Is Chief Wahoo Finally on the Way Out?

Written By:  •  Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chief Wahoo

Are “Chief Wahoo’s” days as the Cleveland Indians primary method of branding over?

It certainly feels that way.

After years and years of *very slowly* removing the Chief bit-by-bit, the controversial logo has very suddenly been almost completely eliminated for all things Cleveland Indians over the past few months.

We got our first hint that something may be on the way when coming into 2013 the Indians stopped wearing “Wahoo” on their batting helmets altogether. The Chief had previously been worn on the batting helmet every game, home-and-away, up until 2009 when it was suddenly erased from road games. In 2013 it was taken off  helmets for home games as well, replaced with the simple block, red “C” logo:

Indians 2013 Batting Helmet

When the Indians clinched a 2013 playoff berth in September their post-season shirts didn’t use their primary logo, or their home cap logo (like every other team used), instead using the plain block red C from the Indians road cap. “Road cap logo” seems like an odd choice for a playoff shirt, you know, unless there was a reason for it:

Indians 2013 Postseason shirt


From there it was various graphics produced by Major League Baseball, no Wahoo anywhere. On these 2013 “Organization All-Stars” graphics the Cleveland Indians are the only team to NOT use their official primary logo, even the very-rarely-seen Baltimore Orioles official primary is included. Instead of Wahoo they use the “Indians” home jersey wordmark, this was clearly done intentionally:
MLB Organization All Stars No WahooWe also got to see a leak of the Indians’ planned 2014 batting practice and spring training uniforms earlier this month, something’s certainly absent once again. Wahoo had previously been worn on the sleeve as a shoulder patch on these jerseys up until 2013, now it’s gone, not on the cap, not on the jersey… anywhere

Cleveland Indians 2014 BP Uniform

On the Cleveland Indians 2014 Season Ticket brochures and schedules again we don’t see Chief Wahoo, the Indians script logo and that block red “C” logo is present, as are photos of the Indians wearing uniforms which don’t include Wahoo anywhere on them:

Indians 2014 Brochures

While Wahoo is present in the footer and in some promotional areas of the Indians official website, you’ll notice it’s gone from both the websites “Indians.Com” logo (block red C), the banner “Indians script”, and nowhere to be found on the 2014 season tickets page… “C”s and “Indians” scripts everywhere.

No Wahoo on Indians Website for 2014

Similarly their official Twitter page chooses to only feature the script logo and the block C.

No Wahoo on Indians Twitter

And finally, on this World Series retrospective posted today by you’ll see despite them using the era-appropriate logos for the Diamondbacks in 2001 and Marlins in 1997 and 2003, Chief Wahoo has been replaced by the modern-day block red C for Cleveland’s World Series appearances in 1995 and 1997.

Indians C Logo on World Series History

Is a change coming? Maybe not “officially”, the team has said in the past to SportsLogos.Net that the logo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon… but with all the attention over the Washington Redskins name lately plus these pieces of evidence shown above I’d be surprised if we see very much of the Chief, if at all for the 2014 season and beyond. Good news for most.

What do you think?

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  • Ben

    It’s about time, Wahoo’s even worse than the Washington Football Club’s nickname.

    • Gerhard Perz

      IT is sad to see people creating problems where none existed. I have never thought of Chief Wahoo as a racial slur or derogatory to American Indians. The Indians organization does not have the intention of using the chief as an insult to American Indians I’m sure most if not all Indians fans believe this as well.I believe few if any native American Indians find this offensive. Chief Wahoo is done in good taste and is complimentary in its depiction and artistic drawing. I do not know of any American of Irish descent getting upset about the Boston Celtics mascot or of Scandinavian descent regarding the Minnesota Vikings. Are the San Diego Padres insulting priests? What about animal rights regarding the Pittsburgh Penguins? Seriously? If the plan is to eventually change the logo and name; please,( I’. of German descent), please free free to re-name the team “The Cleveland Krauts” It would be an honor.People who complain about sports logos have it too good & create problems where none existed. To those people, please get a life.

      • wacha

        I’m shocked that the German sees nothing wrong with the grotesque wahoo logo. shocked.

        • Frank

          the ‘German’!!! HAHAHA – that’s hilarious dude – thanks for making my day!

          • wminaz

            The only name they should trade in Redskins for would be The Fighting Whities. I would be honored.

        • Dan

          The Indians have no identity without the chief logo, The C is stupid, it could stand for anything that starts with a C. Next it will be Indians is a slur.

      • Todd

        I’m 1/4 Italian and also 1/16 Sioux Indian……first and foremost, I do have nominal support for every single college team and franchise named after Native Americans (I’m a Colts fan in the NFL, but I do have a lot of respect for the Washington Redskins and usually call them my 2nd team). With many Italians being of Catholic descent, if say, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish were instead called the Notre Dame Fighting Mafia, then yes, they would not only be my favorite NCAA team, but possibly my favorite team in all of sports.

      • Danya

        If you seriously think Chief Wahoo is “done in good taste,” I can’t imagine what you’d consider done in bad taste.

    • Vaytch

      Yeah and soon it’ll be time to tackle the real problem: ANIMAL THEMED TEAMS, it’s bestiality gone wrong and it’s time to stop !!!!

      Let’s go Cleveland C’s !

    • John Gallione

      Irish and Scandinavian people were never given blankets infected with smallpox you ignorant turd.

      • Todd

        19th Century America: “Irish need not apply here” in front of door signs. Not discriminating enough for ya? And no, I’m not Irish in the slightest.

        • Danya

          No. The “No Irish Need Apply” signs are, basically, a myth. ( Even if they weren’t, and while there was some level of anti-Irish sentiment in the past, comparing what happened with the Irish with what happened with Native Americans is not even close to being equivalent.

          • rafterman

            using your definition of myth, small pox blankets are basically a myth. happened once, in pontiac’s war, 1763. they figured out it’s easier just to shoot or stab them than it is to bother with germ warfare. keep crying about your noble savages. just remember they were capable of being just as mean and nasty as the big, bad, evil white man. now i know certain segments of the population are under this impression that indians lived in some sort of garden of eden before the white man showed up. living in total harmony, total peace, a regular hippie commune. in truth tribes were always fighting with other tribes, taking each others land, sometimes wiping out whole cultures. native cultures came and went all the time in pre-columbian america

    • Todd

      Politically, I’m a Libertarian, so I could careless what you would refer to the Washington Redskins as, or what you think of Chief Wahoo. If you want to refer to the ‘skins as the “Washington Football Club” because you believe that the name is racist, then that is your personal choice. However, you must remember and realize that in America, people have a choice on what they like to refer to anything as and this includes the right of Daniel Snyder to stand by the name Redskins, and the loyal fanbase of the Washington Redskins. It also gives Larry Dolan the right to keep the Chief Wahoo logo as long as he likes, as well as the loyal following of the Cleveland Indians fanbase. Liberals in America have no right to tell American citizens, Washington Redskin fans, Cleveland Indian fans, or any fanbase that supports a certain sports team named after Native Americans what they a; can and cannot refer to their team as, or what their logo may or may not consist of. It’s comparable to the war on Christmas, and today, October 31st, 2013, marks the kickoff date of the 2013 Christmas Season, which any Christian (should have) the right to refer to due to the exercising of the first amendment rights that we have in this country. Liberals are using the “offensive language” card in many categories to usurp these rights from the American People, using issues that do not exist, that they claim to exist, because a very small group of the Native American population tends to see problems in Native American names and logos, whereas a much larger number of Native Americans a, do not see any problem with nicknames, logos, or mascots that refer to their population and b, many Native American populations tend to support these names, and they very well may be offended (the majority of the population, that is) by efforts being made to eliminate these names from sports altogether. If I were Larry Dolan, I would make it clear that it is in my personal right to determine what I can do with the Chief Wahoo logo. My advice to Larry Dolan is to leave it up to your fanbase whether or not they want to see Chief Wahoo live on.

