Phoenix Suns Unveil New Uniforms, Sleeved Alternate

Written By:  •  Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Phoenix Suns unveiled their newest uniforms, the 4th major change in team history, during an event unbelievably late for this sleep-deprived father of a newborn living on the east coast.

New home uniform wordmark for the Phoenix Suns

The “energetic” new look includes three uniforms, a white home, purple road, and orange alternate.  As we mentioned in our “What We Know” post, the uniforms all feature the team name going diagonally up from left to right across the front of the jersey.  “Suns” on the home and alternate, “Phoenix” on the roads.

The new purple road uniforms feature 9 “speed lines” beside the number

New roads, courtesy @Suns

Below the team name is a new feature, “speed lines” as was described during the event, nine of them to represent the nine members of the Suns’ Ring of Honor. The speed lines are to the right side of the player number, somewhat (but not really) reminiscent of the old shooting-sun basketball look of the mid 1990s.

Front and back of the new Phoenix Suns home uniform for 2013-14

A much better shot of the new home uniform, courtesy @Suns

The big reveal, which we weren’t expecting, was that the new orange alternate will be a sleeved jersey, like a t-shirt, and will feature the Phoenix Suns bird logo on the sleeve — kinda like a sleeve patch on a baseball jersey.  This alternate uniform will also have all orange shorts, creating a head-to-toe orange uniform.  The only one in the NBA.

This new orange, sleeved alternate uniform will be worn for every Friday home game throughout the season, the Suns join the Golden State Warriors as the only teams to have a sleeved jersey in the league.

Phoenix Suns new sleeved orange alternate uniforms with sleeve patch

Courtesy @Suns

There are a couple of intentional homages which were thrown into the design of the new look, the diagonal script is a tribute to the 1990s team uniforms while the sunburst logo on the sides of the shorts are a nod to the original uniform design of the 60s and 70s.

Retro-inspired sunburst logo, on the sides of the bottom of the shorts

New road wordmark, diagonal like the 1990s uniforms

And yes, we apologize for the quality of some of the photos in this post (no, they weren’t taken with a potato) this is the best we could get at this time.  We will update with higher quality as we get it.

The complete history of Phoenix Suns uniforms all up there on one stage

Early reaction appears to range from “underwhelming” to “it’s better than the Pelicans”… what do you think?  Have your say in the comments.

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  • Lifelong Suns fan. I get what they were trying to do, but, really, the 90s set just needs a couple of tweaks to be an everyday set for the rest of their history. These look a bit sparse. Not enough purple on the home jerseys; not enough of anything on the away jerseys. MC Hammer would’ve looked great in those sleeved alternates.

  • Andrew

    I love the purple. I don’t like the rest at all. Especially the sleeved one. Sleeves have no business being in the NBA.

  • Scheherazade

    Wow……These are so underwhelming. Way to botch what could have been a great uniform…..

  • Steven

    The new uniforms looks like the Iowa Energy of the D-League.

  • I am heartbroken for Suns fans. I was so proud of what Mr. Colangelo let our NBA Creative Services group run with back into 1992-93 with the introduction of the bursting Suns logo and uniforms. Those designs really broke the mold and allowed us to experiment with some very radical designs through the ’90’s… This new look is just a smorgasbord of disconnected part and pieces. Sad night in the desert.

    • Burmy

      Tom, As a Suns fan, I appreciate that I’m not alone in wanting the sunburst…

      Hopefully soon they’ll see the error of their ways and get it RIGHT whenever the NBA allows them to.

  • Justin

    About as bad as expected, there are some promising elements but the set is inconsistent, the ‘SUNS’ script is too large, the “speed lines” are stupid as is the line on the back. A few tweeks and this could be a good set.

    And I am with everyone else, in hatred of sleeved uni’s.

  • I still miss the OG uniforms, not to mention the 90s version they wore in the finals. The regular home and road look okay, but that sleeved jersey is thumbs down with me. I realize it’s a major change I might have to get used to though.

    I hope my Lakers don’t EVER introduce sleeves…keep it traditional, fellas…

    • Dave Nels

      The sleeve jerseys don’t make too much sense to me, this ain’t soccer! And I hate to break it to ya but the Lakers just announced they’ll be wearing sleeved jerseys this season with their white uniforms. lol

  • It’s not too bland, it has an alternate that doesn’t say “PHX” (which is moronic to begin with), and it gets rid of the grey from the last one. 8/10.

  • M. Quinn

    So, the purple isn’t entirely gone…

  • Justin

    There is good news for my fellow Suns fans…

    We will save $70-$260 by not having to buy one of these stupid jerseys! Thanks Suns Management!

