Carolina Hurricanes Unveil New, Classic Uniforms

Written By:  •  Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Carolina Hurricanes today unveiled their new home, and road uniforms – the third change to the look of the team uniforms since their move from Hartford in 1997.

Among the changes, silver has been removed from the home jersey (aside from the logo); laces have been added to the home jersey to give it a “classic look”, the storm flags are now inside the collar, a solid (thank you!) red yoke has been added to the road jersey which will also house the player name on the back.  The logo has been reduced in size by 15%.

The Carolina Hurricanes new road and home uniforms

The black alternate jersey will remain in the rotation for the 2013/14 season.

“We wanted to keep the brand the same, didn’t want to change the logo, kids here see the logo and think ‘hockey’, that’s great after only 15 years and we didn’t want to change that” – Carolina Hurricanes executive director Doug Warf

Back of the new uniforms, shows player name in the yoke on road whites

“It’s a lot cleaner, sharp, it’s comfortable… I think they look great, something different but keeps a lot of the similarities of the other jerseys.  I look forward to wearing it in the fall” – Carolina Hurricanes captain Eric Staal

Carolina’s new player name and number font

A full run-down of the changes as explained in the Hurricanes official press release:


Changes to both sweaters:

There is a smaller, lighter crest on both sweaters.
The logo outline was changed from metallic to matte silver finish.
The warning flag pattern was moved from the base of the sweater to inside the neckline.
Lettering and numbering changed to a clean, round, sans-serif-based font.
The shoulder patches were removed from both sweaters.


To the home red sweater:

A cleaner look was established, highlighting the team’s dominant color. All striping is white, with black being used in the neckline and to outline letters and numbers.
Bold white stripes highlight the arms and base for a classic look.
White lacing is used on the black collar.


To the road white sweater:

A red shoulder yoke was established, which extends on the back to include the nameplate. The feature is unique in the NHL.
Numbers and letters were changed from red with a black outline to black with a silver outline.
Bold striping to establish a classic look.


To the pants and gloves:

The Hurricanes logo and bottom black band were removed from the pants.
All glove sets are predominantly red with small white highlights. Black and silver has been removed

Basically the new look is all about cleaning up and creating a more classic look for the Carolina Hurricanes, all the flashy and non-traditional components of the old look (the storm-warning flags, the glittery trim on the logo, the italicized number font) have all been removed in favour of a streamlined, traditional design. I find myself being a fan of this new look, but as always I’ll wait until I see it out on the ice before I can fully commit to an opinion.

Comparing the old and new Carolina Hurricanes uniforms

The new uniforms will be available to the public to purchase in September.

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  • 48lowes

    Hmmmmm, 1 thing i dont like about the new uniform is that the logo is too small, MAKE IT LARGER ITS A HURRICANE NOT A TROPICAL STORM!

    • Personally I think the smaller logo is the biggest improvement to the jerseys. It seems as if hockey logos on jerseys have been getting bigger and bigger, this is a much nicer look.

    • Jason Palmer

      Not a fan. Firstly the red home jersey is almost the same jersey that Canada wore in Vancouver 2010. Secondly the white road jersey is somewhat like the jersey that Canada wore in Torino 2006. It kind of looks like the two jerseys were picked by two separate parties. Two totally different striping patterns, collar laces on one and shoulder yokes on the other. (the shoulder yokes I’m fine with)
      The logo being smaller I’m also fine with but it should be centered more. It’s way to high. Sitting between the armpits along the nipple-line is just a few inches too high, it looks odd.

  • Jesse Feltner

    I am a total fan of the white uniform. The red one, however, is a miss. No black at all, except a collar? The collar just seems thrown on since it’s the only hint of black at all, save for the logo on the chest and number trim. It looks like a Detroit Red Wings knock off and a downgrade in my opinion.

  • Michael Taylor

    Sad, they took away everything that made them unique and now the red one looks like a Red Wings counterfeit jerseys.

  • Apple

    Logo always looked to my how the Trailblazers would look if they were a hockey team.

  • Joe Mueller

    It has a striking resemblence to Team Canada and also the
    Sabres Away:
    Maple Leafs Home:

    The difference is the socks and the colors.

