

    • Dan

      But since your not an Ottawan, your input means diddly

      • Bill A

        So why bother commenting?

  • Georges

    The RedBlacks? Really?

  • ScottieA

    RedBlacks? All one word, with the ‘B’ capitalized? It is so idiotic I’m at a loss for words.

  • Sean

    It has been rumored that RedBlacks was favored by Hunt for almost a year now, so it is no surprise. The logo is bland, but what could you do? What would have been great would have been a name the team contest where they completely ignored the results and went with this ridiculous name anyways.

    The only thing left is whether or not the whole saw blade is going on the helmet or just the “R”?

    What’s a RedBlack?

  • Blitz

    Love this… RedBlacks is way better than any of the other options… When you think CFL & Ottawa = Red & Black. Anyone who doesn’t see the old Riders helmet when they look at that white ‘R’ on a black field is either too young to remember the original team or doesn’t understand the historic (and revolutionary) nod intended here with the name & logos.

    Thank God they didn’t pick Rush.

    Well done Mr. Hunt

  • J. Reynolds

    What a ridiculous name.

  • Sean Carter

    worse nickname for sports team ever

    Aka Comic Book Guy

  • Justin

    Couldn’t have picked a worse name and the logo his horrible as well. What a great way to start a franchise. Might as well have called the team the “Rough Riders” again. CFL = bush league.

  • Shawa666

    Oh, come on!

    There were a hundred better names to choose than this stupidity!

    Ottawa Raftsmen, Ottawa Rideau Rebels, Voyageurs just to list a few and this is what Ottawa gets?

    I had respect for Lamar Hunt. Now i’m wondering.

    • Blitz

      You mean Jeff Hunt right? Lamar hunt is dead.

  • MM

    I can’t believe someone got paid for coming up with this monstrosity!
    I would demand my money back if this is what someone came back to me as a design.
    Really, this is the best they could come up with? They will be the laughing stock of the league with this idiotic name and logo concept.

  • Dom

    The best they had was The Highlanders, IMO. It had a cool backstory, nice clean logo, and it was red and black for colours. I really don’t like the new name but whatever, not the biggest football fan anyway, I’ll be cheering the Fury FC.

  • Jim

    Love it! Keep in mind, if something bland and boring such as “Raftsmen or Rivermen had been chosen Mr. Hunt does not get this type of reaction or discussion. Well played.

  • Mike

    Boy, is that ever bad? I guess it’s the CFL so it doesn’t matter.

  • Blitz

    This is not “Bushleague”, this is a culture change… Laval Rouge et Or, Toronto Varsity Blues, The All Blacks (NZ)… In fact there is a ton of examples in the EPL of naming the club after the teams colours…. Birmingham City, Blackpool, Liverpool, Manchester City, & Tottenham Hotspur – and its been working there for hundreds of years.

    They couldn’t use Riders, most of the other options were crap – could have gone w/ Ottawa FC (OFC)… see doesn’t RedBlacks sound better by comparison now…

  • Dan

    Wouldn’t it be great if this was just one filing with the copyright office and the team had been leaking this name just for media attention?

  • Doug

    Everytime a new name or logo comes out the fans start crying like little babies.

    As if names like the Flyers, Reds, White Sox, etc. are so intimidating.

    The RedBlacks is a cool name and I approve.

  • Derek

    Wouldn’t it be great if the color scheme wasn’t Red and Black. But something off the wall making no sense. I’d personally love it if they did that.

  • Scott Low

    If I lived in Ottawa I would boycott just because of the name they should just kept the Renegades name and then they could’ve used their precious little R.
    Just pathetic

  • Duane MacNeill

    I cannot not believe the name and logo, i think it was dreamt up by gary bettman. this is disgusting. I have always been an Ottawa Rough Rider fan even when there was no team, and they come up with this trash. There is only one team that should ever play in frank claire stadium and that is the Ottawa Rough Riders. Frank would role over in his grave. who was your focus group Senator Duffy?

  • Aaron

    Well, now that Ottawa has come back with red and black, the Calgary Stampeders should just use plain old red and white sans noir. Different teams, different colour schemes. I wonder if Moncton or Halifax is the next CFL team.

    • 54321

      Well, Moncton has the cash but Halifax has the cache. Frankly I like the CFL but no longer follow it- an 8 team league needs not a 5 month schedule, it’s silly in this day & age. Same with the playoffs- ooh wow, the best 6 of 8 teams, how elite.
      Force teams into Victoria, Quebec City, & Halifax. 12 team league coast to coast, keep the 6 playoff teams.

  • Jeason Gagnon

    Could Quebec City or one of the eastern Provinces have a team as well to make it 10? 5 in each conference

    • Aaron

      Hmm! Maybe, but I think if anywhere, they might want to play in Laval. As far as Victoria goes, well the Lions are really BC’s team and the Green Riders are Saskatchwan’s. The Allouettes although Montreal based are Quebec’s team. Maybe the CFL’s answer to the Nordiques/Habs rivalry would boost this league’s revenue. Rouge de Or vs. Rouge de Noir anyone?

  • Joe Cannes

    Go Ottawa WetBacks!!!! Ooops, I mean RedBlacks!!

  • ingmar66

    If you choose a generic name like RedBlacks make sure the logo is at least imaginative. This circle saw blade with a R is extremely boring and does not make any sense at all, previous forestry activities in the area notwithstanding.

  • Neil Magadzia

    This is absolutely brutal, wow.

