Photos: Dallas Stars New Look Makes On-Ice Debut

Written By:  •  Monday, September 16, 2013

The Dallas Stars were the big news makers of the NHL off-season this year when they unveiled a completely new logo, uniform set, AND colour scheme.  Goodbye gold, hello silver.

You can get all the details on the rebrand from our post back in June here.

Last night, the Stars took to the ice for their first pre-season game of the new year and with that we got our first look at how the new uniforms look on the ice and in action.

Pics below, click any for larger version:

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  • Even in action, they still look terrible. That D-star is just so ridiculous.

    • Bill

      You look way more ridiculous, sniveling troll boy. Do some research about hockey jersey history. Simple is good. Complicated is bad. Figure it out.

      • Alex

        Simple or not, the logo is just plain bland. It might be an improvement from what they’ve used in the past, but the Stars still have one of the weakest design concepts in the NHL. If they wanted to succeed with the simple look, they should have opted for a more classic style.

      • Dante

        Not sure why the insult was necessary – pretty childish there.

        I feel like the beveled-D logo is not as good looking as a flat-D. And while I like the number/name font in general, it doesn’t really go with the logo, beveled or not. The jerseys are an upgrade, no doubt, taking Dallas out of the worst main jersey slot, but they’re not perfect.

  • ibsouper

    Miss the gold but otherwise these look great!

  • Rich

    Welcome back, Whalers!

  • Nicky Santoro

    Meh. The jerseys + the sox makes it too much green. I think black shoulders would have done this jersey wonders.

  • Rob

    I don’t mind the excessive amounts of green. But the logo still looks amateur to me.

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  • Mitchell

    There not the best jerseys but they are 1000% better than what they had before

  • Joe

    Much better than those God awful edge jerseys of the past few years, but I still don’t love the new logo. The old logo and a little bit of gold on this design would’ve been perfect imo.

  • ingmar66

    Vast improvement over previous efforts, but the logo remains too neutral and too corporate (as in a black ops security firm, a local custom car garage or the First Dallas Bank of Money Laundering). And for sure, a touch of gold would liven up things in this nice green uniform. For a town that has the circus uniforms and logos of the Cowboys and the Mavericks (plus the loony ringmaster owners to go with it) this uniform looks very subdued, which in a way is really good. But these threads are too plain, Jane.

  • alex

    don´t look like the dallas stars to me anymore…that green color is horrible, looks like the hawks st-patricks day jerseys

  • Nathan English

    They look like green Blackhawks jerseys

  • Brandon

    Although this is a definite improvement over what used to be the blandest jerseys in professional sports I think losing the gold was a big mistake and has stripped the team of what was their trademark look. I also agree that the D star logo is boring.

  • MafiaMan

    It’s the University of Dallas Fighting Sioux!

    • That’s the one! I was stuck on who these guys looked like for the longest time, thanks!

  • THOM

    no matter your LOGO opinion, the sweaters themselves look great. for those complaining, just think of the phrase ‘KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID’ & you’ll like the sweaters themselves.

  • Ben Peters

    Because Norm Green moved my North Stars, hearing all the “bland” comments on the new logo actually makes me feel better! Because, though I appreciate that it looks like they were trying to pay tribute to the North Stars “N” and star, just goes to show you can’t really improve on the original. The old “N” and star, though not a genius piece of graphic design, is classic and evokes memories… takes me to when I was kid… Goldsworthy, Maniago, Drouin… Broten & Ciccarelli… Met Center, best sheet of ice that was ever built… green, black, yellow and white seats… because of Norm, I have the Minnesota Christmas Trees…

    • Andre

      And because of Norm, Minnesota also has a terrible team name unless it’s used by a National Lacrosse League team or a Major Indoor Soccer League team.

  • 54321

    Next they should just take the North Stars unis & change the N to a D.

  • Andre

    I cannot believe all the criticism of these beautiful Stars uniforms. Kelly green primary is finally back as a primary color in the NHL for the first time since ’92(Hartford changed to navy that year). The design is clean and traditional and the silver with green gives the Stars a true ‘Dallas’ look. So what if there is some resemblance to the Blackhawks’ uniforms. Would you rather want them to resemble the Sharks’ new practice sweaters with no waist striping(lighter fabric for their players is a bunch of bull) or the Flames garbage auto-racing jerseys?

    Great, great work Dallas!

    • Aaron

      I don’t get the criticism either. Kelly green is something you rarely see in sports anymore. Perhaps the Philadelphia Eagles could follow suit with this green. I wouldn’t have minded seeing gold, but how good these uniforms look, they may not need it. Way to go Dallas indeed. They look more like Hartford. But I would rather have my uniforms compared to Chicago than some of the teams who’ve used crazy uniforms over the years.

  • alex

    bring back the cup era jerseys …………the all-star look

    • Andre

      Those jerseys are lacrosse-looking jerseys not true genuine hockey sweaters.

  • Josh

    Absolutely love this, the shade of green works well, they look great on ice