  • Tim Muir

    Team Canada?

    • Mike

      I agree…pretty close to a knock off.

    • Steve

      Team Canada was immediately what I thought of…The font is almost spot on to what it was on the 2010 jerseys. All in all a solid upgrade but not all that unique.

  • Noah

    HUGE HUGE HUGE upgrade. Love them.

  • Max

    They look like the Coyotes/Red Wings…again.

    • Max

      If the Hurricanes were so original that they thought they could change the traditional nameplate format, how did they not come up with better ideas for the stripes at the bottom of the jersey?

  • MEH…

  • Total upgrade. Losing a lot of the hasty elements and shoddy design after the fast move in the 90s. Logo no longer looks like the giant “eye of Sauron.”

  • I’m very comfortable being the only person on the whole planet who thinks that logo sucks.

    • Jesse Feltner

      But you AREN’T alone….trust me

    • The Hey, Dude Kid

      It always looked to me like drain. The Carolina Flushers or something.

  • Tim Muir

    my question is what possess a team to even think about changing anything on their jersey or logo? do they wake up one morning on the wrong side of the bed, go to the rink and say yeah I don’t like that anymore let’s change it, or do people just stop buying the current one so sales are low and then they say hey we need to change something so people will buy our jerseys again.

    • Patterson McCaul

      Tim, stop being so negative. Uniforms change with the times. Most of the Original 6 uniforms have been adapted over the years. Even with a massive fan base. If uniforms never changed we would be stuck with LOTS developed in an unfashionable time.

      These uniforms are more classic looking. That is a huge positive

  • Andrew Panagi

    The old ones were better. Hopefully the sales numbers will back that up and we can go back to having good uniforms.

  • i really like the whites, i personally wouldve preferred that style on the red as well, black stripes should be featured a bit more on the red other than collar and number outline.

  • It’s simply about money, plain and simple…

    • Mike Lux

      The old designs were better, you know… the Whalers! Never been a fan of the Hurricanes.

  • Take that back, a lot and I mean A LOT of people hate that logo !!! XD

  • I’m not sure I like these… They almost seem like they’re incomplete.

  • AJ

    But, but, I liked the italicized numbers… Other than that though, major upgrade.

  • JeffB

    I like the white jersey, but think the red one needs just a little more black. A subtle stripe like we see on the white one would suffice.

  • Shane DüArte

    Looks like they used NHL12 to make them.

  • Sidearm Justice

    I love the striping on the road white jersey, but I really dislike the red shoulder yoke. I love the red home jersey, but I wish they would be consistent with the striping, though. The smaller logo leaves too much dead space between the bottom of the logo and the striping. I really like the simple name/number font. Coming up with a revamped shoulder patch would have been a nice addition too. All in all, a pretty good job, even if the red jersey looks like the Phoenix Coyotes.

  • Chris Oglesby

    The home jersey looks like a Red Wings knock off you would find at walmart for $20. The roads however I absolutely love.

  • Boring again. Their old ones were fine.


    Their uniforms weren’t broken, there was no need to fix them. Definitely a downgrade.

  • Aaron

    Very clean look on both uniforms. But I do agree, one more black stripe or two on the red home uniforms would go a long way. The black collar is a nice touch. Also, put the jersey laces on the road jerseys to keep the whole thing consistent.

  • The red one looks like the old red army sweaters

  • Robert Roberts

    No more storm warning flags? That was my favorite part!

  • Axis of Weasel

    Colors and striping make them look like recent Canadian national jerseys, so overall I think they look nice.

    Chest logo looks oddly small, and too high up. Lettering is sharp.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the loss of the storm warning bottom stripe. It was unique and added to the identity of the team, but I never really liked it. I’m sad to see the shoulder yoke piping go as well.

    But I reeeeally like the lettering as part of the shoulder yoke. looks nice.

