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Tomorrow afternoon, the Canadian Olympic Committee will be unveiling the new hockey jerseys their Olympic mens, women’s, and Paralympic sledge teams will be wearing this coming February.

We’ve all seen the leaked photo already which shows the front of three jerseys, but now in a SportsLogos.Net exclusive, we have obtained a plethora of photos of the new set giving us information of some elements we had yet to see with the earlier leaked photos, however…

Unfortunately, part of the agreement to receive these photos were that I could not, in any way, share them with the public prior to the unveiling.  I apologize for this, I really would like to share them but I must abide by the deal I struck.

They didn’t say anything about describing them in as much detail as possible though.  Let me break this down bit-by-bit using the already leaked photograph as a reference point for you:

The horizontal stripes across the front of all three sweaters

What we already knew:

Like the Montreal Canadiens, there’s a horizontal chest stripe on all three jerseys

What we didn’t know:

Unlike the Canadiens, the chest stripe stops at the sides.  It does NOT continue to the back of the jersey. This is good news, nothing makes a jersey look more cluttered than having players numbers placed over several different jersey colours.  Should allow for a nice clean look on the back.

Fake lace design same-colour screen printed at the collar of each jersey

What we already knew:

There’s a faux lace-like design coming down from the collar, screen printed in the same colour as the jersey

What we didn’t know:

There’s actually stitching in them there “laces”, a single row that goes down the center of the fake-lace pattern.  This single stitch makes the fake-lace design look, well, not good, but it’s still better than if it were just the screen print and nothing more.

I will say that on a close-up look the material used for the fake lace pattern has a very “cheap” appearance.  This one element is just overall disappointing and would have been much better as actual laces.

Barely visible… there’s an additional two maple leaves on each of the shoulders

What we already knew:

Something else is screen printed on the shoulders of each jersey, probably maple leaves

What we didn’t know:

They are indeed maple leaves, two of them, a large and a small.  The larger of the two is screen printed but has the bottom of it removed to create the smaller leaf from nothing but the jersey base material.  It reminds me a lot of the early 1990s Team Canada logo, but without the motion lines and centred.

Like the “laces”, this material also isn’t too attractive on a closer look.  I honestly keep getting the urge to reach through the screen and peel it off like those LCD screen protectors that come on new electronics.


We knew there was a Canadian flag on the one sleeve, what about the other?

What we already knew:

There are sleeves on these jerseys.

What we didn’t know:

What’s on those sleeves.

The red and white jerseys both have a contrasting horizontal stripe on left sleeve and no stripe on the right.  Within that horizontal stripe on the left sleeve is a Canadian flag (that much we knew), on the right sleeve at the same level as the flag is a Canada Olympic logo patch sewn onto the jersey (news to us!).

The black alternate jersey has a slightly different sleeve design, instead of a Canadian flag within the contrasting red and gold stripe there is a large gold maple leaf patch in the exact same style that is on the front of the red and white jerseys.

Just like in 2010, there’s no Team Canada logo on the front of the jersey

What we already knew:

Due to regulations put in by the IOC, the familiar Team Canada hockey logo is not on these jerseys.

What we didn’t know:

The familiar Team Canada hockey logo *IS* on these jerseys. It’s sewn onto the back of the jersey near the waist next to an equally tiny IIHF logo patch.  Rejoice!

The rest of the information I have based purely on how the design elements are applied to the jersey…

These 12 golden maple leaves are embroidered directly into the jersey

The 12 golden maple leaves, the “CANADA” script on the black alternate jersey, the smaller “CANADA” scripts below the maple leaf on the red and white jerseys, the Nike swoosh, the Canadian flag, IIHF, Team Canada logos are all sewn onto the jersey.  The gold trim on the leaf on the red and whites are also sewn into the jersey, the red and white stripes are sewn in as separate jersey panels.

Along the red horizontal stripe on the black alternate jersey is a gold trim, unlike everything else mentioned in the paragraph above this gold trim is not sewn into the jersey.  It is applied in a similar fashion as the leaves on the shoulders or the faux-lace up collar.

I hope this information whets your appetite until the big unveil tomorrow — if you’re still looking for surprises, well, we haven’t seen the name and numbering style yet, or the helmet/pants/sock combo that goes with it.

If you have any questions about the jersey which we didn’t cover here, feel free to ask, chances are I can give you information on it, just can’t share the photos yet.

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  • Nate Melvin

    So the Team Canada hockey logo will be on the back of the jersey?

    • Yes, but quite small and in the corner… you might never even notice it’s there

      • Nathaniel Melvin

        Do you know what time tomorrow they’re releasing the jerseys?

  • Frank

    Possibly the ugliest Canadian Olympic hockey jerseys ever, what a disgraceful job by Nike.

  • Jed

    Nike and Reebok sure know how to ruin quality hockey jerseys…for Nike, they’re just good at ruining any jersey they get their hands on.

    • BearsBullsBlackhawks

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • Art

    Don’t think that for one minute Hockey Canada is not involved in the design of the jerseys. Given the amount of money that jerseys generates for the organization – they are quite heavily involved in the process.

    It was a given that a COC logo would be found somewhere on the jersey – as that is part of the IOC requirements, and was visible on the tail of the Vancouver jerseys. It’ll be interesting to see if the Hockey Canada and IIHF logos will also be found on the authentics jerseys – but it wouldn’t be a surprise that they are there. The key part is that those two logos are not visible during the course of play – and the COC would’ve vetted it – but with the IOC you just never know

  • Slam

    These will look better when they replace the generic maple leaf on the chest with the Hockey Canada logo for the world championship. They might also replace the COC logo on the sleeve with the leaf and scroll logo found on the previous version of the jersey. Would still look better with a stripe on both arms. (And the socks suck. They look like they are too long like on on Timbits players.)

  • TODD

    This is the best they could come up with. This is ugly. Wont be wasting any money on this jersey. Love Canafa and proud but not of this jersey.

  • Begging you to change this obscure disgusting
    Jersey! What the F were u thinking
    Petro Canada is that big a sponsor??
    Go back to the dam drawing board..