  • Dean

    Purples are good. Whites are plain. Alternates are fine except for the sleeves. But the question remains…how can one jersey be purple and the other two not have even a hint of purple trim?

    • Exactly.

    • Aaron

      They wouldn’t be first team to pull it off. The Detroit Tigers do that with orange only being on their road jerseys and white and navy at home and the opposite is true with the Padres home whites and road greys with a splash of sand only being on their homes. And the Red Sox Yankee knockoff road uniforms! And take a look at the New York Football Giants road whites. Other than the logo underneath the collar and one of the lines on the pants and helmets, try to spot a shade of blue on those.

  • Rob S

    The new wordmarks look fine, kinda of like them. The home jersey looks ok. may have to give them more time to decide. Not sure about those speed lines, they look out of place, especially on the road jerseys. I absolutely hate the orange alternate jersey! Overall a little disappointing.

  • Nick

    What is the deal with the sleeves? Golden State did it first…and it was Horrible, now the Suns…basketball Jerseys are supposed to be sleeveless…..but I shouldn’t be surprised basketball has some of the worst logos and uniforms of the Big 4 in sports! Terrible!

  • Baller4Life

    The purple one is cool looking put would probably be better if it was black.

    • Baller4Life

      They’re definitely better than the Nets and Pelicans news set of unis though.

  • Jed

    Very disappointed at these jerseys, especially the awful alternate orange one they have with the sleeves on them. They seriously should have gone back to the early 1990s versions, which were a lot nicer and cleaner.

  • Damon Selman

    I know that Robert Sarver gotten federal bailout money, but sheesh. The jerseys look cheap. They look like a four year old clearance sale t-shirt from Wal-Mart. Take that back, most Wal-Mart shirts look way, way better and are a better value than these $70 dollar monstrosities, especially the orange one. Would you even spend $20 to get the a jersey tee that looked this bad. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

  • alex

    pure crap ! where is the sun, like in the 90´s ………..those previous pics was one big tease,

  • alex

    i would like to see some good pics of the shorts !

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    I love them, the orange sleeve Alt is alright, better than Golden State’s and love the 90s feel to them.

  • Patrick McReary

    *Purple jersey is pretty good actually. Not too overtly detailed yet not boring like the Pelicans.
    *The away though could use a nice touch of black and purple. Seriously.
    *No sleeves. Please.

    Kinda disappointing. If they re-branded with black, why not redesign the black unis of the 90s?

  • ingmar66

    FAILURE with capital letters. They really messed up everything: the techno font, the stupid speed lines, the absence of purple in the home uniforms, the horrendous stripe on the backside of the shorts, no logo on the back of the shirts but that ugly, misshapen S on top of the shorts, the sleeved orange set from hell. It makes the final picture of this article even more painful to watch: to see a good uniform sliding down over the years after the nineties. Well done, NBA and adidas (drenched in sarcasm)! I pity the Suns fans. I pity all NBA fans with the current trend in cut and not very craftily pasted new uniforms. Please have adidas removed from the NBA by some obscure infringement by a foreign state law, the Bavarians should really stick to designing ugly soccer uniforms!

  • These are terrible. So much worse than Brooklyn and New Orleans (which I like). The speed lines or sunburst lines are unimpressive.

  • Aaron

    The whole set generally looks good. The sunburst would look nice around the player’s numbers in the front, but I like the sun rays affect towards them though. Wish there was more purple on the white and orange uniforms, but I’m glad purple isn’t gone. As for the sleeved uniforms, well at least they don’t look like the spandex look the Warriors have.

  • Nick

    Three observations:

    1) Cannot stand the sleeved jerseys. They look like tee shirts. From a distance, a player wearing one looks like an average guy in a tee shirt and gym shorts. Stop this trend immediately.

    2) The jersey design itself is too much in the middle in that it’s not simple enough, yet it’s not complex enough. The sun rays leading into the numbers aren’t visible enough. I would say just getting rid of them would make the jersey look better. Or, alternatively, beef them up a bit to make them appear like less of an afterthought. They’re just not doing anything for me on the design.

    3) The black numbers on home jersey should be purple. I’m okay with using some black on the collar or as an accent color, but not as prominently as the numbers. It just looks out of place.

    • Aaron

      Keep the sun rays, but yes beef them up a notch. And for sure the numbers on the home/alternate orange uniforms should be purple. The purple jerseys look great, but the sun rays could be a combo of orange and white or just orange.

  • F19

    My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

    I’ll give ’em points for trying, but this is a miss. These need more prominent trim to make the modern design they have on the front work. They look like those Walmart jerseys that don’t have all the details as a real one if you know what I mean.

    And the sleeves – I had hoped they would get better as new teams introduced them. Not yet. Golden State’s sleeved number is better by a wide margin(except for the shorts that don’t match).

