Pics: Oregon Ducks go All-Yellow vs. Vols

Written By:  •  Tuesday, September 17, 2013

They’re the Oregon Ducks, we shouldn’t be surprised by now right?  Yet somehow, after years and years of wearing the most outrageous uniforms on the football field, they still manage to turn heads. Kudos to them for that.

Last week the Ducks went all yellow.  Yellow helmet, yellow jersey, yellow pants.  Thank whichever deity you believe in that they haven’t gone ahead with yellow astroturf… yet.

Pics below from the game, maybe turn the brightness down on your monitor before scrolling down:

“Dear lord, please get me onto a better dressed football team”

It’s out there, I’ll give ’em that.  As much as I’m not a fan of the look of the uniforms at least the Ducks are giving us all something different to see every week.  What are your thoughts?

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  • Aaron

    Somehow, I feel like having whole whack of bananas after seeing these. I wonder if they glow in the dark? LOL

  • Tom

    Question…is this an ego thing with Nike or are they selling ALLL of these Oregon jerseys. I feel that they come out with a new jersey every game. Where does Oregon fall with merchandise sales. I know its far but out East you don’t see too much.

    • Damon Selman

      I guess the jerseys are little too expensive (retail price $90) with the current economic climate or that kids are spending the money on $300 pants (no joke). However, I get compliments when I wear my (much tamer) Oregon baseball caps.

  • Damon Selman

    This combo was a little much, I watch most of that game (took online classes at UO, so I am a student) and you get used to the look by the third quarter. However, ths worse of Oregon’s look is still much better than Tennessee old-school-and-still-hideous jerseys!

  • ingmar66

    It is the personal playground for Nike designers I guess. This is such a horrible look that it defies being taken seriously. Which in itself, is a quality. A healthy sign of not caring about what other people might think. But it still is an eyesore to me. When you sign up to play football at Oregon, you should know what you are getting into: the New York Fashion Week, but then all season long.

  • southernboisb

    While I understand the wanting to be different than anybody else, has Oregon ever outright rejected a proposed look?

    Somebody has to tell these companies “WTF ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?” with what they’ve been putting out these recent years.

    &, as to this yellow, do they even consider that both teams & officials have to stare at it for an entire game? I could see it as an accent somewhere, but NOT the entire thing!

  • Mike

    They cleaned Tennessee’s clock. What happened to the Vols?

  • michael

    You know, despite all the logical reasons as to why these shouldn’t work, they kinda *do*.

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