    • Clark Thompson

      Indians management team are gutless punks

    • Frank

      I know most Cleveland fans like the name ‘Indians’ but I’ve long thought they should become the ‘Americans’ in the American League like the ‘Nationals’ in the National League and I live in a native American community that probably wouldn’t like to see that change because they aren’t even Cleveland fans and they wear ‘Indians’ attire – they call themselves Indians more than Native Americans but I think it’s been time to change

    • Kasey in Oz

      Good to see. Perhaps once Wahoo is gone, the Browns can rise above the curse of Wahoo and Cleveland can field a winning team once again *fingers crossed* Go Brownies Go!

    • ottaway

      theres no problem with any of the logos in any of the sports leagues,there are bigger fish to fry then worrie about a logo,PM Harper scandal with the M.Duffy ,Obama health care not working like common man whos offened by these logos

  • Jeremy Cating

    More drivel from morons who have nothing better to do than complain about a cartoon Indian.

    • So clearly you just scrolled to the bottom of the article and complained… meaning “who” exactly is the moron in this situation? You got it champ, congrats.

    • Mike

      Boy, it’s great to be white!

  • Kaiser The Great

    I’m glad to see it go, but the new C is very boring. The C they had in the 50s is much better, but looks a lot like the Reds’ C. Not sure what the solution is, but hopefully they’ll find something.

    • Ferdinand Cesarano

      It obvious that the Wahoo logo is embarassing and needs to go. But, as Kaiser mentioned, the block C is pretty bland. And it looks terrible alongside the rest of the team’s uniform.

      One solution would be to use the C from the “Cleveland” road wordmark as a cap logo.

      But, best of all, they could reach into their history and use the great C that was on their caps in the mid-70s:

    • Frank

      Yes, ‘C’ is boring and not offset with white giving it almost an equal value between red/blue and the red is even a blue/red to know more about colors than guys should know. I know they can do better – hell, the script was a wild departure when the ‘I’ looks like a ‘J’ so they can do something great

  • Mr. F

    And then even more drivel from morons who have nothing better to do than complain about people complaining about blatantly racist cartoon Indians

  • Lee

    I like that they’re just doing it — no announcements, no proclamations, no justifying, etc… — just doing something thats about time.


  • Jumpin Jack

    Only took them what, 80 years to wake up and realize the racist cartoon was offensive to most human beings. Laws and attitudes change for a reason. Next, the Redskins name and logo need to change…but they can keep the colors!

    • Doug

      You’re such a front runner. 80 years ago!?? You’re calling into question cultural mores from 80 years ago as if you and your forefathers were at the bleeding edge of presumed bias and racial slurs? I doubt it. From your comment, you are definitely one who jumps on a bandwagon. Get a backbone loser.

  • Leighton Fuqua

    Long time fan. I think it is smart to make these moves while the heat is on Washington and not Cleveland. The Braves did away with there mascot years ago and it is time the Indians update as well. Cleveland is re-branding themselves with new players and it will work if they ‘retire’ Wahoo. It is time to let the Chief rest and start 2014. Go Tribe!

    • Rob S

      You are forgetting that the same people that want Chief Wahoo gone are also targeting the team name. You actually think they will stop in that pursuit, if Chief Wahoo is gone? They’ll probably get more brazin’ in their actions. This all is mostly media drivin’.,we’ll just have to ride it out.

  • New_Order

    Once again the liberal media has pushed their views onto someone else. I love the logo and will continue to wear my Indians helmet with it on it. As far as the Redskins name and logo, I believe they should not be changed and if you don’t like my opinion, I’ve got two words for ya, “Suck It.”

    • Chris

      Liberalhater, you do realize that the first Indian name to go away happened 20 years ago, right? St. John’s, so at least have your facts correct. Anyway, I always thought the logo was stupid, but that mostly because I have always hated the Indians. However, when I owned my own sporting apparel store I did like the logo because I sold a ton of those hats in all different colors. Oh and New_Order, I hope you are 12 or something like that, still wearing a batting helmet. That being said, it doesn’t bother me that they won’t wear it anymore.

      • New_Order

        12…no, but I am 40 years old and I have had the same Chief Wahoo baseball hat since the first time I went to Jacobs Field and watched Jim Thome and the rest of the Indians destroy the Detroit Tigers.

        I do realize the St. Johns Redmen changed their name along with North Dakota Fighting Sioux as I have most likely been around longer than you. But to each their own as I am not asking you to change your opinion, but I am asking that you respect mine.

        • Chris

          I gotcha, I am 41. I still wear baseball hats myself. However to the point, I am glad they are moving away from it and St. John’s changed their name for the better.

          • Marty

            For all of you “history buffs” out there: The first university to become “politically correct” was Stanford University. Their nickname used to be the Stanford Indians. They changed it to Stanford Cardinal a lot longer than 20 years ago, (ie.) St John’s University.
            Let the Cleveland Indian fans decide which logo to use!

        • pjbnyc

          I am curious why people who favor keeping the logo around prominently suppose the rest of us are being liberal do-gooders for wishing it be downplayed to the point of disappearing? If you are a long time Clevelander, you may very well be ethnic–Polish, Italian, Irish, Czech or African-American, and there have been rude caricatures, stereotypes and slurs for each of you. Many of you are probably not liberal or do gooders but you probably wouldn’t like to be called by those names, or depicted in those stereotypical ways So, can’t you get it? I say this as a stupid, cheap Polack who, you know, goes around wearing white socks and a bowling shirt. I hear the: ‘Who’s complaining?” “It’s all for fun!” “No harm intended!” “C’mon it’s always been that way!”

        • Rob S

          North Dakota tried to keep their moniker and put up a good fight to do so. The NCAA strong armed the University with threats of not sanctioning playoffs games at the University. So it wasn’t by choice.

      • Danya

        Stanford changed it name from Indians in 1973.

      • Frank

        ‘Indian’ is a 500 year-old misnomer that refers to the country of, get this, “INDIA”! Geez, we could use something a little fresher, like that 500 year-old guy named Vespuci – HA
        Go “Americans” which means practically nothing originally other that what citizens of the US have made it. The suffix roughly stands for “rich port” and that’s enough etymology for today

    • Shane

      This guy is obviously stuck in a 1997 WWF time warp

    • wminaz

      What about a sense of history ? Many loyal Indians fans attended their games while all hope was lost. Let’s remember their sacrifices and keep the Chief Wahoo logo. End of speech. Bring up the Cleveland fight song.
      I”d be honored to have a sports team (even Cleveland) named after me or my ethnic group.

  • Gazzoo

    I think they’re going to stop using it, but not “officially” get rid of it with a declaration…this way they can still bring it back for throwbacks, etc. without seeming hypocritical.

  • LiberalHater

    F**K liberals and their political correctness. Its never been an issue until about 5-10 years ago when white liberals got serious about starting this stupid idea to change all Indian names and logos. Liberals can’t let anyone be offended by anything; even though this isn’t offensive. Liberals already got winning and losing out of a lot of youth sports because “everyone is a winner, no matter how hard you try, or how good you are” and “everyone gets a participation trophy”. Next the liberals are just going to take all names out of sports, because they’re offending animals and whatever your team name is. Everything liberals are trying to do in sports is BS. Most people like is logo and other Indian logos and don’t want it to be changed.

    • Lee

      So, in other words, you have no actual reason teams should keep racist logos other than to counter some faux “liberal” plot you’ve conjured up in your over-active imagination?

      While the people who would like to see them changed can give actual reasons to justify the change, so far, other than “liberal”, the people against the changes don’t really have solid reasons WHY they shouldn’t change.

      Give me a few reasons why the Indians should keep their racist logo, and/or the Redskins should keep their racist nickname.


    • Just Sayin’

      LiberalHater, you’re wrong. The National Congress of American Indians began its effort to change these names in 1968…before you were born. So, it didn’t start 5-10 years ago, and it didn’t start with Liberals.

    • James

      It’s not a politically partisan issue. Conservatives and Liberals with half a brain understand the meaning of the term cultural appropriation.

  • Mike

    If you notice on the bottom exhibit. The bluejays have there Updated logo for the 92-93 wins. There a bit non consistent with all those.

