Uniform News Week in Review: Sep 10-16, 2013

Written By:  •  Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I encourage you all to please check out the first in a series of weekly posts I’ll be doing for theScore.com’s new website, a weekly recap of all that’s gone down in the world of uniforms and logos, including some things I didn’t get the chance to cover here at SportsLogos.Net

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  • M. Quinn

    I’m still trying to get use to Seattle’s uniforms; they’re just so… blech!

    • Elijah Summerdrum

      Nike strikes again. Trying to make a name for themselves, but screwing up instead, classic Nike. Trying to look cool but going overboard.

  • ingmar66

    That Nebraska black out thing is really silly. What are they trying to black out anyway? That they look like a poor man’s Penn State in this garb?

    • Bob

      Agreed! They look stupid. Get back to RED!!!

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