Marlins’ Grey Jersey, Orange Cap Will Not Be Worn in 2013

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If you ran out and purchased the new Miami Marlins road grey jersey or the alternate “red-orange” cap following their unveiling prior to last season, well, you might want to sit down… The Marlins will not be wearing either throughout the 2013 season.

Responding to an email SportsLogos.Net sent to the Marlins, Matt Roebuck the team’s Director of Media Relations told us that both the grey jersey and red-orange cap would not be worn and that the decision was made prior to the season.  The team wanted to set the uniform combinations for the season and both those options didn’t make the cut.

“The red-orange cap and gray jersey will not be worn this year; prior to the season it was determined we would not wear them as part of the uniform combinations this season.” – Marlins Director, Media Relations Matt Roebuck

The Marlins, true to their word, have not worn either the grey jersey or orange cap during the 2013 season — they’ve instead opted to have their black alternate jersey take the place of a regular road uniform and only wear the all-black cap for all games home and away.

For those wondering, the Marlins last wore their road grey jerseys on September 25, 2012 for a game in Atlanta.  Braves fans might remember that game best for Freddie Freeman’s playoff clinching walk-off home run in the bottom of the 9th.

A photo from the last time the Marlins wore their standard road grey jersey – September 25, 2012

As for the orange caps, they’ve been mothballed for over a full calendar year now, making their last in-game appearance on June 7, 2012 – coincidentally also in a game in which the Braves came back late for a big win.  I’m sensing a theme here.  Apparently the Braves are Miami Marlins uniform killers.

It’s been so long since the Marlins wore this cap that their last starting pitcher to wear it is Mark Buehrle, who’s been gone from the team for over 8 months. Here’s Mark wearing it during it’s final appearance on June 7, 2012.

Despite their unofficial departure from the Marlins rotation — both the jersey and cap are still listed as the official road and alternate cap in the Marlins 2013 MLB Stylesheet — they are available for purchase on the shop, the cap here and jersey here.

As we discussed at the All-Star Break, the Marlins have seen an unusual improvement in their performance when wearing their orange alternate tops at home, posting a .700 winning percentage over 10 games – compared to a percentage of .375 in anything else at Marlins Park.  You can see the full breakdown of the Marlins uniforms and their record in each here.

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  • Glad to see that they’re wearing the orange jerseys more often and the gray jerseys less often (as in not at all. Good riddance to that jersey), but seeing the orange hats go away is the worst. That hat is easily in my Top 5, and it’s a shame to see that it’s gone from the field.

  • Marty

    Are they the only team in MLB currently not to have a gray road jersey?

    • mike koloski

      the Yankees still wear gray away uniform redsox wear gray only on Friday or special days they wear the red or blue

      • bc puckett

        Actually the Red Sox wear gray on the road every day but Friday when they wear blue tops except this past week in Baltimore. They wear red tops at home on Fridays.

        • Aaron

          As mentioned before, the Red Sox are one of those teams who should never wear coloured alternates. Although I like their navy alternates better than their red alternates.

    • Chris Creamer

      Yes, they’re the only MLB team to not wear their grey road jersey throughout the 2013 season — they still “officially” have a road grey jersey, they just aren’t wearing it.

  • F19

    Now get rid of the rest of their awful uniforms and their in business!


      Hey F19, it’s THEY’RE.

      • Dawson

        no it actually is their

        • Justin

          No, it’s ‘they’re’ as in ‘they are’… ‘their’ implies possession… wouldn’t make sense in that sentence.

          • Justin

            I re-read the sentence… and the first ‘their’ is used correctly, it’s the 2nd ‘their’ that is the issue.

  • Jonathan

    They did wear their grey jerseys once this year, but it was the camo Memorial Day jersey. They’re so much better than the black jerseys.

    • Chris Creamer

      They’ve worn grey twice this year but neither were the standard road jersey. Grey Camo in May and Grey 50s throwback last week.

  • Dylan

    So what are they going to wear next year in the All-Star game when the NL is on the “road” in Minnesota. Will they wear the black or gray jersey?

    • James

      They only said it was for the 2013 season. Things may change come next season.