    I’m native up here in Toronto Canada, this stuff don’t bug me but that just might be me being a typical Canadian!

  • mr. wenn
  • Brian

    As an Indians fan, I am sad to see Chief Wahoo go. I just wish they would come up with something better than the Indians script. I like the block C but I’m not that much of a fan of the Indians script.

  • Jake

    I like the logo as it is a key character in the movie Major League, the greatest baseball movie ever

  • Sylvain Leduc

    I will miss wahoo…he looks cool….the Big C on the helmets is flat boring…their marketing dept. hopefully will come up with something different….why did they not keep the capital ‘I’ on the helmets….it wasn’t that bad and far more better than the boring ‘C’..

  • Ben

    Chief Wahoo’s exit is long overdue. That being said, I wish the club was a bit more consistent when they use the script font and when the use the block lettering. Perhaps script “Indians” on the home whites, block “Cleveland” on the road grays, and block C on all the hats? Not sure. I just don’t like the mixing and matching.

  • craig

    why do people go crazy about these things?

  • Pete

    How can you people honestly say you’re happy to see the logo disappear? It’s not racist. If you think it is you are stupid. These sports teams use names like Indians, Chiefs, Braves, Redskins because of the Native American heritage and how strong they were not to make fun of them.

    If you’re really so darn happy about this being gone then ya know what eliminate these and see how you feel about it:
    Hurricanes (KILL PEOPLE)
    Blackhawks (SAME BS AS INDIANS)
    Sharks (KILL PEOPLE)
    Lightning (KILL PEOPLE)
    Chiefs (TYPICAL BS)
    Raiders (KILL PEOPLE)
    Buccaneers (BASICALLY PIRATES)

    Just let it go and find something else to complain about other than a sports team nickname.

    • James

      How about this, Pete: The Redskins rename the team the Washington Americans. Their logo? A fat guy with a TV remote in one hand and a gun in the other.

      • James

        Actually, however offensive it would be to have the Redskins do this, it’s not nearly as offensive as, let’s say, a Mexican soccer team or a Venezuelan baseball team calling themselves the Americans using the same fat white guy logo. That’s the beef here.

    • Craig

      Thank you Pete amen

  • Pete

    How can you people honestly say you’re happy to see the logo disappear? It’s not racist. If you think it is you are stupid. These sports teams use names like Indians, Chiefs, Braves, Redskins because of the Native American heritage and how strong they were not to make fun of them.

    If you’re really so darn happy about this being gone then ya know what eliminate these and see how you feel about it:
    Hurricanes (KILL PEOPLE)
    Blackhawks (SAME BS AS INDIANS)
    Sharks (KILL PEOPLE)
    Lightning (KILL PEOPLE)
    Braves (BLAH BLAH)
    Chiefs (TYPICAL BS)
    Raiders (KILL PEOPLE)
    Buccaneers (BASICALLY PIRATES)

    Just let it go and find something else to complain about other than a sports team nickname.

    • Chris

      Looks like Pete missed the point completely. Pete, before you lose your mind on this do some research on some of those names you mentioned.

      • Mike

        Only if you do actual reshearch as to the St. John Redmen. The Redmen had nothing to do with the American Indian, although someone came up with an indian mascot. Redmen referred to the look of the players, in the Red Uniforms of St. Johns.

  • Alex

    It’s a tragedy. These names are supposed to be in tribute but now they are deemed offensive. Is Kansas City (nfl) going to change its name? What if the San Diego Padres suddenly became offensive to latinos and priests? Are they going to re-shoot Major League I and II and change the uniforms to the block C? How far does it go?

    All I know is I am going out to buy a Chief Wahoo hat before its too late.

    • Lee

      This article isn’t talking about the Indians changing their name, simply de-emphasizing their logo.
      Please calm down.

      • Alex

        if they are going to de-emphasize their logo then they are de-emphasizing their identity then what’s next probably a name change

  • Jorge

    It’s a cartoon character. I mean no disrespect to any Native American, but this whole thing seems a little ridiculous. I know that’s not what Native Americans really look like, it’s a fictional character not meant to be taken so seriously. I just feel like with all the effort they are putting into something so trivial, they could instead be bringing awareness to issues that are more urgent, for example their poverty and drug abuse rates. I see the Chinamen and Jews in the same light I see Chief Wahoo a cartoon, nothing more nothing less. We should embrace our differences and be able to laugh at ourselves a little, quit taking everything so serious and thinking everything is done with malicious intent.

  • Bob C

    Looks like Cleveland will be the city of no logo teams after the Browns here comes the Indians! The chief was very nice! It represents nothing about baseball!

    if you see racism in sports logos get a life!

    When the Cavaliers remove logo now?

  • Frank Thomas

    There are young men and women dying while serving overseas. There are issues such as homelessness, poverty, medical care, educating our youth, murder, rape, rampant acts of pedophilia, random people shooting up public places, and the only thing some people can do is worry about a cartoon logo?

    It’s actually pretty remarkable when you take a moment to think about that.

    • Lee

      Its remarkable that you think people can only worry about one thing at a time.

    • David Rubenstein

      You quite correctly identify some important problems. Please let us know what you are doing to contribute to their solution.

      • Frank Thomas

        Myself not worrying about a cartoon logo is a start, David. It’s called prioritizing. Basically as a human being, you worry about all the said problems that are demanding of careful consideration or application. Once those problems have been dealt with and/or settled, then move on the cartoon logo. On a personal level, I may not be contributing to their solution, but neither are you. My point here being is that I hope you learned a thing or two about the importance of prioritizing.

  • Matt

    And yet team names like Vikings, Yankees and Fighting Irish are perfectly acceptable because it’s politically correct to be disrespectful to whitey. I fully support Chief Wahoo, the Washington Redskins, etc…To hell with the mascot Nazis.

    • James

      Vikings WERE seafaring north Germanic people who raided, traded, explored, and settled in wide areas of Europe, Asia, and the North Atlantic islands from the late 8th to the mid-11th centuries. They no longer exist. They’re mascot is an undisputedly accurate caricature of someone a people who no longer exist.

      The term Yankee refers to people from the northern United States. Any pejorative use of the term is based on a conflict that it is 150 years old. Unless you’re a Red Sox or Blue Jays fan, or still fighting the Civil War, there is nothing remotely offensive about the Yankee’s logo.

      As for Notre Dame, I assume you’re referring to their leprechaun mascot. Although I do know a few Irishman who will clean your clock if you call them a leprechaun, they’re not offended by the character because leprechauns are a mythical being and Ireland is a country, not a race of people.

      Look up the word cultural appropriation then try this on for size: Manchester United changes it’s name to Manchester Americas. Their logo? A fat white guy with his shirt off, sitting in a Lazy Boy with a TV remote in one hand and a gun in the other. Offended? You should be.

      • Frank Thomas

        If the Indians logo got a rise out of you, James, then have at it, for it’s your stress and blood pressure level being raised, not mine. You and your ilk are the ones that will be cutting years off your lives because of said stress.

      • Jake

        Why wouldn’t you be offended by a douchbag name like Yankees? And why would you be offended by the fat guy. Thats hilarious. You have some serious problems. Do you have a therapist because you need one.

      • Dan

        So basically what you are saying is its okay to “make fun: of people who don’t exist anymore. Guess we should have killed off the Indians when we had the chance instead of sending them to reservations. Of course the government has always been a fan of discriminating against certain people. Native Americans, Japanese-Americans, Germans, Italians, Catholics, Mormons, and more. They just kill you off if you don’t agree with them about everything.

  • Andrew M

    Do you see other teams with similar mascots doing the same, i.e. The Chicago Blackhawks.

  • Mildlyclever

    I’m gonna get bashed for it, I know, But I’m a lifelong Indians fan, I love the logo, and I’m sad to see it go. Yes it’s racist, but its become so ingrained in our culture, and it’s a much better designed logo than the block C. If Chief Wahoo is done for, I think most tribe fans will sorely miss him.

    • Jake

      How is it racist? If it was a different color would it be ok?

