Big XII will have a new logo in 2014

Written By:  •  Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Big XII might only have ten teams, but that has not stopped them from advancing their brand of roman numerals as the Big XII has unveiled a new logo for the conference that will be used starting in 2014 and beyond.

The color scheme of red, white, and silver is retained, although silver has been reduced and black has been completely eliminated.

The new logo itself definitely feels a bit more streamlined, even if it looks a little bit like a building you’d see in Ancient Greece. But other than that, it’s a nice upgrade.

The current logo will be retired after this coming season, gone will be the strangely crimped banner.

What are your thoughts on the new look for the Big XII? Upgrade? Downgrade? Lateral move? Be sure to let us know!

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  • Ryan



    great change

  • Andy

    Big improvement but still nothing special.

  • Ok now what


  • 54321

    Big 10, Big 12, are clown names to me.

    Pac 12 gets it.

  • Allan W.

    Definite upgrade. Now raid a couple schools from the new AAC to make the Big12 name make sense.

  • Warrior48

    I really think this is an upgrade, and still retaining the Big 12 name separates it from the Big 10.

  • Kyle Owen

    I like it, but it should have the sreamer in front like it used to.

  • Mykroscopic

    upgrade. Fits better with all the high-tech looking jerseys hitting the scene. They should tighten up the logo/text gap though. C’moooonn Maaaaan!

  • jtdddd94

    The University of Houston released their new uniforms for the 2013 season today to match their switch to the big east/AAC. Just wondering if you’re going to showcase the new threads.

  • Ben

    Feels too much like a SuperBowl logo.

  • Ashly

    Tapout designs a conference logo…

  • Kosmomiles


  • Techsan

    This looks too much like the AAC’s logo?

  • Joseph Newell

    i like the old one

  • Dante

    It’s an upgrade, for sure. The last one was awkward. The misnomer is annoying, though. Get some more teams or create a new name like other conferences.

  • Dante

    The last one was awkward. The misnomer is annoying, though. Get some more teams or create a new name like other conferences.

  • Tony

    I really want to see school specific applications and how the logo will look in practice. I wonder if there will be alternative logos with school specific color schemes a la Big Sky conference. I would have preferred a more classic looking logo but perhaps this will give the Big 12 a chance to reinvent itself again in the near future (end of the current grant of rights agreement perhaps).

  • Glen

    Anyone else see the big arrow pointing backwards in the middle of the logo? I would have thought they would have found a way to hide it.

  • Brett2814

    Looks like a TAPOUT logo.

  • ericacrystal2

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  • Dancing Bobcat

    Looks like XO to me. A hug & kiss to you too, Midwestern college teams.

  • Max

    Ancient Rome. Roman Numerals.

    • Elijah Summerdrum

      The Greeks borrowed it from the Romans.