St. Louis Rams Preparing for Full Uniform Redesign

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St. Louis Rams football new uniforms history featured

The St. Louis Rams have tweaked their uniform style and colors several times in their franchise life. Looks like another instance is coming.

Executive Vice President of Football Operations Kevin Demoff discussed uniforms with Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He noted fondness for the blue and white look the rams used from 1964-1972 and the possibility for new uniforms for the Rams in the upcoming cycle.

Throwback uniforms have a 5-year cycle, where teams cannot deviate. No clue what the motivation is for that, as you’d think the league would want to sell more jerseys. But, with the Ram’s 5 year window with their royal blue and yellow throwback over after next year, an opening for redesign is coming. New designs to be worn for 2014 had to be turned in by the end of last year, and 2015 designs need to be in this December. Demoff noted that they were not far enough down to path to make this year’s cut off.

But 2016 remains in play. And not just for throwbacks. Demoff said a wholesale redesign could be likely.

 “I think at some time in the next five years, you’ll see a complete uniform — throwback and current uniform” — change, Demoff said. “I’d be surprised if we didn’t have it.”

The redesign would likely include all of the different looks the Rams wear on the field.

“One of the things we’ve talked about is if we’re gonna overhaul the current uniform, doing that in conjunction with the throwback change,” Demoff said. “So basically you unveil all of your new uniforms at the same time rather than doing it piecemeal.”

And the entire history book is open and possible for the redesign.

“I like our current throwbacks. I like our current uniform. They all have a meaning in time. We’ve talked about long-term doing a uniform re-design, looking back at the throwbacks we’re using now, or the blue-and-white, or a different hybrid. Or maybe something new and completely different.”

The Rams have used some different versions of their blue, white, and gold over their history. Most commonly, the gold has been a true yellow, and the blue was a deep royal. In 2000 the blue went to navy and the gold became metallic.

Sam Bradford forgot to remove his gold dress shirt… oh, wait, thats the terrible Nike collar design of 2012

In the 64-72 “Fearsome Foursome” era, there was no gold, only blue and white. And Demoff knows fans love this look.

Rams Hall of Fame defensive tackle Merlin Olsen

Jump into the wayback machine to 1937 when the Rams were founded in Cleveland and modeled after the Fordham Rams, and you will find their original iteration was navy and red. Without color photos, we rely on the dizzying talents of Scott Sillcox and the Heritage Sports Art blog.

All credit and much admiration to Heritage Sports Art for their rendering.

In 1938 they went to their familiar blue and yellow gold. The Ram horns were added to the helmets in 1948 when Rams’ halfback Fred Gehrke hand painted them on his own helmet. That was such a wonderful idea that they remain, virtually unchanged, to this day. And Demoff takes pains to make clear that those horns aren’t going anywhere.

Demoff tweeted:

“For those curious how often we think about uniform options, know these are the helmets I keep in my office”

All three Rams helmets, and Demoff’s alma mater, Dartmouth

So, the helmet design will stay, but otherwise, everything could be up for redesign in the Rams head office for the 2016 season.  What do you expect to see?

After much discussion on the back porch of the Sports Logos Global Network Headquarters and Hammock Shop, we think fans are almost guaranteed to see the white and blue uniform somewhere. Perhaps as the primary, with the red and navy as the throwback? More creative uses such as white and blue at home and gold away wont happen, with the single-primary helmet rule the NFL suffocates the teams with. So whatever the primary design will be, it will use the same helmet home and away.

Tell us what YOU’D like to see, or what you expect. We’ve got some time to come up with it.


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  • TylerVixmer

    The Throwback Jersey in the new colors

  • Mathieu

    Hope they’ll keep the dark blue and the gold… They have one of the best uniforms in the NFL!

  • Doug Brady

    I’m with TylerVixmer. Keep the navy and true gold, just go to a more throwback style. Have the Ram horns around the sleeves again and simplify the look a little more. They still have one of my favorite helmets in football.

