Calgary Flames to Get New Alternate Jersey

Written By:  •  Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Calgary Flames will be unveiling a new alternate jersey in the coming weeks for the 2013-14 season.

Calgary’s new uniforms are a locked option on the uniform select screen in the recently released NHL14 video game, all but confirming their existence.

A screenshot of the locked new alternate uniform for the Calgary Flames in NHL14

SportsLogos.Net first learned about the new Flames uniform in April but we were unsure of the reliability of our source at the time and chose not to report on it; since then our source has been right 6 times in a row so… Hey! New Flames alternate on the way guys!

There are no details available about the design at this time, but according to the NHL14 uniform select screen the alternate uniform the club has been using for the past 3-4 seasons (a throwback to their road uniforms from the 1980s and early 90s) will stick around.

This will be the third alternate uniform used by the club in it’s 32 year history, the first was introduced for the 1998/99 season – a predominantly black uniform featuring a yellow and red horse head with flames (representing the annual Calgary Stampede festival).  The uniform was eventually adopted as the full-time road jersey in 2000/01 before being downgraded back to an alternate in 2003/04 and phased out completely after 2005/06

Calgary adopted an all-black alternate uniform for the 1998/99 season

For the 30th anniversary of the team in 2009/10 they re-introduced their current alternate uniform (which we already alluded to two paragraphs back) a direct throwback to their original red road uniform used since their move from Atlanta in 1980, during their 1989 Stanley Cup victory, and right on through until the end of the 1993/94 season.

Can’t help but think of the 1986 and 1989 Stanley Cup Finals looking at this photo of the Calgary Flames throwback alternate uniform introduced in 2009/10

The Flames will be the sixth NHL team to debut a new uniform in the upcoming season joining the (click any of the links for details on their new look) Buffalo Sabres, Carolina Hurricanes, Dallas StarsMinnesota Wild, and San Jose Sharks.

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  • Johnny

    I hope they don’t botch it too badly because I love their current alternates.

  • Aaron

    Maybe they should use their current jerseys as their alternates and just modernize their already throwback alternates as their main jerseys.

  • sparky chewbarky

    They should concentrate on designing new logos.
    The old Atlanta Flames logo had a nice “flame” feel to it, but the Calgary flaming “C”, never had the fire.
    To me it looks more like a “C” with fur.
    The horse snorting fire is pretty lousy too.
    It could be MUCH better.

    • Bill

      sounds like you need an eye exam, buddy.

  • Matt

    Agree with Aaron. Also, never had any problem with flaming C. Love it. The A is great too, and now it’s the best alternate designation ever.

  • Justin Goodmanson

    I work at a retailer in Calgary who sells thousands of flames jerseys a year and I will say that the red and black vastly outsell the vintage alternates because the colours are more palatable. If the design of the regular home jersey wasn’t so garish, it would be an even greater gap. I hope the flames introduce a black jersey with a red flaming C and a toned down striping pattern.

  • 54321

    I have a bad feeling about this.

    • somebody got the alternate jersey,he showed it on youtube

  • J

    Would love to see the black jersey make a comeback in some form but its highly unlikely

  • Nathan English

    They’ll be black I guarantee it

  • Peter

    Everything about the black alternative screams “Young Guns,” and given the current situation, I hope my fears are not realized.

  • Ryan

    Maybe they will drop black from their colour scheme and move to create a white jersey to go with the red uniforms – identical to what the Edmonton Oilers did recently by re-adopting the retro look. The Philadelphia Flyers did it recently too.

    • Aaron

      That’d be nice, but I doubt it.

  • ingmar66

    Black with a red flaming C with gold outlines and red striping on sleeves and lower body with gold outlines. Or else the red 2009/2010 look. But never ever resurrect the flame snorting horse again!

  • Aaron

    Black with the white flaming C, gold and red outlines. Red and gold striping. Although I wouldn’t mind a white version of their red throwbacks.

  • Howie

    My first choice in a new third for my Flames would be the white version of our original jersey, even if it has to be in the Edge cut. Second choice: black jersey, red flaming C, red numbers, a little bit of yellow trim, no unneeded extra white outline of the logo (as on the shoulder of the horsehead jersey) and horizontal striping only.

    Either result = Jersey purchase. Otherwise, likely not.

  • Ok now what

    More $ for nhl

  • Andre

    Black, yellow, and red belong to the 80s and 90s Canucks. The Flames are red, white, and gold. Ever since Cliff Fletcher left Calgary, the Flames organization has been a joke and you tell by the uniforms. Red and black look good together but are overused. Time for the Flames to be THE Flames once and for all.

    • Aaron

      I agree with you on that aspect. But the Canucks are a blue and green team now. With the Flames, red and gold is the way. There can be a black outline but make sure the helmets are red.

      • Andre

        I agree as well. However, black, gold, and red are more synonymous with the 80s and 90s Canucks than they could ever be with the Flames. The Flames should just go back to the vintage look full-time and then go with a red and black uniform with a black Flaming C as an alternate.

  • Christoffer Pedersen

    Whatever they do, they need to get a move on. The entire NHL 14-community is waiting for the jersey code and it won’t come until The Flames alternate jersey is revealed

    • c’mon flames reveal your stupid jerseys and get it over with so the nhl 14 players can get their hands on the code!

  • John

    Would love to see the jersey already so the rest of the NHL 14 community can get our teams jerseys. Go sabres!

  • Mike

    There was also a third alternate jersey (in addition to the flaming horse and the throwback) – the striped monstrosity they wore for the outdoor game.

    IIRC, they planned to wear it more than once but reaction was pretty negative. I think they made up about a million of them for the fan market, you still see them for sale (deeply discounted) at the sports stores.

    • That was a one-game-only “heritage” uniform, technically not an alternate jersey.

  • somebody got the jerseys