Los Angeles Lakers to wear short-sleeved jerseys and black uniforms in 2013-14

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As reported earlier this summer, the NBA & adidas announced that in addition to the Warriors keeping their sleeved jersey for the 2013-14 NBA season, up to five teams would also have sleeved jerseys. One of those teams was the Phoenix Suns. In addition, plenty of teams wore sleeved jerseys during the NBA’s Summer League. It’s reasonable to believe that a team who is revamping their on-court style would prefer to hop on the sleeved jersey bandwagon. However, the latest team to hop on the bandwagon is a bit of a shock, as ESPN Los Angeles reports that the Los Angeles Lakers will be wearing sleeved jerseys for “several games” next season.

Despite the fact that the Lakers already have an alternate jersey and relatively modern uniforms, it seems a bit shocking that a team with as much history and tradition as the Lakers would choose to hop on the hottest fashion craze that is currently sweeping basketball at all levels. But, a team like the Lakers also knows that there is much money to be made off of potential jersey sales, especially if one of the most popular basketball players of all time happens to be the cornerstone of the franchise. It may be shocking that they’d go down this route, but it makes sense. Plus, unlike the situation in Oakland & Phoenix where Stephen Curry and Kendall Marshall both put themselves on the side of opposition against the sleeved jersey craze, Lakers PG Steve Nash doesn’t seem too bothered by the sleeved jerseys. Nash wore t-shirts under his jerseys during high school and college and was quoted as saying that “It’s not one of those things I’m going to lose any sleep over.”

On top of that, ESPN LA also makes note that “adidas has mocked up short-sleeve alternative jerseys for all 10 teams playing on Christmas Day.” If last year’s BIG Color promotion on Christmas Day is any indication, it would be best to expect something polarizing from adidas if they go through with turning the mock-ups into actual uniforms.

Could this be a normal sight on Christmas Day this season?

So, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think that the Lakers are going to bring a bit of class to the short-sleeve craze? Or do you think that they’ll give adidas the leeway to experiment? Also, what are your thoughts on the potential sight of seeing all 10 teams playing in Short-sleeved jerseys on Christmas Day? As always, let us know how you feel about this in the comment section below!



ESPN LA’s Dave McMenamin has updated the story above and it brings me great displeasure to report that the Lakers will be adding a black jersey. The league source reported that this is actually a part of a league-wide “City Pride” series (that brought us Detroit’s Motor City alternate and apparently Portland’s Rip City alternate as well), except we won’t be seeing “Los Angeles” or “La-La Land” on the chest. Instead, we’ll just see what appears to be a typical Lakers uniform, except for the fact that black will be the primary color.

So, what are your thoughts on this shocking development? Could this actually look good or have the Lakers finally succumbed to the epidemic of Black for Black’s Sake?

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  • Jimmy

    Horrible and it seems so forced too, the players don’t like it, neither do the fans. Nash is the first player I’ve heard to support this. I’m willing to bet Adidas paid the Lakers a lot of money to do this, they figured if they can get the Lakers on board, maybe more teams and players who accept this. I think it’s terrible, only placing an ad on a jersey would be a worse move then this. I like to know who in their right mind is gonna shell out $70-$80 for this? I would be embarrassed to wear that for free. Sleeves on a basketball jersey is so feminine. My disdain for Adidas’s fashion just hits a new low. Adidas’s garbage is already why I don’t buy a lot of NBA merchandise, I keep looking on ebay for old Nike Pistons gear, Pistons are my time, but as time goes on, their Nike gear is becoming more extinct.

    • Aaron

      Nike isn’t extinct to the NFL. I didn’t think the Lakers would ever be one of those teams wearing T-shirts in game either. Even as an alternate. I have a feeling that fad will fade just as quickly as the NHL’s Cooperalls in the 1980’s.

      • gueman

        The Cooperalls did not “fade away” they became a safety issue and the league banned them.

    • tom g

      “players dont like it” ? where do you get your information? players do support the new trend, others than steve nash. In fact, players like lebron would love to wear sleeves under the jerseys, but the NBA uniform code prohibits anything worn under the jersey that can be seen. So this new jersey with sleeves gets around that issue. Players want it, so it happened. This is a lot like in 1992 when the length of basketball shorts changed. stop being a hater.

  • Timothy Alan Reeder

    Love it, I own a couple NBA jerseys but can never wear them because Im not built like Lebron. No one wants to see my fat hairy arms flapping around, but a short sleeved jersey would solve that problem.

