Blue Jays Explain Lack of Camo Cap on Memorial Day

Written By:  •  Thursday, June 6, 2013

On Memorial Day this season, Major League Baseball had produced special camouflage versions of every team cap and jersey for each club to wear to honour the memory of those who had served in the military.

Every team wore the jerseys but the Canadian-based (and therefore, non-Memorial Day celebrating) Toronto Blue Jays opted not to wear the caps that had been produced for their players to wear on May 27th, instead going with their batting practice lid.

The Toronto Blue Jays wore the camo jerseys, but not the camo caps on Memorial Day this season

While we had our hunches and theories as to why the Blue Jays didn’t wear the special cap we wanted an official reason, so we reached out to the team to let them explain what happened:

The Toronto Blue Jays wanted to recognize both the American military on Memorial Day and our own Canadian forces. Had we worn the American camouflage pattern on the caps and uniforms, it would not have recognized the Canadians who defend our freedom and continue to do so. The Canadian military camouflage was not used in the design of the Blue Jays uniforms. Therefore with the support of Major League Baseball, we chose to wear the maple leaf cap in a regular season game for the first time along with the MLB designed uniforms. This allowed us to recognize the tremendous services provided by proud, patriotic men and women on both sides of the border. – Jay Stenhouse, VP Communications, Toronto Blue Jays

A logical explanation made with the blessing of Major League Baseball, the cap and jersey contained the US military camouflage design, not the Canadian design, by wearing the US camo jersey and the maple leaf cap this allowed both nations to be honoured.

The differences in US and Canadian camouflage patterns

NewEra recently announced a line of patriotic themed caps to be worn on July 4th with stars in the pattern of the US flag added to the cap logos of each team.

Forth of July Caps – standard design on left, Blue Jays only design on right

We won’t have a similar incident with the Toronto Blue Jays this time as their cap was missing any hint of U.S. symbolism with their logo instead in red and white.


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  • Aaron

    Considering the maple leaf is on the Blue Jay logo, it would’ve definitely shown off Canadian roots. I wonder if the Jays military cap would’ve been green like the Raptors camoflauge jerseys? As far as the Jays BP cap, if the logo was placed in front, you would’ve had memories of the late 90’s-early 2000’s.

  • I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and guess that it’s because they are Canadian.

  • Mike O’Connor

    The fact they were even wearing camo on their uniforms was surprising given that they’re Canadian.

  • John Aiken

    So if people are upset by this made up snub then I assume the American teams will be wearing poppies on their uniforms on Nov 11 and Maple leaf for July 1st and Victoria Day on May 20th.

    • wrongfairway

      I sing along when the Canadian national anthem is played at the Wild games. You guys boo when the Star Spangled Banner is played up north. That tells the real story.

      • NP_TO

        You would be surprised at how many Canadians sing the US National Anthem at Jays games. I, for one, always do. We are neighbours (neighbors) and friends.

      • AA

        Really, when does that happen? That is a bullsh*t statment only an American would make.

        • Whiskeyjack

          Yeah, I’ve never heard that at any sporting event I’ve been to.

  • Bucky

    As a Canadian-based team the Blue Jays had no obligation to honor the US army (even if they chose to do so). It’s just like how US-based NHL teams have no obligation to recognize Canadian holidays even if their whole roster is Canadian and the sport is dominated by Canada. Simple as that.

  • Shawn McCullough

    Easy solution: MLB can stop making the atrocious hats and jerseys and let the individual clubs honor the military in their own way.

    • Jimmy

      But how else are they gonna make extra money? lol It is ridiculous. I liked what they did after 9-11 when the American flag on the side of the cap, why not just that? Oh thats right, they need a new design every year to sell and make more money.

      • mike

        Sad truth

  • I think NHL teams should wear poppies on November 11th, and the camo caps should also be worn by the Jays, but their sales should support the Canadian troops. They are deployed and getting killed too.

  • But they play a sport that is based in the U S if they don’t want to follow protocol then maybe they should start their own baseball league like they did with football oh wait that was a failure hahaha

    • Brad Clark

      what is your problem all major sports have Canadian teams except the Nfl. Atlease our one Canadian team in baseball decided to honor both nations. way to act like the stereo typical American who thinks that it’s our way or the high way.