  • Ryan B

    I have to say that I am a Carolina Hurricanes fan, and I despise the new home uniforms. The general consensus among fans of the team that I’ve talked to is that hiding away the storm flag striping inside the collar and completely eliminating the storm flag logo is harmful to our brand as those were things ONLY identified with our franchise (as opposed to our color scheme which is shared by a few more established teams). We’re not a traditional team, but this look aspires to be traditional. It’s baffling to myself as to why they’d want to hide away all the things that make us different and establish who we are as an expansion franchise. I don’t want this team to look like the rest of the NHL. I won’t be shelling out for the new unis; instead I will take that money and buy a nice alternate black that I had held off on purchasing.

  • Team most likely to get a name change within the next few year, for sure, lol.

  • Matthew Schilling

    I don’t like the whites either, yet another hockey jersey with boring unnecessary shoulder panels.

  • AAO

    This is bad. They copied the Portland Trailblazers in everything :P.

    But seriously, what makes this ‘classic’? Straight stripes? The seem incomplete and an afterthought.

    The logo is also pretty bad. How does that represent a hurricane? It looks like a toilet bowl being flushed.

  • Matthew Schilling

    The fact that their is no shoulder logo on these makes the shoulder paneling look that much worse to me. And, they should’ve kept the warning flag pattern where it was.

  • James Gilbraith

    They look like the Devils and Red Wings had scraps leftover from their jerseys and Carolina bought them up

  • It’s interesting those who are saying these look similar to the Red Wings uniforms considering Detroit businessman Peter Karmonos owns the Canes and is a business rival of Wings owner Mike Ilitch.

  • Richard Anthony Callahan

    boring……I have an idea…Go back to the Whalers jerseys!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m not crazy about the black collar white stripe combo. Should have added some black stripping to the home Jersey in the bottom, like on the road. Road set looks a lot like the Devils, but at least its more uniform. Pun intended.

  • I’m not crazy about the don’t either, but at least it’s readable.

  • Cleveland Barons white jerseys… Part 2 !

    • Niel

      Exactly what i was thinking!

  • Lillie Ginger

    I guess when the league ok’s an almost duplicate Phoenix set it must mean the yotes are done

  • Team Canada red jerseys… Part 2 !

  • The good news is: There will be a closed out sale on the old Hurricanes jerseys 😉

  • Jeason Gagnon

    What made that jersey nice and unique was the warning flags towards the bottom!

  • John Aiken

    Pass the red crayon, now the black, and the red please. No style the hurricane flags made it unique

  • Love them, and I dislike the Hurricanes in general.

  • Matt Marczel

    I’m utterly disappointed, and I knew I would be. This is a massive downgrade in my opinion. I really liked their uniforms the way they were.

  • Liam Behrens

    lets go canada let go they look like team canada bad unforms

  • tom

    terrible and boring……….. The warning flag pattern was great……SMH

  • Christian

    I like the smaller logo, but that’s about it. The square design was unique to the Carolina jerseys, but not anymore. The jerseys look a lot like the Coyotes jerseys as well. Also, I wish they would have kept the cool hurricane warning flag

  • Carolina never was my favorite look but I liked the warning flag pattern…It was relevant to the uniform…now the logo is too small and there is zero character to the damn thing.

  • ingmar66

    Bland, blander, Carolina Hurricanes 2013! No shoulder patches? Boring font and numbers? No more visible storm flags? This is not a cleaned up look but a oversanitized, far too sterile look. The red jersey is a Team Canada/Red Wings ripoff, on top of that. Failure!

  • Rob S

    Wow, all this negativity!. A team actually comes out with a classic look and some people start complaining. The tide seems to be turning within the NHL back towards traditional looks, so that continues to be good news. The Hurricanes almost got this right. The home jersey I can find no fault ,(minus the actual edge design). On the road jersey the red yoke going down the back looks ok except for the fact that it forces the name lettering to be placed much higher than usual. The only other thing is why did they make the logo on the road jersey 15% smaller. This last point will bother me, what was the point?


    Looks like someone forgot the black in the red uniform. Should be a black band in between the white stripes.

    Tampa Bay ripped off Detroit’s iconic simplicity with Toronto’s colors (removed black and siilver); this year, Carolina rips off Detroit with Detroit’s colors!

