The 7 Best-Dressed Stanley Cup Finals of the Past 25 Years

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We’re only one game into this years edition of the Stanley Cup Final and I’m already madly in love with the uniform matchup we’ve been blessed with.  What could be more visually appealing than two 80+ year old franchises and their equally classic outfits battling it out on hockey’s biggest stage?  Fantastic!

I’ve made up mind, 2013 is by far the best Stanley Cup Final we’ve seen from a uniform point-of-view in a long time and I feel it’s so obvious it doesn’t even require an explanation.  Just look at that photo above.

Now, having gotten that off my chest, let’s take a quick look at what I consider to be the other best uniform’d Stanley Cup Finals to have taken place in the past quarter-century, in no particular order:

1997, Detroit Red Wings vs Philadelphia Flyers

Detroit’s white uniform is easily my favourite NHL uniform, it’s no surprise to me that I’m including them in this list – the Flyers’ were still wearing their modernized versions of their original uniforms in ’97, the best look the club ever had.  A shame that Cup Final patch was a bit of a mess during this stretch (95-99)


1992, Pittsburgh Penguins vs Chicago Blackhawks

Just looking at this picture makes me really miss Pittsburgh’s black and yellow look, easily their best.  Match it up with Chicago’s always great uniform and including this in our top uniform matchups of the past 25 years is a no brainer.


1989, Calgary Flames vs Montreal Canadiens

This one might be elevated to me simply because this is the first Stanley Cup I ever watched as a kid, I guess you could say it’s what actually got me interested in hockey and, in turn, sports in general.  Montreal’s uniform is a classic, Calgary’s look was clean and simple but just doesn’t survive the test of time in my opinion.  Still, a great looking matchup for 1989.  Fun fact, this was the first Stanley Cup where both teams wore Cup Final patches during the series – it’s also the only time both teams wore them on their shoulder instead of jersey front (the Rangers, but not Canucks, also did this in ’94)


2010, Chicago Blackhawks vs Philadelphia Flyers

Even though the Flyers downgraded slightly with their 2010 uniform it’s still a solid set. Chicago is Chicago.


2008 & 2009, Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins

There’s those beauty Red Wings jerseys again, if it wasn’t for them being matched up with teams like Washington and Carolina their matchups probably would have swept my top 5 pre-2013.  I do prefer the Penguins look of the early ’90s to what they wore in their two Cup Finals against Detroit but it’s still a nice set.  Plus the only Stanley Cup Final game I’ve ever been to in person was the Game 7 between these two clubs in 2009, special memories.


2000, New Jersey Devils vs Dallas Stars

I had to include at least one non-classic matchup, you gotta give the Devils props for their modern classic (and sticking with it, sans alternate, all these years) and I was actually a fan of Dallas’ NHL All-Star Game template, it worked well for them and their identity.


So,  what’s the worst?  Well, that would be this matchup of very 1990’s proportions…

1996, Colorado Avalanche vs Florida Panthers

Fuelled mostly by those horrid Colorado Avalanche jerseys.  Pittsburgh-Minnesota ’91 was a close second.

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  • Ok now what

    Y cause its Boston Chicago

  • George Flory

    Wings Flyers ’97

  • Aaron

    I can think of a few to put on the best and worst list although it might be slighly longer than the past 25 years…

    Battle of the Blue and Orange Uniforms in 1983 and 1984 Islanders and Oilers

    1993-Kings vs. Canadiens

    mid to late 1970’s Habs vs. Bruins matchups

    1971- Canadiens vs. Blackhawks

    1995 Red Wings vs. Devils


    1982- Canucks vs. Islanders (mostly the Canucks)

  • Rob S

    I agree that this year’s matchup is clearly the best uniform matchup in decades. These games are high profile and is visually, showing the NHL at it’s best. I do disagree on one point. The North Stars and Penguins in 1991 was one of the best uniforms matchups as opposed to one of the worst. Those North Stars jersey’s were awesome, coupled with the Penguins referenced above (92), which were their best. Very Colorful. Thanks for the your post!

  • Dave Kostka

    Penguins/Stars `91

  • Matthew Schilling

    I’ll probably catch flack for this, but I don’t care. I liked the Flames/Lightning jerseys from ’04.

  • vap19

    I’m also a fan of the Dallas Star unis of that era. They are unique without being tacky. They work for the team. Kind of a shame to see it go.

  • Flyers/hawks ’10

  • tom

    1993 canadiens vs. kings………..was pretty good

  • Brandon Beardsley

    Kings/Devils ’12

  • Robert Ozias

    I like those Avalanche uniforms.

    • JJHoser

      I agree man. Avs fan all the way seeing as I am from Colorado born and raised. But I also think the Avs have fantastic jerseys.

  • Pod

    Kings/Devils ’12 seconded.

    And I’d certainly prefer Kings/Bruins this year than what we have, but I think you can figure out why…

  • Rangers/Canucks ’94

  • Nate Yingling

    Pens/Wings ’07 and ’08

  • F19

    ’96 Cats jerseys were classics! Not a cheesy 90s design at all IMO

  • Drew

    I take offense to labeling the ’96 SCF as the worst-looking of the last 25 years. The Panthers’ original set (and even their first navy alternate) were sharp for a modern team. Maybe not New Jersey Devils-sharp, but a unique, yet classy look. Easily the best of the new teams in the 90s.

    Add to that, the Avalanche’s original uniform set was pretty sweet, even if it was a very-90s look. If the Dallas Stars don’t lose points for their star-shaped jerseys (which they shouldn’t), you can’t penalize the Avs for their mountain-shaped set.

    Not satisfied to just say “you’re wrong”, here are the three most-terrible-looking SCF matchups of the last 25 years, which you seem to have forgotten about (shown in reverse-chronological order):
    -2007: Anaheim Ducks vs Ottawa Senators. The Ducks’ uniforms are the dullest, most uninspired in the NHL now that the Stars have rebranded, and Ottawa’s look, while not bad (and certainly better than the current home/away), wasn’t exactly great.
    -2006: Carolina Hurricanes vs Edmonton Oilers: The ‘Canes set screams 90s (though I now miss the hurricane warning stripes) and the Oilers were still in their copper-navy-and-red phase.
    -2005: No teams, and therefore the worst-looking matchup ever.

  • ingmar66

    This year’s is the best. The original 6 still have the best uniforms in the NHL.

  • Chris Oglesby

    Homer alert! Stars/Sabres. Mainly because the Stars when they won the cup, was the best they have ever looked.

  • Chris

    If anything, those Stars jerseys are classic ’90s, especially since the design is taken from a mid-90s All-Star game.

    If Florida-Colorado is #1 of the worst, then Anaheim-Ottawa was #1b.

  • Blackhawks logo is the best in all of sports.

  • Jim

    The uniforms of the 1980’s Vancouver Canucks are without a doubt the most Halloween horrendous of them all!

    • Andre

      The Canucks’ 1980s colours were awesome and unique. The problem was the Flying V design and its toned down version when the Skate was on the front. Had the Canucks kept the Stick and Rink logo in the V colours plus some great players, those uniforms would be right up there with the Bruins and Flyers.
      Home yellow and away black are as compatible as home white and away blue/red.

  • Robert Ozias

    To be fair, the Panthers have never had good looking jerseys or much of a place to showcase them other than the regular season.

  • EL

    I think you like the colour red.

  • Michael Jaworski

    There’s nothing wrong with that Panthers vs Avalanche matchup. Except that Colorado won!

  • I would have included 1995 Devils vs Red Wings, both of them have great great uniforms.