AHL Welcomes Utica Comets; Canucks Farm Team

Written By:  •  Friday, June 14, 2013

The American Hockey League today announced the relocation of the Peoria Rivermen, a franchise owned by the Vancouver Canucks, to Utica, NY where they will be known as the Utica Comets for the 2013-14 season.  The relocation was unanimously approved by the AHL board of governors and announced by league president David Andrews.

The new logo and uniforms are dominated in the blue, green, and white colours of the owner/parent NHL club Vancouver Canucks, and even includes the “C/hockey stick” logo shoulder patches.  While the “C” represents “Canucks” in the original usage we can pretend it means “Comets” for this application.

The uniform design is a direct clone of the big league club, and I mean that fairly literally, they didn’t even bother removing the NHL shield of the Canucks uniforms from the collar of the Comets ones they used at the unveiling:

Eh, someone forgot to take the NHL patch off of the Canucks uniforms first

The logo, while nicely designed, is fairly bland as a primary team logo – it looks more suitable as a shoulder patch in my opinion.

An inaugural season patch was also announced, it’s not known exactly where it will be worn on the uniforms:

Utica was home to an AHL team previously when the New Jersey Devils had their farm club, the Utica Devils, play there from  1987-1993, and resulted in this fun adjustment to the NHL Devils primary mark as modelled by Martin Brodeur:

We’ve added the new Utica Comets logos to the site, you can give your rating on the primary logo here.


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  • KDub


  • Al Larese

    Well, it’s not the worst I’ve ever seen.


    this is the 6th AHL team to be located in upstate NY

    • Reincarnation of Einstein

      Adirondack is moving to Lehigh Valley in 2014, I think.

  • Aaron

    For some reason, I see this potentially being the Tampa Bay Lightning’s farm club once the Canucks finally house theirs in Abbottsford. Although once Calgary takes over, the red, gold and black would be killer with these.

  • Matt Marczel

    As a Canucks fan, I really like the design and look of the jerseys. I would assume that the inaugural season patch will be worn as a shoulder patch in place of one of the Canucks ‘Stick in Rink’ shoulder patch logos. That is my guess.

  • Aaron

    The logo looks like the NY Rangers main logo, but in a good way though.

  • Ryne LeCompte


  • Ok now what

    Epic fail upstate ny

  • ingmar66

    Bland and uninspired

  • Nathan English

    I’m happy for Utica

  • Jack

    mediocrity at its most mediocre.

  • Koozee Kingdom

    Looks like an MLS logo.

  • Steve

    That’s not Marty Brodeur, it’s Mike Dunham with the Utica Devils

  • Steve

    Never mind what I said in the previous comment

  • People of Utica love the Canucks too I’m sure. Good location for their farm team.

  • Aaron

    It would make more sense for an Eastern US team to affiliate themselves with a team in Utica. Heard Calgary might take over eventually. We’ll see what happens.

  • Aaron

    Here’s an idea, if the Flames ever do move their AHL affiliate to Utica, rename them the Flames and base their logo around the Utica Devils concept. Without the horns and tail of course. And give the Comets nameplate to the Adirondack franchise once the Flyers move their affiliate to Allentown, PA.

  • Aaron

    Since there was a Clinton Comets franchise, they could easily keep the blue, but scrap the green. A bit too Canuck centric. Blue, red and white was the colour scheme of that team. The splash of silver can stay.

  • Michael

    Love it.

  • yea not to crazy bout this logo and the canuckleheads unis make it even worse.