Sabres Horrid New Jersey Leaked By Frustrated Player

Written By:  •  Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Frustrated (like the rest of us) by the absolutely agonizingly lengthy process they’ve gone about with their new jersey teaser, Steve Ott of the Buffalo Sabres has called out his own team and went ahead and just leaked the new look himself.

The Buffalo Sabres had been posting teaser graphics for their new yellow alternate uniform for nearly two months now, the first graphic posted to their Twitter account on July 12.

Today the Sabres posted nothing more than a photo of blue jersey fabric which apparently was the last straw for Ott who eventually posted photos of himself wearing the new uniform to his Twitter account. The Sabres acknowledged the “leak” on their own Twitter account about half-an-hour later in what is very likely nothing more than a fairly clever way for the team to unveil the uniforms… Or it could have been a way to distract us all from just how horrible the new uniform is.

The new Buffalo Sabres alternate jersey, “leaked” earlier today by player Steve Ott. Yellow front, blue back.

The new jersey has a yellow front and a blue back, recalling the days of that innovative but ultimately silly Toronto Raptors road uniform of the early part of the century.  Carrying over from the back, the blue extends almost down the entire arm, around the shoulders, and even below the front collar.  “BUFFALO” is in blue below the mullet yoke*.

On the yellow front is the primary logo, we can’t see waist striping in the front pic but a shot at the back suggests there is none.  Silver dominates the last quarter of the sleeves.

Player numbers are in grey, outlined in blue and yellow, on both the sleeve and the back.  The player name appears in a rather large yellow font.

The blue back of the new Sabres alternate jersey features silver numbers, yellow name

Both the name and number are unusually large — making us wonder if the font size will be adjusted based on the length of a player name or if a number is double digits because as this mockup from our own JR Francis shows…

If Sabres prospect Mikhail Grigorenko ever tried to wear this jersey it would be a disaster of Saltalamacchia proportions

It doesn’t quite fit using the size shown here.

Not shown in this photo but previously released in a teaser graphic last month was the unique captains/alternate captains patches, an “A” or a “C” above two crossed sabres.

The previously teased captain/alt captain patches for this jersey

This alternate uniform is just the latest in a long line of Buffalo Sabres designs which show they just don’t “get it”, fans have been quite clear for years and years that they wanted nothing more than a return to their classic look of the 70s-80s-mid 90s.

When the team finally announced a rebrand to that classic look in 2006 what they got instead was the ‘Buffaslug’ (“What? You wanted blue and yellow!”); after feedback on that look was quite instant and quite clear they tried again, this time it was finally something close to the old look but still not what they craved. It incorporated the classic logo but it was sloppily outlined in silver (“it’s the 2000’s people! Everything needs silver”!), the jersey too, silver added seemingly randomly just for funs… and now this — a jersey design that would have fit in quite well in the Buffaslug era but in the complete opposite direction of what the fans have been wanting.

My brief history of the Sabres eventual switch back to their classic look

What are your thoughts?  Am I too much a stickler for tradition?  Am I failing to see some innovative, unique, brilliant design right before my eyes?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

UPDATE (Sep 5/13 10:30am ET) — The Buffalo Sabres uploaded some additional, and better quality shots of the new uniform (all of which were crested with Ott’s name and number, so, yeah, that confirms what we all thought — the “leak” was just part of the show).  Anyways, the new photos are below:


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  • Doug Brady

    Why are the yellows on the sleeve and front so different? This is so bad.

  • They legitimately tried to top the Buffaslug. Amazing.

    • Dante

      The Buffaslug is pretty god awful, buuut this jersey really could put up a tough fight with the Islanders’ black (and bruised) jersey.

  • Alan

    I think this has the potential to be passable. Hate the weird “lapels” on the collar and the amount of silver at the end of the sleeves seems too much. I’d also drop “Buffalo” from the front and blow up the primary logo a bit.

    At any rate, the back looks a lot better than the front. I like the patches too.

  • Michael Slavitch

    Man, I sure hope Steve Ott patched that atrocity together out of some old tarps and duct tape.

