Marlins to Bring Back Orange Caps in 2014

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Marlins Red-Orange Cap 2012

Hey! Remember the Miami Marlins?

Yeah, they’re still around and in 2014 they’ll be bringing back the one thing they’re most famous for (other than bi-annual fire sales), their red-orange caps.

According to a post on “The Fish Pond” a blog run by Miami Marlins beat writer Joe Frisaro…

Marlins president David Samson noted that the team plans to wear the brighter hat more in 2014. Since rebranding as the Miami Marlins in 2012, the team has had the “red-orange” hats, but they were worn only sparingly in the first season at Marlins Park.

They were worn even less often than “sparingly” actually, in fact in the two seasons since the Marlins have rebranded they’ve only worn the orange caps TWICE. That’s twice out of 324 games, or, on-average, once per season.

The Marlins didn’t wear them at all in 2013, which we noted and wrote about back in July, the last time Miami has gone with the red-orange cap was on June 7, 2012 in a 8-2 loss to the Braves. Prior to that they were worn on May 15, 2012 in a 6-2 win over Pittsburgh.

Ozzie Guillen Miami Marlins Orange Cap 2012

“Hey kids, remember me? I was still in charge the last time we wore this cap!”

The absence of the “red-orange” caps on the field hasn’t done much to affect sales, according to Frisaro it’s still the top-selling Marlins cap amongst the fans.

No word on if we’ll see the Marlins’ road-grey uniforms, who were also missing throughout 2013. Miami has only worn their road greys 20 times (out of 162 road games) since unveiling the uniform nearly two years ago, the last time on September 25, 2012.

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  • Aaron

    Since the red-orange caps are back, wear them as their full time home caps and use the black caps as their road caps. And if they bring back their road greys, revamp it with black text. In fact, just wear Miami on the road greys and alternate road blacks and put Marlins on the home whites just like their alternate orange.

    • jigokusabre

      I love the white scrip on the road greys.

  • Martin

    Ozzie looks great with this jersey and cap. great combination.

  • Aaron

    Or better yet, all orange caps at home, orange with black brim on the road, all black road alternate.

  • What a terrible terrible attempt at a uniform for a city so deep in Cuban heritage/baseball greatness roots. Miami baseball could have an iconic look sooo much better than this weak cliche eyesore of a pansy uniform.

  • Jimmy

    Worst uniforms in baseball, just as a baseball fan, I hold out hope they one day return to the teal, black and pinstripes, that is the Marlins look. Baffles me that a team that’s won two World Series, just totally ditched their look they had for 18 years. And it was a nice look, the Marlins font was nice, pinstripes were classy, sharp uniform. Their expansion counterpart, the Rockies have maintained their look, and they only have one pennant.

    • Aaron

      All the more reason the Marlins should revamp their original look.

      • Jeff Young

        Yes, I agree. I really don’t like the Marlins’ new uniform design and have always thought that the teal and black looked much better! Maybe someday, they will go back to their original color-scheme.

    • Richard

      agree 100%. their old brand was unique yet classy. now they just like they’re wearing clown suits.

    • 54321

      I loved the teal & black… even their stadium looked like a giant swimming pool, fitting of south Florida.

      One day, obviously, they’ll revert to what works best… & hopefully they redo their stadium décor also- that outfield wall makes the whole place look like a Chucky Cheese play pen.

      • Aaron

        The stadium decor isn ‘t so bad. Although if they ever do switch back to black and teal, then yeah the walls should be teal. The seats are okay, but teal can definitely be added to the seats. I highly doubt they’ll replace the seats right away considering the ballpark is still new. Maybe instead of black , use that dark blue they use on the seats as a secondary colour to teal and if they really want to use that red-orange colour, use it an accent colour.

  • Hossman

    Agreed with all the Cuban influence they should wear a uniform like the Cuban National team and break tradition by wearing red pants and red and white tops…………..

    • Aaron

      Didn’t the Cleveland Indians do that in the 1970’s? The Marlins might as well do that. Only difference, orange tops black bottoms at home, the exact opposite on the road.

  • Jed

    They need to remake all of these uniforms as they’re absolutely atrocious and bring back the traditional road grey jerseys. Go back to the main script they had with Florida on it but change it to Miami. Typical backwards franchise.

    • Aaron

      Which is something they should have done in the first place.

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    I hope they wear them with the orange jersey. (from a Padres and Angels fan)

  • Joshua Meyers

    They shouldn’t be using orange in the first place. Black and teal was a fine color scheme. Now, they remind me of store-brand clothing.

    • jigokusabre

      Orange is fine as an accent color.

      What bugs me is that the Marlins have SO MUCH black. Almost all the teal was gone by 1997, and it was all gone by 2003.

      • Aaron

        It wasn’t all gone by 2003. Teal was still part of the colour scheme up until 2012. It was just reduced to a secondary colour.

  • Jack

    YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! I am a Nats fan, and those are awesome hats.

  • Aaron

    Somehow the M on the orange caps would look better with a black outline.

  • alex

    great team and logo + uniform, turned into a joke

  • ingmar66

    Why not turn back to the old logos and colours of teal and black (and silver in the logos) and add orange as an accent colour for outlines of logos, button on the cap, sleeve accent stripe and such details? It would look fresh.

    • Aaron

      Exactly what I was thinking.

  • alex

    1997 and 2003………..and they shat all over it………

  • Great news. My orange cap is no longer “vintage.”