  • GoTigers

    It always intrigues me how the Indians’ logo and the Redskins’ logo/name get all the attention. I feel like if someone might suggest the Chicago Blackhawks change their logo there would be a lot of people up in arms. “It’s tradition!” “Original 6!” I just feel that (and maybe I’ve just missed it) every time I see an article on this site, and others, there is always a focus on Chief Wahoo and/or the Redskins. Personally, I see nothing terribly bad about them. For me as a white person I don’t know how a Native American would feel, but I think it’s kind of an honor to be the name of a team. That team obviously feels that you have qualities that they want in their team: tough, hardworking, skilled, etc. On a purely objective note about Chief Wahoo, I’ve always found this logo kind of creepy so I won’t miss seeing it. However, as others have said, the C is kind of boring so I hope they can come up with something a little more creative.

    • Frank Thomas

      “This is not the case for the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks, the team has taken real measures to form a relationship with the American Indian community in Illinois… “Sypolt, Cherokee, told the (Chicago) Tribune that the commitment the Hawks are making is not just a public relations ploy. “There are many groups that approach us and say they want to do this and want to do that and many times we’re hesitant because we question their motives. The Blackhawks have been very genuine in wanting to help and have been very aware of cultural sensitivities. We’re very appreciative of that. They live up to everything they say they’re going to do” —- Source: Indian Country Today Media Network

  • leviathon

    If they were the “Cleveland White Men” you wouldn’t see us complaining about it being racist. Simply because, everything’s not racist to white people. Unlike every other race.

  • Matt

    Like I said, it’s only acceptable to disrespect whitey. And there’s not a chance they change my beloved Blackhawks (best sports logo in the entire world) logo!

  • yh


  • Drew

    I don’t understand how people, who this doesn’t even affect in the slightest, can deem it to be wrong and remove it. I come from a town that has the nickname of Indians, a logo with an indian head in a head dress, and you know what? The local indian tribes really don’t care, they actually approved it.

  • DWN

    I personally don’t mind it, in fact I love it, but i understand times change and feelings change. It’s not disrespectful to me, but I understand there may be a faction of society that IS offended, in which case it needs to be looked at. Let’s not be myopic on this topic.

    I will also echo the others in saying, that block “C” is really boring. They must come up with something better. Will they leave Wahoo on the sleeve??

  • Jed

    The Indians need to come up with something much better than both Wahoo and the bland red C as their primary logo.

  • Rick

    I have been a Cleveland INDIAN fan for over 70 years and their is no way I will give up my Chief Wahoo shirts, hats or anything else. My consin is a full blooded Indian from Montana, and the two things he wanted to take back with him was a bat made in Louisville,KY and a shirt with Chief Wahoo on it. He believed it was an honor to be recognized in that way. As for the use of a “C” ……that really suck! It is really boriñg and shows no individuality. Please keep the Chief!!!

    • 54321

      Newsflash… not everything is all about you.

  • Jeff Taylor

    I do not like all these changes to team’s nicknames. It is just a name people. I have my Indians’ cap, and will always think of chief Wahoo when I hear the name. This is the major problem with this country, everybody is so thin skinned and so easily offended over nothing. I wish all the teams who cave in to the weak people’s none sense all the worst of luck. Hundreds of years of history gone in an instant for nothing. In 20 years when the country is no longer the USA, maybe somebody will look back at this and say this was the beginning of the end.

  • 54321

    They should just get ahead of all this & change their name.

    So a bunch of C’s & wordmarks…. it’s still Indians, which without context in a 21st century world will confuse everyone for people of India. Unless of course that’s what they’re going for? lol

    Besides, if they’re waiting for Dan Snyder, they’ll look rather petty when it happens. Just own it already & move forward.
    Those C’s & wordmarks are boring.

  • Tim Leppla

    another B.S article..seriously ?

  • Chuck Turner

    …no Chief Wahoo…..boring…..

  • D. Roy

    Why not incorporate the best of both worlds? Use the block C and give it Wahoo’s feather? Seems like a win-win to me. And if you’re going to use the wordmark or the block C, can’t the employ them same font? Yeesh.

    • ingmar66

      Exactly! You are so right! The block C with a feather, there are so many possibilities designers can think of! Maybe they are already designing something back in Cleveland or over at Brandiose. The same could be done with the Washington Redskins: remove the warrior face and replace it with the R from the coaching staff hat. In the long run, should there be more trouble ahead, we can always think about renaming the Indians the Cleveland Spiders and the Redskins the Washington Eavesdroppers, Monitors or Phone Tappers (as in NSA).

  • Believeland 94

    I hate to see Chief Wahoo go but if you think about it ever since the logo was created in the 50’s the Indians haven’t won a WS since 1948 and won their first in 1920 all without chief wahoo technically chief wahoo was around but yellow and even more cartoony in 48 so he wasn’t updated until the 51 season. I think the current logo that was used in 51 is the reason why the Indians haven’t been able to win a WS first with 1954 getting swept by the Giants in 54 and the decades of losing seasons until 94 and choking in 95 losing to Atlanta 4-2 in the 95 WS and blowing opportunities to score more runs and pitching blowing it in the 9th and extras in game 7 with Florida in the 97 WS so I think Chief Wahoo is the reason behind the Cleveland Curse. So that is my theory but if they expect to use the block C at least give it a huge upgrade make it something we wouldn’t mind and they could bring back the script I logo as well or create a completely new logo that still represents the Indians and the city of Cleveland.

  • Paranoid Pyro

    The sooner Wahoo is out of the Indians altogether, the better.

  • Jake

    Sucks that people have to think its racist. Their name is the Indians. Dude doesn’t look like hes from India. And just because their primary color is red its somehow racist? Does anyone know why they are called redskins or do you just listen to everything Dear Leader Osama says and follow blindly. For some reason all of you white people think you have to protect everybody from things that nobody is offended by. Its ridiculous. For some reason you think Jews are offended if you say Christmas and Redskins are offended if you call them that. 90% of “Native Americans” (that came from somewhere else) think the name should not change so why is this even a conversation. The only people that want it to change are the ones that will make money off of it when it does.

  • Jason Garrison

    The only place Chief Wahoo is used on the jersey sleeves. They introduced their road jersey in 2011 and included the iconic Indian head logo on that sleeve too. I never hear complaints about the Chicago Blackhawks logo so why would anyone want to complain about the Indian head logo and the Redskins too? Those names are time honored traditions

    • Dan

      Because hes red. It’s not like those are their colors or anything. They did it to be racist. #sarcasm

      • Jason G

        In 2010, it didn’t appear anywhere in Batting Practice either, not even on the jersey sleeve according to the sportslogos Indians page.

  • Much ado about nothing.Leave the Chief alone.I read somewhere that this logo is the second most recognizable logo IN THE WORLD after Coca-Cola.
    The Indians and Cleveland should be proud of him.I live in Canada but have been a fan since 1952.The Chief has been a big part of my love affair with this team.
    The new “C” looks mundane and draws no attention

  • Mike

    I love Chief Wahoo, I have been a life long Indians fan and really hate to see the logo going away.

  • Phil d

    meh the new Blue Jays logo is used in that image .. whats the big whoop???

    • Therefore everything else I posted means nothing?

      • Frank

        Chief Wahoo may be offensive to dentists…..I’m an anti-dentite so I don’t care. Wonder if any other logos have that many teeth!

  • William L. Hoppes MD

    My first Indians game was against Chicago White Sox in 1948 when Satchel Paige beat them I believe 2-0, and it was the biggest night crowd in history, over 78,000. That game put us into the playoff against the Red Sox which put us in the World Series vs the Boston Braves, our last world championship. I have been a Chief Wahoo fan ever since, and it will NEVER CHANGE!!!!! It is just a cartoon character, but a loveable one! I have Native American blood in my veins, and have had friends and patients who were as well. One of my patients gave me a pen with Wahoo on it on her last visit to my office. Please do NOT lose this great emblem!! I (and many friends/relatives) will never purchase any Indians gear without Wahoo on the item.

