Washington Nationals Players Wear U.S. Navy Caps Today

Written By:  •  Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Washington Nationals wore U.S. Navy caps before their game today to honour the victims of the shooting which took place at the Washington Navy Yard, just across the street from Nationals Park, yesterday afternoon.

Joint Chiefs of Staff VC James A. Winnefeld, Jr. handed out the caps to the players in the Nats clubhouse before the game to wear during batting practice and the national anthems.  A moment of silence was held and flags around the ballpark flew at half mast.

Tuesday the Washington Nationals players wore Navy caps to honour the victims of the Navy Yard shootings on Monday

Once the game got underway it was back to the standard Nationals cap, as we learned on September 11, 2011 (when the Mets attempted to take the field wearing FDNY and NYPD caps) players are only permitted to wear NewEra caps during Major League Baseball games no matter how justified the reason.

Back to the standard Nationals cap once the game started

The team was allowed to continue wearing their patriotic uniforms during the game, of course, because they were manufactured by an approved company.

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  • Aaron

    Didn’t the Mets end up wearing the NYPD or FDNY caps for one game after 9/11? I think under the circumstances, the Nationals should be permitted to wear the Washington U.S. Navy caps in game.

    • The Mets did indeed but that was 12 years ago, at some point between the Virginia Tech shootings (when the Nats wore VT caps in a game) and the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in 2011 the policy changed or MLB’s deal with NewEra changed, and these things aren’t permitted anymore.

      • Greg Benson

        Which is a shame. You’d think they would be willing to make exceptions for exceptional circumstances like this. How much revenue does NewEra really lose out on by their caps not being on display for one game?

        • Aaron

          Yet they’re allowed to wear camoflauge and patriotic inspired caps.

          • Which are league wide, templated… manufactured and sold by NewEra

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  • Aaron

    These look like the University of Michigan caps.

  • Marcus

    How where the Twins allowed to do this in the last few years at the Metrodome?


    • Read my replies to the other comments… that twins article is 8 years old

      • Mykel

        What happens if the team ends refuses league rules and wears non-NewEra caps anyway?

  • ingmar66

    Shame on you, New Era! This was a nice and moving tribute and the Nats should have been allowed to wear these caps under these extraordinary circumstances. One hopes these occasions will never happen, so when it tragically takes place MLB and its manufacturers should gracefully step aside.

  • Jack

    The Nations capitol is being forced to do something against there will and it isn’t the UN

  • Comish4lif

    I’m surprised that some team hasn’t challenged MLB on this. If the Nats had decided to wear the Navy caps yesterday as a tribute, what is the downside? A fine from MLB? Fine, pay it.

    I don’t think that the MLB could publicly enforce their rule without catching some shame on it.

    • jigokusabre

      The result is probably MLB having to pay out the, uh… “batters box” to New Era for breach of contract. Owners are fine with good PR, but not at the cost of millions.

      • I think MLB would ultimately be fine, imagine the negative media firestorm New Era would be under if they sued the league or the team for doing this?