SSM Greyhounds New, Classic, Red Wings Look Unveiled

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The Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds of the Ontario Hockey League unveiled their new team uniforms at a fan and press event in the Soo this past weekend.

Despite the name of the team, grey has been removed from the colour scheme. It had been a part of every look the Greyhounds used since 1985/86.

Grey has been removed completely from the colour scheme

“The move today to unveil our new look is a move for us to simply get back to being ourselves.  The Soo Greyhounds at their inception were red and white.  This look gets us back to that.  It is a pure, classy, and simple look.” – SSM Greyhounds GM Kyle Dubas

Mr. Dubas is spot on, the Greyhounds played their first 14 seasons wearing just red and white, and in that time the team had a teenage Wayne Gretzky on the roster who shattered the OHL record book in his brief time with Sault Ste. Marie.

The new Greyhounds white uniform is largely based on the Gretzky-era jersey, seen above

The new white jersey unveiled is basically a direct copy of the jersey the club wore during Gretzky’s years with the club, which in itself is a direct rip of the Detroit Red Wings white jersey.  The only difference between the Gretzky jersey and the new one is the addition of the four red stars above the logo.  These stars first appeared in 1981 and (except for their “let’s just completely change everything for fun!” seasons in the late ’90s) have been around ever since.

In addition to losing the grey, gone from last season is the shoulder yoke (well done).  Overall, a much improved look:

Comparing the new (right) with the old (left) white Greyhounds uniforms

For their darks, the Greyhounds just kept it consistent and went with the Red Wings red uniform.  The Greyhounds have never previously worn this style of jersey, during the Gretzky years they wore a similar version but with a white shoulder yoke.  The stars have also been added to this jersey.

Comparing the Greyhounds dark uniform from last season on the left with the new look for 2014 on the right

There was also a new alternate uniform unveiled, replacing the various black outfits the club had been using recently.  The new third is a very basic, as clean as she gets, version of the new dark uniform.  Only a white greyhound appears on the chest, the logo stripped of everything but.  No stars, slightly wider arm stripes.  The primary logo appears on each shoulder in white.  It starts to get silly on the back with the contrasting player nameplate, but overall very well done.

The alt uniform has been completely re-done; last years black mess on left, next years clean red on right

Comparing this alternate with last years it’s clear how much improved the new look is.

We’ll round this up with a shot of the back of all three uniforms only further reinforces the Detroit Red Wings style the club has adopted for 2013-14:

Not the Detroit Red Wings. That’s the new Greyhounds alternate on the far right.

The new jerseys are available for pre-order now by filling out this PDF form, the team will wear their 2012-13 jerseys for the pre-season before switching to the new look on opening night.

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  • Kurt

    The new alternate is a ton better than those blacks. I don’t find fault with any of the changes other than that I would have liked them to keep the stars on the pants. Besides that, lookin’ good.

  • Aaron

    This looks really clean and simple. I probably would’ve kept the splash of grey, but overall classic.

  • Simon

    That alternate may be the most boring thing I’ve ever seen. There’s such a thing as too simple.

  • Ryan

    The Soo Greyhounds added grey to their colours and it made the uniform more interesting. In 1996, the Greyhounds introduced a new logo and added black to their colour scheme. In 1999, the logo was dumped in order to bring back the traditional logo with minor alterations of black and grey added. In 2009, when the CHL unveiled Reebok edge jerseys, the Greyhounds had one of the best uniforms in the CHL. Now their uniforms are tarnished after the recent unveiling.

  • Aaron

    This is one of these instances where adding black or grey wouldn’t be a bad idea. But as an accent colour only.

  • ingmar66

    Agree with Aaron, make the greyhound grey or the outline of the numbers/stars. It is a little too basic now.

  • Jeff

    I’ve got to agree with the last few postings. Adding grey as an accent would have enhanced the uniform. And that alternative is just too basic and boring!!! This may one of those occurances when they should have kept the existing alternative. The new one just doesn’t stand out.

  • JeffB

    Considering the team is called the “Greyhounds” I would think a little bit of grey is appropriate. They don’t need to use lots, as others had said, but a little accent somewhere would be good.

  • Aaron

    The new alternate looks like a brighter version of the Coyotes alternates.

  • GoodsOnSabres

    I think the home and away are a step down from their jerseys last year, but I do like the alternate. I don’t like when teams just copy NHL squads.

    • Aaron

      I don’t either. You see it a lot in minor league baseball. Kind of lacks creativity and/or individuality.

  • Aaron

    And you know what’s worse, minor league teams putting their parent club’s logo on their jersey.