  • Dan

    They should just make a complete switchover to those sweet throwbacks they had. That cartoon marlin with the bat was classic. Bring those back permanently

    • Aaron

      Exactly my point. Now with those jerseys, change the royal blue to marlin blue or teal, change the orange to a yellow-orange (to set them apart from the Giants, Orioles and Astros) and a darker teal or black teal as and accent colour. And put pinstripes on the home version. The red-orange looks an awful lot like the three mentioned teams. At least if it’s a yellowish-orange, the Marlins can keep the sunshine them. Better idea, Marlin blue or teal, dark or black teal as the main colours, the yellow-orange as the secondary accent colour. Put the cartoon marlin somewhere on the cap.

    • Jeff Young

      I agree. The Marlins would be much better-off to going back to the color-scheme and uniforms they had in the past. I always liked those much better than what they have now. I also liked their old logo a lot better than their current one.

  • Aaron

    While they’re at it, they might as well just scrap the white home jerseys the rest of the season and stick with orange at home and black away. Makes sense, they wear those two jerseys the most these days.

  • Nick

    Orange hat I can see not using…way to bright…ugly. But the grey jersey they are nit gonna wear? That’s horrible..Baseball is you wear your whites (or creams if your My Giants) and Road greys, I don’t know why or when that changed….all these alternate jerseys make a team look like they should be playing slow pitch softball…not Pro at all! Lose the colors those jerseys are for fans. BTW, I hate the Giants orange jerseys…weak…..

  • tom

    just dump em all…………go back to the previous sets

  • Nate

    I’m in no way a Marlins fan but Im a fan of their rebrand. I like how the Marlins use their orange tops as part of their sunday sets. The black alt would be fine as a home and away day game alt. But their home whites and road grays look really good and wish they wore them on more of a regular basis. As far as the orange caps go I think if they paired them with the home whites only that would be fine.

  • tom

    love the spiderwebs chris

    • Chris Creamer


  • Brian

    So does this mean they still could go back to them in 2014? I hope not. I know it’s only been two years but Miami’s uniforms are horrible. They should bring back their Florida unis and just change the color scheme. Those were solid uniforms.

    • Chris Creamer

      They could come back in 2014, hell they could even come back tomorrow if they changed their mind

    • Aaron

      Only the previous uniforms would say Miami. I think when both the Sabres only used the Buffaslug logo for 2-3 years before completely going back to their original and same goes with the Long Island Fish Sticks logo. If the logo ( which i don’t mind that much) stays but with the original colours, I’d be okay with everything. I’m partial to orange as long as it’s an outline secondary colour.

  • Jonathan

    Do you think the Mets black jerseys are in the same place? Still “active” but haven’t been worn all year.

    • Aaron

      I doubt it.

    • Chris Creamer

      Correct, the Rockies also with their black sleeveless jerseys

      • ColoradoBlogger

        Hey, could you double check on that for me? I went on a Coors Field tour recently and the guide said the black jerseys were retired permanently. Just curious….the black jersey was always my favorite, dating back to the 2007 Rocktober run. It’s kind of sad to see them gone.

    • Hossman

      The Mets have their Black hat and shirts listed as official but never wear them,it’s a shame they sell them at full price.

  • MiK

    So odd. I wonder why they decided to exclude the greys. Looks much nicer than the black alt with those hideous orange numbers. But it is the Marlins….

    Glad they wrote back to you!

    • Aaron

      Maybe if the word Miami was in black, just like the home whites, the grey uniforms will make a comeback.

  • Jack

    The best way to look at it is that when you’re at home you wear white pants and on the road you wear grey pants. Whatever top and hat you wear is up to the team.

  • DvDr

    Baseball teams should only wear white at home and grey on the road. Those softball jerseys make the game look amateurish…but seeing the Marlins overall record, that’s about right.

    • Aaron

      While I understand the concept behind them, I believe it. Especially when two teams face each other wearing coloured jerseys. Makes me think that I’m at a spring training game. There’s some that look nice and others which look awful. Certain teams can get away with it. But teams like the Red Sox, Cardinals, Yankees, Phillies and Dodgers should never wear them. Why? Survey says Sacriledge!

  • El_Kaiju

    Anyway the Marlins can retire themselves as well?

  • Nathan English

    Gray sucks but the orange hats were cool

    • Aaron

      The orange hats were cool. All the more reason they should’ve been their main home caps.