  • Aaron

    As clean as the blue and white uniforms look, it would dwarf the Indy Colts too much. Luckily the Rams wear blue helmets witth the ram horn. The current Navy/Gold is nice, but I think most fans would associate this franchise more with royal blue and yellow. If the rumours about this team relocating back to LA are true, then royal blue and yellow is the way to go. At least a form of dark blue and gold would serve this team better. If they want to add white to the helmet, make the outline of the golden ram horn white.

  • Johnny

    The majority of us long time Rams fans associate the color gold with one of our most hated rivals, the San Fransisco 49ers. The obvious attempt by the Rams to minimize this color over the past several years by wearing only the white or navy pants would indicate that the franchise seems like minded in this regard. I also noticed while watching the Rams/Packers preseason game, the stadium graphics at the Ed seem to have omitted gold as well. The endzone is navy and white as is much of the signage surrounding the field.

    Just a thought

    • RamsFanatic

      I agree with you Johnny. I am married to a ‘Niners fan, and am tired of seeing the gold. Bring the yellow back!

  • RamsFanatic

    I would like to see them go back to the 81-99s – the royal blue and yellow – and use the blue and whites as a throwback. I miss seeing the ram horns on the sleeves circling the numbers. Who knows, they may bring the yellow jersey back.

    LA, STL, Timbuktu – doesn’t matter, Go Rams!

  • Nick

    Royal blue and yellow can definitely be pulled off again, as shown by the Golden State Warriors. However, the navy blue and gold is extremely sharp, in my opinion. I wouldn’t want them to change if I were a Rams fan.

  • Kieran

    Go back to the blue and yellow. July darken the blue to MATCH the helmet.

    The uniform changes will be done just in time for when they return to LA.
    Don’t discount the “updated” throwback if/when they move back home to LA.

  • The Big Guy

    If this isn’t the most obvious sign that the team’s front office is looking west to Los Angeles, I don’t know what is. It would be perfect timing for the team to move back to LA with a fresh new look.

    • Aaron

      If that were the case, wouldn’t most teams who have changed or altered colours in the past (Buccaneers, Vikings, Canucks, Mavericks) be in different cities by now. Although if the Rams ever did move back to LA, obviously the Royal blue and yellow would return as well. But then, St. Louis would likely get another team. Especially if the Ed sticks around. What else would they do with it. And I guess LA would get a second team just like New York.

      • Trent

        Lol when did the Vikings ever change colors? I didn’t realize not changing colors from 1961-2013 is considered changing colors.

        • Aaron

          I never said the Vikings changed colours. They’ve had a slightly brighter purple for the past few years. Now they’ve reverted back to the darker purple with a spit polish.

    • fasicad

      I was just going to reply “How about ‘Forum Blue’ and gold?”

    • darmund


      There is a delectable Catch-22 situation with an NFL franchise moving to LA. Godell has said that there is no way there will be a team in LA either through expansion or relocation until a stadium is actually built.

      Not blueprints.

      Not a Power Point presentation.

      Not a Youtube video.

      Not some news report showing an ‘owner’ shaking hands with a mayor and then a bunch of asshats in suits shoving shovels into a pile of dirt.

      But when a finished working stadium is 100% complete, ready for a team to roll on and play a game.

      And that’s not gonna happen until there is a team in LA.

      Which can’t happen until there is a stadium actually built and ready for play.

      As for the Rams unis, I like the white and blue helmet with white facemask.

      Oh and the uni change cycle being five years applies to ALL uniforms, not just alternates.

  • Bill A

    To me (an Eagles fan), the Rams have no “bad” look. They can’t do any wrong if they stick to something they’ve previously worn.

    • Aaron

      Especially if they won a Super Bowl with them.

  • Shark

    As close to the blue and yellow from Super Bowl XIV and the Eric Dickerson years as possible in uniform and color. Present uniforms are just boring and lost the uniqueness of what previous versions had for the sake of being “modern.” This might be in conjunction with a possible return to that locale as well where it will match up well with the UC system colors.

  • Jim Criniti

    I’ve been a Rams fan since I was 2 (I’m 35 now). Go back to the royal blue and “yellow” gold. Period! Update the design if you want, but that the color palette.