    • JeffB

      Steve Ott would have produced something better had he been the one putting it together.

  • that’s pretty terrible.

  • Joe

    This is just horrible. The mutli-color thing is a cool concept since alternates are supposed to be different but I’m not feeling it, but least match the yellows?! The collar’s bad too, I don’t like how they have that grey V under the NHL shield. Yeesh

  • Sigh…..

    The back is decent, the front not so much.

  • PriitJK

    The captains’ patches are really cool looking, but other than that, these are horrendous. I don’t know how Steve Ott managed to smile while they took that picture.

    • Jake

      I agreed 100%!

  • At first glance, I thought he was wearing the jersey backwards. There is A LOT going on with this jersey. Maybe take out the grey cuffs, and make the yellows the same shade. Then you’d have a start at a better sweater.

  • KDub

    I like the names & numbers, no harm there. I think the captain’s patches are SWEET. Other than that, the actual jersey part is really pretty bad.

  • steven

    When these don’t sell.. they’ll know.

  • Hutch

    Wow… That is truly horrendous.
    I hope the person that came up with this has a very special place reserved in hell for them

  • Douglas

    I like the Silver on their primary uniforms, I think it gives it a more modern look without taking away from the look. The Buffaslug was a disaster, but when they dropped that I feel they got the balance right. Granted I’m not a Buffalo fan so I can speak as to what they want/wanted, but I have to disagree with the assertion that their current look is bad/not keeping the fans in mind simply because of the use of silver.

    That being said, this is awful, the double-sided jersey idea isn’t necessarily bad but it is not executed well at all here. The 2 different shades of Gold being used for main parts of the uniform are painfully obvious (it’d be one thing if the number outline was slightly different from the jersey fabric, but giant pieces of the uniform are visibly different). The Number font is garbage, and the colors for them are equally bad (the grey looks drab, and the outline looks bad).

    The Silver lining that is clearly different from the grey fabric and yet the 2 overlap.

    This looks like something I would have designed when I was in the 4th grade, certainly not something that a professional organization would have spent a considerable amount of time designing.

  • RoccoT

    Somewhere the Buffaslug colony is breathing a sigh of relief they are no longer the worst jersey in the Buffalo arsenal.

  • Jeff

    On Ott’s Twitter posting, did he give any feedback whether or not he liked the jersey or those on the Sabres team who have seen it?? I’d like to hear the players feedback since they will be ones who will be wearing these things.

    First, I agree with some of the postings, I like the current Sabres jersey. They’ve taken the classic look of the 1970’s and modernized it. IMO, it stands out as one of the top 10 in the NHL.

    Regarding this new jersey, wow is it bad!!! I thought that we had gotten over having different colours on the front and back of a jersey. It’s like it came from one of those fan design your own uniform contest. Too much of the grey/silver for my liking. The fonts are strange. The only part I like is the sylized A & C.

  • Go home Sabres, You’re Drunk.

  • Moonshine

    The Buffalo Sabres logo is one of the best logos in all of sports! It speaks for itself. You have a Buffalo (the city) and 2 sabres (the team). No words. No Letters. Just 2 cool ass symbols! Why cant they just wear the old school uni’s that everybody in town wants?!? Screw you NIKE, I hope you realize how much of a blunder this is. And Creamer, your not buggin, tradition is a great thing and you nailed it on the head with your photo demonstration!

    • ingmar66

      I think you mean Reebok. The rascals up at Beaverton had nothing to do with this atrocity for once. And, of course, Reebok is currently owned by.the trefoiled taste dictators from darkest Bavaria. How come I am not surprised at the worst NHL shirt design so far for the upcoming season?

  • John Maillet

    Basically it’s like wearing the 1981 Vancouver Canucks jersey backwards.