  • Babs M

    I predict a big drop in sales because the Chief is one of the most beloved sports logos in this country. C, those helmets make me wonder who I am watching, Cincinnati or some other C city. Time to squelch at the polictical correctness, it is being taken to extremes.

  • Gregg

    I’ve been an Indians fan for almost 40 years and I liked Chief Wahoo for years before that…because he’s a CARTOON, and I was a kid. REAL people don’t look like him, so it never occurred to me he was a racial characature until people started saying he was.

    That said, because we take these things into consideration more than we did 40+ years ago, I think it makes sense. It’s true he’s pretty well entrenched, he’s looked pretty much the same since the late 40s and the old-timers will miss him but I think the Indians have enough tradition-based options that retiring him can be pretty painless.

    The Indians’ longest-serving cap logos were variations on the wishbone-ish “C”, much like the Reds use. At various point in their histories, Reds and Indians uniforms were almost identical…but because the Reds never stopped using it, I’m guessing they’d protest if the Indians tried to revive it (like Saskatchewan protesting the idea of Ottawa reviving the name “Rough Riders”). That’s the probable explanation for the return of the block “C”. I also like the “crooked C” from the mid-70s but to me that’s almost more racist than Wahoo. You know, suggesting people are primitive.

    Oh well. I can live without Wahoo if I like the uniforms, and I kind of like the uniforms with the block lettering. For some reason the current block “C” looks better to me than the one from the early 80s.

  • Jim

    Fascinating to read all of the comments, informed and otherwise. I live out west and live and work with Native Americans and have yet to have anyone complain to me about Chief Wahoo. On th eother hand a great many of them are fans of the Indians and Braves and wear the logos all of the time. The symbols (logos) are not demeaning to them, but seem to install a feeling of pride about their heritage. i have seen the phasing out of Chief Wahoo for a number of years now and can say that I will miss seeing it when the Indians play, but probably m ore as a memory of my youth than a great loss to me or the city of Cleveland.

  • Kevin G. Strickland

    Go ahead and change the name, then. Go with something else. Living in Cleveland most of my life, the Chief Wahoo is iconic. The Script “I” looks terrible, and I hate block lettering, so unless there’s something good down the pipeline, I don’t plan on buying any Indians stuff that doesn’t have the Chief on it.

  • Mike

    Keep it! Don’t cave to the pressure.

  • Ryan E.

    I thought this article was well researched and written. I’ve been wondering when the tribe would get rid of the Wahoo logo. While I think there can be cases made for teams like the Chiefs, Illini, Seminoles, etc. I always felt Chief Wahoo was pretty insulting.

    I appreciate that you didn’t get mired in the politics, just showed evidence that it’s being phased out. All in all, I agree with the Indians organization that its probably best just to quietly phase it out than make huge announcements.

  • Kcid Knornas

    Glad the Indians have the guts and good sense to come of age.

  • Bill A

    The caricature as is can be improved upon to convey a sense of respect. For arguments, sake, say something along the lines of the Chicago Blackhawks logo. It’s neither offensive or silly.

    I’m all for moving ahead on something like racism and how we essentially took most of the continent away from the native Americans, but there is also a limit as to how far professional sports franchises should go toward meeting the demands of people who find offense with names and caricatures depicting Indians.

    Ever since I was a boy I always took Braves, Indians, Chiefs, Redskins, Mohawks, et al to be honorific. Moving on does not mean rewriting the past or changing the names of sports franchises. That’s penny-ante stuff. Do some real change, like growing up and moving on from such foibles as we have seen regarding the over-wrought belly-aching and unnecessary bullying of the Redskins, Braves, and now Indians.

  • Dave

    The butthurt is strong here with all the people offended by a cartoon logo… Quite a shame because this is one of the best logos in baseball, and I’ll be sad if it gets completely phased out. I guess we might as well all get upset at teams like the Vikings, Blackhawks, Chiefs, Fighting Irish etc. no?

  • You know it’s not the name that gets me, it’s that awful looking “grin” on the logo.

  • Derek G

    It’s a sad day in Sports in general when politics get involved and ruin the integrity of sports. I’m not an Indians fan but Chief Wahoo is a great logo. It’s Indians Baseball. It’s like St. Bonaventure University, They used to be the Brown Indians, now they’re the Bonnies. But most of the shirts and hats that are sold are the old Brown Indians logo. It’s sports. People are just too sensitive these days. Who cares.

  • Mike Fumic

    I STILL don’t get it!! 95% of the simpletons pitching a fit aren’t even Native American. Most Native Americans are either ambivalent about the whole issue or don’t find it offensive. It’s a CARICATURE, people! We don’t go into an incredibly lame and dated “war chant” and wave our arms like the knuckleheads in Atlanta, we don’t carry spears and wear headdresses while riding on horseback like the Florida State Seminoles (think about those two for starters!!) All we do is wear our “Chief” proudly on our hats and shirts. It tells everyone, “Hey, we’re from Cleveland and PROUD of it!!” We’re not promoting imagined racism, we’re not denigrating Native Americans. We proudly hold up the “Chief” to identify WHO we are, who we support and where we hail from. I guarantee if they ban they Chief, a MILLION after market shirts, caps and what ever else will flood the market, more than you see now!!!! Despite some narrow minded people out there, You CAN”T legislate how people THINK & FEEL!! I’m out….

  • Matt

    LOL…a handful of middle-aged white liberals complain and ruin it for everyone. So typical. As a Bears fan, gotta say I hope Dan Snyder ignores the .00001% of protesters and less than 20% of the population that gives a crap about the Redskins name.

  • Chris O’Leary

    Keep hearing about this is going to happen but have yet to see anyone report what the American Indian opinion is which makes me wonder why. I think it’s much to do about nothing and besides you can take away the logo but they will still be the INDIANS…Go Tribe!

  • Elijah Summerdrum

    MLB is losing creativity, when the “C” comes in. That’ll prove my point. The Mariners and Pirates will also screw up.

  • Ed Kilbane

    I understand that Chief Wahoo logo can be offensive to some, and I commend the Cleveland front office for being proactive about scaling back its use. However, the Block “C” is incredibly dull and boring. It reminds me of a cheap Little League logo, not that of a Major League Baseball franchise. I think a better logo for both the caps and batting helmets would be the stylized “I” found at the front of the Indians script. Perhaps a single feather could even be added to the “I”.

  • Popular

    If they are going to change it, atleast change it to something nice. The c is lame.

  • Graysmith

    They should make it official and then come up with a nicer C or a new logo altogether. The current C is just too plain and non-descript.

  • Avory

    I daresay Mr. Creamer or any of the others here who so easily throw racist epithets around have had any meaningful discussions with American Indians on the topic of Chief Wahoo (or any other issue that is actually really significant in their daily lives). No, it’s much easier to sit in the comfort of our homes and humiliate others over their affection for a logo that has represented a love affair with a baseball team over our entire lives. Much of Cleveland Indians history has been miserable during my lifetime, but the Chief was always there to cheer us up, always looking forward to a better day. Anyone who sees anything ugly in the Chief has ugliness deep in their hearts. But enough psychoanalysis, an acquaintance of mine who lives out west was recently asked the all-important question: “Is Chief Wahoo insensitive?”

    Here was his reply:

    “Not to any Native Americans I’ve ever met (and I do understand that there are millions I haven’t met, but I feel like my sample size is surely significant enough to gain knowledge from). I grew up on the Pala reservation (Pala Band of Mission Indians), went to school with hundreds of Native Americans up through high school. Even more in college. I currently run a business on the outskirts of an Indian reservation. I fly an American flag at my business. One year, since they know I love the Cleveland Indians, my employees bought me a Wahoo flag for my birthday. I fly that flag during baseball season. I have never received one complaint. On Fridays (casual dress day), I have Native American employees that consistently wear Wahoo to work. If you go to a monthly tribal meeting, you will always see men, women and children wearing Wahoo. The youths from this reservation field a baseball team in each local league (pinto, mustang, bronco & pony), since I moved here 28 years ago, they have requested to be the Indians every season, and have requested to wear Wahoo every season. Wahoo is the most purchased sports merchandise by Native Americans in the USA.