  • ingmar66

    Royal blue and yellow were always good Rams colours, so bring them back. I have always found the navy and old gold to be too much of a Notre Dame imitation. As for the helmet, why not reverse the colours? Yellow helmets with royal blue horns, Royal blue shirt, yellow pants. That is fresh!

    • Bill

      Awwww maaaaannn, you just made me barf!

      • ingmar66

        Haha! That was not my intention, but you might be right: yellow helmets might not work.

  • KDub

    Royal blue, ditch the navy. Yellow gold, ditch the metallic gold. If would love to see the royal blue & white, but I can see why they would want more color involved. I can live with the yellow.

  • Jed

    I still like the old LA Rams uniforms and helmet and remember now, there is a slight possibility they might be moving back to LA at/around 2015 if they don’t get the necessary upgrades to their facility as stated in their current lease agreement with the city, who happens to own the dome, so they could be rebranded as the LA Rams once again.

  • Gene Sanny

    Go with the white horns…. looks tougher…. make sure it has the very mask too. For sure the sleeve horns, and for the love of God ditch the dark pants. When that attrocity reared its ugly head I stopped caring about them all together…. those stripes go with nothing- pointless. All that said, my Sunday Ticket won’t land on a Fans game unless I hear they are wearing the royal/gold throwback… if I can’t have royal and white, I’ll take the royal and yellow:)

    • Gene Sanny

      Damn phone… that’s “grey” facemask and Rams, not Fans….

  • JB

    My favorite Rams unis were the Royal blue and yellow of the 80s and 90s. Their current look is very nice but a little dark and dull, especially the navy pants imo. I think it’d be sweet if they could slightly modernized the old royal and yellow and as Doug Brady mentioned bring the horns back to the sleeves, cause they added more character and were unique. I’m also really liking the idea of them wearing the red & navy as a throwback. That would even look pretty sweet with navy and yellow. Can’t wait to see what’s in store, def following this story as more unfolds.

  • Patrick McReary

    I’m curious as to what the Rams might use. I don’t think a sleak white design is out of the question. Maybe a hybrid with the white horn helmet and gold pants.

  • Pierre

    Being a die hard Rams fan, I was crushed when they moved to St.Louis. How about all white pants and jersey with a YELLOW stripe down the back. Stay the hell away!

  • Matt

    “…with the single-primary helmet rule the NFL suffocates the teams with…”

    Seriously? Are Bears, Packers, Steelers or Raiders fans “suffocated” by their team’s traditional uniforms and helmets? Heck no. What’s suffocating is the endless amount of garbage put out by NCAA teams like Oregon. When they take the field even their own fans have to wonder if it’s the Ducks or the visitors.

  • Rob S

    I am glad the NFL has a one helmet rule, although we do see different throwback helmets. College Football is So Out of Control with their myriad of helmets that it is almost turning me off of the college game! It’s like watching a bunch of clowns running around the field.

    • Aaron

      You see a few CFL teams wearing more than one helmet needlessly (Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan). If they wear more than one helmet, the second one should be limited to a throwback helmet.

  • Jeff Young

    I have always liked the Rams’ uniforms from the 1964-72 era, as they always reminded me of their great players like Roman Gabriel, Merlin Olsen and Deacon Jones. It would be cool if they went back to that look in some way in the future.

  • Greg Seher

    I like their current design, but go with the blue and yellow from before. Also they need to make sure they use a royal blue helmet, couldn’t stand how they used to have a dark blue helmet with royal blue jerseys, didn’t work.
    Here’s what I would go with:

  • Kieran

    @greg, you nailed it!

  • Patrick McReary

    A new shade of gold?

  • KevBuff

    They should go back to blue and yellow. The blue and yellow is different and not as used in the NFL. Keep the old school style blue and whites as throwbacks.

    • Aaron

      Blue and yellow is hardly ever used in any of the major leagues. Especially royal blue and yellow.

      • KevBuff

        Exactly, its so unique and its such a great color combination. But by darkening your colors your team looks sooooo much tougher.

        • Aaron

          That’s true. Perhaps that’s the reason why a lot of teams have tried adding black to their colour scheme.

  • Tim

    So the St.Louis Rams was once a Cleveland team and their team name “Rams” was inspired by a University in New York. Interesting.