  • S. Tom P.

    Bledsoe’s expression in the first photo just about sums it up for me.

  • Colin Turner

    These aren’t all that bad. Except for the sleeved jersey. That should be burnt somewhere

  • Brody J.

    I fail to see how these look any better than the ones from the early 90s or even the Tom Chambers and KJ era ones in the 80s.

  • 54321

    Strange- the teasers were so great all this time & now they end up being WalMart brand unis. Oh well, to each their own.

    As for sleeves, I have no problem with NBA uni sleeves so long as NBA starters are wearing arm & leg length bandings- I guess David Stern could always mandate those things to be colour coordinated with unis… Dwight Howard would look like a red menace lol.

  • 54321

    MLSE hope they’re reading these comments & elsewhere- if they rebrand the Raptors, do not go on the cheap like New Orleans or Phoenix!!

  • Nathan English

    At least they match the court now!

  • Mr. F

    I’m just glad that there’s not any micro-text like the Pelicans. The speed lines look incomplete though. Maybe if the kept the circle running underneath the number and added a few sunbursts there. The team name is not the speedlines after all. If the orange jersey was a standard sleeveless one with purple trim, it would be the best of the set. Looks too casual with the plain sleeves.

  • Dave

    At first, I was very upset about these. I didn’t like the way they look, and the orange sleeved jerseys make them look like prisoners out on work detail. Then after thinking about it for a while, I realized that the team is so horrible, I won’t be watching them anyway.

  • Luke Dzikiy

    I like the home and the road uniforms but the alternates need purple in it, it has too much orange.

  • Micah

    The 2010’s is starting to feel like a very bad decade visually for the NBA. Maybe even worst than the 90’s.

    • ingmar66

      You hit the nail on the head. Uniform-wise we live in a sad era as far as the NBA is concerned. I guess not too many people will pine for a Motor City, Pelicans or Suns throwback from 2013 in 10 years time.

  • I was surprised to see so many negative comments about these. I love the “SUNS” script, and the unis look great.

  • Justin

    EVERYTHING IS ALL BUNCHED TOGETHER! It Really bothers my eyes.

  • Steve

    What a missed opportunity, The home and road unis are ok, but the sleeved alternate is just horrific!! They could have at least designed a black version with orange and purple trim alla the 90’s black jersey.

  • alex

    when will we see better pics, chris ? ………i would like to see some good shots of the shorts

  • Damon Selman

    Doesn’t it two years for a NBA uniform to be approved. It would have taken me two seconds to decline the orange one.

  • Aaron

    I think a white outline around the player’s numbers would make the purple jerseys pop.

  • After letting the dust settle on the new Suns uniforms, Phoenix basketball fans are NOT happy. It’s obvious that the Suns efforts to modernize the1992-93 bursting sun jersey were in vein. Uniform design is often a collaborative process, however at some point professional designers must manage the process to ensure of a positive end result. The designers at Adidas got caught up in the fabrication game instead of the design appeal game, and so what you have is a series of disconnected parts that do not present a cohesive identity for the new Sun’s identity. Different number fonts? This does not work. Negative spaces that don’t allow the streaking lines to resonate on the front of the jerseys?Misplaced design elements on the front of the uniform are too low on the player’s body these are all tragic mistakes. These are mistakes made by the NBA Outfitting Group. They have pre-existing templates with safety area measurements uniform to ensure graphic elements don’t slip too low and become tucked into the shorter players belts which is just inexcusable.

    I’m very surprised at the lack of design integrity— the lack of production execution— and the overall inability for Suns management to listen to fans request to go back to the 1992-93 blazing sun jersey. Suns management should take the designers and the NBA outfitting group to task and asked him what went wrong?

  • Nick

    It really wouldn’t take much to make this a winning set – ditch the sleeves, and introduce purple into the home and alternate and they’ve got a winner. I like most of the new elements they’ve put in (typeface, shorts logo, speed lines next to the number etc.).

  • They took all the unattractive parts of the 90s uniforms and dumbed them down. Impressively tacky looking.

  • Someone

    The jerseys are fine really. At least better than those Pelicans and Nets (bummer). But a couple of changes. First of all, where the heck is the purple on the home and alternate unis. If you don’t put purple on those, why bother with the away one. Second, the lines look cool, but I think that putting the streaking sun behind the number would be pretty cool. Right now it looks pretty dull. That’s basically all for the home and away unis. The alternate one, I would prefer not to have the sleeved ones because it makes it look like a soccer team. Also the suns alternate eagle logo, i dunno, just scratch it, looks like MLB idea. Also, the pants need a bit more design or symbol. The jersey is ok, but again the streaking sun behind the number.

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