  • steve argo

    Does this mean Rod Black does all the Ottawa games and how long will it take until he calls them the Ottawa Rodblacks? I like the name. Calm down will get used to it.

  • Frank

    How ironic is it that the name of nation capital’s CFL team’s name has a much sketchy/erroneous French-English translation, considering that our federal government has a Translation Bureau office, with a many employees Gatineau/Ottawa? Sorry but “ROUGE ET OR” does not equal “REDBLACKS”. It should at least be “ROUGE ET OR” – “RED & BLACK”. Still, the name is simply pathetic. Let’s just hope that good marketing, a state of the art stadium and a competitive team will more than make up for such a bad name.

    • Frank

      (REPOST, sorry about the many mistakes of my previous)

      Isn’t it ironic that the name of nation capital’s CFL team’s name has a much sketchy/erroneous French-English translation, considering that our federal government has a Translation Bureau office, with a many employees Gatineau/Ottawa? Sorry but “ROUGE ET NOIR” does not equal “REDBLACKS”. It should at least be “ROUGE ET NOIR” – “RED & BLACK”. Still, the name is simply pathetic. Let’s just hope that good marketing, a state of the art stadium and a competitive team will more than make up for such a bad name.

  • Looks like there is already controversy brewing over this team name from one group. Why can’t people be more openminded?

  • Francois Bellefeuille

    I saw the french version of the name “Rouge et Noir” (Red and Black)… For the marketing across the river!

    In the province, the Laval University’ football team is call “Rouge et Or” (Red and Gold) and the Sherbrooke University’s football team is calle “Rouge et Vert” (Red and Green)…

    And sometimes, we called the Canadiens “Le Bleu Blanc Rouge” (The Blue White and Red)…

    My province is now officially “The least friendly place for the colorblinds”!

  • diggerjohn111

    If they were an NHL team they’d be the “Ottawa Red Capital Black Ontario Grey Valley Teals, or some other stupid name/colour scheme for marketing purposes.

  • Aaron

    Just don’t let the Gleibermans ever run this team and Ottawa will have a fairly stable CFL team for years to come. Regardless of what they’re called.

  • Cole

    Well that sure is a name.

  • Jon L

    Ottawa FlapJacks

  • Frosty (@FrostyWinnipeg)

    Just what the CFL needs. Another team logo that is a letter.

    • Aaron

      Well the only two CFL teams that don’t have a letter in their logo are the Ti-Cats and Stampeders. Letters as logos are okay, just as long as they’re’s pizzaz in the logo. But not in an outrageous way. The Bombers for instance, could’ve easily have kept their last logo with the lightning bolt football W combo.

  • higgy04

    I guess I was partially correct. My suggestions were either Voyageurs or Rouge et Noir. Even though Wikipedia says 37% of Ottawa’s population is bilingual, French seems to be used more and more around the city in my opinion.

  • sportsherald

    If they’d chosen Rideaux, it would have been Curtains!

  • agent_x

    Ottawa Butt.

  • Aaron

    Two possible suggestions:

    Ottawa Otters or Ottawa Beavertails

  • Tim

    Rouge Et Noir sounds so much better than RedBlacks. I prefer the French translation instead. The typeface is perfect. RougeEtNoir.

  • DMS

    The name is just ugly. And racist. Battered, bloody footballers?

    And we don’t name with colours in the league.

    There is only one name for the Nation’s Capital football team.

    The Ottawa Capitals.

    We own it. It’s why our City is different. In the league. In the country. No copyright issues.

    “We Are The Capitals!!!” (Sung to: “We Are The Champions!”)

    Go Caps Go!! (We already have the “Go Sens Go” down. The fans are ready.)

    Beer promoters can have a heyday with red caps and black caps.

    We Wear Our Caps.

    Give Me a Cap!

    French is the same, with an “e”. Les Capitales!!

    The Capitron. (Summer brother to the Senatron.)

    Go Caps Go!! Go Caps Go!!!!!!

    Please save this City and name them the Capitals.

  • Diddly

    I thought Razorbacks would have been good……even though we don’t have any in Ottawa.

    Rabid Beavers? River Rats? Raging Rhinos?

  • bob deslauriers


    Come on!

    This is precisely what happens when accountants run businesses…..

    Lame name, no marketing or promotional thought went into this. Ever hear of a focus group?

  • Pete

    To those geniuses who insist the name is ‘racist’…
    Red Blacks is the stupidest, lamest cop out for a name ever….
    BUT, it is NOT racist, OK?
    It refers only to the team colours…it does NOT have any reference
    to black people or Native people….I mean, how stupid are you?
    Get a clue.

    • DBart

      It’s equally if not more racist than “Tomahawks”. I don’t think either are racist unless you want them to be, but I’m not sure how such an uproar happened over an inanimate object, and not for this, a combination of two racial slurs. People have to make the racist jump for either, I’m baffled as to why one and not the other. It’s quite stunning how both teams passed on great names and the wonderful Ottawa river heritage of Voyageurs, Rivermen, Raftsmen, etc.

      Waiting until the first fan shortens it and yells “Let’s Go Blacks!”. “Go Hawks” seems a bit better.

  • ted

    The problem with the name is that they can never really do an overhaul because no matter what theyll be red and black with a white r.

  • scott

    I really like the new name and the logo.
    With the RedBlacks they have brought back the R nicely.
    The name just seems to make sense. If you can’t appreciate it now… you will.
    Go Ottawa Go!