    • Aaron

      Here’s a way to solve that problem, wear a T-shirt underneath. You see players do that during the game occasionally and it doesn’t even look too bad.

    • Anairda

      Horrible, that’s the worse thing that I ever have seen in the history of basketball.
      Like Aron says; “wear a T-shirt underneath”. Because if you’re wearing a short sleeved jersey you are going away to see disagreeable, because for these short sleeved jersey, you’ll need to have a body like LeBron because these short sleeved jersey go beaten to the body. This short sleeved jersey are only for athletic bodies.

    • Anairda

      Horrible, that’s the worse thing that I ever have seen in the history of basketball. Like Aron says; “wear a T-shirt underneath”. Because if you’re wearing a short sleeved jersey you are going to see disagreeable, because for these short sleeved jersey, you’ll need to have a body like LeBron because these short sleeved jersey go beaten to the body. This short sleeved jersey are only for athletic bodies.

  • ingmar66

    Hahaha! Congratulations, NBA and adidas! Shameless! Disregarding tradition! Disregarding players wishes! Merging soccer and basketball, first the uniforms then the rules: starting from next season you will be allowed to kick the basketball. Kicking it into the net via the backboard is awarded 4 points. Players will be allowed to wear goalie gloves in order to catch the ball. Offside will be introduced, just a logical extension of the three second violation. Slowly the playing field will be expanded and the number of players will be increased to eleven. Corporate logos on the chest, back and sleeves. What a brilliant business plan, pampering female fans who are scared to show their armpits (and maybe a bit of their upper body underwear) and the corporate guys who are afraid to show their bingo wings. Diabolically clever! As for the black shirt from hell, that is a bonus with a wink from the demons of the NBA and Nosferatus from Bavaria.

    • ?

      How about we call it the national soccerball association (NSBL)

    • Damon Selman

      The worst part, the Lakers jerseys probably won’t be ClimaCool like soccer jerseys, thus useless for fan during summertime.

  • agege

    If those are the uniforms then the NBA is going downhill fast.

  • Jon

    Oh no. Not that. NOT BLACK.

  • Mike

    How does having a jersey….that looks like one of their current jerseys…..but just happens to be black, fall under the the category of “City Pride”?

    • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

      It may represent the gangs in LA and all the smog in LA. Congrats Lakers

      • ingmar66

        Black refers to the La Brea Tar Pits. Which should be the new name for the Lakers: The Los Angeles Tar Pits!

  • Andrew

    Three simple words. NO, NO, NO

  • alex

    F steve nash………..of course he likes it……….ever seen how many exstra jerseys, jackets and pants that fool wears when he comes out of the game

  • fufkin

    Sounds like something Jimmy Buss would do.

  • 54321

    Black?! Lakers?? LOL! I literally laughed when I read that. How the mighty have conformed.
    T-shirts are fine with me, I’m the one harping on the fact we already have a ton of the league’s players already wearing full arm & leg gear, a couple games with short sleeves ain’t no thing.

  • 54321

    “City Pride” series? Toronto here, either they’ll be wearing Huskies jerseys or everyone with #15 on the back lol.

  • “City Pride”? Do all cities have nicknames?

  • Nick


  • Mike

    here is the sneak preview of them Lakers posted on Instagram.

  • Manuel Diaz, jr.

    As a proud owner of 265+ jerseys I have to say no and yes. No because the lakers are a team deep in tradition and don’t need this kind of jersey to be noticed, and yes because I will probably buy them to add to my collection even though they will probably be ugly as hell

    • Aaron

      265+ Jerseys? Sure wish I could get my hand on such a collection and had the room for it too. Too bad over the years, they’ve jacked up the prices.

      • Manuel Diaz, jr.

        It took me a long time to get this collection. I’m very proud of it and hope to add to it. I have some a deep appriciation for both jerseys and sports and hope to show off my collection one day

  • Aaron

    If they’re going to go for this look and this goes for any team, separate the t-shirt from the jersey.

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    I’m not a Laker fan (Clipper fan), but how could a classic team like the Lakers go threw with this? I really hope sleeved jerseys die really fast cause they look horrible and why black? Show me where in the team color is black?

    • Aaron

      Why don’t you ask that same question to a majority of the college teams? IE Nebraska.

  • mark

    Is anyone else bugged by the ‘S’ in the Lakers typeface?

