ECHL Team to Wear Gettysburg Address Jerseys

Written By:  •  Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Condors Gettysburg Address JerseyOf all the unusual minor league promotional jersey nights, this is one I never thought we’d see.

The Bakersfield Condors (ECHL, Edmonton Oilers) will be wearing special jerseys commemorating the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on Sunday.

Bakersfield Condors Gettysburg Address Jersey

The front of the jerseys are cream with a sublimated black and white depiction of President Abraham Lincoln reading his famous speech on November 19, 1863, with a Condors logo (complete with Lincoln’s famous stove-pipe hat) a banner below acknowledging the anniversary.

On the back, the words of the speech are written out, the opening line “Four score and seven years ago”, bolded and featured right under the collar. Finally a scene from the Battle of Gettysburg is shown at the bottom.

Lincoln, hat wearin' condors, banners, speeches, and the Confederate flag make up this promo jersey

Lincoln, hat wearin’ condors, banners, speeches, and the Confederate flag make up this promo jersey

The Condors will auction off the game worn jerseys with proceeds going to local charities.

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  • gueman

    Cause when I think of the Civil War….I think…Bakersfield California! Now the Hershey Bears are about an hour north east of Gettysburg it would make a little more sense if they did this. Not much more…but a little…

    • Battman

      As kooky as it appears, you have to love the creative minds that is minor league hockey, With so most of the revenue gate driven, any press is good press…..and with the proceeds going to charity, if they put Godzilla on the jersey and make a few grand for the local children’s hospital, who cares right? Good on them I say…..

    • Ultra Mundane

      Good point, I was thinking that myself. I had to double check the location of Bakersfield because I was sure it was in the centre of CA. Ah well… ‘MURICA!

  • Koozee Kingdom

    When I think Gettysburg Address, I think KUZZ and Bud Light; original sponsors of the address.

  • Jed

    Surprised they didn’t make this jersey with Buck Owens picture on it…since he happened to be the owner of that said station and has the trademark guitar on it. His face/portrait on the front and a picture of him from his Hee Haw days or with the Buckaroos on the back.

  • KDub

    Somebody has way too much time and money on their hands. Ridiculous and fugly.

  • ingmar66

    Hahaha! What’s next? Ich bin ein Berliner by JFK on a hockey shirt from a minor league team somewhere in Texas? I did not have sex with that woman by Bill Clinton on a shirt of the Washington Capitols?

  • rafterman

    better than a nike jersey. i kind of like the painting on the back. but it’s a strange idea, even stranger than the jersey a few years ago that had harry truman on it. at least that was a team in missouri saluting a famous missourian

  • Concerned Patriot of America

    This offensive. I’m offended that there is a dead national hero on this jersey. It sickens me.

    • You aren’t serious, are you?

      • Concerned Patriot of America

        This entire country is being run to the ground by offensive logos. Every logo in modern times is offensive in every way. We must change every logo to protect everybody’s feelings because we can’t have anyone’s feelings being hurt. We need to make a change. Get rid of these offensive logos and jerseys!

  • Jeremy

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Jack

    Ja, because the Confederate Flag is offensive 😛 I am glad they were not afraid to put the Confederate Battle Flag on a jersey.