Notre Dame adds “Fighting Irish” Wordmark Inside of Collar

Written By:  •  Friday, August 16, 2013

As we have seen with the unveiling of various alternate uniforms and tweaking of their away jerseys, even a tradition-laden blueblood such as Notre Dame is not immune to the craziness that is the current scene of college football uniforms. Although they’ve saved most of the craziness for their Shamrock Series alternate uniform, they’ve made a bit of a slight tweak to their uniforms.

As tweeted by @NDonNBC and shown here

As you can see, it’s a very small change, but one that’s part of a growing trend within football, and one that definitely carries on the spirit and tradition of the Fighting Irish’s proud football program.

What’s your take? Is this bit of needless clutter or a nice, classy addition for the Irish?

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  • S. Tom P.

    I wonder if ten years from now we will look back on texture the same way we now look back on teal from the 90’s.

  • Is the jersey purple or something?

  • KGSG

    annnd what !!! is that going make them 1# or win National champion because they put fightn’s irish on there collar.

  • Jason

    Yea why would you post something as little as this.. Big deal

    • Sorry to hear that news of a change to a uniform on a uniform news site bothered you

      • ingmar66

        Just ignore this guy, Chris. Then he will try to get the attention he is starving for somewhere else.

  • Jason


  • Nathan English

    I like it but its not a big deal and we won’t even be able to see it on the field. It’s more for the players.

  • Nathan English

    And the texture isn’t really a big deal either…

  • rafterman

    add text inside collar
    receive SEC speed

  • ingmar66

    This is a trend that came from soccer (just like printing or stitching the team’s nickname on the outside collar).: FC Barcelona sometimes have their motto mes que un club inside their collar, Arsenal, Man City and Tottenham now and then carry their mottos inside the collar, Brazil had a nice one some seasons ago: born to play football (but then in Portuguese). Text inside the collar is not primarily aimed at players or tv viewers, but at the people who buy these jerseys: the fans. It is subtle yet playful and I like it a lot. Could be a nice trend in US sports, not only in football but in basketball, hockey and even baseball as well.