  • THOM

    Although I HATE the fact that these ‘sleeved ‘ jerseys exist and a ‘black’ uni might also be awful, it is smart for the NBA/ADDIDAS to have them for the LAKERS. Th ey are one of the most popular teams & of course they will probably sell like crazy. Hopefully this stays with the original 5 teams announced (whichever they all are in the end). City Pride? Really? Motor City & Rip City are good but what if it spreads to all 30 squads? Does every CITY/REGION get a new nickname just for this? I wonder what the HELL they’re thinking.

    • Aaron

      What about Lob City for the Clippers?

  • Bill

    Stupid idea, Lakers.NBA.

  • Jed

    This is just a stupid idea just for the mere sake to make an extra few bucks off the fans who are dumb enough to want to buy into this craze. The old saying goes if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it and keep it status quo. Why do the Lakers need another alternative jersey anyways? Oh, that’s right…to make even more money in the process.

  • Brian

    Sleeve on jerseys, add couple tube arm sock things that Iverson wore, a couple wrist bands, and a collar maybe. Then the NBA would accomplish covering all the players tattoos

  • ingmar66

    Let them wear three striped wetsuits plastered with advertisements! And should you pick up this idea, dear Dassler clan from Bavaria, make sure you’ll pay me a six number consultancy fee!

  • Chris

    I think the NBA should let the individual player choose if he wants to wear a no sleeve or a short sleeve shirt much like you see in soccer

  • NBA

    o no………not the Lakers!

  • SFforlife

    What a joke. This sleeved nonsense is such an obvious gimmicky, money-grubbing stunt, and it asthetically stupid on top of it. I’m a Warriors fan, but I have no problem saying their gold sleeved uni is easily one of the worst uniforms in NBA history. Truly awful. Sad (but not surprising) other teams are doing it too. And let’s not forget: a black-for-black’s-sake jersey!! For a team that’s purple and gold. Sigh… it’s just gimmicks on gimmicks. Typical NBA.

  • Julian

    I consider myself a traditionalist and the thought of a black jersey is appalling to me. However, with that said, I’ve looked around online at some photoshop jobs for black Lakers jerseys, and I have to admit, they look pretty bad-ass! In fact, they look exactly how I picture a hypothetical Pittsburgh team would look(assuming they go with the usual Pittsburgh colors of Black, White and Yellow/Gold)

    • Aaron

      I’ve seen those jerseys in person. They don’t look bad. But limited to a fashion jersey though.

  • Nathan English

    Sleeved jersey looked so bad in the summer league. They looked like cheap soccer jerseys or something. This whole thing is just a way for Adidas and the NBA to make money.

  • Sounds tacky, short-sighted and profit-hungry.

    I would expect nothing else from the NBA.

  • dex1lsp

    I really don’t mind the sleeved jerseys (I like the way my Warriors look in them), but what I hate is teams who do not have black as a traditional color wearing black uniforms. It’s a cheesy, cheap fashion marketing move. What a stupid trend. I’ve seen a couple people wearing black Warriors “fashion” jerseys around town, and it makes me wanna throw up. I really hope those NEVER appear on the court. Blue, gold, or white, please. Nothing else should be allowed. The ONLY teams that should ever wear black uniforms are the Spurs, Nets, Bulls, Blazers, Kings, Heat, T-Wolves, Magic, and perhaps the Raptors and Suns. THAT IS ALL.

    • Aaron

      Totally agree with you about those teams being the only ones who should wear black. Although several years ago, the Atlanta Hawks used black for a while and it blended well with the red and gold. At least it seperated themselves from the Rockets when they wore red and gold.

  • Ben in LA

    As stated in a reply to another comment, I already have a black Lakers jersey that just MIGHT be what they’ll wear (I hope so!). Personally, I don’t think it looks too bad; in fact I’ve received a lot of compliments on it. As long as they don’t wear it too often (say, for only Sunday road games), I’m cool with it. A pic of the jersey I have: http://thejerseyhouse.com/pic/2009551393472757.jpg

    As for the sleeved jerseys, I’ll probably get one because I’m a completest…but HELL NO!

  • Jack

    name one other team that doesn’t have black but has purple. Should look ok.

  • Jay

    I can’t believe that the Lakers of all teams are going on board with this sleeved jersey trend. I freakin’ hate the sleeved jerseys. Sleeved jerseys do not belong in the NBA.