Are these the USMNT World Cup Jerseys?

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Joe Davis has a friend at Nike, or at least he says he does. That friend claims that the above is what the USMNT (United States Men’s National Team for those uninitiated, or who thought about mutant turtles with martial arts training)  will be announcing as their jerseys for the upcoming, recently-qualified for, 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

What works in favor of this being accurate? The fact that teams announce new jerseys for the World Cup soon after their inclusion. The fact that the design looks to have some “Nike-ness” to it with the collar, and the excessively wide white arm bands on the white, and the contrasting all blue look. The inside of the white appears to have red and white flag stripes, and players-only design features seem to be en vogue these days, even if the R&B group En Vouge isn’t.

The 2003 third jersey, meant to be a throwback, used a navy stripe instead of a red. This was the beginning of navy sashes.

What works against this being true? Well, for one, who is Joe Davis? Two, these are VERY plain. We here at the Intergalactic Airship of Sports Logos and Uniforms are all fans of simple, clean uniform designs, but the white-haired guys who claim they run consumer testing don’t seem to be. At all. SO these are almost too plain to be believed.

The stripe isn’t outlined (NOTE: unless this low quality photo is hiding a super-thin pinstripe, or a lighter-blue outline, which some of the ghosting and JPG-artifacts seem to suggest to some eyes,) neither shirts have a texture or watermark, and the blue doesn’t even have a ghost of a sash. (Again, that we can identify for this one pic.)

The last time the US wore a navy with no striping or sash on the front was their seldom-seen 1990 away

But the big design interest of this whole potential”leak” is that crest. Announced and ALWAYS referred to as the “Centennial crest” by US Soccer, we all assumed it would retire with the 100-year anniversary jerseys. Many hoped it would return, or even become the US’s official crest. Seeing it here on what could be the World Cup jersey would certainly elevate it beyond a qualifying-round, anniversary edition.

We dare say, if these are legit, and this crest is used, it goes a GIGANTIC WAY towards thinking the crest may become officially permanent, if not the primary.

What do you think? Are these real? Do you love this crest? Or is the “shooting ball” logo one the US should keep?

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  • S. Tom P.

    I certainly hope that becomes the official crest.

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  • Uri

    I hope they are getting rid of their current U.S. Soccer logo with the three stars. Stars in a soccer team’s crest usually signify world championship, and the U.S. (still) doesn’t have any.

    • michaelsrojas


    • Jarron Burdine

      Stars ABOVE the crest signify World Champions. Inside does not. If we had the American flag on our jersey, do you think people would assume that means we’ve won the world cup 50 times?

      • wolfgangII

        the stars inside the logo also represent championships (look for Argentina’s Boca Juniors or México’s Cruz Azul)

    • wolfgangII

      yeah, I agree. (I know the 3-star crest is because the Washington, D.C. flag, and the 100 anniversary crest has 13 stars because the original 13 colonies) but if they replace the crest with that, the problem will still be there. Nevertheless, the USMNT isn’t the only federation to use a star in their logo beacuse they have one in their flag or national crest.

  • alex

    those jerseys blow !

    white one looks like a polo jersey

    • alex


  • I love the crest and love the blue jersey.

    I also like the white jersey, but I’m not crazy about that collar. It looks like it would be uncomfortable to play in.

  • Scott

    10 minutes in photoshop and a single tweet sure can get a TON of fools to report this

  • Michael

    Blue version needs a white sash, and both versions’ patches could be a bit smaller. Otherwise, neat.

  • Mike Walker

    I most certainly hope these are not the jerseys we are looking for. They are too plain and the Centennial logo should not remain past this year. And where are the vents? No official leak jersey would be missing the vent holes on the front of the shirt.

  • Doug Brady

    I like the jerseys but i think the crest needs to be with USA at the top like the white one from 2003.

  • ingmar66

    Nothing wrong with a traditional collar, as in the white version. I also like the sash, the blue one should have a red and white one in a Crystal Palace style. I do believe these are for real and they look great. Being from the country of the hideous orange and black I would like my team to play in red white and blue (the colours of our flag). As for the patch, it is recognizable and quite nice. The current US Soccer logo is more boring than these shirts are.

  • Soccercityusa

    I’d be very surprised if USSF and Nike want to continue paying royalties to USA Rugby for the use of the All-American crest. My impression was that this year’s jerseys were a one-time look to celebrate 100 years of U.S. Soccer.

  • Jed

    I don’t think these are the official uniforms (let’s hope not) because if they are, they’re even worse than the Olympic hockey jerseys that were just released and another instance where Nike just screws up anything they get their hands on.

  • Jason

    For all that is holy and happy in the sport of soccer being played in this great land, I HOPE THE CENTENNIAL CREST STAYS FOREVER!!!

  • Matt

    Is it normal for actual jersey photos to have the exact same wrinkle lines for 2 separate jerseys?

  • Ricco

    Please don’t get rid of the official logo, yall talking nonsense, lack appreciation for a sustained logo

  • I kinda hope these aren’t the shirts (and let’s face it, they probably aren’t) – the white shirt looks pretty good though even though it’s inaccurate I’d rather see a red sash with plain white sleeves, more of a Peru style; and the blue shirt is awesome but could use the sash (I’d like that to become a permanent part of the US’s jersey identity).

    However, I really want to see the Centennial Crest become the full-time emblem. Our current crest is a piece of our history, yes, but so is this one – going all the way back to the very beginning of the USSF – and is significantly less cartoonish than the one we have now.

    (Also, a brief aside, but I do wish the USSF continues having the men and women’s teams wear the same kits, if only so that I can get a Megan Rapinoe jersey if I ever have the money)