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Written By:  •  Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Akron RubberDucks Logo

I’ll preface this by reminding everyone that this is a Minor League Baseball team.

Everyone good? Great. The Eastern League’s Akron Aeros (Double A, Cleveland) became the Akron RubberDucks this morning. No foolin’!

“Coming into Akron my goal was to listen more than talk, so this wasn’t something that we rushed into. We wanted to do something that was fun and entertaining while honouring the heritage of this great community.” – RubberDucks owner Ken Babby

No, Akron isn’t the nation’s leader in rubber duckie production, but they are well-known as the Rubber Capital of the World, hence the “Rubber” part of the team name. “Ducks”? Well, that one’s for the kiddies.

Akron Rubberducks Logos 2014

The logos, designed by youknowwho (their fourth re-design launched in the past week), feature the snarling head of a duck with flames flying out of the top of  it and tire tracks leading up to the side.

Akron Rubberducks Cap


Secondary logos include a duck foot in the shape of an “A” (Anaheim Ducks, you may have just found your new alternate logo), with a tire track surrounding it, possibly to form a “D”; another logo is an “A” created with tire tracks, no duck involved; and finally the duck face from the primary with tire tracks forming the arms as it prepares for a street brawl. You know, family friendly.

“The logo accomplishes a lot of things. Right off the bat, it represents the grit and fierceness of this blue-collar market but it also represents the brand of entertainment that we’re trying to create: a place where you can come in, have fun and forget life’s problems.” – Babby

RubberDucks (one word, CamelCase style) replaces the Akron Aeros name which had been in use since 1997 and was a nod to Ohio’s history of aerospace research — Ohio was the home of the first man to walk on the moon Neil Armstrong, and the Wright Brothers who were the first to build a working airplane.

Akron Aeros Become Rubberducks

Suddenly Chihuahuas sounds like a solid name for a team.

Reaction was, well, it’s almost always negative when a team tries something different, this was no different:

Akron RubberDucks Twitter Reaction

It’s a Minor League name for a Minor League team, that’s all I can really say. The logos are well designed, and at least there isn’t an alternate with a duck swinging a tire like a baseball bat. What says the audience?

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  • rafterman

    could be worse. could be called the chihuahuas or yorkiepoos

    • Bigg3469

      Or the Biscuits? BTW El Paso’s new minor league baseball team are known as the Chihuahuas.

  • Kevin G. Strickland

    Are these folks kidding? I LOVE the name! I love the logo! I want the hat! As someone who spent a few uneventful semesters in Akron (good ol’ University of Akron…), I MUCH prefer a name that has more notable symbolism to the rubber city than the Aeros, who you have to explain a lot more.

    When are these hats going on sale?

  • I went to high school and college near Akron, and I gotta agree with Kevin. RubberDucks ain’t great…a little too cutesy for my tastes…but the Aeros identity was godawful. Purple and teal? Awful cat logo? Copperplate gothic? Just an outdated mess. Good riddance.

  • Brian

    This is an awesome name! Second only to the brilliance of the Montgomery Biscuits. It’s not cartoon-y, they were able to take play on words, a nod to Rubber City, a family-friendly mascot, and put it together into a logo that will look great on Tees and hats. I’ll be order a t-shirt to go with my Montgomery Biscuits jersey~

  • Aaron

    Rubber Duckies? Another name made for the Minor Leagues in any sport. The logo looks cool. Perhaps the Anaheim Ducks shall consider using this or something similar as a new logo down the road if they don’t want their Jason the Duck mask as their logo. Also a name that’ll for sure cater to younger fans. Although, if they want to stick with the Rubber theme, Rubber Neckers would’ve been really cool.

  • Mike

    The good thing is, the logo, isn’t cartoony to appeal to the youngsters. Be thankful they didnt do that like Hudson Valley did. I like the logo, Minor League Teams are supposed to have unique nicknames.

  • craig

    one word PATHEDIC

  • Mark Lockerman

    Someone PLEASE tell me this is a joke or a nightmare !!! That is AWFUL !!!

    • Dr Evil

      I thought they were changing their name to the Akron Vulcans?



    Conclusion: Haters will always hate

    • Aaron

      You’re probably referring to the SWB Yankees right? They changed their name to the Rail Riders.

      • rafterman

        red barons was a cooler name than any of the subsequent garbage

  • Dbroalexander

    I like this. Wasn’t fond of “Chihuahuas”. But the logos a err rally well designed. I can’t wait to see the unis.

  • Nathan English

    Couldn’t they have just had a “Rubber City” alternate jersey? I mean Rubberducks? Hopefully down the road people just start callig them the Ducks.

    • Aaron

      As mentioned, Rubber neckers.

  • Creative

    I like it! In a state known for teams like the “Browns” and the “Reds,” it is nice to see Ohio get creative. Names like the Pelicans, Blue Wahoos, Chihuahuas, and now the Rubber Ducks, along with radical uniform/helmet designs in places like Oregon, Maryland, Jacksonville, and Seattle, have been a refreshing reminder that sports are supposed to be FUN!

    • Aaron

      Absolutely they’re supposed to be fun. But there is a fine line between having fun with team names and just going the outrageous route. I highly doubt you’ll see names like Chihuauas, Biscuits, Rubber Duckies in any if the.four major leagues. However, you could theoretically see Crunch, Ice Dogs or Hogs, Rail Riders down the road. Heck, we already have names like Wild, Pelicans, Wizards, Raptors roaming around. So, I could be wrong.