    Do any of you ever go to, or do business, on a reservation, or have you ever been to a tribal meeting?? I think it would be eye opening to see how many Native Americans wear and like Wahoo. I hope people also realize that most tribes call themselves Indians and are more offended if you say Native American to their face. Just when I’m writing about the Cleveland Indians and Native Americans, it would be too confusing to call them both Indians.

    To me its almost impossible to think it could be hurting anyone, when 85-90% of days over the past 28 years (other than my 4 years at college), I’ve seen Native Americans wearing Wahoo, buying Wahoo for their children, playing sports with Wahoo on, going to work, going to important tribal meetings, having fun and laughing all while wearing Wahoo.”

    So the bottom line for me after reading that? You want to further eliminate the American Indian from our cultural landscape and continue their banishment from our lives as we have been doing for over 200 years? Well, just go ahead and eliminate one of the best logos in sports…clearly it will make American Indians feel even better about being completely invisible. Me, I’ll continue to honor the Chief as I always have, and worry about supporting causes that truly assist people who need help.

    • Dude, all I did was post an article showing evidence that they’re phasing it out… that’s not an opinion, that is a fact.

      • Avory

        The attitude of your smug article was one of condescension, that any enlightened individual would know this is the “correct” thing for the organization to do. You were not reporting; you were cheerleading. And I’m merely pointing out that those who you think may be offended by the Chief’s continued presence may actually not be, something entirely foreign to your presumptive mindset on this issue.

        • ingmar66

          Chris Creamer did not say anything about the logo itself, he has just discovered that MLB and the Indians seem to phase out Chief Wahoo. He did not state anywhere that such a thing happening is positive or negative. I was fascinated by your description of Indians proudly wearing the Chief (and I do think that a lot of minorities all over the world tend to take a caricature that was meant to deride them and turn it 180 degrees into a personal symbol of pride when they feel that they are being ignored by mainstream society), but you seem to go overboard in accusing Chris of being smug.

        • The only attitude i wrote this article with was “somehow the Cleveland Indians didn’t think we’d notice that they’re doing this (eliminating wahoo)”. Merely pointing out something that you don’t like is happening is not smug, learn to deal with realities without lashing out at the messengers.

          • Avory

            You concluded your story by saying this was “Good news for most.” That is a clear value judgment on your part, as was the selective way in which you presented your article. Did you go to MLB’s store and show pictures of all the current merchandise that prominently features the Chief? No, you did not. While I was probably out of line calling you a “cheerleader” for anti-Wahoo sentiment, the manner in which you presented this issue was not balanced. Smug you may not have been, but you carried an agenda here, just like other crusaders on this topic. Oh, and by the way, I’m a bleeding heart liberal, but I know where the important issues are, and this is not one of them. Advocating the abolition of the Chief is merely a way to salve the guilt of those who don’t have the courage to address truly meaningful (and difficult) inequities we face in our society.

          • Actually it’s a clear judgement on how I feel the majority of people will react to this news… based on the comments within this thread I was correct. As for your second point, I showed prominent pieces of 2013 and 2014 MLB league-wide merchandise and graphics, items which always either show A) the team’s primary logo or B) the team’s primary cap logo. For all these items the Cleveland Indians were the ONLY team to display their road/alternate cap logo (the C) instead of their primary logo AND home cap logo (Chief Wahoo); isn’t it odd that the logo which is supposed to be their top two primary methods of branding (primary logo and home cap logo) are missing and that they’re the only team to do such a thing in the entire league? And isn’t it also interesting that this just happens to be the most prominent team in Major League Baseball to features a logo considered controversial by most? THIS WAS WHAT MY STORY WAS ABOUT. THERE WAS NO AGENDA. I LOOKED AT THESE ITEMS AND THOUGHT, “WOW, IT SEEMS LIKE WAHOO IS NOT INCLUDED, I SHOULD DO A STORY”. THAT’S ALL. DEAL WITH BEING WRONG.

  • Todd Priibanic

    Just because someone is offended does not mean they are right. What is specifically offensive about this charactature?

    People can choose to be offended about anything they want. That is their right & personal belief but they don’t have the right to impose that feeling on someone else which is exactly what is being allowed to happen here.

    We should be more concerned about what is happening to our government, economy & quality of life than how a charactature May or may not offend some one. It’s a picture of a smiling Indian painted red with a feather in his headband. Why don’t we ban all western movies that portrayed native Americans in a negative manner, or all World War II Movies that portrayed Germans & Japanese in a negative manner. Life is not always politically correct & it’s not always fair we have to stop trying to make it that way…

    By the way, I have Chief Wahoo proudly tattooed on my right shoulder & have so since 1996. During this time I have not had one negative comment made or had someone come up to me and say it offended them…

  • Aaron

    For a brief period of time, the Chief Wahoo logo wasn’t even on their ball caps but on the jersey sleeves. I don’t think that logo is going away anytime soon. It’s about as iconic as the Red Wings, Blackhawks or Bulls logos. If they don’t want it on the caps, at least the sleeve on the jerseys. Add at least a feather design to the caps. As far as the Redskins go, the logo itself could stay as the main and just use the retro arrow on the helmets like the Vikings, Rams, Eagles. Washington Warriors would sound less offensive.

  • White Guy

    Since all of us white folk who support the Chief Wahoo logo are labeled as racists, how about changing the name to the Cleveland Honkies for the next 113 years to make it even? I would love it. If that won’t work, how about keeping the Chief, but use the fair-skinned logo from years past? Because the real issue is with the red face, is it not?

  • Don Biddle

    I say BOOO!! We are not the Chicago Cubs…need to get rid of the “C” on the helmet. However, as a true Indians fan I have Chief Wahoo tattooed on my right arm and will continue to wear it proudly!!

  • Andrew

    Stupid. The C logos are awful and boring.

  • James

    While I get phasing out the logo, sad to see one of my favourite logos growing up disappear. Sadly, I’m not sure what the marketing department in Cleveland has to work with considering most people will jump on any use of the name Indians without using just plain old letter logos.

    Of all the teams with native american references and logos, I would rank Wahoo up there with the least racially driven logos around, considering its a cartoon and all unlike the Braves old logo and the redskins logo.

    And I think the only truly racist team name left is the washington redskins. We would never call a team the “washington blackskins” or the “washington yellowskins”. I would be happy to see that name change with just a phasing out of the logo and name but the team still retaining a similar identity.

  • JP

    The Chief is not being phased out, he is just not as prominently used as he use to be. (this is straight from the higher ups in the Indians organization)

    • Avory

      Which I suspected is true all along. The Indians organization is neither dumb nor rolling in cash. And they know better than anyone that the block “C” logo is utterly and completely dull and cannot hold a candle to the Chief when it comes to merchandising. You cannot simply go out and buy the kind of brand recognition the Chief gives to the Cleveland Indians, nor the support it has among most long-time Cleveland baseball fans, which may not be many, but that’s who the Tribe has to market to, not folks who care no more for Cleveland than they do for the real issues affecting American Indians.

    • Rob S

      I agree, I suspect the logo will still be on the teams jersey sleeve next season, that’s where it looks best. I don’t mind the block C on the cap, but Chief Wahoo has to be there somewhere. The article mentions it not being on the batting jersey’s.
      I don’t think Chris C. was cheerleading as stated somewhere above. He was just sharing this with us as an observation of what might be happening with the organization. If you want to see real cheerleading go to UniWatch. They don’t mix any bones about their stance..

  • I actually LIKE the block C…as well as their alternate jerseys. Chief Wahoo? Eh…doesn’t bother me one bit. I see where both sides are coming from though.

    • Avory

      I like the cream-colored alternate jerseys too, but what makes them pop is the Chief on the sleeve. Take him off and it isn’t the same. Listen, I don’t care if the Chief is de-emphasized by the placement on the sleeve; he looks good there. I also thought the Chief on the front of Tito’s pullover was pretty snazzy (even though I normally prefer managers to wear full uniforms, it was great to see Tito sporting Wahoo every game).