  • Aaron

    I’m not a Sabres fan by any stretch but II was really hoping for something better than this. This article pretty much sums up the frustration I think a lot of Sabres fans have been experiencing over the years with the branding and uniform set (i.e. Buffaslug era). In my opinion the club’s current home and road are superb because they’ve got a decent balance of a hybrid between vintage feel and modern styling. This third doesn’t fit the “family of uniforms” as the Wild described for their current road jersey unveiling. And while I’m all for trying new things with uniforms, I think the Sabres could have really done something killer with a third jersey that was somewhat outside of the box while still fitting the scheme of their home and road (for example maybe a version of their road uni with a swap out of the white with yellow and some minor tweaking of the design).

    In addition, my disappointment in this jersey goes even further than just the design, because as a Leafs fan I’m probably going to see this uniform once or maybe even twice a year when the Buds play in Buffalo. I’m a huge fan of the vintage style threads both teams wear when they play each other (my favourite match up is Leafs 3rd vs. Sabres Road).

  • Tim

    This wasn’t a leak. The team staged their Twitter battle with Ott.

    • Well, yeah we alluded to that probably being the case in the post

  • 54321

    WTF with this stupid franchise?!?! They get rid of arguably the worst logo in history & now they paint the town yellow…

    How very Buffalo of them. I’d pity their fans but I’m from Toronto so ha ha.

  • Battman

    Sweet Jesus, it’s like the Buffaloslug barfed this thing up? Seems the creative team that designed this fell asleep and someone’s kid finished off the assignment and then sent in the OK to mass produce? Sorry Buffalo, but you have officially been schooled by the Wild in all aspects of hype and final product.

  • Ben Peters

    Silver makes it look like the Predators. Front had potential but the back looks like something one would wear snow boarding or ice fishing. I think the white stripes going into the silver sleeves are my least favorite part… of a lot of least favorite parts. Captains patches are great though… like there were 2 different designers. Maybe they should’ve had a fan contest. 🙂 This will make Vanek want to come to the Wild sooner 🙂

  • James Craven

    A tradition of fugly uniformity continues.

  • Definitely looks more like a Preds jersey. I’ve made a mockup switching out the logos:

    • (copy and paste the link above)

  • Jon


  • ingmar66

    This is really tragic. The non matching yellows, the small Buffalo name, the silver and white lines going nowhere, the mullet yoke, the horrible collar, the quarter drab grey sleeves. This is so eighties euro soccer goalie style (minus the advertising). The A and C patches are nice but this rag needs to be dropped as soon as possible by the team. Think about your loyal fans for once, Buffalo! They will be truly embarrassed by these threads. The only thing missing is the horrific Comic Sans as the miniature Buffalo wordmark (really unnecessary and really recent NBA style) and digit font. Yech!

  • Big Dog 62

    Egad! They bought a Preds jersey and slapped a Buffalo logo on it and called it “Alternate!”

    I’m hoping the contrasting yellows are due to different fabrics, and they fix that with full production. The silver tipped sleeves are just plain wrong, And as the NFL teams toss out their multi-colored collars, the Sabres pulled them out of the trash bin and added them to this– THING…

    All I can honestly say is “Eish… It’s bad…”

  • mattman2900

    I’m really skeptical that this is some kind of joke – teasing with an awful prototype before revealing the real sweater.

    But it’s the Sabres we’re talking about. So I won’t be surprised if this is legit. I’m just as curious as Chris – where in the world did the Captain’s patches go? They were actually pretty cool, and thought they’d fit nicely into the jersey. Meh, guess not.

    Seriously, what’s with the two shades of yellow? The strange horizontal striping, the random location of the gray, the weird palette of blue on the back.

    Big Dog 62 – On Icethetics someone did a mockup of replacing the Sabres crest logo with Nashville’s – looks like they called Nashville and asked for some prototypes the Preds scrapped.

  • ScottieA

    Sigh, the week started out so good with the reveal of the classy Minnesota jerseys, and quickly degenerated because of the Sabres…

    The navy backing will make it look like they’re wearing capes while on the ice. And I think the white stripes on the front are supposed to look like sabre blades.

    All-in-all: BRUTAL!

