St. Johns Basketball Releases Four New Uniforms

Written By:  •  Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Earlier this summer, St. John’s signed a six-year sponsorship deal with Under Armour. The lucrative deal also came with a leak of what could have been the new road uniform for the Red Storm. Despite having a new supplier, the leak didn’t look that much different from what they wore in their final season as a Nike school, and it didn’t look like Under Armour had put their imprint on the new uniforms.

Fast forward to September, and things have changed radically as the Red Storm have released 4 uniforms (via Head Coach Steve Lavin’s twitter account): A home-&-road set for conference games and another set for non-conference games. The non-conference uniforms, pictured below, are an expectedly modern look from Under Armour, with the standard St. John’s wordmark across the crest, same number font, and an interesting sublimation of the New York City skyline across the chest and bottom part of the shorts.

The uniforms for St. John’s Big East affairs will have a bit of a throwback feel to them, as the Red Storm have brought back an old wordmark and number font from the days of Mark Jackson. It’s a modern take on a retro look, and one that figures to be one of the better looks in the Big East this season.

Overall, the decision to go to 2 sets of uniforms was a very progressive idea, and one that, at least on paper, seems to have been executed pretty well. The final verdict should come when the uniforms are seen on the court, but right now it looks nothing like some of the disasters that we’ve seen in college sports lately. But, what’s your opinion? Do you agree that it’s a good look, or do you think that this should be included with the aforementioned disasters? Be sure to let us know in the comments section!

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  • Aaron

    I like this set. Very clean and simple even with the New York skyline.

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  • James

    I kinda like them! As a St. John’s grad, I think they did a good job of sticking to the new color scheme of the university (which includes navy blue…which is why you see little if any black), and they inspire the Redmen glory days of the ’80’s and ’90’s.

    I also think with the city skyline sublimation that it kinda harkens back to the first set of Red Storm unis from the Felipe Lopez/Zendon Hamilton days…am I off?

    For a company that has been out there sometimes with their jersey creations (I’m looking at you Terps…), I think this was a slam dunk for their first generation of jerseys (along with their jerseys that they wore on their European tour) and I’m looking forward to seeing what Under Armour has in store for us Red Storm fans!

  • Troy Appel

    I love the retro look! The NYC skyline is kind of silly. The retros are fitting of the Big East going back to the old days of no football.

  • Matt walker

    I’ve been wanting them to return to the Chris Mullin era font and word mark. I’d kill the lame skyline ones that are a bad reminder of the Felipe Lopez Apex era

  • ingmar66

    The skyline set is extremely corny, especially with the messy line (is it contaminated soil? Or is this supposed to represent flames or something?) running underneath. The retro sets are very good. Love the wordmark and the monogram. We are New York’s team? Wonder what LIU, Fordham, Columbia, NYU, Brooklyn College, the Manhattan Jaspers and Wagner will have to say about that. Back up that claim and at least win the Big East in 2013, Johnnies!

  • Jed

    They’re a nice look but why so many, just go with a standard home and road jersey compliment and be done with it. What next? A separate jersey for the holidays, the Big east Tournament, etc?

  • Cascade

    I just don’t like that collar.

  • El_Kaiju

    Very nice! The idea of 2 sets of uniforms is clever.

  • SV11

    Good job bringing back the navy blue trim and old Carnesecca Era font. I kinda like the skyline trim on the chest but not on the shorts. Now let’s get some wins to back these up, Johnnies!