Pittsburgh Penguins 2013 Eastern Conference Champs!

Written By:  •  Saturday, June 8, 2013

Last night the Boston Bruins managed to get into the Stanley Cup finals by sweeping away the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Eastern Conference Championship, and I gotta say, the idea of an all-Original Six final has me more than a little excited; it’d be a first in my lifetime (not since 1979 Habs-Rangers), and all we need is Chicago to beat the Kings once in the next three games to make it happen.  The odds are looking very favourable.

Had the Penguins gone ahead and spoiled the Original Six party we’d have seen the below products worn by the players and offered for sale, it is your Pittsburgh Penguins 2013 NHL Eastern Conference Phantom Champions merchandise.

First up, the official “locker room” cap and shirt:

Pittsburgh Penguins 2013 Eastern Conference Champions Locker Room Cap

Pittsburgh Penguins 2013 Eastern Conference Champions Locker Room Shirt

And now just a few t-shirts all you fans of conference championship products (are there any out there? c’mon now, be serious) could have had the option of purchasing and wearing for a week:

We already have both the Kings and Blackhawks merchandise ready to go, as soon as they’re all settled out west we’ll get a post up for y’all!

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  • Chris Oglesby

    Bruins and Blackhawks is going to be a gorgeous series to look at.

  • Mark

    Is there any actual way to purchase this merchandise?

  • Kevin

    C’mon, really?? I understand when they do Phantom Merchandise for Super Bowl or World Cup runners up, but for a team that got swept on a 7-games series? Why???

    • Colin Turner

      So… they can get phantom champ gear for winning the league, but not for winning their conference?

      • Kevin

        No, no… my point is: why start making merchandise for a team before that team wins, let’s say, two games?

  • Jack

    ugly. Take that SI!

  • John

    The Panthers should sell special t-shirts for each win, considering how rare they are. xD

  • Josh

    While clearly not a dynasty during the Orig 6 era, I’m still a little surprised CHI has never played BOS (or NYR for that matter) in the Final. Love all this phantom merchandise, fun to see what might’ve been!

  • Ok now what

    Waste of money

  • Chibears85

    Why do you put sportslogos.net watermarks on them? They are not your pictures… These are from fansedge.com! Here is proof:


    So stop putting your name and watermarks on things you don’t own….

  • Chibears85



    • Chris Creamer

      Images hosted by SportsLogos.Net get the SportsLogos.Net (small, unobtrusive) watermark on them; we pay to host the images, people hotlink to them, when people hotlink to our images we have to pay (a lot of) money and end up getting no credit… that ain’t cool. A watermark solves this problem.

  • J. Reynolds

    Tough break, Pittsburgh. You struggled against the Islanders and should’ve swept the Senators; you were overrated from the start.

  • ingmar66

    Maybe the watermarks are there in order to spoil the efforts made by companies outside the US and Canada to produce cheap items of clothing for local communities that don’t understand anything about American sports but like the logos. And this is the deal Chris has with the marketing people of the NBA, NFL, MLB , NHL and NCAA: you can put the images on your site but please watermark them. On the other hand, from what I understand these countries are often the final destination of these original items of phantom merchandising. Then again, these leagues might want controlled distribution of these items in poor, faraway countries and they might do not want locally produced ripoffs. Other than that I cannot think of any other reason to watermark these images.