  • Mr. Oriole

    So, I’m an oriole and I find the oriole logo offensive and insensitive to orioles. It’s degrading and racist to my kind. I’ve never seen an oriole that looks as cartoonish as that one. My family and friends are ashamed to go out and gather worms and build nests because of the ridicule we receive due to the racist Orioles logo. Why does nobody bring this to attention? Why does nobody care about us? Everybody makes a big deal about the Native logos, but not the birds. We have feelings too. I believe we should remove every bird-related logo to protect the feelings of every bird. We should just remover every logo in general to prevent hurting anyone’s feelings anymore. We should also stop keeping score since someone’s feelings might get hurt. We need to teach manners and fairness.

    • Dave

      This is gold… Hit the nail right on the head.

  • Kish

    Somewhere a defunct cigar company can get their missing mascot back.

  • Kish

    Would suggest putting feather on the cap like the saying “Putting a feather in your cap” which ironically is a native term. like the Toledo Mud Hens did.

  • Loren

    So freakin’ Ghey! Chief Wahoo forever! What, are they gonna be the Cleveland Pansies now? Good God!

  • Joshua Meyers

    If this is the case, then I need to buy as much Chief Wahoo merchandise as I can before it’s all gone!

  • Jayd

    It is sad me that the Chief of Indians is leaving Cleveland. I bet it is of because they built the new stadium in los angels for football and now baseball moves in there to. It is all for money! Indians should block him leaving and keep baseball where it beloings. In cleveland!

  • Louie Anderson

    I have lived in Cleveland all my life and I have been an Indians fan and fan of MLB for over 50 years. Every few years this contrived issue seems to be brought up by someone or some other event. This time it is the Washington Redskins name controversy.

    Chief Wahoo being racist is rarely ever brought up by Native Americans. I have been to Indian Reservations in the Southwest several times. Native Americans can be seen wearing the Chief Wahoo hat on the reservations. They don’t seem to think of it as racist.

    The Chief Wahoo logo has been less of a focus in the Indians marketing and on the uniforms and apparel before, primary in the 1970’s. The Indians are not going to do away with Chief Wahoo this time either. This, like all of the other contrived controversies, will pass. Chief Wahoo is not going away.

  • Justin

    C’mon guys! People always want change. Evolution and rebranding create excitement, while other people get to hold on to their tradition and tell stories of how it used to be. You gotta love Oregon for what they have done to rebrand and build championship caliber recognition surrounding a duck. A DUCK! Quack Quack goes the duck.

    I can only say if Chief Wahoo goes, bring in someone that nobody would oppose. New England has the Patriots. Rebrand to the Cleveland Americans and slap Captain America’s mug on the cover of the franchise! Everybody wins especially Americans.

  • Brian Parker
  • Bill Laumann

    Chief Wahoo is a bad logo. Besides being offensive to Native American Indians it looks like Jamie farr as Clinger from M*A*S*H. They could do better than a “C” for Cleveland though.

  • rafterman

    now that they got rid of the logo the PC hounds won’t stop until they get rid of the “Indians” moniker too.

  • Mike

    Remove all “native” names. No more Seminoles, Braves, Indians, Redskins. I’m sure they would complain then, too. Let them get back to their beer and casinos and be totally forgotten. It’s all mythical anyway. They were great warriors in the same way the French were great warriors in 1940.

  • Anon

    Oh no! Said racists. And only racists.

  • Mike

    Move to East St Louis Anon, then get back to me. Oooooooooh a waaaaaycist. We still have freedom of speech in my country. I prefer to live in reality. If you or some Canadian guy living in his mom’s basement disagree with some opinion of mine, I guess that’s life. My will to live is still here. A lot of good liberalism did the French in Haiti in 1803, and it’s not going to be any different today. Mexico is a hellhole, because it is full of Mexicans. 25% of the federal prison population in my country is illegal Mexicans. They’re too stupid to have a better life, even if I did owe them one.

    • Anon

      Oh noes they are taking my Indian caricature away! But my white privilege WAH!!!

      • Mike

        Well take it away, Anon. I never said I would be sad to see it go. A big cheesy Indian with a smile on its face…I can live without that. I just said earlier, get rid of all “native” names. Great warriors they were, their remnants surviving off the white government. White privilege? Knowing that a black is going to kill you because of your race? You seen the crime stats? Of course not. Even if you did, they are only oppressed people getting back at the man. Well, what about Ethiopia that the evil white man never colonized…What’s its problem? It should be like Japan. You’re not on my level, so don’t start it.

        • Anon

          White people never kill white people. Got it.
          Also institutionalized racism and the prison industrial complex don’t exist.

          But back to the insulting caricature.

          So we raped, murdered, pillaged and nearly exterminated the indigenous peoples of this continent. Guns and smallpox blankets. Woo! Yay whitey!!! (You would love Tazmania btw. Complete genocide of the aboriginals on the Island.)

          Trail of tears, Reservations, ETC.

          But no they get casinos (sometimes) and their own tiny strips of land. So F them, the moochers.

  • Jack Werner

    Very sad! Chief Wahoo is a cartoon. To compare this to the Washington Redskins is an insult. The Cleveland Indians name was changed from the Naps to the Indians around 1915. Cleveland had the first native american player.

    Long live The Chief!

  • Kish

    Some don’t see the line between honoring and mocking. Most learn this early in life at high school of college. My aunt is a fan of this team and wears all their logos with pride so I can see both sides. I think what a lot of people are missing is how similar this generalization looks like old bad depiction of natives in ads and cartoons. Instead of looking at this as a negative Cleveland should take this as an opportunity to use the bold C and feather. Change would not hurt this team since they have not been that successful with Wahoo or am I wrong.

  • T

    I think some of you are just pathetic attention grabbers there is nothing wrong with chief wahoo I say keep him and don’t give into people who are pathetic and have no life and nothing better to do than bitch’s so shut up and leave chief wahoo alone

    • Max

      So why have the Cleveland Indians completely disowned Wahoo?

  • Wahoo

    If I get canned, then I expect PETA to go after the Tigers, Orioles, D-rays, Cardinals, Blue Jays & Cubs for animal abuse. The ACLU should sue the Padres, Braves, Giants, Twins, and Athletics for clearly making fun of certain social and ethnic groups. Atheists should sue the Angels. And the FBI should launch a full investigation on the Yankees, Nationals and Pirates to ensure they aren’t covers pushing political agendas or organized crime.

    P.S. : let me know if you’re an equal opportunity employer because I’m going to need a job soon.


    • Max

      Why is Wahoo offensive? Because the team name isn’t “Patriots.”

  • Polh Peralta Cardosa

    I’m Dominican and a Yankees fan. My grandfather Frank loved Chief Wahoo. He will miss it. I don’t see anything offensive in that logo, it is just a cartoon logo which many kids grew up with it. Eliminating Wahoo would be good for kids born from 2002 to 2009, but not for teenagers and adults. For the “C”, I think they must return the 1933-1972 wishbone.

  • Max

    The Indians/Redskins: should they be allowed to change their name on their own terms?

    Absolutely not. Should all those people in blackface Halloween costumes (however naive or “respectful”) be allowed to choose another costume on their own terms?

    The issue is whether the authority (majority opinion?) should be allowed to force a change.

    Of course the logo is controversial, but it seems like the big issue for supporters of the logo are more concerned with an illegitimate authority forcing a change than the news that it has lost support.

    In voting and making decisions on controversial topics, we all need to weigh the potential that a change would result in a worse outcome.

    Of course Cleveland wouldn’t pick such a terrible logo if they were a 2014 expansion team, but they are not. In fact, Cleveland is a sh*thole with a dwindling population.

    Wait it out, so we can argue more important issues (like poverty in Cleveland and on American Indian reservations).

    Also, the “if it’s just a word, why can’t the traditionalists dictate its use” argument was used and is still being used in the gay marriage debate. And that issue, by all intent by the traditionalists, has failed in recent history,

    Change the name/logo/Halloween costume? To what?