    At least the away jersey has a different piping pattern. If they just reversed that on the home jersey they would be set apart from others, but unique and classic. Not a bad move, I certainly understand wanting to be more “classic,” but it’s definitely a weird outcome.

  • new dallas stars uniforms and logo presentation tonight at 6pm CT.

  • the hurricanes uniforms look very plain

  • John Quincy King

    If the white was the same design as the red, i’d be ok with this…

    It’s not though.

  • Garrett Robson

    I live in NC and I follow the Hurricanes when I can. With the crowd numbers low and failing to make the playoffs the past several years. New uniforms are not the answer!!!! We need a new captain in Carolina, not some look a like redwing/ team Canada uniforms! I have to say Raleigh you might lose your team!!!! Shame, shame, shame!!!!

    • Aaron

      At least the Hurricanes aren’t in a Phoenix/Atlanta situation. Players they’ve got, but if they get a decent draft pick and team chemistry, they should be competitive very soon. And yeah, I also see a Red Wings resemblence in their home jerseys. Considering the GM is a former Red Wing and Karmannos is from Michigan native, it doesn’t shock me. Luckily they’re not in the same division, just the same conference. LOL

  • thom

    couldn’t they have kept the hurriane flags for somewhere on the outside of the sweater?
    did they really need to change, beside the lettering whih did need to go?

    • Aaron

      I know where they could’ve put the row of flags…

      Use them as one of the thin lines in between the two lines at the bottom
      of the jerseys.

  • Luke Dzikiy

    They could of made these jerseys so much better but failed miserably, the old ones are better.

  • BoltLeafCanuck2112

    I know where they wanted to go with these, but they look way too much like team Canada jerseys and the old ones looked wayyyy cooler. These ones are too sleek, there’s not nearly as much detail as the older ones.

  • el

    As a Canadian I am somewhat offended that the Carolina Bleeding Hurricanes have misappropriated our country’s national team jersey. It’s a borrowed look and it does not even suit them. Get your own brand, Hurricanes.

  • Nathan English

    The home ones look sort of like the red wings and the away look like the devils

  • Jeff Young

    I like the ‘Canes new uniforms. There isn’t anything really outstanding about them, but they do have a “classic” hockey jersey look. Ironically, the new “white” jerseys kind of remind me of the old Cleveland Barons home whites.

  • Andy H.

    I think there’s a fine line between classic and dull. The Canadiens are classic. The Hurricanes are dull. Central Red Army dull. Dull to the point of being functionally generic. If one didn’t know their nickname, what would one glean from the logo?

    Sadly this franchise left its sartorial best days behind when it left Hartford, ditching one of the most distinctive logos in NHL history for one of the worst. Blah.

  • Yawn…

  • Raymie

    Looks like Univers Condensed is our new typeface winner (note the Q and G).

  • Jesse

    What? NOOOOO! I liked the old jersey so much better! It was WAY more creative with the hurricane signal flag pattern near the bottom.


  • Ryan

    Peter Karamos youre swine give connecticut back the whalers

  • Michael Jaworski

    Removing the storm flags is the worst part of it. And putting them inside the neck is pointless cuz no one sees them there. The flag is the reason they wear red & black, so why eliminate it as the border? Boring.

  • Michael Jaworski

    Removing the storm flags is the worst part of it. And putting them inside the neck is pointless cuz no one sees them there. The flag is the reason they wear red & black, so why eliminate it as the border? Boring.

  • Michael Jaworski

    Removing the storm flags is the worst part of it. And putting them inside the neck is pointless cuz no one sees them there. The flag is the reason they wear red & black, so why eliminate it as the border? Boring.

  • michael

    They really do look a lot like Team Canada sweaters. Which is good, in a way, unless you were trying to be original.

    But the smaller logo is now centred too high up on the sweater and the smaller size makes such a modern logo look a little … inconsequential.

    But the most obvious problem is that while they wanted to jump onto the retro bandwagon they don’t have a tradition or history to draw from, therefore the modern logo looks odd with the ‘heritage’ styling.

  • Dante

    At the beginning of viewing them (a few minutes ago,) I was not a fan. Then they grew on me a little. Now, I would prefer it if they had kept the hurricane the same size, then shrunk the warning flags a bit. The removal of the shoulder/collar trim is great, as Nike ruined most of the jerseys some years ago.

