Czech Republic 2014 Olympic Hockey Jerseys Unveiled

Written By:  •  Monday, October 7, 2013

Nike has unveiled the jerseys to be worn by the Czech Republic National Hockey Team at the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

They’re interesting to say the least.  As a hardcore flag fan, I can’t say I’m opposed to the idea of the jersey on the right, which is basically just having the players wear the Czech flag… what I do have an issue with in that design is they’re essentially sewing the Nike logo onto a nation’s flag.  You can’t do that.  If you must have your corporate brand present on the jersey, then don’t make the jersey itself a flag.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they look on the players and in action, it may not translate so well.

And of course, just like every other hockey design from Nike so far for this tournament, those cheap-looking fake laces are right there under the collar.

A side-by-side comparing the Czech jerseys from the 2010 Olympics to 2014:

What do you think? Am I overreacting when it comes to sewing a swoosh onto a flag?  Let me know in the comments below.


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  • Ian k

    I can’t be the only one that thinks their “dark” jersey is going to cause problems when paired against a teams white road jersey…

    • Leah

      Literally my first thought about having the white sleeve.

    • Kurt

      I can’t imagine that the Olympics would even allow them to be worn against something like Russia’s “whites,” which are half red, and half white.

  • Michael S. Harris

    The omnipresent Nike swoosh is ALWAYS a problem. Less offensive and intrusive, perhaps, if it were on the sleeve instead of drawing attention away from the national crest/shield. And what about the back of the sweater? Colors/layout? How will the numerals and players’ names work with this design??

  • Aaron

    A full flag for a jersey! Interesting concept. Surprised the USA didn’t think of it.

  • Tom

    I agree but it seems like the Nike swoosh is so universal now I don’t even notice it though. However, doesn’t this have to be approved by the Czech Republic Hockey officials…you should blame them for saying its ok to see it on their flag.

    I could def. see that away jersey is going to be a problem!

  • Andy

    Holy balls, those stitches still look awful. And yeah, if you’re looking at the right side of a player that just looks like a white jersey with yokes.

  • Brian

    The Czech flag does not have the crest on it so it isn’t a swoosh on the flag any more than the logos on the flag inspired WCoH jerseys from years gone by.

  • Am I the only one confused over which is the home and which is the away jersey?

  • rafterman

    the shoulder yoke and stripes on the white jersey make me think norwegian flag

    • ingmar66

      Or a Norwegian wool sweater. Like they have been knitted by grandma.

  • Jed

    Those stupid laces hurt these uniforms as the NHL does this as well as the world leagues. Why not simply go back to a standard collar design?

  • Conor

    I’m inclined to think of comments Paul Lukas has made over at Uni Watch about the Swoosh in past months/years. I always remember him being rather snarkily upset that Nike puts their logos all over their Sparq training gear. “Nike logos on a parachute? What’s next?” was pretty par for the course for a while there.

    I think that if a company designs and manufactures a product, whether it be a jersey, hat, socks, training gear, or a water bottle, then they ought to be able to put their logo on it unquestioned. Should it be the focus of the product? If it’s made for a team or country, absolutely not, but they deserve to have it present.

    In this paticular case, Nike underwent to process of taking the flag and abstracting it onto a hockey jersey of their design and manufacture. Placing the Swoosh on the chest isn’t desecration in my opinion, but rather a stamp of their approval. Nike is (I think rightly, unlike the US jerseys) proud of this design, and thus their logo appears.

  • ingmar66

    For nike and other manufacturers only one thing counts: not is it nice or is it appropriate or even are we proud of it, no, but will it sell? It probably will. So it is a great design (in their opinion).

  • Jack

    like how nike put the flag on the uni.

  • michael

    The one on the right …

    Are they dark? Are they light?

    Who knows.

  • Ryan

    The white jersey is nice. Will Nike produce a red version of the Czech jersey? Will these also be the jerseys for the Czech U20 team at the World Juniors as well?

  • These look a little like something a jester would wear at a renaissance festival. Especially the one on the right.