    The Civil War was fought and won by anti-racists. It kills me that there are racist people out there who think that re-living the Civil War would be a good idea for them. That Traditionalist argument in terms of “the Southern Cross is our heritage, we’re not racists” is also not winning over the public.

    I don’t care if you were brought up an Indians fan, if you support the name with that kind of argumentation, you will be joining a losing side. History will not be kind to you and your “victimhood” will fall on deaf ears.

    • Mike

      When the next war breaks out, it will not be white on white, as in the past. Whites fighting for savages, or that’s what you heard in school. That great high school education that you got. The civil war was an economic war, and even Lincoln knew that blacks were sub-human, as they are today. When the next war breaks out, surely you will fight on the non-whites side?

  • agege

    This looks like the way the Braves went. Atlanta currently uses the wordmark and a tomahawk. If the Indians can find a way to omit Wahoo then they can at least keep everything else. If they’re really phasing out the ever-controversial logo then all they have to focus on is the Redskins and once that’s done the PC movement in pro sports in this country will be nigh complete. (Perhaps Washington could change their name to the Warriors and go with the spear helmets?)

    • Max

      “It’s just a spear on a helmet!!!” – You in ten years.

      I don’t think you understand that ANY new name will be ironic and inconsiderate if Snyder gets to choose it.

      • agege

        They could at least switch to it. I like it and it looks a lot better and slightly more respectful than the current helmets.

  • Concerned Patriot of America

    Can we get rid of the Patriot’s logo too? I have never once met a supporter of America who is gray. They can’t please everyone because American’s are various races, which mean various colors. So we should just do away with that logo too. It’s offensive to me because it is gray. I’m not gray. This makes no sense it is racist and needs to go!

  • The ‘People Not Mascots’ Logo is meant to be a Native American protest caricature of the Cleveland Indians Baseball team. It was originally painted by David Jakupca at the historic ARK in Berea incorporating elements of the Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts, it has drawn criticism from some sportswriters, fans and local businessmen, but gained immediate acceptance among humanitarian, religious groups and Native Americans. It gained international popular attention when it was it exhibited by ICEA at the 1993 UN World Conference on Human Rights held in Vienna, Austria and has become one of the most recognized anti-racists logo’s in existence. It also caused repercussions for the groups connected with using the logo in protest demonstrations and this has been documented in the INTERNECINE MATRIX..
    Reference Links:

    • rafterman

      what a bunch of garbage

  • Robert Price

    This is stupid! “Waaah it’s offensive” Shut up and grow up! Go Indians and go Redskins forever!

  • These comments…

    Wow, just… wow.

  • carg0

    i’ve always liked the Chief Wahoo logo. never once found it offensive but that’s just me. gonna miss it if they do get rid of it.

    one of my favorite jerseys is the batting practice jersey they used to wear back in the late 80’s. all navy blue w/chief wahoo logo.

  • Matt

    Minnesota Vikings logo is very insensitive, if not outright racist. Oh wait! It’s a white guy, so that’s okay…FU mascot Nazis, just FU.

  • Anon

    Guess what? It is.

  • Avory

    Just what I figured; Mr. Creamer admits to being presumptive about people’s views on this issue, notwithstanding any scientific evidence to support it. He just figured “most” people would agree with the premise that the Chief should go, even though he had no reason to know one way or another (and certainly hadn’t asked anyone in northeast Ohio or, more importantly any American Indians.)

    And, of course, our intrepid reporter–who’s headline is an expectant, hopeful “Is Chief Wahoo finally on the way out?”–cites only a few examples to support his contention this is happening even though the official online shop of the Cleveland Indians and all MLB merchandising is replete with the Chief on every consumable item imaginable. Oh, he’s on the way out, alright…out the door in sale after sale while the Tribe’s alternate logos sit forlornly on the shelves.

    Keep on pimping the agenda, guy, regardless of your flimsy evidence… Uniforms styles come and go (as do bloggers) but the Chief will outlast ’em all.

    • Avory

      To further amplify, just try and sell the countertop refrigerator (MLB’s Cleveland Indians fanshop: $499.95), the dart cabinet ($199.95), the pub light ($479.99), the billiard ball set ($209.99), the bar stool ($159.99), the three-shade glass lamp ($797.99), the billiard lamp ($949.99), car mats ($34.99), trailer hitch cover ($17.99), grill cover ($29.99), dorm room fridge ($299.99), lunch tote ($29.99), or hundreds of other items at the team’s online shop that ONLY come with the Chief on them. Just try selling ANY of these items with the lame “block C” or any other alternate logo…it will never happen.

      We can’t always say this, but in this instance thank goodness for the profit motive and capitalism; people want the Chief, people buy the Chief and because he’s great, he ain’t going anywhere.

      • 1434

        blah blah blah. god, you’re boring.

        • ingmar66

          Not only is he self righteously boring, I am starting to think mister Avory is a secret economic stakeholder in the Chief Wahoo logo. He might get 10 percent of every item sold with the Chief on it, because he has some dirt on the organization or something. Or his grandfather designed the logo or. the team’s owner is paying off a gambling debt to him. No wonder he is a big advocate of this logo! Nah, all is just in jest, Chief Avory. By the way, I am not an expert on Indian dress, but how come Wahoo only wears one feather but is still called Chief? One feather is just a mere warrior, or not?

    • alex

      Nice !

  • scott

    Using the logic of the “Ban the Chief” crowd, let’s compare this sports logo cartoon to newspaper comic cartoons….
    “Blondie” should be banned because, since Dagwood is a henpecked/whipped white, work-a-day husband, ALL white, work-a-day husbands are henpecked/whipped…
    If “Calvin & Hobbes” were still active, it too should be banned because, since Calvin is a white schoolboy with ADHD, ALL white schoolboys have ADHD…
    I could go on but I picked these 2 because I am also a white male and thus can relate to them. I know plenty of white, work-a-day husbands, and not all of them are henpecked/whipped, and I know some white grade-school boys but not all of them have ADHD. My father loves the Blondie strip because Dagwood reminds him EXACTLY of his stepfather. Likewise, I do not know any Native Americans, but I’m sure a couple – NOT MANY –fit the stereotype of Chief Wahoo, but the vast majority are very respectable people. Geez, again, I don’t know any Native Americans yet I was able to deduce that most ARE NOT LIKE Chief Wahoo. Don’t you think that most people can also make this distinction?
    My point is, if people who like Chief Wahoo are guilty of racism, then those who think he is racist are guilty of OVERGENERALIZING. If/until the Native American nations make an official statement saying that Chief Wahoo should be banned, I will continue to support that logo.

  • Anon
    Come for the logos, stay for the racism.

  • Mike

    They need to keep Chief Wahoo. Without it the Indians have no logo or identity. I’m an Indians fan and the new block C logo is just too boring.

  • I was always a fan of the Cleveland chief logo. It was well drawn, memorable, and just made me happy. I think what made it controversial was the name. Chief Wahoo. That’s offensive and lazy. No attempt to be historically relevant or honoring in any way. For that reason alone, the logo should be retired. They forfeited any right to use that image a long time.

  • … ago. 😉

  • I moved away from Cleveland many years ago. I was surprised on a trip home when I went to a game. I was surprised because I saw how offensive the whole Indians thing can be. I never saw it when it was right in front of me. I think they should have a logo that leans more to Louis Sockalexis. That’s where the term came from.

    While Louis was with the Indians, opposing teams called the team the Indians. If they have a logo depicting a person, he should resemble Sockalexis and be called Louie. Then after home wins, they can play “Louie, Louie on the PA system. It could be fun.

  • Edward

    Chief Wahoo is just a logo. But the Indians were straight up named from racism (in 1915)…

  • Mitchell

    I find it amazing that people dont want to be honored with a professional sports team name…

  • Hartley

    The worst offensive thing about the Cleveland Indians is how have they
    not been able to win a World Series since 1948. The longest drought in American League history.
    The worst thing about the Redskins is 2 playoff wins in 15 seasons since
    Daniel Snyder became owner.