Phantom: San Antonio Spurs 2013 NBA Champs Merchandise

Written By:  •  Thursday, June 20, 2013

I hate to say it, but it’s now a dynasty in the making with these Miami Heat – their second consecutive title, and third straight appearance in the finals.  This years runner-up was the San Antonio Spurs who end their perfect record in the NBA Finals, losing their first out of the five appearances they’ve made in their franchise history.  A nice little run that had to end sometime.

While the Heat sported customized (and quite silly) locker room t-shirts which read “WHITE HOT” instead of, you know, the name of the team, the Spurs look was what you’d have typically expected a franchise to wear on their championship merchandise, “San Antonio Spurs”.

Behold, what would have been the 2013 championship merchandise for your San Antonio Spurs:

San Antonio Spurs 2013 NBA Champions “Locker Room” Cap

San Antonio Spurs 2013 NBA Champions “Locker Room” t-shirt

And a couple other souvenir t-shirts which would have been made available to fans to purchase:

We’ll add more San Antonio Spurs phantom champs merchandise as we find it, keep checking back!

UPDATE! Here you go, all sorts of random Spurs championship gear for 2013:

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  • That tee with the names/numbers on the back is kinda cool. The NHL should put something like that out, if they already haven’t done so in the past.

  • Patrick McReary

    Ah, the usual depressing phantom gear.

    • Jon

      Non-canon, if you will.

  • Will Montgomery

    “I hate to say it, but it’s now a dynasty in the making with these Miami Heat”

    Oh come now, Chris… 😉

    • Chris Creamer

      I didn’t think anybody actually read these things! 🙂

  • Dan F

    The white shirt under the cap, the Heat get a slogan ‘White Hot’, and the Spurs just get their team name? No cool motto?

    • Jeremy

      Dan I completely agree. The heat are “cool” so they get better gear. The heat got lucky in game 6 and Duncan gave them game 7 with the two late misses. Spurs deserved better but the heat gear is still sick.

  • Sonya

    Can you buy this merchandise anywhere before they ship it to another country?

    My brother was cheering for the Spurs and I am Heat fan. I thought it would be a fun birthday gift for him.

    I agree that the Spurs should have had a cool slogan too.

  • Ok now what

    Waste of time showing this

  • Sherry “Storm” Reilly

    I don’t care if my Spurs lost! But it would be awesome to still get a hold of some of these items! I’d be willing to buy them cause they will always be champs in my eyes! Go Spurs Go!!!

  • Jeriat

    The banner showing the 5 title years hurts the most…

  • ingmar66

    Strictly cover up stuff. The Heat were meant to win, just like last season. The NBA has too much riding on LeBron, Wade and the merchandising they are selling to let a bunch of old guys in not so fashionable silver and black from a small market win it all. Game 7 is always nice from an income point of view and should not be scripted every season. Expect the Heat to win in 6 against the…let’s see. who will be fashionable next season? The Lakers? The Grizzlies? The Warriors? Thunder, anyone? My guess is the Lakers. We need a big market final for 2014, with LeBron winning it in six. All cynicism aside, LeBron is the best basketball player on this planet, even without the scripted help from David Stern and his buddies.

  • Dan
  • DJ

    Hard to read or care about the article with your obvious anti-Heat bias.

    • Chris Creamer

      Oh grow up

  • Julian

    As a Lakers fan, this is some gear I’m GLAD is phantom! And speaking of gear, hot damn that is A LOT of gear!