Wake Forest Has Two New Helmets, But Not The Ones We Had Expected

Written By:  •  Thursday, June 6, 2013

A few months ago, photographs of some purported new helmets for Wake Forest had made the rounds. People considered them to be fairly likely, and were proclaimed “legit.” Today, we see what the team will actually use.

This morning, Offensive Line Coach  Jonathan Himebauch (@COACH_HIMEY ) tweeted pictures from the Wake facility, of their new helmets.

A white and a matte black helmet did in fact appear, but both have the traditional Wake WF in gold on the sides. No Deacon, no gloss black on flat.

But wait. The player’s right side looks to be the solid gold, but the photos form the other side show both the white and the mattre black to be a black WF outlined in gold. The pictures seem to be taken of the same manequins in the team meeting room. But those are certainly different WF treatment son each side.

Is this an indication that these are actually just “samples” contrary to what Coach Himebauch said in his tweets? Or will the Demon Deacons really go with “slightly” different art on each side?

The standard gloss black helmet seems to be consistent across sides.

The previously circulated photos of Wake helmets showed the Deacon and a gloss decal.

As tweeted by Paul Lukas in late March


What do you think? Are these new ones legit? Will they have differing decals? Do you think thats a good idea?

Coach Himebauch had not replied to a a Twitter message for comment at press time.

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  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    Matte helmets are so stupid.

    • wrongfairway

      This is why tuition and tickets are so high at D1 schools. Really? A new helmet for every game? It’d be better if you put a quality product on the field instead.

  • Kostandinos Baltzoglou

    Most boring “WF” ever. More like W*T*F.

  • They should have put the Demon Deacon head on at least one of them.

    • Luke Dzikiy

      It looks like something Disney or Cartoon Network would use, it is awful to put it on the helmet, but a good logo.

  • Luke Dzikiy

    Like all three of the helmets they picked, smart move. If they would have used the Demon Deacon head, it would look like a little kid designed it. The white WF helmets are really nice.

  • Brandon Beardsley
  • Ok now what

    Pathetic football program

  • Brian Castner

    Please end the matte trend! It looks terrible! The regular black looks so much better.If anything they should’ve just went with a gold and not these two.

  • b.a. smith

    Im so tired of all these new unifoms and helmets. Most of the time they are ugly as all hell with a small percentage that actually looks good. But what ever happened to the thing called tradition?

  • ingmar66

    Exactly. It is so painful to watch all these different helmets and uniforms. Consistency is out, jumping around in panic and issueing thousands of different uniform options in order to lure athletes to a school and to increase revenues is the in thing to do. I get it but it saddens me.

  • Jack

    would you rather: have the matte black and the demon deacon OR the traditional and one that has black front transferring to gold like the jags with a white WF?

    • ingmar66

      Shiny gold WF on a shiny black helmet. Allright, in order to make it look less conservative: a small deamon deacon head on the front.

  • Jed

    Again, like a lot of these other college teams, why so many helmets? Wouldn’t one just suffice? Do we see the NFL teams with multiple helmets? NO!