Maryland Terrapins Unveil Waving Flag Helmets

Written By:  •  Friday, September 20, 2013

The Maryland Terrapins, along with Under Armor, unveiled their new “Maryland Pride” football uniforms last night at an event in Baltimore.

The highlight of the new set is the helmet, which features Maryland’s incredibly complex (but still, one of the best) state flag with a rippling effect to create the impression of a waving flag.  The flag graphic dominates the shell of the helmet covering everything but the very rear where it’s replaced by a yellow and red “Maryland” wordmark.

Maryland wordmark at the base of the helmet

As for the uniforms, it’s a monochrome look… gross, right? Red tops with red pants. Fortunately that crazy-good helmet design takes your eye away from the red on red going on below and saves the set.

Red tops, red pants, crazy good helmet

This new look will be worn for tomorrow’s game (Saturday, September 21) against West Virginia.

You can learn more about the new helmets courtesy this neat little video put out by Under Armor:


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  • Keanu Veldman

    Way better than their last buckets

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      • Nick

        How do I flag for spam here?

  • Dante




    I feel like if Maryland had done this helmet without the giant “Maryland” on the back, I’d like it more. The monochrome does not look great, and the jersey striping (the solid black portion) looks very weird.

    • Southy

      Yeah the giant “Maryland” looks ridiculous. It looks like something you’d see on the back of a biker jacket

  • gueman

    White or black pants would have made this 100% better. And lets not overlook the sleeve cap detail. It too looks like a waving flag. But those helmets…WOW…Would it be an overstatement to say they are a work of art. If you saw that on someones shelf you would pick it up as soon as you saw it.

  • Sam

    At first I presumed the design was just a giant decal or decals covering the shell. After watching the video…that’s an impressive, pain-staking feat. NIce job at making airbursh as realistic as it is.

    A little too much work to be their full-time helmet though.

  • Andrew

    I feel like I’m the only one who likes all red jerseys.

  • I’m Phill

    I like the all red unis too.

  • michael

    First impression is … impressive. But it may be a little *too* much. Would not be surprised if the fans get tired of it.

    Save it for special occasions.

  • JB

    There’s obviously a bit too much going on but it’s creative & what I really like about it, is that the vid shows they’re all hand printed & each helmet’s unique so props for that.

  • James Craven


  • Alex

    Yuck, Yuck, YUCK! Those helmets are absolutely disgusting! These are the worst helmets I’ve ever seen.

  • Dave

    I think I would like the helmet better if it had fewer ripples. I don’t care for the back of the helmet, it’s such forced swagger. I just don’t understand how the stuff underarmour sells to the public is generally understated design that is pretty classy as athletic wear goes, but it all goes out the window in MD unis. Taking the loud and crowd approach just isn’t the way. Take elements of these and use them more tastefully and you’ll have a real winner.


  • ingmar66

    The helmet looks OK from the front and the sides, but the Maryland wordmark on the back is like a carnival attraction: as cheap looking as a tramp stamp. The monochrome set is horrible reminds me of a bad imitation of Iron Man. Stick to white or black pants, Terps. The jersey itself is not too bad, but those socks are really over the top. Whatever happened to simply white jock socks?

  • What’s next, a lenticular finish affixed to it so it looks like the flag is waving when they run down the field?

    Not impressed.

  • James

    How come every college is treating their helmets like a motorcycle being pinstriped?

  • Jason

    Hid. E. Ous.

  • Paul L. Munoz

    The helmet looks like one worn by a member of Daft Punk.