Possible New Phoenix Suns Logo Leaked: RIP Purple?

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If you watched a Suns home game this season, you probably noticed that they had a new court design for the 2012-13 season. This court had a whole lot of black and orange, but a little bit of purple. That was weird because the Suns’ visual identity contained a lot of purple (Including the secondary logo that the Suns had basically been using as a primary logo as noted before on this website, and the uniforms as well). In fact, purple has been the primary color in the Suns’ look since they came into the league in the 1968-69 season.

As it turns out, the court’s black-&-orange heavy design was a sign of things to come as the Suns have released changes to their logo set that show a clear move towards black-and-orange being the new focal point of their visual identity. Even this shirt, just released on the NBA Store’s website, seems to indicate that the future for Phoenix is black & orange.

H/T’s to @NBCSportsRoc for the initial leak and CCSLC Member Conrad. for providing this image.

For the first time in franchise history, purple will not be in the team’s primary logo. The ambigram that served as the Suns’ center-court logo is now the new primary script. Interestingly enough, the secondary logo (that had a slight tweak before the 2012-13 season) has been retained. Honestly, I think that it sticks out like a sore thumb when you look at the rest of the set, and it’s mainly because it contains one thing that the other 3 pieces of this set don’t have: Purple.

However, for those who are hoping that purple could still play a big role for the Suns, there’s this other shirt that was released with one of the newer logos.

So it seems as if purple isn’t entirely dead. What do you make of the new changes? Are you glad to see the Suns evolve their look? Do you think that they’ll try to find a new way to keep the purple around? Maybe we’ll see it used in an alt in the future? Maybe we should wait until the uniforms come out, but for now, it’s looking as if they’re going to go heavy on the black & orange while purple goes to the sidelines after nearly five decades.

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  • Len Kori

    i hope they redesign their jerseys. Those things are quite the eyesore.

  • Dylan Winters

    That ‘S’ is so bad. Makes little sense and is has very odd negative shapes. I know it’s supposed to be from the other logo but it isn’t the same symmetrical at all or anything.

    • Jon

      Seconded, I didn’t even KNOW it was an S when I first saw it…

      • Peter

        “It’s not an S, on my world it means hope.”

        ~Kal-El aka Superman, Man of Steel

  • Connell Damion

    i thought we would be seeing a new logo since nash left.

  • Steve Cramsie

    Here we go… blackout nights galore. Them teams LOVE them some black polyester.

  • Bobster

    For 45 years the Suns have been purple and orange and nearly all the local fans I’ve heard from are not happy about the change.

    Black and orange belongs to the Bengals, Orioles, Flyers, Giants and Halloween.

    • Jack

      so does purple. (The Halloween part)

  • Aaron

    I’m pretty sure the Phoenix Suns will find some way to keep the purple in circulation. In fact, instead of black, darken the purple to have it act as black.

  • Badger Mike


  • Aaron

    In fact, from what i see on the secondary flaming logo, it looks as though purple will still be part of the Suns’ identitiy.

  • These are horrible. Especially the S with the sunburst in it. I don’t mind the reduction of purple, but that firebird is one of the best logos in sports.

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    It looks great but if they just kept the purple background behind the basketball and change the grey box to black, then it would be a great logo.

  • i have to say i’m not usually a fan of purple on unis but the suns’s very grape shade with the orange contrast (and even the gray tertiary highlights in recent years) really worked for me. separately i approved of their using the ‘phx’ abbreviation much like the sixers used to use ‘phila’.

  • Lindsay Resnick


  • Taylor

    The whole set just looks confused. Why is there only one logo that still has purple? Either keep it or abandon it, the set lacks continuity.

  • OMG! “S” is such a trash!

  • Noah Rothschild

    frankenstein logos suck. just turn back the clock entirely to 1993 and call it done!

  • Noah Rothschild

    frankenstein logos suck. just turn back the clock entirely to 1993 and call it done!

  • What is wrong with the color purple. First the raptors and now suns..

  • What is wrong with the color purple. First the raptors and now suns..

    • Jack

      The Ravens are next…

  • Mykroscopic

    That S is atrocious. It looks more like a 3 toothed yeti took got in a bite and scratch fight with it, than anything resembling a sun. I do like the stronger presence of black, but they gotta keep the purple around for sure.

  • Joe

    I added some purple to the new logos and I think it makes a big difference. Check it out: http://i.imgur.com/NkOC8FT.jpg

    Hopefully Suns’ management hears what other fans are saying and makes these minor changes in the logos, at the very least. The logos look flat with just black and orange. Incorporating purple makes them look much more like the Phoenix Suns.

    • Scott L

      You should try keeping the S Orange but changing the parts that are black to purple or a combo of purple and the light orange.

  • German

    Will the Suns get new uniforms this offseason???

  • Mike Allen

    Purple and Gray together were awful, would have rather seen them keep Purple but lose the Gray but at least that combination is gone now

  • http://www.nba.com/suns/history/00634541.html

    As the lead designer of the 1992-93 Phoenix Suns logo and uniform (one of the most progressive uniforms in NBA history — the Charles Barkley era streaking sun), I am shocked at the lack of purple being incorporated in the Suns new identity. Granted purple is not a regular “fashion” color in sports, but the Suns purple, black and orange provided the team a very distinct palette and one that Suns fans apparently still embrace wholeheartedly.

    Bright and vibrant color team schemes bring out the “tribal” connections between fan and team. However, the continued muting of bright primary colors (like the Nets, the Suns and more recent drab changes) is taking some of the fun out of sports and that is unfortunate.


  • Justin Heyne

    Finally a black and orange team. Bout time

  • Toby Faber

    Get rid of those ugly uniforms with the sage trim on the side! Just hideous!