    • MrSZ56

      “John Warburton: But they play a sport that is based in the U S if they don’t want to follow protocol then maybe they should start their own baseball league like they did with football oh wait that was a failure hahaha”

      Okay, so I guess you are all for having every American NHL team wear a Poppy on Remembrance Day as the “National” in National Hockey League refers to Canada where the league was founded. Also, how has the CFL failed? 75% of the teams make a profit which is a higher percentage than the NHL or the NBA.

    • michael

      Every once in a while when you least expect it someone comes along and reinforces an unfortunate stereotype. In this case, the “Ugly American”.

      I hate to generalize so I will direct this exclusively at the commenter: if you are so concerned with respect, why don’t you respect other people, other countries and cultures and recognize that some people like to do things their own way and not simply follow in YOUR county’s footsteps.

      Do you not understand how rude and ignorant it is to assume your culture’s superiority over others?

      You have a lot to learn.

      The CFL championship Grey Cup has for the last three decades been much more entertaining than almost all Super Bowls … last year was the 100th Grey Cup. Now, how many Super Bowls have there been?

      And for that matter, the Grey Cup is the most revered and august trophy in North American sport (after the Stanley Cup) because it has history and some truly great stories and legends attached to it. It is not a football that’s been stuck on top of a doorstop and dipped in chrome.

      Speaking of following the U.S.’s lead, if we had done that in World War II we would have sat back and waited two long years before joining the fight against Hitler’s fascist regime’s effort to enslave the world. On the other hand, Ford and other large U.S. companies continued to sell their wares for nice profits to the Nazi war machine.

      So do yourself a favour and try to educate yourself.

      The side benefit of which is the possibility that people might not think you are a jerk.

      • When Crossing a Bridge…

        … Don’t feed the trolls.

        • mike

          He’s a tool

      • Jack

        ooook. So it wasn’t called the Canadian Football League until 1959 mister. And Canadians don’t play football the way Americans do so you really can’t compare. There has been so many GREAT & MEMORABLE moments in the nfl championship game (EST. 1933). by the way, didn’t the CFL Stallions trot up to Montreal after the Ravens came to town BECAUSE THEY WOULDN’T MAKE ENOUGH MONEY. Back to the original talk, I think each country should celebrate the others holiday when in the others country. on a totally different note The Crimson Tide could beat at least half (5) CFL teams in Canada.
        Roll Tide Roll!

      • 11in ’11

        Canadian football sucks and nobody cares about the Grey Cup, aye.

      • 11in ’11

        I am addressing all of the Canadian commentators criticizing Americans for ignoring/not respecting other cultures: aren’t the Blue Jays doing the exact same thing? I understand where Toronto is located, bu they play in an American baseball league (hell, they are literally in the American League). If a team from America played in your football league, I would expect them to celebrate your commemorative days, too. I do not expect the Jays to wear the stars and stripes on the Fourth…that is a bit over the line (the Maple Leaf would be an obvious choice).

    • AA

      I am surprised you would even be able to find Canada on a map!

  • Luke Dzikiy

    who cares?!

  • Samuel Lam

    LOL. You sound like the guy that Creamer and I were debating with on Twitter.

  • who are you and Creamer I do not do Twitter

  • Actually Frank Canada withdrew their troops from battle back in December of 2011

  • Gregory Pinkerton

    I wouldn’t exactly call the CFL a failure…

  • Stephen Trinder

    Considering Memorial Day is not a holiday in Canada, there is no reason for the Blue Jays to wear something commerating it.

  • Alan Tullos

    So why not make the Blue Jays camo cap with the Canadian Digital Camo pattern?

  • Good for the Jays.

  • Michael Rudolf

    Will the Blue Jays be wearing special caps on July 1 (Canada Day)? Will their opponents, the Tigers?

    • 11in ’11

      I wouldn’t expect the Tigers to wear a Canadian Maple Leaf flag hat, but I also don’t expect the Blue Jays to wear stars and stripes three days later. I feel that is a different circumstance. Military was the basis of this debate and the Blue Jays could have worn Canadian camo…nobody would have argued. At the end of the day, it is a money-making scheme by New Era to squeeze some extra bucks (unless 100% goes to military/military based charities).

  • Kim M. Krett

    It’s nice to know that MLB knows they have a team that isn’t American.

  • Greg McCulloch

    follow protocol??? MLB gave them permission to do it so really if the league that sets said “protocol” says ok pretty sure they followed it… CFL still exists and is thriving, unlike every attempt at a second football league in the US.

  • A

    Speaking as an American, I must say: Canada kicks ass.

