Clippers Sleeved Alternate Jersey Leaks, Nautical Flags Return!

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The Los Angeles Clippers were all set to unveil “something new” at a press event on Monday, thanks to some posted footage from an upcoming video game we already know what that is.

In a series of screenshots from this video featuring gameplay from the new NBA 2K14 video game uploaded to YouTube we see that the Clippers will be sporting a sleeved alternate uniform for the 2013-14 season.

A blurry look at the new sleeved Los Angeles Clippers uniform as seen in NBA2k14

The Clippers join the Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns, and Los Angeles Lakers as the teams confirmed to be wearing sleeved jerseys in 2014.

Taking a look at the uniform we see it’s baby blue with the “Los Angeles” script in white, which the club has been using on their existing road and alternate uniforms since 2010/11.  There’s a white collar with a thin red trim, white and red piping run down either side of the jersey extending down to the shorts.

The new sleeved alternate jersey is blue with “Los Angeles” across the chest in white

It’s on the shorts where the best part of this new uniform is revealed.  The Clippers are bringing back a bit of their past by re-incorporating the nautical flags that once adorned the shorts of the San Diego Clippers.

The nautical flags return! San Diego Clippers in 1978 on left, Los Angeles in 2014 on right

While in San Diego the flags were arranged to spell “CLIPPERS”, the new shorts read “LAC” an acronym for “Los Angeles Clippers”.

I’m not much of a fan of the sleeved jersey look, it doesn’t look great on the players, and it’s not really a good look on the fans either.  Those shorts, however, save this set… now the Clips just need to add it to their regular home and away set and we can drop the sleeved jersey altogether.

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  • Steve

    That is too cool. I’m not a fan of the sleeves, but the flags are pretty cool.

  • Shawn

    So I guess this pretty much confirms the Kings will also wear sleeved alts, since every other team in the Pacific Division will be sporting them.

    • Jake

      I really hope they don’t. Shaq will stop that from happening.

  • Nick

    Like most people, I can’t stand seeing sleeves on NBA jerseys. But this design is actually pretty cool.

  • Martin

    The Lakers will wear this season the black jerseys and sleeved jerseys, right?

  • Luke Dzikiy

    Awful the Clippers rip off the Lakers so bad

    • Nick


      • Um, paying at Staples Center instead of in Anaheim (where they’d OWN that area) for starters…

  • Andrew


  • Popular

    Better then the other sleeved jerseys but they are still sleeved

  • Aaron

    These don’t even look bad. Maybe use light blue as one of their main colours and either use navy as an accent colour or just eliminate it. The flags I agree should be on all their main jerseys. Now, if we can modernize their Clipper ship logo, we’re in business.

  • Greg Benson

    The flags are a nice touch. The sleeves, though? You can have ’em.

  • KGSG


  • Ok now what

    No matter what they put on not going very far

  • Kevin


  • Jed

    Who came up with this crazy idea of sleeved jerseys? Just awful!

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    I hate the idea of Sleeved Jerseys in Basketball it looks so dumb; however, my Clippers seem to pull it off. They are WAY BETTER than Golden State’s and Phoenix’s and probably better than the Lakers. The nautical flags are a great design for the uniform and a great representation of the teams past in San Diego.

  • Ogopogo


    How many people actually buy sleeveless jerseys? Based on the crowds I see at NBA games – not too many. The sleeveless look only works for guys in excellent shape. I suspect a lot of the sleeved jerseys will sell to the rest of us.

    • ingmar66

      If you are that worried about what other people will think of your physique, you can always wear a t-shirt underneath a sleeveless shirt. Which is what most players actually wanted but the League has been prohibiting for years. Because they want you to buy this crap and they need the extra textile for future advertisements

    • I’d buy a T-shirt replica…because it’s a T-SHIRT!

  • ingmar66

    By the way, the flags look much cooler to me than the interlocked LAC initials. The regular (sleeveless) away uniform should be in these colours with these accents. But sleeves do not belong in basketball, save for warmups. Sleeved basketball shirts remind me of the thirties when college basketball was rigged by gamblers. Just as rigged as the NBA is today, be it by marketing people.

  • KGSG

    it keep player from being cold , i used to play basketball and wear t-shirt underneath the jersey.but nba jersey combo it. do u guy see dwight howard used t-shirt or was World peace mecca. what i mean that jersey arent for showing off or how pretty they are , it keep them warm winter.

  • Jay Fait

    I like the flags on the shorts, that’s about it. I really do not like the sleeved jerseys. Sleeved jerseys belong in baseball and football, not basketball.