Detroit Tigers go Spanish for ¡Fiesta Tigres!

Written By:  •  Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Detroit Tigers will don Spanish-language jerseys for their game tonight against the Chicago White Sox as a part of their 8th annual ¡Fiesta Tigres! Celebration.

1960 Detroit Tigers home uniform, tonight’s Fiesta jersey will NOT have front numbers

Based heavily off of the Tigers’ one-year home jersey style from 1960, the uniform will read “Tigres” across the front instead of “Tigers” as they wore in ’60… Dyslexic Tigers fans everywhere will think this is nothing more than a simple Turn Back the Clock game.

Front and back of the Detroit Tigers Spanish-language jersey being worn tonight (Aug 3)

In addition to the special jerseys, as part of the ¡Fiesta Tigres! celebration current Tigers players with Hispanic or Latino heritage will be honoured, live mariachi and salsa will be performed, a décor of flags from Spanish-speaking countries will be adorning the ballpark along with photos of past and present Hispanic and Latino Tigers players. There will also be a fireworks show following the game.

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  • burgundy

    Me gustan.

    • Warrior48

      Si! Es classico!

  • Mr. F

    I get the impression that this started as a typo and they ran with it.

  • Aaron

    Survey says: Looks like the Padres!

  • RB

    Well, it appears that they changed their minds about the numbers on the front! Numbers are there and the Tigres are winning! Ole!

  • Ryan p

    Will these be for sale?

  • Steve Balog

    Go Tigres – we too noticed that numbers appeared on front of uniform tonight

  • Shannon

    The jerseys DID have numbers on the front on Saturday.

  • rafterman

    tigres? it could also be french-canadian night. i get kind of bored with the latin nights. i want to see some asian nights. jerseys with kanji or hangul would be pretty awesome…i’m lookin at you seattle, LA

    • Chris Z.

      That would be very cool.

  • Donna


  • John

    I am a little taken aback about the Dyslexic Tigers fan remark, Dyslexia is not something to be made light of. I have a niece who has overcome it for the most part but she was made fun of by all the kids in her school.

  • John T

    Tigres, is also the exact French translation for Tigers. Also, it could be easily be a French heritage night, because Detroit is a French name (Détroit) meaning “where the river is narrow” in Native language, and was founded by a old French explorator. There is still many city/streets names with a French “descent” in Michigan and in the great lakes area.

    • Chris Z.

      Yes, but they explicitly said it was a Latino heritage night. Not arguing that you are wrong with the French translation thing, just that the Tigers said that it was Latino heritage they were celebrating, not French. 😉

  • Hancock

    Is this really nescessary? How comes, whenever some heritage night is celebrated, they only celebrate Hispanics? What makes them better than others? How about Irish heritage nights, or German? … Ah wait, Irish are all just drunk cobolds and all Germans are nazis, of course.

  • Nichole

    Is there any way to buy these?