  • If you’re saying the CFL is a failure you’re SORELY mistaken

  • If you’re saying the CFL is a failure you’re SORELY mistaken

  • Aaron

    I’m taking a look at the camoflauge Blue Jays hat. Not a bad looking cap. I wonder what it would look like with the Canadian camoflauge and could I buy the cap shown above?

  • Sean

    Are people really buying this crap? How much “extra money” is MLB making?

  • Why didn’t MLB just make Toronto’s unis with the Canadian camo? How does stuff like this fall through the cracks at an organization as large as MLB?

    • Aaron

      And copy San Diego’s camoflauge jersey idea? Just what society needs, another league overdoing the camoflauge uniform routine in order to honour the military.

  • Because its not a American team. Did people really have to ask why? TORONTO. CANADA!

  • Because its not a American team. Did people really have to ask why? TORONTO. CANADA!

  • Oh I must have missed their Super Bowl

  • So Gregg if there was no protocol why did they need permission????

    • Gmac

      my god they went to the league and said we would like to honor our countries troops as well… mlb said sure go for it… its not like it was drafted into the leagues bylaws

  • Tom now I know why you left Canada nobody has a sense of humor

  • Brad Clark

    John we don’t have a sense a humor when people like you keep saying well Canada is just America’s hard and I am too ignorant to do research on a country before I start bashing it. lesson one CFL does not have a super bowl, it’s called the Grey cup and unlike the Vince lambarti trophy. There is only one like the Stanley Cup and this Grey cup game just celebrated its 100th game last November so that is not a failing league. 2 our military tradition is very proud one example is world war II we were the first ones in and the last one to leave. 3 the Toronto Blue Jays honored both nations that day for there services. 4 I am only assuming this but I bet in 2000 and 2004 you voted Republican for Gorege W Bush and I am going to tell you two facts about that. 1 in 92 93 he was the owner of the Texas Rangers when we took you national past time world series pennants north of the border. 2 in Canada that man would not be able to run with sharp scissors let alone be prime minister. 😉

    • Dante

      Hahahaha. Yesssss. ^_^

    • Jack

      so now you are going to bust on Republicans? If I busted on President Obama I would be called Racist.

    • 11in ’11

      I would write a rebuttal, but your grammar makes it very difficult to fully understand your message (ironic, considering you just bashed a U.S. president for being unintelligent). Silly Canadians!

    • Maxwell C. Warawa

      You forgot about WW1, Canada was the deciding factor on the western front, with key victories at the second battle of Ypres (through the first German gas attack), Passchendale, Vimy, Mons, and breaking through the Hindenburg line but, people should just realize that its two countries, both similar and both different at the same time. We don’t have to do what the other says we should do and we should respect that. If the Blue Jays want to do this and do that they can, if American NHL teams want to do this and that they can simple as that.

  • Greg

    Personally, I find the CFL terrible football, but my friend to the south, the CFL has been around for more than fifty years longer than the NFL. Seems like the Baltimore Stallion fans who prefer the CFL and travel to Montreal games would beg to differ with your “failing” comment.

    As neighboring nations, I see no issue with honoring the veterans of each nation together, but that mean’s together. Whether that means the Tigers wear their July 4th cap on July 1st when they play the Jays; and the Jays reciprocate on July 4th for the Tigers; getting upset that the Jays wore a Canadian themed hat and U.S. camo on Memorial Day is ridiculous.

  • Jeason Gagnon

    Lack of research on the part of the MLB in off season.

  • Blue Jays Spokesperson: Um, I don’t really know how to put this…I mean you guys are aware we’re in Canada, right? Like, Canada is not America….The holidays on your Dunkin Donuts calendars are not the same holidays in our calendars…You guys know we have our own military, right? You guys don’t, like, protect us…Is anyone aware of this?

    • 11in ’11

      Um, no s*** moron…um, you know, like, um, you are in an American baseball league, eh? Silly socialists.

      • Mike(BasicallySports)

        Socialist? If you’re calling Canada socialist then you have no understanding of what that word means.

  • Brian

    And here I thought “Canadian Camo” was just denim.

  • Cosmo Kramer

    It’s worth noting that last year MLB used the Canadian camouflage for all 30 teams…and nobody in America noticed or cared.

    The whole thing is a PR scam anyway. MLB marks up the camo merchandise by at least $10, so there’s no way 100% of the profits go to Welcome Back Veterans like they claim.