  • Jed

    Can this organization as a whole be any more backwards than what they already have come to the last few seasons time? They just lost their hitting coach as well today. The team is an embarrassment and should be contracted, seek out new ownership or just move them, but because that new stadium got built for them, can’t see the third option happening anytime soon. They desperately need to seek an entire new ownership group and marketing department to fix these problems they’re having down there in Miami. It’s a disaster on and off the field and Professor Kelp should step in and remove Loria and do just like what he did to McCourt and the Dodgers mess.

  • InsaneFisherman

    Black uniforms suck!

    They create logos with all of these beautiful, bold colors in them (teal, orange, red-orange, silver) but when it comes to hats and uniforms they settle on…black! Really creative guys.

    Perhaps trying to appeal to the Gangsta/Biker Gang/Goth crowd because the Marlins and their ownership are just so totally anti-establishment. Fight the power! Buy black Marlins jerseys!

    The fish were wearing their old Florida Marlins alternate black jerseys all the time in the last several years as well. Same crappy uniforms for the same crappy bargain basement franchise.

    • Aaron

      Especially for a team that plays in a hot climate. As said before, the Marlins should limit their colours with marlin teal, dark teal, yellow-orange. Either silver can be there or make the yellow-orange metallic.

  • Nick Lineback

    Beg me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t a team that wears a similar color as a main jersey, i.e. Diamondbacks alt black, Pirates alt black, etc etc yada yada force the team to wear their grey uniforms? Because the MLB tends to not allow teams w/ similar colors of the main jersey play on the same field at the same time. That’s what I understood I guess. Again, maybe I’m wrong.

    Kinda goes along with an All-Star Game, I’m pretty sure they’re not allowed to wear anything but road greys and home white’s due to the nature of it being the only color each and every team has as a main jersey color. Think about how crazy it would be if everyone had their alternate tops on (think about how many teams have more than one alternate top) and only wore grey / white bottoms. It would be fun, but crazy all the same.

    • Aaron

      I’m guessing the same rule applies when the teams play in the World Series. If it doesn’t, it should.

    • Chris Creamer

      And that’s when they wear their orange jersey

    • Danya

      MLB teams wearing the same color jersey in a game isn’t unheard of. It’s happened a few times in recent years. No real reason not too, it’s not like there is really a danger of players being confused about who is on what team (unlike, say, in football).

      • Aaron

        Then the casual fans might get confused.

  • ralph

    If they can’t wear gray next year and in the future, perhaps take out the gray pants as well. When was the last time an MLB team wore a pant color other than gray and white?

    • Chris Creamer

      Toronto Blue Jays had powder blue pants as an alternate from 2008-10, Padres wore khaki pants on the road from 2004-10

    • Aaron

      I think the Cleveland Indians had a blue jersey red pants combination back in the early-mid 1970’s. Hey maybe the Marlins should do something like that, orange tops black bottoms at home and black tops orange bottoms on the road. LOL. Only in Miami, but I’m surprised the Astros didn’t do that in the 1970’s.

  • Jimmy

    Wow, the Marlins are just such a disaster, I for one am not a fan of their uniforms, but if I were to get rid of a jersey, it would be the home white jersey. I hate any home jersey that says the city or state name on the front. Texas started that in 2009, also am not a fan of the black Marlins alternate, it’s just nothing special. I like the orange and grey jersey. As a baseball fan, I hope the Marlins are sold eventually and they return to their original colors and logo in a new modernized Miami Marlins edition, pinstripes at home too. The Marlins had a unique look going, including two World Series titles.

    • Aaron

      Sell them to Mickey Arison (Miami Heat owner). He seems to know what he’s doing and his team plays almost right next door.

  • Aaron

    Like the spider web/attic effect. Maybe use that concept on all the empty seats at Marlins Park.

  • Aaron

    In fact during the 1980’s, the Cubs didn’t even have a gray road jersey. Just their blue road jerseys, which I think personally should become their new alternates for the road only, but modernized with button front and the walking cub and C combo logo on the sleeve and their main main on the front. The Astros from the late 1980’s-early 90’s road jerseys looked like their home jerseys which made it confusing on baseball cards.

  • Ben in LA

    I actually like how the orange cap looks with the gray jersey. Too bad neither will be worn this season…

    And I agree…the city name should be on away jerseys only!

  • Aaron

    Also in the 1970’s, the Oakland A’s rarely ever wore white or gray jerseys (if at all). They mainly wore green and gold jerseys at home and on the road.