  • Jed

    The Suns have been in a desperate need to make changes to your logos and jerseys as I still love the ones they wore back in the early 1990s, as those were awesome but happy to see they’re going somewhat back to it, albeit no pruple in the overall makeup of the logo but it’s a nice return to the logo that never should have been replaces. Bring the 1990s jerseys back as home, road and an alternate and we’re good to go! The “S” doesn’t look too good on that shirt but as long as the main logo looks like the middle one above, I’ll all for the change.

  • Justin

    Damnit! I knew I was gonna hate it after seeing last years court. Sarver is ruining everything in Phoenix.

  • Ok now what


  • Brian Castner

    I can live with the loss of purple, even that “S” logo. But PLEASE get rid of that stupid PHX logo! That abbreviation trend is just as bad and horrible looking as the matte helmets in football. With that said. Go back to the 92-93 season and be done with it. It’s the best look you’ve had.

    • Aaron

      Exactly! In fact, those were one of the only 1990’s style uniforms which actually looked decent and would’ve been fine today if modernized. Other than the Pacers, Heat, Hawks (the uniforms before they put the Hawk in front), Nuggets and Timberwolves.

  • Will Montgomery

    The 90’s jerseys were great….. if it was still the 90’s! This is a new generation; either go back to the originals or move forward.

  • Aaron

    I wonder how a P logo would look with the Sun logo?

  • Dante

    So. I like the primary logo. But I also like the de facto primary logo of the last few years. They should’ve built around that one, quite honestly. That S is…er…yeah. I think it would look better (not great) if they made the logo outlining of the sun a lot smaller. The purple should stay, although at least in basketball, black and orange would be unique.

  • bk

    Dear Suns,

    Start over

  • Jeff

    I saw this new logo set, and really just had shivers go down my spine at how awful this is. We in Phoenix loved our Purple colors, it’s significance dates to Colangelo, whom put purple into each team’s logo and jersey set. This has a lot to do with simply distancing themselves even further from this great owner as anything else. Pathetic excuse for a re-branding. BTW: I have kept repeating myself for the past 4 years, but not on here..

    If you aren’t a Suns fan, and especially one from Phoenix, you will have NO CLUE as to how wretched this franchise has become. They had an insane stretch of playoff seasons, rivaling the Braves. Thats long gone. So are the logos and J’s, which I feel have been the worst in pro sports since they were intro’d. Sarver is not a sportsman, he has no clue what we the fans want. I am unsure if he even deserves the opprotunity to use the old ones, even though they are by far the best option for re-branding, even if it was just a touch up. I would’ve suggested such, being an Orioles fan (Born in phx, no Dbacks til’ 98, was diehard Ripken fan) the re-branding of ‘The Bird’ is beyond a success.

    Regardless of the on-court play, Sarver simply disregards pretty much any traditions we once had. I haven’t gone to a game since approximately 2007, and won’t be back soon until he just stops already….which is doubtful.

  • Jeason Gagnon

    Never liked the current logo, looks like a tramp stamp lol

  • Toofy

    This is not an upgrade at all. Still using that boring rectangle primary logo while introducing a new terrible “S” logo. Come on, Phoenix.

  • Arturo

    That S logo looks like an electrician company logo, i bet sarver was too cheap to hire someone to design a new logo not only that, that S doesnt even go with the other logos thier all doing their own thing. Look at the pelicans logos those look professional.

  • Laura

    The logo sucks, and keep the purple. Plain and simple.

  • Pone Zunn

    Black & orange goes real good together. Purple and orange just clash with each other. Don’t care for the “S”logo though

  • ingmar66

    The mangled S is a disgrace to this franchise and its fans. As is the marginalization of the colour purple. But the NBA must know something that we do not know about chubby guys and their botoxed wives not being comfortable with wearing purple…Always serve the customer with a sunny smile, folks! And somehow I feel the Suns will get sleeves (just as the Warriors already have. The other soon to be sleeved teams? Miami, Indiana, Toronto, Brooklyn).

  • Aaron

    I don’t mind the Suns adding black. At least it’s better than having that grey. But purple and orange ought to stay with this team.

  • dakota

    wow cant believe what im seeing all these new logos are trash not to mention no purple…. i like the black outs but the all purple they used in the 90s way better sets them apart from the rest of the league and that new S logo sucks really really really bad

    • dakota

      #wow saver u really hate this team

  • Will Montgomery

    I don’t like the grey outline. If you remove the sunburst, it reminds me of San Antonio. I would make it white or purple.

  • Drew

    Primary logo is fine I guess.

    Always thought the script looked eerily similar to the script used by Oklahoma State, looks good though.

    I dislike the new “S” logo. It just looks weird.

    I always liked the “PHX” alternate, and although it doesn’t really fit with the others, I’m glad to see it being retained.

    I’m more excited to see if this means the Suns will be breaking out new unis, because, in my opinion, theirs were by far the worst in the league (and that’s saying something).

    • Aaron

      The current uniforms wouldn’t have looked bad if they thinned out the sides a little. But yes, hopefully the new uniforms will look 10 times better than what they have now.

  • Faysal

    The new logo is okay….looks as if they are fading out on purple, but I’m looking forward to the new jerseys…they have to bring back the black. Did anyone see this logo on ESPN by the way?

  • Robert Ozias
  • kyle

    http://oi41.tinypic.com/ne6dmp.jpg This photo on the team website makes it look like the away jersey will be purple

  • Bob Smith

    The suns black jerseys that they wore against the lakers last year were some of the best jerseys that any team wore last year.. they should really start wearing more of their classic jerseys. And i think they should keep a purple jersey. I think a black and purple jersey would be pretty cool.. or maybe like purple with white accents. and im mad that the suns are gonna do the sleeved jerseys.