  • Joe

    Several things here…
    – D-Day anniversary was just celebrated. Multinational offensive led by US. US troops stormed he beaches most heavily fortified. While they were still fighting – Canadian troops were riding bicycles patrolling the abandoned beaches they were assigned. Now – hopefully that illustrates two things: 1) ‘Murica 2) military prowess and honoring fallen defenders of freedom are mutually exclusive.

    – if we are to then honor all countries represented on the field, why no DR, PR, Venezuelan, Cuban, etc natl anthems played? Answer: America’s past time played on American soil.

    – lastly, who cares what the blue jays wore? It’s Canada. Home of things like Poutine (french fries covered in cheese curd and gravy) – they’re just different.

  • Sean

    I live in Houston…HOUSTON! HOUSTON!!!!!!!…..and no one….NO ONE! NO ONE!!!!!! is wearing a camo Astros hat! (yes, people are actually wearing Astros hats). And some people buy camo E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! But not this. PS I wouldn’t mind if the Blue Jays stopped celebrating everything America, it’s real silly, them being from Toronto and all.

  • ingmar66

    Leave camo gear out of team sports. The military is not a game. They are two different realms with totally different goals: sports are for enjoyment and entertainment, the military is for protection and intervention (legitimate or not). Honouring fallen soldiers by sports teams is a honourable cause, but using camo gear is inapropriate and tacky at the same time.

  • ingmar66

    For something completely different, but also Toronto related: is it true that the Raptors are dropping their nickname? It already felt dated when they introduced it but I have come to like the red fellow with his tail and claws. What will be their new nickname?

    • If they change it to a name based on a popular movie like they did in the 90’s, then their new nickname’ll probably be the Toronto Vampires or something. 😛

    • Aaron

      I haven’t read or heard any rumours about the Raptors changing their name. And why should they? Their apparel is one of the top sellers in the league and it’s a unique nickname.

  • Two words:

    Vimy Ridge!

    *drops the mic*

  • SFforlife

    Coming from an American, what’s the big deal? The Jays did the best of both worlds, and honored the US military even when they didn’t have to. That was classy. Whether they really felt for them or just wore the US camo because they felt obliged by being part of the US’ MLB, does it matter? They did it anyway. As for American NHL teams recognizing and wearing Canadian memorials, great, I have no problem with that. If they’re choosing to remember our memorials, why can’t we do the same? It’s nice when both countries can respect and honor each other, and that’s how it should be. As for booing the anthems however, that’s disrespectful. I wouldn’t boo ‘O Canada’. In fact, I know the entire thing, and would probably sing along. Anyways, both sides shouldn’t boo each other’s anthem. At least have a little respect.


    Ignorant American here… What is a poppy? Honest question. I love Canada and have been there several times (I love the Brass Rail in Toronto!). As soon as my country is done destroying itself, perhaps I will relocate to Toronto, so I better learn what a poppy is! Thanks!

  • 11in ’11

    We are all tools…the only reason ANY team is wearing camo—regardless of its national origin–is so New Era can sell more hats. Wearing said hats does not necessarily mean you are a patriot to either nation. Toronto: we understand you aren’t in America (you have the maple leaf on your hat…we get it, eh),but that’s not the point. You play in the American League, why not honor (translation: honour) another culture by donning their camo. I would not expect you to wear the stars and stripes, but seriously…camo? We sing (and hopefully respect) your national anthem at each game in which you compete. Respect. Come on, we are sister nations. At least we aren’t MEXICO!!! (tasteless, I know, but I’m 1/4 Mexican so I can say it!)

    • Chris Creamer

      They wore the US camo on the jerseys, why did they have to honour the US twice in one uniform when they could have honoured both the US and Canada at the same time? All or nothing?

      • 11in ’11

        Honestly, wearing Canadian camo on both the jersey and the hat would have been fine. All joking aside, both Canada and the U.S. have brave service men and women who deserve to be honored (really, regardless of the day). Not Memorial Day in Canada?…so what? Call it “random Monday military appreciation day. Honestly, Memorial Day may be better served with a black patch or a solemn symbol to recognize lives lost. At the end of the day, it is a money-making ploy by New Era, but at least the idea of honor is noble.

  • SouthstanderRSM

    The camo used was not the “American” camo. It is the United States Marine Corps” camo. That camo is trademarked and only the Marines can use it. The Corps had to give permission to MLB to use their camo pattern. If you go to the caps and jerseys specificallyist them is United States Marine Corps camo.