Cyclones Announce Specialty Jersey Nights; Swords Return

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Cincinnati Cylones Specialty Jerseys 2013-14

The Cincinnati Cyclones, ECHL affiliate of the Florida Panthers and Nashville Predators, announced this past Monday that they will be wearing four specialty jerseys throughout the 2013-14 season.

November 15, 2013 – Star Wars Night

Cincinnati Cyclones Star Wars Jersey 2013-14The Cyclones will wear these Storm Trooper inspired jerseys for their first-ever Star Wars jersey promotion; one which has been done quite a few times now around the minor league circuit including the Buffalo Bisons, who I did a piece about back in June.

January 4, 2014 – Throwback Night

Cincinnati Cyclones Cincinnati Swords Jersey 2013-14

This one’s my clear favourite, the Cyclones will be bringing back the awesomely retro uniforms of the Cincinnati Swords, an AHL team (try and guess their NHL affiliate at the time, I’ll give you a hint — rhymes with “Buffalo Sabres”) which played from 1971-72 through 1973-74. Yes, they only played three seasons, but won the AHL’s Calder Cup Championship in one of them (1972-73).  The Swords folded when the World Hockey Association announced they’d be adding an expansion team to Cincinnati, the future Cincinnati Stingers.

Ray Reeson Cincinnati Swords Home Uniform 1971-72

The AHL’s Cincinnati Swords played from 1971 until 1974

The Cyclones version of these jerseys will include current team patches on either shoulder (uh, I think that’s what they are… they’re a little blurry in the graphics we have), unfortunately, but it’ll still be a treat to see this back on the ice one more time.


Super Hero/Military Night – February 1, 2014

Cincinnati Cyclones Super Hero Jersey 2013-14

The Cyclones like to add a twist to their Military appreciation nights, rather than wear the standard old camouflage uniforms everyone else wears around sports, the ‘Clones dress up like super heroes in order to honour their real-world super heroes. Fun idea! This year they will be wearing Captain America inspired jerseys while Iron Man entertains the kiddies in the crowd.


Pink in the Rink Night – March 1, 2014

Cincinnati Cyclones Pink Jersey 2013-14

While the Cyclones broke the mould for their military tribute night, they toe the line when it comes to their breast cancer awareness jersey. Pink, pink, and more pink. Pink ribbons on either sleeve cuff, and another one on the front coming up from the waist. It wasn’t mentioned in the release but it looks like there’s writing all over the front of the jersey behind the logo, if those are names of local breast cancer victims/survivors that’s a nice added touch by the team, for sure.

Each of these specialty jerseys will be auctioned off immediately after the games in which they’re played with net proceeds benefiting various Cyclones charitable partners



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  • Aaron

    Why don’t they do the following…

    Bring the Swords nameplate back and re-affiliate themselves with the Buffalo Sabres.

    Give the Cyclones nameplate to another expansion ECHL team.

    Revamp the Cincinnati Stingers nameplate and affilaite themselves with Columbus.

    In fact, if the Cyclones are doing specialty jerseys, how come the Stingers jerseys aren’t involved?

    • I’m confused by your plan… Cincinnati would have two teams? Swords and Stingers?

      • Aaron

        Well, several years ago, the Cincinatti RailRaiders were supposed to play at the old Cincinnati Gardens as an AHL team even with the Cyclones playing in the ECHL at the same time. I’m wondering if the Columbus didn’t get an NHL team and Cleveland and Cincinnati did, the Cincinnati NHL team would’ve played in either arena with the capacity expanded to NHL standards and the ECHL team would be in another arena with the smaller capacity.

        • JeffB

          Cincinnati has never been on the radar screen for the NHL so that scenario is moot. They have gone the 2 minor league team route in the past (AHL Mighty Ducks & IHL/ECHL Cyclones) and it lasted 8 years, which is actually a pretty long time when you think about it. But I don’t know that there is much demand to try that again.

          The Cyclones name has been around for more than 20 years now, so I think that it is entrenched in the hockey community far more than the Stingers and the Swords. So I don’t imagine they would want to make a permanent switch to the Stingers or Swords.

          As for a Stingers throwback, I suppose they may be reluctant to celebrate the team in the defunct WHA vs. the team in the still active AHL. Although it would likely make for a fun event.

          • Aaron

            Weren’t the Cincinnati Stingers at one point rumoured to be one of the teams joining Edmonton, Winnipeg and Quebec in the WHA/NHL merger?

      • Aaron

        If Cincinnati can’t afford to have two teams, the Cyclones could change their name to the Stingers, affiliate themselves with Columbus. If the Adirondack Phantoms move to Allentown, PA and Glen Falls, NY can’t house an AHL team, the ECHL team can be called the Swords and affilate themselves with Buffalo. The Cyclones nameplate could either become an ECHL expansion team name or rename the Charlotte AHL team the Cyclones. Either way, the Hurricanes would have an affiliate with a storm name.

    • Dan Siegel

      Aaron, this is the third year the Cyclones have done a throwback night. In the first season they wore the Cincinnati Stingers jerseys. Last year they wore the jerseys from their original season. And Chris, if you remember, Cincinnati at on time did have two teams at the same time, from 1999-2005. The Cyclones were in the old IHL and played at US Bank Arena, and the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks were I the AHL and played at the Cincinnati Gardens.

  • ingmar66

    I am not into Star Wars but the other jerseys are really fine. I guess the pants and helmets will be the same as usual? Which means black? Goes well with all of these jerseys, but it would be fun if they wore blue helmets and pants on Military Night. And shields!

  • Jed

    They’re an affiliate of two NHL franchises? I didn’t even know if that was still possible to do. The teams must have some binding agreement for this to transpire.

    • Big McLargehuge

      Having two affiliates at the ECHL level is fairly common since NHL teams send so few players there. Wheeling, who is an hour down the road from Pittsburgh, who they’ve been affiliated with for 15+ years, who they borrow their colors and jerseys from also have an affiliation with the Montreal Canadiens.

      By my count 7 ECHL teams have dual affiliations this year.

      • Aaron

        I wonder if that’ll eventually change. Just like the AHL.

  • Steve

    Good to see my hometown team on here. I love the Captain and Star Wars Jerseys, and the Swords one is sick.

  • rafterman

    i like the captain america jerseys better than nike’s team USA ones

  • Jack

    USA should use those Cap Jerseys!

    • Aaron

      Good idea! Just using a stand alone symbol on the jersey such as a star (USA), maple Leaf (Canada), cross (Switzerland), three crowns (Sweden) should be fairly self explanatory from the first glance.