    • KTemp

      I completely agree with ‘Creative.’ Great rebranding, the name RubberDucks accomplishes everything they wanted to do – create a fun, memorable name that is grounded in the city it represents. I love the primary logo, the rest are all a little forced. It’s totally appropriate for a minor league team. Looking forward to watching the RubberDucks along with the TinCaps and RailCats.

  • Delayed Penalty

    I love this! Minor league baseball continues to show that they’re not afraid to go away from traditional names, logos, etc, and are finally having some fun! I think Brandiose has a lot to do with that movement. Another great rebrand by them.

  • Todd Levinson

    Might as well went with Akron RubberMaids. Or RubberNecks. Or RubberBands. Or Galoshes for that matter;

  • VAP19

    You know, I used to really like Brandiose, but in the last year, I feel like they’ve gone off the deep end. Having said that, I do like the new logo better than the old one, but I feel like their mascot choices have been border line lame of late. However, this is minor league baseball and I’m from Toledo, home of the much beloved (and not aggressively named) “Mud Hens.” I suppose it’s better than “Chihuahuas.”

  • VAP19

    In this mascot’s defense, “Rubber Ducks” is perhaps better than some of the potential rubber themed alternatives: “Skid Marks” , “Burn Outs” , “Spare Tires” , perhaps the “Treaders” might have been better. It seams, when it comes to mascots, the gents at Brandiose are spinning their tires!

  • VAP19

    finally, I just have to ask: What was wrong with Aeros? Anyone want to tell me that?

  • Ryan

    I love the logo, but I am not a fan of the name. If you would just drop the word rubber from the name, and just go by Akron Ducks, while keeping the same logo, it would be solid.

  • Bill Laumann

    First the Cihuauas, now the Rubber Ducks. What’s next the Baby Chicks?

  • Ugh, I hate that name, Aeros at least sounds cool, and makes sense. Rubberducks…is just for the second grader fans.

  • TroyGood1

    Aptly named after Ernie’s (From Sesame Street) favorite bath toy.

  • Matt

    Now THIS is truly offensive! Rubber Ducks ??? I guess I’m just an old-time racist but give me Redskins or Seminoles any day over Toy Soldiers or Barbie Dolls. I wonder how incredibly lame and politically correct sports nicknames will be in 100 years. Glad I won’t be around to see it…

  • Jon

    They should’ve just gone with Ducks and be over with…

  • Alex Giobbi

    Rubber ducky, you’re the one. you make bathtime lots of fun! Rubber ducky I’m awfully fond of you.

    No seriously, what in God’s name were they thinking?

  • Jack

    Next Week: Introducing the Birmingham BabyCoalGeckos.

    I like the name, don’t know how long the logo will last though…

  • Bill A

    Wellllll, not as bad as the Reading Fightin’ Phils, but in same league of ludicrous nicknames.

  • Sean Carter

    who are choosing these nicknames I thought Akron had grate nickname for minor league baseball team

  • M. Quinn

    I did like the name ‘Aeros’, but I don’t have a problem with Akron representing who they are as the ‘Rubber City’. I just wish they could’ve went with something different like ‘Rubbernecks’ or ‘Tires’.

  • Nabeel

    Better than the Akron Rubbers.

  • ingmar66

    Nice logos, horrible nickname. Sure, sports are supposed to be irrelevant and fun, and especially Minor League Baseball. But this nickname is an insult to every Akron fan over 8 years old. Not taking yourself too seriously is a quality, but making a fool of yourself is something different. Get rid of the rubber part in the nickname, Everybody knows about Akron and rubber, no need to emphasize it. Akron Ducks already sounds a whole lot better. But there was nothing wrong with the Aeros name in the first place. They could have revamped that logo, updated the colours and it would have worked well

  • JeffB

    While the name is a step down, the logo is a big step up. I suppose they could have just gone with the Akron Ducks but kept the rubber theme (being Akron and all it would still fit). Hopefully the “Rubber” meets the road at some point, just like how the “Mighty” was removed from Anaheim.

  • John Burlie

    yea it is pretty goofy, however if this was a team founded in the 1960’s or prior, it would have been an iconic name like Toronto Maple Leafs or Toronto Marlies.

    I think it makes a lot of sense name wise (somewhat like the Green Bay Packers) and since it is actually ducks and not “duckies” I think it was an appropriate move. The logo is great so people should at least calm down on that aspect.

    They will complain about anything I guess.

  • mark

    I had to check my calendar to see if it was April 1st or not..

  • Aaron

    This kind of looks like a version of the Bowling Green Hot Rods.

  • Avory

    As an Akron native, I am as proud of the local industrial heritage as anyone, but as the name for our local nine, “Rubber Ducks” smells like a tire fire. Aeros was a distinguished, classic name, acknowledged other technological endeavors in the locale, and represented the many accomplishments of the team well. If they wanted to update the logo, fine, but this name is lame by any objective standard.

  • Elijah Summerdrum

    This is what you guys get for asking for an update. I’m actually kinda fond of it. It’s not better than the Aeros, but it’s also not worse. And I liked the Aeros…