  • François

    The front part reminds me of the vintage yellow Kings Jersey

  • MM

    Horrid does not begin to describe these awful looking jerseys.
    Does Buffalo make it a tradition to always come out with a crappy jersey every few years?

  • Aaron

    If they were going for a yellow alternate, they should’ve used their last alternate script jersey as their model.

  • François

    At least, nobody can blame them for not trying LOL!

    • Victor the Crab

      Wanna bet?

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    Wow this is terrible, the yellow looks different from the body and sleeves. The collar looks incomplete, actually it all looks incomplete. The only positive that came out of this uniform were the captain and alternate captain patches.

  • Luke

    The captain c & a are awesome but the jersey is horrid it is easily the worst 3rd in the NHL but who to say they haven’t used them in a game yet.

    • Have to wait and see them on the ice myself, but right now it’s a push between them and the Islanders’ BFBS third.

  • Aaron

    The a and c patches are the only good aspects of this uniform.

  • diggerjohn111

    Dear Sabres’ Ownership and Management, We just want something that looks like the 70’s and 80’s threads. Stop trying to improve on perfection, you just fail and make our struggling team even more of a laughing stock.

    The Fans.

  • Eric

    This has got to be a joke.

  • Robert Price

    Another change, another set of ugly uniforms!

  • Noah Schwartz

    Lindy’s Mustache was pretty bad

  • TylerVixmer

    am i the one one that like this

    • Alex

      I don’t mind it

  • Jed

    Who the hell even approved this horrible design? This was even worse than those awful NY Islanders alternates they had a few years ago. Best place to put these jerseys are in the trash bin. Good luck selling these to their loyal fans. What crap!

  • Alex

    I actually liked the Buffaslug.

  • Nathan English

    If the back was yellow it would be so nice and if the number font was the same as the other ones it would be nicer.

    • Aaron

      Exactly my point.

  • Nathan English

    I’m a Sabres fans and these jerseys kinda suck but I’ll still buy it

  • THOM


  • Bill A

    Seriously, the Sabres should stay outta the jersey re-design business forever. Their original uniforms were classics in a timeless sort of way. Then they went with the red/black scheme and have been going out of their way ever since to assault the eye of their fans and those of us who ain’t.

    And why the hell do hockey teams in already-established cities feel the need to spell out the city name?

    • The Sabres logo is one of the best in the league. Flyers, Blues, original L.A. Kings, N.Y. Islanders, the disbanded Cleveland Barons & Colorado Rockies are in my opinion the top logos ever in the NHL. (the AHL Rochester Americans and the old AHL Buffalo Bisons are classics as well!

  • David

    It looks to me as if there is something written on the left sleeve…

  • Just to tell Chris again that your website is GREAT and APPRECIATED!! The Sabres jersey has to rank 2nd all-time right behind the slug jerseys as the worst jersey in team history! Thank god its only being used as a 3rd jersey and not on a regular basis. They might have been able to do something by making it all gold/yellow instead of yellow on front and blue on back. Why not just leave the jerseys alone for the moment ………They should have been putting their energy, focus and money into the getting some good players instead of coming up with this brainstorm. Mr. Pegula buying the team I guess isn’t turning out the way I thought. We are all greatful for buying the team and not relocating them but things are not going the way everybody thought. When Mr. Pegula bought the team he spoke of winning multiple Stanley cups within a couple of years of the purchase. At this point the team has bottomed out, changed coaches and has steadily went backwards. And now these uniforms come out and 90% of the responses and feedback by everbody is negative about them. This wasn’t the time to come out with them and the boss should have not accepted this final product. Everybody is just down about the Sabres right now and we Sabres fans crave nothing more than to win a cup or make some good playoff runs. I have a feeling the Buffalo Bills will look better than the Sabres this year and thats scary…….Please hockey gods just one cup is all it will take…………

  • I do not think that this is the teams’ actual jersey; this cannot be an actual uniform for a professional hockey team. I am sure Buffalo will have something else when they finally reveal the new jersey. Do not fall for the bait.

