Nike Knows All: Proclaims Lebron “2-Time Champion” With New Shoe

Written By:  •  Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Via Kix and the City

Nike knows all, apparently. Even down 3-2 to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals, which resumes tonight in Miami, the Heat will—according to a new Nike Lebron shoe—actually win the best-of-seven series with a win tonight and Thursday.

How do we know? As Kix and the City shows us, a new Nike Lebron X Floral low shoe has the inscription “2 Time Champion” inside on the black insole of one of the shoes. It has the dates “11-12” and “12-13” inside the other.

As Nike continues to rake in cash selling all sorts of “colorways” of its differing shoes, including wild green and black Lebron shoes, we may have to put a hold on the floral print. Of course, if Nike really knows all, the Spurs could be in trouble over the next two games.

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  • Jack

    They couldn’t wait to put it out 4 more days?

    • Matthew Platt

      Wow talk about “Too Anxious”

  • rafterman

    THIS is what’s hot on the streets? floral print shoes? f*** me, i’d kick my own arse for wearing such an atrocity

  • Jon

    “You’ve done it. YOU’VE SAVED THE WORLD.” …except you need to win Game 7, schmuck. 😛

  • Will Montgomery

    But they haven’t even won the finals (yet)?

  • Devon

    Nike already knows the Heat are winning…David Stern wants it that way and that’s how it’ll be.

    • Victor the Crab

      If they already know who’s going to win the Final of David “the Weasel” Stern’s basketball league, then people need to stop watching the NBA altogether. The most corrupt sports league in North America.

  • Jon

    It’s official!

  • ingmar66

    Said this many times before. The NBA is rigged, All Star wrestling with a basketball.