    • Aaron

      Which university? I thought maybe the New York Football Giants.

  • Aaron

    I meant hardly wear blue and yellow without calling it gold.

  • Aaron

    The pro teams I know of who use blue and yellow these days are the Nuggets, Sabres, Blues, Jazz, Rays. No that it’s a rare combo, but the yellow in it is usually gold.

  • sparky chewbarky

    The blue and yellow Rams helmet is probably the nicest looking helmet EVER!
    This “change” would be a real easy one to over-do….Hope they don’t.

  • steven olvera

    Blue and yellow! I’ve been a rams fan since I was young enough to remember. The rams went through a lot of downs in those uniforms but we also got to witness them thrive and win a super bowl in those also. There’s nothing as good as the blue and yellow. My next choice would be blue and white. Personally, blue and gold looks extremely dull and boring.

  • irnmke

    Swap the yellow from the Rosenbloom uniforms for white. White face masks looked really cool, but the blue face mask on the blue helmets would TOTALLY set the white horns off!! Make the true Rosenbloom with the yellow the throwback for those.

  • Jack

    Bring back the Navy and White! it is the teams most well remembered uniform. I love the White horns. And I also think that ST L will drop gold. either that or we will have golden oregon unis

  • Matt

    The Rams helmet is by far one of the greatest and simplest helmet designs of all time. In 1949, the Rams tweaked the helmet slightly to create a serrated horn effect instead of the smooth ram horn we see today. I think this design should be considered, especially since other franchises in this modern era are tweaking their designs slightly to include more detail.

  • Ben in LA

    Save those Royal Blue and White uniforms for the return to LA.

  • Aaron

    Bring back the royal blue and yellow. But maybe this time, the numbers should be white with yellow outline. Horns on the helmet should either be white with yellow outline or vice versa.

  • Tim Chase

    I like the idea of the original Cleveland colors.

    It would be nice to move further and further away from LA as possible.

  • Royal Blue & Yellow

    The Rams should bring back the royal blue & yellow uniforms which they wore from 1973 to 2000 with the horns on the jersey sleeves, and a yellow horn on the helmet. And make it their PERMANENT uniform again!!! I always thought it was one of the best looking uniforms in the NFL. I was sick to my stomach when I caught the Rams’ first exhibition game in 2001 and saw them wearing those ugly navy & metallic gold uniforms. Those things belong in a bonfire. Also, don’t bring back the boring blue & white uniforms from the 1960’s. They look too much like the crappy ones that Penn State wears.

  • Royal Blue & Yellow

    Just a quick edit. The royal blue/yellow combination was from 1973-1999. The navy blue/metallic gold crap started in 2000. Didn’t want any anyone to think that I couldn’t keep my dates straight.

  • Topher

    I like the outlining idea floated by a poster.

    I say bring back more white and get rid of the Gold. ..IMO it should be a classic gold like what was used in back in Cleveland. It isn’t yellow and it isn’t this ugly gold. Now…Either outline a white horn with the classic gold or outline a classic gold horn with white.

    What would everyone choose? White with Gold…Gold with White?

  • Discrimihater

    I don’t feel the Rams really need to change, though I wouldn’t be opposed to anything that kept gold around in some form. Whether it be the current set recolored, a return to the 73-99 uniform, the 50s classics, anything but the blue/white crap.

  • Marshall Faulk likes Blue and Yellow

    Blue and Yellow, the 99 set.

    Maybe the only difference would be using the current set’s number fonts with the outline.

    Then it would be a throwback, but still be an update. Sorta like the 49ers did.

  • Cevin

    I think the blue and white would look the best with the new uniforms. The royal blue and gold were only good on the Reebox uniforms.

  • Caroll Bloomy

    White & blue and tell Goodell f.u.

  • Deacon75Jones

    Blue and white is the best rams uniform imo, i love the navy and gold, but those white horns look so sweet, and to the people who say they look like the colts, they don’t. Compare them if you will, but the rams blue is much darker than the colts sky blue, please bring back the rams white and blue, it’s so classic that it’ll feel fresh, and the yellow and blue can be the throwbacks, although i wouldn’t mind seeing how the red and blue looks.