Anaheim Ducks Swap Primary and Alternate Logos for 2014

Written By:  •  Monday, September 23, 2013

The Anaheim Ducks have finally made it official and have joined the Dallas Stars as NHL teams coming into 2013-14 with a new primary logo. After several years as using it as an unofficial primary logo, the Ducks have promoted their alternate logo to primary status.

During the offseason the team made a logo swap, switching their primary logo, the “DUCKS” wordmark which appears on their home and road uniforms, with their alternate logo, the webbed foot “D” which is on the front of their alternate sweaters.

The logo swap made by the Anaheim Ducks over the off-season… Primary becomes secondary and vise-versa

When contacted the team told SportsLogos.Net that they used the “DUCKS” wordmark as the primary logo for the first few seasons to help establish the new brand after the club was re-named from “Mighty Ducks” before the 2006-07 season.  It makes sense, with a new team name you’d think a team would like to make the new identity known as much as possible (are you listening, Pelicans?).

Despite the logo designation swap the Ducks are not planning on putting the “D” logo on the home and road jerseys anytime soon, for now she’ll continue to live front-and-center on the alternate.

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  • Al

    I don’t get it. The logos are swapped but the new primary stays on the alternate jersey and vice-versa?

    • Sounds like you got it to me, it just doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand the point in keeping the old primary logo on the home/road uniforms either, I’m sure that change will happen too within the next few years.

      • Big Dog 62

        Hmmm… Primary stays Alternate, while the Secondary stays Primary… (Todd Snider in his song “Talkin’ Seattle Grunge Rock Blues”: “Now THAT’S alternative! That’s ALTERNATIVE to alternative!”)

        Maybe they bought too many units from Reebok and needed to use them up before re-ordering? I don’t know. It’s like saying “Our new team colors are purple and green, but we’re still going to wear the black and gold for the next few years…” Ummmm… What?

  • Paranoid Pyro

    Should have been the Mighty Ducks-esque Logo…

  • Richard

    i like the change; the less people see the “DUCKS” script the better. it looks like it was designed by a fifth grader.

  • woppdi doo! How about making orange the primary color or bringing back the hockey mask duck with the new colrors as the primary. This is not news and if they wouldn’t have said anything no one would have noticed.

    • They didn’t say anything, somebody clearly noticed (uh, us and a bunch of Twitter followers) so we asked them.

  • Ben

    There isn’t a single well designed element in their brand. From identity to uniforms… it is ALL in desperate need of refinement.

    • I agree. Even the name Ducks was originall Mighty Ducks which was taken from that Disney movie starring Emilio esteves as a kids hockey team coach. Anahiem needs to scrap the whole thing and start from scratch.

      • Greg

        Yeah, change the name of a team that won a cup 6 years ago. Good thinking.

  • ingmar66

    Wow, what a missed opportunity to re-brand the team while retaining the Ducks name. They should have designed a new wordmark (this one already looks dated), this D could have stayed as a secondary logo on the shoulders, the old mask-logo should have been the primary logo and the uniform should have a design in black, white, green and a touch of orange. Basically the colours of a mallard. This logo swap news in confusing and uninspired to say the least. Bad move, Anaheim!

  • Ryan Petrynka

    Can someone explain why the Ducks can’t revert back to the purple and green colours, block numbers and recolour the webbed-D logo? Both the original and current uniform would look great in the original colours on the Edge template.

  • Aaron

    What they should do is use the D logo as the main and the duck mask logo as their shoulder patch logo or vice versa. Since you already have Kings using black as their main and the Sharks with teal (main) and black (secondary), the Ducks can keep their orange and orange sand metallic, but pair it off with a darker eggplant as their main colour to act as black. The wordmark logo can be their promotional logo.

  • David

    This leaves the Washington Capitals as the only remaining NHL team with a true script logo.

    • Aaron

      Don’t forget about the Wild alternate script logo. There’s also the Rangers diagonal script logo jersey.

      • David

        I suppose the rangers wear a script logo, but the primary logo is more than just script, barely, but it is.

    • Yes but the Capitals have an excellent secondary logo with the eagle “W” capital building. That is far better than a duck foot “D”.

  • 54321

    Lesser of 2 evils there… not a great sign when you have to explain your logo, esp to for a franchise in So.Cal. no offense.

    • Greg

      You could have just said, “You’re a jerk, no offense.”

  • Jack

    They should go back to the angry duck mask for their logo

    • M. Quinn

      Meh, the original design screamed Disney and the 90’s. I personally think they should do an overhaul completely.

  • agege

    I’ve always hated the look. They should either go back to their original or move to someplace like Hartford.

  • Nick

    The colors, the logo(s) itself, it’s always just looked so off to me. It’s time for a rebrand.

  • Damon Selman

    All you know about the current Ducks jerseys: people (including me) miss a previous jersey with the colors eggplant and teal!

    • Aaron

      Eggplant and teal are unique, but just don’t make the teal look like San Jose’s. Those would look wicked with the orange sand metallic.

  • Josh

    This is like the Blackhawks announcing that the Tomahawks will replace the Indian head as the primary logo, yet the sweaters don’t change at all.

    But I agree, they will probably change next year. The alternate uniforms will probably become the full-time home uniforms next year and they will create another road uniform to match that, kind of like the Kings a few years ago.

    • Aaron

      Kind of wish the Canucks would do the same thing.

  • Greg

    So are the Ducks taking a page from Arte Moreno’s book removing Anaheim from their uniforms?

    • No, the uniforms are staying the same — and there’s no way they’re becoming the Los Angeles Ducks of Anaheim