    I’d say Florida needed an update (and upgrade) sooner than Carolina, though.

    • Aaron

      Florida needs to modernize their original uniforms. All Tampa Bay needs to do is add silver and black to their current overall look. These teams (Carolina, Florida, Tampa Bay) ought to be in the same division as each other.

  • 54321

    Pretty good. Beggars can’t be choosers. There are worse options than tightening up & slimming the look. Agreed they remind of Team Canada, however that actual style is used by the Flyers yes? Only thing- those ‘waist bands’ look mighty plain sans black squares (‘flags’ I know). Then again, they do even give off a nice Canadiens’esque minimalist vibe more I look at them.

  • Mark

    The home jersey looks like the Russians from the late 80’s to early 90’s.

  • ottawa

    they look like them Canada nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Travis Gagnon

    Terrible, bland, boring, dull shall I go on? These are worse than the previous, there was no need for a change in the first place!

  • Justin Heyne

    The flushing toilet logo is atrocious

  • Justin Heyne

    The flushing toilet logo is atrocious

  • Brian Dolinar


  • Brian Dolinar


  • AA

    Look all right – need to increase the size of the logo and its golden

  • Ryne LeCompte

    Personally I hate it. The logo is too high on the chest. I’m not enjoying this return to boring plain uniforms

  • Ryne LeCompte

    Personally I hate it. The logo is too high on the chest. I’m not enjoying this return to boring plain uniforms

  • Aaron

    Maybe the numbers on their red home jerseys should be black with white or silver outline. Then they wouldn’t look so Red Wing esque.

  • Brian Castner

    Reminds me of the Coyotes. Downgrade for them. I gave up on hockey a few years ago when they did the rules changes but I still own the original red Canes sweater. that was still the best look they’ve had. Need to go back to that look full time.

  • tom

    the first set , 2006 style, was the best

  • The Maple Leafs called, they want their template back.

  • ScottieA

    Upgrade. However both borrow heavily from Team Canada to the point of almost knocking them off. Especially the name inside the red yoke and everything about the home jersey. That being said, much cleaner look.

  • bryan

    The white looks sharp.. too much red on the home sweaters though.

  • Josh

    They’re absolutely boring. I liked the old ones, with the warning flags along the bottom. Also, they are too Detroit Red Wings-like with the white striping on the home uniforms. Overall a downgrade from the previous uniforms.

  • New York project excites Manchester City chief

  • Victor the Crab

    The red jerseys look like Team Canada throwaways while the white jerseys look like what the Cleveland Barons would wear today.

  • Josh

    I was never a fan of the previous uniforms, but these seem like a step back in my opinion. The elements that made Carolina’s uniforms unique have been removed and now these seem so generic. Like an old school jersey that they ripped the old logo off of and slapped on a modern one.

  • Frank

    Those road white unis remind me a bit of the Cleveland Barons from the 70s.

    • Aaron

      Right on. The only thing missing from the jerseys is a Carolina shaped silhouette behind the number.

  • We agree! Save the warning flags!

  • Agreed!

  • Aaron

    At least the warning flags are still part of the jersey in some way shape or form.

  • Aaron

    Here’s an idea, the collars of the jerseys should be a row if warning flags. And the Carolina silhouette should be placed behind the sleeve numbers. Just add some black striping to the home reds and there’s your New Jersey set. Complete with the flags going down the pant legs.

  • Dave

    I don’t know enough about hockey or canadian hockey team uniforms to have a solid opinion regarding who they’re knocking off, etc. but I’m puzzled about the warning flags being taken completely out. On the red uni, if you put the stripes from the white jersey on the red jersey and put a “stripe” of black squares (separated by the same space the red part of the flag would take) inside the red stripe and you’ve got a clean, classic design that incorporates the warning flag without being as busy as a bunch of literal flags are.

    I’ve always been puzzled about why at least the letter C isn’t made part of the logo more prominenty. I mean, it’s practically there already, why not just finesse it into a more meaningful lettermark?