Pics: Mariners, Cubs Turn Back Clock 104 Years

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The Seattle Mariners and Chicago Cubs flashed back to the 1909 season yesterday afternoon as they honoured the histories of baseball teams from their respective cities’ past.

For Seattle, who did not have a Major League Baseball franchise back in ’09, they donned the uniforms of the 1909 Seattle Turks, a minor league team in the Northwestern League, who in their only season went 109-58 on their way to winning the Northwestern League Championship.

Seattle’s 2013 version of the original uniforms were a pretty good re-creation, as you can see from this photo of the 1909 Turks below:

The 1909 Seattle Turks, Northwestern League Champs

As always, one of the highlights with these throwback games are the socks the players wear with them – here’s what the Mariners/Turks wore yesterday:

Chicago wore the uniforms of the 1909 Cubs, quite possibly the best team to not make the post-season in MLB history. The 1909 Cubbies finished with an incredible 104-49 record but still somehow finished 6 and a half back of the first place Pittsburgh Pirates in their attempt to win a 3rd straight World Series.  Their first of 105 straight non-World Series winning seasons for the Cubs.

Those original 1909 Cubs uniforms looked like this, another pretty good re-creation:

Both teams went the whole nine yards and wore customized helmets to better match the uniforms; of course players didn’t wear helmets back in 1909 so a custom design was made for both.

Some more photos from yesterday’s game below, including shots of the backs of both teams uniforms to show the numbers:


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