  • Victor the Crab


  • agege

    The Sabres current look was supposed to be a revival of their classic look from before the late nineties required every team look extreme and flashy. This is an atrocity and would ruin the idea.

  • M. Quinn

    The number font is huge!

  • Thumbs way down.

    The sad part is the Sabres have among the best uniforms in hockey, in their original set, and they adamantly refuse to ever wear anything like them.

  • Aaron

    The two sided colour idea worked for the Raptors. It may work with most NBA jerseys if it’s a dark colur against a dark colour. I don’t think this will work with the NHL.

  • MafiaMan

    Seriously, Buffalo, ditch the stupid silver outlining on everything, go back to the original color and jersey scheme, and just call it a day. Then in a couple of years, release an all-yellow alternate jersey with the original logo on it and everyone will be happy.

    What an awful mess. I’d demand a trade if I were Steve Ott!

    • Aaron

      They don’t have to ditch the silver entirely. Just reduce it to an outline colour. The navy looks nice, but I wouldn’t mind them returning back to their original blue. The Oilers and Islanders did.

  • John B

    No. Just no.

  • Jeff Young

    I just had a chance to see this new Sabres’ jersey and it is awful! Why couldn’t they have just stuck with the one they had been wearing the last couple of years? I really liked that one because it looked more like the jersey they had worn for so long and it was classy. Many times, less is more, when it comes to sports jerseys and this one is simply overdone and gaudy.

  • Mathieu

    Worst look EVER

  • js

    TA-BAR-NAK c’est bin laitte !!!!

  • Todd Levinson

    In a word…Buffugly.

  • Ethan Anderson

    I would not mind the look so much if the darker yellow on the front of the jersey was the same color as the yellow on the sleeves. The mix-match of two different yellows does not look right. I’m not much of an expert on jerseys or color schemes but it does not look as good as it rightfully should be. This jersey idea has potential but the Buffalo organization has missed the mark on this one.

  • js

    … And nobody mention the USELESS Buffalo at the front of this crappy thing called “jersey”

    Sometimes NHL should have the rights to refuse uggly sh**** like this in there league !

  • Andre

    Does the jersey change colors when wet or hot??
    If so, It may look better after the transformation…

    As a Goalie, I liked the gold practice jerseys that they use… I even wore it from time to time… This tho… Looks like Moms patch work from the 70’s

    As a Sabres fan, I can’t believe this is a North American pro sport uniform… This is not dressed for success… unless they are trying to make their players tougher by embarrassing them.

    The only thing positive here are the captains patches…. I love them… These can not be from the same designer… Has the owner seen & approved these?? Hopefully if they play better they get better jerseys.

    Acid Trip Creations.

  • michael

    Part of the problem is that now it seems to be a light sweater from the front and a dark sweater from the back. Won;t that be confusing for the refs?

    This colour set will only work against certain other teams’ sweaters.

    I don’t really like the design much but I do like the captain and assistant captain initials.

  • The logo is outstanding, the rest of the jersey is horrific. I don’t understand?

  • Discrimihater

    Honestly, it aint that bad. True, I’d preferred the Buffalo script fauxback from the last couple seasons, but they coulda done worse.

    • Aaron

      I suppose so. At least they didn’t use the Buffaslug logo on this one or try to copy the Thrashers one sleeve stripe idea or I don’t know, take a page out of the Bruins mid-late 1990’s bear face jersey. Mind you, if they put the late 90’s Bison head on this, you may have something here.

  • dex1lsp

    I actually like it. Does that make me weird?

  • Luke Dzikiy

    It is awful! The sleeves should be all navy blue, and the front and back should be all yellow. There should be no grey!

  • F. Sarantakis

    In a word: YUK!!!!

  • Ty Thaxton

    Can someone honestly tell me what’s so wrong with these??? I love them!

  • Yuri Wilkommen

    I dunno what’s worse that uniform or that Buffalo thinks Steve Ott should be the face of the team!

  • Am I the only one who thinks the 90’s black unis would be a better alternate jersey?