Teaser: Buffalo Sabres Goin’ Yellow With New Third?

Written By:  •  Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Buffalo Sabres are the latest club to post out a teaser photo of their new uniform, Tweeting out a photo of a small section of their new alternate uniform yesterday afternoon.

The photo shows a yellow mesh-like material, leading us to believe it’s the main body colour of the jersey, along with a solid blue with white trim – either striping for the shoulder yoke or the waist.

The feeling here is that the blue and white stripes make up a shoulder yoke in which the trim stops well before the main shoulder colour — similar in style to what the Boston Bruins used to wear in the 1960s.

Here’s a mockup of what we were thinking in terms of what the photo shows in relation to a potential jersey design:

Again, that’s just a concept, a guess of the striping based on that small teaser photo — we have no idea what logo will be worn on the chest either.

Stay tuned to SportsLogos.Net News, or follow us on Twitter, for all the latest on what appears to be the first yellow jersey in the history of the Buffalo Sabres franchise.

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  • Brendan

    You can see more of the jersey in their video teaser at icethetics’ blog: http://www.icethetics.info/blog/2013/7/12/sabres-preview-new-third-jersey.html

    • ericacrystal2

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  • Logoman

    The Sword-Peircing-B-Logo would look good on this

  • Aaron

    Not normally a fan of yellow jerseys, but this looks very classy.

  • Tyler

    This is what I have seen:
    -In Blue, thin font, it says BUFFALO above the circle logo.
    -The shorts are Dark Blue, with the New Buffalo between the sword logo. so(this is a sword) o–Buffalo—-
    S A B R E S
    -Nice Dark Blue Shoulder areas
    -Collar is Blue, and Silver towards the bottom.

    It looks extremely retro and it looks really really good

  • bc puckett

    Another candy-ass uniform. Anything for a buck.

  • Luke Dzikiy

    Like it but I would rather see the alternate old school lettering of Buffalo of the 2010-2011 season just saying Buffalo.

    • Aaron

      Yeah, that would look very classy eh?

  • Ok now what


  • KGSG

    is that the old jersey !!!

    • Aaron

      Sure looks that way. At least if this jersey comes into fruition, it would be with their actual logo, and not their Buffaslug logo. Please see mid 1990’s-early 2000’s Bruins bear jersey. Or not.

  • 54321

    Trying to visualize 5 of those skating around on white ice… not working for me.

  • Jeff Young

    I don’t think there is any need for the Sabres or any other team to feature a “third” jersey. I like the Sabres jersey’s the way they are.

    • Aaron

      So do I, but the only change I would make on all the sabre jerseys is get rid of the grey armpit designs. Not needed. The piping can go too.

  • Doug


  • ingmar66

    Should be interesting, There are not too many yellow jerseys in the NHL and if Sweden can look good in yellow and blue (and I think they do), then so can the Sabres.

  • Chad

    Gross. They need to make the third sweater the black and red ones that they arguably had their best years in (if you argue conflicting color scheme, look at the Pens donning blue throwbacks that don’t tie in with their current yellow and blacks), and then they need to fix their primary sweaters so they are the PROPER COLORS; royal blue and gold, not navy blue and orange, not to mention add shoulder patches that they are desperately lacking.

    This is what our sweaters should look like:


  • Bryant

    They look like the Predators